Younger Members! Answer me this!

  • So many newbies lately! Here is a very important PSA about one of our most vital content policies! Read it even if you are an ancient member!
I don't want this to be a flame war, but a serious discussion.

Suuure you don't.

We older members are confused by you newbies.

We want to know why you all act in a certain way. I mean no offence, and I don't want to over-generalize, but there is a definite stereotype developing.

Offense. (*hides*)

The stereotype involves things like hugging, petting, pretending to be animals, being cute, being lazy and exhibiting no creativity beyond tired Japanese cliches.

I know many of you will take offence at this. But I'm afraid that's the stereotype that's threatening to develop.

I dunno. I greet people how they greet me.

I'm in a very down time of my life right now, and it's kinda nice to show up in the cbox and have people throw themselves at me for hugs. Hugs create endorphins, even when they're just cyber hugs.

In the older days, everyone seemed to have distinct personalites - Paorou with his comics, Torsty and Darkness with their weird jokes, Palonis with his cynicism, JackShade with his dramatic flair, WMD with his Warhammer zeal, and so forth.

I'm still working on my gimmick.

And my name is in no way an attempt to pass myself off as an animal! It was meant to be more a self-derogatory reminder not to be such a rp slut, and because I was tired of the anime reference of The ZeroSystem.

So what I want to know is, are the older members just seeing it wrong? Are we simply blind to your diverse personalites? Were we all the same when we first joined Iwaku?

Or is it something more - something cultural or generational that is making you all conform to this pattern of behaviour?

Probably. But I don't get out much so I wouldn't really know.

Like I said, I don't intend to offend or cause arguments. I'm just curious about the patterns I'm seeing.

Oh shove it Asmo you know you love a good argument.

And Mryn has been commandeered as my virtual stuff toy, because I am not allowed to have a dog- lay off that. I have to have SOME kind of maternal outlet or I'm liable to kill someone.
Shewolf, Asmoman is British. They spell offense with a 'c.' Same with defense.

Any who, some of us use Iwaku to live vicariously, usually through our characters.

Since I didn't go Army I use the ISAF to do what I didn't do.

Well, that and because I'm nearsighted and have to wear corrective lenses and I'm deathly afraid of heights being a pilot is very much out of the question.

As for the anime deal, honestly I kind of outgrew most anime while I was in the Navy. I guess the influx of testosterone (get your minds out of the gutter) and being around people more my age changed this.

I'm sure I'll have more as this thread grows longer.
I thought Asmo was "Secretly Not British"? Oppsie?

...Well OF COURSE we use Iwaku for vicarious living. Isn't that the point of role-playing?

I'm scared I'm outgrowing anime myself. I don't know what I'll do with myself if I'm not an otaku anymore... I'll just a plain old hermit. But there just aren't any good anime anymore, I just don't get INto it like I used to. It's just...blah, nice to have the background noise.

Like I said, I don't intend to offend or cause arguments. I'm just curious about the patterns I'm seeing.

Oh shove it Asmo you know you love a good argument.

I do believe the last argument Asmo has with anyone ended up with someone getting banned and me barely holding back the jokes.
Asmo loves debates, which have a point to them. And don't usually involve yelling.

As for anime, I've been into the stuff since I was 5, and I still am. I doubt that will ever change. But I'm into ALL anime, not just the good ones, the death-by-fangirl ones, or the bad ones, but all of them. However, that said, I'm also into alot of other stuff, mostly foreign. I'd have to say that if there is one thing I'm not into, it's American stuff. Probably comes from growing up in America and getting sick an tired of it(I blame my family, but that's another story).

As for the cutesy sayings, yeah, I use them from time to time. I generally use ish only as a response to being glomped(which isn't too often) or when I'm tired. My excuse for using it when I'm tired: I actually use it when I'm tired, cause that's how my speech slurs. And yes, I actually do say 'lol' and other things, because that's how I am(I use lol mainly because I don't laugh, I chuckle, and my chuckle is barely audible, and I've had people get offended when they didn't think I had laughed at their jokes, so it's kind of become a self-defense mechanism of sorts)

Anyways, I tend to be silly in life most of the time, and serious the rest of the time. And I act that way here. And I am once again tired.
Of the younger ones, besides the posting problems... i find myself...
Not like them...

Iwaku is several years old now, so for the rest of it's days old-time members are going to think the newer members are dumb/lazy/annoying/not like the old days. Eventually as people stick around, you get to know them better and then you don't seem to "notice" all those habits you originally thought was annoying.

And you're an old man. :D Which means anyone under the age of.. hmm... 17, you're not going to "get" because they're be doing a lot of those silly things to get attention, because most teenagers just DO that.

...Plus Iwaku is getting more FEMALES now, and females almost always do that cuddling attention whore stuff. o__o Iwaku used to be like... 70% males, so it was all grrfight and Insanity.

So, HI! :D It's been this way forever, and will continue to be this way until the end of time. Time to adjust to your new role as old man and old member. >:D
Asmo, I just remembered something something kinda relevent!

The first for sure had an adult section, because of proboards.

Well, actually, could not having that negatively affect the relationship between the younger and older members? "Age" and "how long you've been on this site".

I've been on here for.... almost five.... maybe six years if I'm lucky... I think...

The hierarchy was also a little different back then... the people in charge were different... and that can affect a view.
Thanks to TK, she brought this to my attention. And I'm very glad. I know I probably have no right posting here seeing as I've been MIA and randomly here every now and then. But the reason why was because I felt like that Iwaku wasn't the same. It used to be my family, my safe place, my devotion even. But I feel like I lost that to coldness and hatred and isolationism. No more was the bonding and loving I once knew. Now replaced by ugliness... On both parts. And that's what's most sad.

I suppose if I had to come up with a solution to this problem it would be to have a mentoring program. So that we wouldn't have "noob" problems and the older members could warm up to and be supportive of newer one and also prevent one timer overflow so they aren't afraid and feel like they don't know anyone.

Gosh I feel like an after school special, don't I?

Anywho, I just really wished we could get back to the better and happier days, is that too much to ask??

Love you guys!

Mur. Anyways, I've also been thinking to the fact of what Kai is saying... and thinking of the past

Although Homac and GZ weren't the best, you knew who was in charge. With this site, it could seem like a power-pull to some. And GZ actively found these people and witnessed their roleplaying. It was more sifted through than today. I was recruited from Gaia by him, so I feel that was a piece that needed to be stated.

Plus, Kai and I were talking over the phone, she thinks of the old Iwaku as a family, and this one has just become so extended that you don't know anyone.

(I prolly qouted that wrong somehow)

Anyways, I loved Iwaku, and I still do.... it's just a different kind of love, because it's almost like a completely different site.

The problem with "Iwaku used to be..." arguments, is that Iwaku will always use to be something. Communities are constantly evolving and changing. There are people coming and going. The feel of the community is dictated who the current active members are regardless of who was once active in the past.

That's why you get those Used-To-Be feelings. The same people are not who is active in the moment. So you either have to evolve along with the community by getting to know and becoming familiar with the current active users, or you loose touch with it and start feeling like you don't belong anymore. It's not because the community sucks or the people suck, it's just because you don't know anyone anymore!

That is also why old members that come back from a long hiatus always feels like "omg this is so different, I dun like the newbies. >:[" People don't like having to go through that process of getting to know the community all over again.

...and for the record, it makes Diana sad on the insides when people do the whole Golden Age, Better Times, Used to Be talk. ><; Talking like that makes me feel like that people don't think the current community is worth the time and effort. What is wrong with living in the present and working for a good future? I am one of the newer staff members, so when people say "I miss Iwaku when it was better" that hurts my girly feelings. c__c
Do you members think the 3-Admin thing is a problem?

Right now it's a result of merging with Moonwings, and me having Rory around to stop me going crazy like Gabe and Homac.

As for the other issues, I think a bit of reuniting is called for. The older members have to stop assuming that the younger members won't be interested, and the younger members have to stop assuming that the older members are out to oppress them.

Somehow, these two attitudes developed and now they're feeding each other.
I agree with what's stated, and Iwaku doesn't suck, it merely changed, it is different. That's all...No lack of affection, just changed in the type.

I'm just glad that the basics have stayed the same...
Hey now. >:[ We didn't merge with Moonwings.

Had THAT happened, we'd of had an additional 200 members and a lot more bitching. >>;;;
Oh dear lord, that's a scary thought.
And more women fucking stuff up, hellllll nawww.

Also, while I'd gladly put up some of my opinions you people always fix shit up while I'm sleeping, so yeah.
I don't have a problem with 3 Admins, though I think a change of guard, even temporary, might do some good. It would give the current 3 a chance to relax and get away from all the adminy paperwork and stuff, and also help set up some experience for future admins for when a switch of power really does happen.

And for the record, no, I am not nominating myself. I'm terrible with administration work, so I'd be an awful choice.
A switch in the guard? Usually that happens when staff members are inactive but the idea you propose is promotions, in a sense.

I'd say we keep the same numbers for all the positions except for the slightly more flexible mod group. Global Mods and Admins should be a spot rightfully earned and right now, I really don't think anyone in those spots have reason to be replaced.

A change in guard is a good idea but you also have to remember the change in controls that they are given. For instance, my position as Global Moderator would be kind of permanent so long as I am doing the Newsletter. At the same time whoever is controlling mass/event RP's would need to keep admin status. It is more complicated than just switching out a few people ever so often.

As far as Iwaku being a developing community goes, yeah that is true. Those that come back are out of touch and have to change. As we all know the word change can inspire hapiness or fear in people. Those that fear change, and I do not mean disrespect, will fall on the phrase "Ah the good ol' times" while those that promote change will be more "Hi everyone I used to do this what do you fancy?"

I'd like to think of myself as a medium by which older members can communicate with younger and vice versa. I'm pretty easy flowing and it takes a lot to frustrate or anger me. Thus I can translate Asmo's words to the new guys and new guys' words to Asmo. (Still lost with Coffee someone else do that translation)

So I believe this thread is all about "New guys, why can I not have a good conversation when I come on in the cbox? I have to wait for someone who uses real sentences and feel lost until then."


New Guys: "Would you mind explaining how this place works? When should I be having an intelligent productive conversation and when should I be talking nonsense with online friends?"

I think that about sums it up. Let me know if I got it wrong.
I could care less what the admin system is, I barely notice it. What I think the main problem is is that the older members tend to cling to one another, creating what could be seen as an exclusive club, where if you don't understand their inside jokes and share their memories, you are unwanted. If you look into the polls in the insanity for most w/e, I don't remember seeing any real new members, but just old ones who've stuck around.

Now, I've been here on and off for a while, pretty sure this is my 2nd account after my first one was lost. Of course my 200 something posts doesn't account to this, but hell, we're all guilty of being inactive. I think what needs to happen is that the older members need to let go of their old friends and start accepting new ones, because until you do, the new ones are going to cling to themselves and feel intimidated by you. I would know this because indeed, my confusion over you reminiscing and your inside jokes puts me off.

With that said, the amount of flirting and crap in the c-box is annoying. Random violence and tackling is ok, it IS the c-box after all. However, using it as an OOC or having serious discussion is also nice, rather than seeing 5 guys fawning over 2 girls << I enjoy the D&D talks because it's rp related, and shows that we're actually active.

I think that if the veterans here in Iwaku would just take some of these new members under their wing, I think this community as a whole would be much more cohesive and end up producing a much tighter knit community that produces its own inside jokes and fun long lasting rps.

But eh, I only have 200 posts, what do I know? ;)
I personally blame the children.


*puffs his cornpipe*

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