Younger Members! Answer me this!


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I don't want this to be a flame war, but a serious discussion.

We older members are confused by you newbies.

We want to know why you all act in a certain way. I mean no offence, and I don't want to over-generalize, but there is a definite stereotype developing.

The stereotype involves things like hugging, petting, pretending to be animals, being cute, being lazy and exhibiting no creativity beyond tired Japanese cliches.

I know many of you will take offence at this. But I'm afraid that's the stereotype that's threatening to develop.

In the older days, everyone seemed to have distinct personalites - Paorou with his comics, Torsty and Darkness with their weird jokes, Palonis with his cynicism, JackShade with his dramatic flair, WMD with his Warhammer zeal, and so forth.

So what I want to know is, are the older members just seeing it wrong? Are we simply blind to your diverse personalites? Were we all the same when we first joined Iwaku?

Or is it something more - something cultural or generational that is making you all conform to this pattern of behaviour?

Like I said, I don't intend to offend or cause arguments. I'm just curious about the patterns I'm seeing.

*hides in his bunker* <_< >_>
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*Nods along quietly*
You know you secretly wuffles Corvus...YOUR HIDING BEHIND THE FAKENESS ASMO...HIDING!!! ^-^

I don't know what to tell you, ta be serious. I act diff with diff people in the cbox, depending on how that person makes me feel...and if I'm not separate from the rest and "blending" ta a outsiders viewpoint then I guess I need to be crazier.

-serious face- MORE CRAZY IN STORE.
I have a hunch, but I'm most likely completely wrong.

Many of the younger members are, in fact, younger males and younger females, fishing for attention (however you might wish such attention to be) from those of the opposite gender. This causes them to act in many attention-grabbing ways... and it's not just the younger members who are guilty of this, I might add.

Though I do feel miffed about the 'no creativity' statement, as I'm sure a few others will be.

You're not seeing it incorrectly. Though there are a lot of things you don't see (for instance, most of you tend to walk in on me talking D&D to somebody, and rarely see otherwise... but there is an otherwise).
Similarly, older members portray a stereotype of people who rarely show up, contribute little, and slightly hostile.

Really it varies by who you look at; there are still nuanced differences between people.
I think most newbs act that way because they think its safer. Not many people are going to be mean to someone who acts all cutesy and such. Thats just something I've noticed with only a few newbies though since the line between cute and annoying can be kinda thin sometimes >_>.
Similarly, older members portray a stereotype of people who rarely show up, contribute little, and slightly hostile.

Slighty? I've been "killed" at least twice for just being in the Cbox at the time... a lot more by being snarky to young members, but still. XD

It does seem that way, though. Might just be a clash of stereotypes, though.
I think it's a vicious cycle. The older members act cranky because the younger members are so hyper-cutesy, and this just makes the younger members act more cutesy to irritate them. So the forum is being split in two directions.

As for the creativity comment, what I meant was I don't remember the newer members for anything besides their spam and annoying habits.

I used to define members by their interests and hobbies. But now I find myself defining them by their deficiencies. For instance...

- The one who sits in the Cbox and never posts.
- The one who trolls everyone in Insanity
- The one who pretends to be a girl
- The one who says "woof" after every sentence
- The one who pets and hugs everyone

I don't like being this negative. I want to remember you all for better things.

- The one who sits in the Cbox and never posts.
-Jinx? Ororchi?

- The one who trolls everyone in Insanity
-Xindaris? He hardly qualifies as new.

- The one who pretends to be a girl/
-Isabella isn't what I would call new, but even if he is, he hardly shows up.

- The one who says "woof" after every sentence
-Okay he is kinda annoying. And has been around here for a while, he just changed his name. Previously it was ike, he's certainly been here since before the server crash if not the move.

- The one who pets and hugs everyone

I think you just don't like it because it's new people who are doing this; sure, kitti pets people, it's her thing-but new people adopting it? BLASPHEMY
Yikes. The bad thing is, I'm sure everyone can identify everyone on that list, there.... both ways.

I've seen the 'viscious cycle', one person being cutesy while the other being violent until it's just plain annoying to everyone else who chooses to lurk the Cbox, prompting them to /ignore those responsible.
I think you just don't like it because it's new people who are doing this; sure, kitti pet's people, it's her thing-but new people adopting it? BLASPHEMY

If that's the answer, then it would be very sad indeed. I hope I'm not as shallow as that. o_o

I always thought I was good at embracing the newbies and getting them involved in things. I try to give them chances in roleplays, but I still seem to be running into barriers. You either don't have the energy or attention span to go with me on things, or you seem to be in some deep childlike place where I can't reach you.

Either that, or you complain that I scare you... even when I go out of my way to debase myself.

That's why I'm starting to think it's a generation thing and your brains have been fundamentally grown in a different way to mine.

o_o Eeep.
Things that get on my nerves.

"Glomps" What the Hell is a Glomp?

"Ish Glomped" Ish is not a word! Its the sound a retarded baby makes.

I am a new member, but I hope I can set my self apart from the generalization.
According to the Urban Dictionary -

v, to glomp
NOT sexual, it is the action of one person lovingly (and dramatically) attacking another with a hug.
A glomp is often preadatory and lies somewhere in the grey area between a caring embrace, and a flying leap to tackle someone.
The term is used extesively in anime culture, as well as online in text form (anime because many anime characters do this often, and online because it is short and descriptive).

No idea for 'ish', though. Half-assed attempt to be cutesy?

I don't mean to come off as a jerk, but the baby talk and using "W's" instead of "R's" and such drives me crazy. I Sowwy - makes me want to puke.
... ... ... Well let me ask you this. At my age would you want to act as someone else than you for once in your life time?

*I'm sorry but I do take a little offence to this because you know you were this age at least once in your life.*

We all get older once in our life and that is all you get so why don't you make your time and just do something stupid for once... I did alot of that and I think that was enough.
I'm rather divided on this one. A part of me agrees with Asmo and October how these phrases and childish tendencies can be a nuisance, but I have also seen the more creative side of each of these people.

The land of posts and the land of cbox are two seperate realms. One is our inner writer while the other is just general social activity. You can compare this to the work place and your own home.

Classic example are the two opposing forces in the regular social arena. "The Classic American Sports/Health Nut" vs. "The Old Age Honor System American That Understands Foreign Problems With America."

On the social level they are on opposite ends of the spectrum, much like our old members versus our newbies. They will highly disagree with each other and might not be able to even stand in the same room.

Take them out of that leisure-like siutation and place them in a work place where you pretty much pass the time by talking about different scenarios you've experienced you feel more brought together. I remember in first grade we had the Writer's Workstation and much like the Iwaku it was a place to come together and brainstorm ideas for different literary works. Kids that I disliked had actual good ideas that I liked bending and twisting, at least the little I could at that age, and making new stories from it.

So in the end, the conclusion for your answer is, there is no definite answer. Some people in the cbox are just nuts and have no creative talent to come with them and show that by not joining or creating a single RP. That said there are those that are crazy in the cbox but creative in the boards and most of those show initiative to at the very least learn from the older veterans.

On a sidenote Glomp and Ish........I don't mind too much the word Glomp and Ish does not really bother me at all, but that is mostly because I hear it coming out of Sakura. Anyone else uses it, it tends to make my view of them more childish and needs work in the RP area. I prefer to use the word Ist, the german word, and I receive hugs I don't give them. I guess the only common thing I have is my sign off and that really isn't least I don't think it is. So that's my thoughts on the matter.

Writing in the Moonlight,

Okay first: generation? How old are you Asmo? Even if your thirty, you should still count as part of most of our generation.
Second: I don't pay much attention to the other people who are new here. I only ever post anything when I want to be part of an RP, so I wouldn't know how they really act. I don't interact often; I'm quiet. (hence the name)

But I feel as far as creativity goes, you should judge that based on their ideas (characters, threads, etc.). It might not be generational. They might just be naturally annoying

It's normally used as a suffix where I'm concerned, usually in relation to time.

Noonish, fourish, etc.

Although it can be used for quantities.

Halfish, fullish, etc.

That's all I can bring to the table for now.
It gets on my nerves when its used instead of "Is" For example "I ish tired". I don't know why it gets to me, but it just does.
asmo wants personality...... *pulls of sci-fi-ish flight jacket and hitches helmet under his arm* asmo wants unique personalities.... *the jacket and flight suit become a pale green and a kiith manaan emnlen appears on a flag behind him* asmo gets what asmo wants