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  1. IN CHARACTER THREAD: You Will be Correct |

    You screwed your life up so much you've finally made it here, to the JCCfT, Juvenile Correction Center for Teens.

    The JCCfT is a residential facility that takes place of school, therapy, home, and everything else. Sometimes you get to go outside (fenced in of course) or go on educational field trips. The only bad thing is, if what was mentioned before wasn't bad already, you are also a part of... research. Clinical trials, to be nice about it. They want to get in your heads, see what causes behavioral issues in teens, and sometimes test drugs on their "students" to see if it improves anything. And the best part is, it's legal! Whoever enrolled you signed a contract upon joining, and either didn't read all the way through or didn't care. Whatever. They usually go for the more criminalized teens, but you could get un- lucky.

    Teens accepted are male and female, ages 15-19, and have a record of at least two major crimes/incidents or (dangerous/harmful) reoccurring behavioral problems.


    Again, welcome. Make some friends. Don't kill anybody.



    RULES (in and out of character)

    1) You can have up to two characters. If you really want more, we can discuss it here or in PM.

    2) No GMing of course, unless I give permission or it's something self explanatory.

    3) Please have your character already being a resident there, or if you're just arriving, please have your character already settled at least on their first day, and not walking through the doors.

    4) Please have the amount of characters already there and ones just arriving equal, or more of the ones already there.

    5) Any history of crime is allowed except rape (it just makes me uneasy). [This means sexual assult is allowed, but not serious, please.]

    6) Visits from outsiders and calls are permitted.

    7) Please keep the gender amounts equal if possible, please.

    8) You as well as I, am allowed to make NPCs; not too many though please!

    9) Why am I saying please so much lol

    10) No drugs of any kind besides ones for medical use are allowed.

    11) Students may wear what they like, but anything found inappropriate will be confiscated.

    12) No weapons of any sort are allowed. If something is used or seen as a weapon, it will be confiscated.

    13) Electronic devices not approved will be confiscated.

    14) Curfew is 11:30PM. Anyone caught out of their cell-like rooms will be given punishment.

    15) Only stud piercings are permitted.

    16) I may add rules, because I feel like I'm forgetting something lol.


    ROLES, and ages allowed for them.
    *If there are no extra dashes under the players of a certain role, spots for that role are filled.

    STUDENT: A juvenile delinquent that's led people around them no choice but to put them here in hopes they'll get better. [15-19]
    - Claira Thomas: @MusicalT
    - Bexaley Ramond: @Little_Ghost98
    - Andrew Malone: @Autumn_Burns_Red
    - Crystal BlackWood: @Cry.EXE
    - Christine Jones: @HelloBeautifulChild
    - London Atkinson: @□□□ □□TTE□
    - Johnny MacThaidhg: @NorwayFOO

    RESIDENT ADVISER: People in middle authority, who oversee dorm life, including reporting prohibited actions. They also lend advise, help, and sometimes a listening ear. As an RA, you are also a resident, staying in a different block of the building, though you are still permitted to go home. [17-23]
    - Nicholas Price: @MusicalT
    - Jane Tavilla: @NorwayFOO

    VISITOR: Parent, guardian, sibling, or friend of a student. [Any age]

    THERAPIST: Ones who listen to the students' problems, as well as having appointments with them to record their feelings, thoughts, and insight. [20-30]

    SECURITY GUARD: NPC, is called when their is trouble, etc.

    DOCTOR: For medical emergencies, or first aid, etc.

    "SCIENTIST": Ones conducting physical and mental research in their clinical trials on the students.
    - Dr. Vonnegut: @Lady Odette

    OVERSEER: Kind of like the managers of a restaurant. I, however, have an NPC as the founder.
    (Please put "yummy" somewhere in your cs to say you've read everything.)


    *If something does not apply to your character, please still include it but leave it blank.

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  2. PICTURE: [​IMG]
    NAME: Claira "Clair" Thomas
    AGE: 15
    ROLE: Student
    TIME ENROLLED: 1 day
    PROBLEMS OR RECORDS: Possession of Marijuana
    Uncontrollable rebellious behavior

    ANY MEDICAL ISSUES: Moderate syncope- unexplainable fainting, sometimes due to stress, being emotional, getting startled, etc.

    LIKES: Doing what she wants, buying clothes, edgy styles, people who are down for almost anything, cuddling, bad boys, maybe more TBA

    DISLIKES: Police, a lot of authority figures, people who think they're better than her, not getting her way, heights, maybe more TBA.

    BACKGROUND INFO: Claira was raised in a kind and financially privileged family. She was taught right from wrong, good from bad, and wasn't neglected in any way. Despite that, she was always still a little bit on the other side, hanging with older or a bit alternative friends, not listening, etc. But when she discovered one of her good friends smoked weed, she was surprised. Still, under no pressure, she tried some that she was offered, and she liked it. From there, her good girl left the surface as she started sneaking out repeatedly, talking back, going to hardcore parties, among other things. Soon, she was pulled into an assault, as her and a bunch of friends brutally beat up a girl one of her friends had issues with. That was the last straw for her mother, and she was sent to JCCfT.

    ANY EXTRA INFO: Doesn't smoke a lot, barely actually. She does when she feels like it.
    Has a belly button piercing.
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  3. PICTURE: [​IMG]
    NAME: Nicholas "Nick" Price
    AGE: 22
    ROLE: RA
    TIME ENROLLED: 3 years
    LIKES: Kind people, helping others, hanging out and relaxing, sleep, his hair, maybe more TBA.

    DISLIKES: Being chewed out, being wrong, harmful behaviors, broccoli, maybe more TBA.

    BACKGROUND INFO: Only working at JCCfT for three years, Nicholas has already moved up, being promoted to an RA. He is a kind a sweet guy, who digs someone laid back and nice. Even though he's twenty-two, he still likes to hang out with his younger guy friends and be the young fun loving guy he is.
    Maybe more TBA.

  4. Ooh may I join? :3
  5. Yeah, this will always be open (hopefully lol), it's just certain roles that will have a set number of players. :)
  6. a19bb1fcd3f036bf97f97021f982478f.jpg
    NAME: Bexaley Quinn Ramond (Usually goes by Bex)
    AGE: 17
    ROLE: Student
    PROBLEMS OR RECORDS: ||Possession of Marijuana||Grand Theft Auto||Runaway||Assault||
    ANY MEDICAL ISSUES: ||Epilepsy||Depression||Bipolar Disorder||
    LIKES: ||Food||Heavy Metal||Rain||Flirting||Dyeing her hair||Singing||Cartoons||Disney movies||K Enagonio||Yummy girls||Storms||Candy||Pokemon||
    DISLIKES: ||Being bitched out||Seizures||Avenge Sevenfold||Perverts||Her mother||Most men||The color orange||Pie||Cabbage||Country Music||Rude people||Being cold||Feet||
    BACKGROUND INFO: Bex is a troubled teen and usually uses crime as an outlet for her anger. She grew up in a rambunctious household and is described by others as rebellious, childish and rude. She does have a reason for being the way she is though. Although people say that she is rude and careless, Bexaley can be sweet and wants to be understood and make friends.
    ANY EXTRA INFO: ||She has a few tattoos||Her tongue is pierced||She smokes to help her epilepsy and depression||
  7. Thank you! Your character is accepted! :)
  8. PICTURE: large.jpg
    NAME: Andrew Mika Malone
    AGE: 17
    ROLE: Student
    TIME ENROLLED: 80 days
    PROBLEMS OR RECORDS: Armed Robbery | Position of Illegal drugs | Under age drinking | Assault | Public intoxication | Theft | DUI | Trespassing
    ANY MEDICAL ISSUES: Volatile Anger- Spontaneous bouts of excessive or violent anger.
    LIKES: Not being yelled at, Doing what he wants, Living his life, Drawing, Writing Music, Singing, Horror Movies, Comedies.
    DISLIKES: Whores, People who act better than him, Country Music, Changing for someone else, Being arrested, Being in the Juvenile Center.
    BACKGROUND INFO: Andrew, or Drew, grew up in a troublesome neighborhood and he was doomed from the start. He picked up the wrong friends too early, and kept them around. The first time he took a sip of alcohol was when he was in fourth grade. After that it was all down hill for him. He started to become violent, doing drugs (nothing heavy!), and drinking more and more. A few months ago, his older friends thought it would be fun to rob a store. Drew didn't know they were planning on killing the man behind the counter, but he wasn't blamed for that, but he did get busted for Armed Robbery.
    ANY EXTRA INFO: He hates the thought of having left his little brother with his parents, his parents are abusive. He has one tattoo, and a scar on his side from being stabbed once. He is also working on his anger issues, and takes daily medication to keep it under wraps.
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  9. Thank you, accepted! Make sure you read through all the rules! :)

    And your character is good looking LOL
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  10. How long do you guys say we should wait until we start?
  11. I think we need more people
  12. Yeah, how many more people do you guys think we should wait for?
  13. Maybe three?
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  14. Still open! Always accepting!

    And I hope you feel better @Link_Loftin!
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  15. Hey there, I'd like to be a scientist (as I feel the plot's impossible without one!)

    PICTURE: I honestly looked through the whole web but couldn't settle on a pic. Typing in "46 year old man" just gave me a bunch of mugshots. i considered using a photo of Ted Bundy, but then thought... better not...
    NAME: Dr. Vonnegut
    AGE: 46
    ROLE: Scientist
    TIME ENROLLED: Has been working here for sixteen years
    PROBLEMS OR RECORDS: One can only guess
    LIKES: He likes Schubert's music and gets weirdly excited about people's genes and the shapes of their ears.
    DISLIKES: Beethoven.
    BACKGROUND INFO: Unmarried. Good knowledge of the human body. Studied by spending many years looking at Italian mummies and medieval torture methods and their effects. Can speak Italian as a result, and his first language is German.
    ANY EXTRA INFO: Makes anyone who spends longer than a minute with him extremely uncomfortable. He enjoys his job far too much.
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  16. Oops, forgot. Yummy.
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  17. [​IMG]
    NAME: Jane Tavilla

    AGE: 19

    ROLE: RA

    TIME ENROLLED: Two years


    ANY MEDICAL ISSUES: Extreme allergies to Escitalopram and Citalopram.

    Dancing (Anything from ballroom to freestyle)
    Making people smile (Yes it's cliche, but honestly what's better than a warm smile to tell you everything is ok?)
    Yummy food
    The outdoors

    Big men (More like a fear of men that are a great deal bigger than she is)
    Feeling Trapped (Sort of like being claustrophobic)

    BACKGROUND INFO: Jane grew up in less than favorable conditions. Her dad was an alcoholic and abusive man who spent more money on cheep beer and whisky than anything else and her mother was nonexistent. She lived in a neighborhood controlled by gangs and often found herself in sticky situations. At the age of thirteen when she was going into eighth grade her father was murdered and she was relocated to an orphanage where she was poorly treated and under fed. At the age of sixteen she got a job and started to buy her own food and at the age of seventeen she graduated and moved out. She had learned just had hard life could be and wanted to do everything in her power to help those in need. She started out volunteering at different places and a few days after she turned seventeen she found herself as a RA in JCCfT.

    ANY EXTRA INFO: Skipped a grade in school
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  18. Hi! I'd love to join this, here's my CS:

    NAME:Christine "Chrissy" Jones
    AGE: 18 (for about 3 days)
    ROLE: Student
    TIME ENROLLED: 2 Years
    • Assault (Two charges)
    • Possession and Use of Marijuana
    • Truancy (not attending school)
    • Trespassing
    • Hacking
    ANY MEDICAL ISSUES: N/A | Not currently diagnosed with anything
    • Bananas
    • Getting her hair brushed
    • Her parents
    • Logic
    • Computers
    • Illogical people
    • Idiots
    • People 'beneath' her
    • Apple juice
    BACKGROUND INFO: Chrissy grew up with two loving parents in a normal suburban home. That is, until she started school. By the time she reached the fifth grade teachers were calling her parents, who had spend her entire elementary school ignoring the fact that she was a genius with a 135 IQ as tested by the Stanford Binet 5 test. When she was in the 7th grade, bored to tears because her parents wouldn't accelerate her learning due to a worry that she wouldn't develop social skills, Chrissy started reacting like a bored child and getting into trouble. She always accepted her punishment with maturity, and if her parents told her 'really though, just don't' she didn't. Believe it or not, she's a good kid. Also, she's done a lot more than they've caught. However, they did catch her. It wasn't the breaking into an abandoned house during the day, or the fact that she wasn't going to school only hanging out in her broken down shack she'd laid claim to while getting high. What really got her into the Juvenile Correction Center for Teens was a boy. They'd dated the entirety of her high school career and he killed himself just before her junior (16 year old) year. When people insulted him the first time she beat the shit out of them. When they brought it up the second time, the first time she'd come to school in almost a month, she all but killed the guy speaking.
    ANY EXTRA INFO: Chrissy is arrogant and enjoys yummy food.
  19. With help from NorwayFoo I have decided on Dr. Vonnegut's appearance!


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  20. [​IMG]“The worst thing you can do about your fears is nothing...”


    London Grace Atkinson



    Time Enrolled:
    1 month

    Problems or Records:
    Arson of Private Property

    Medical Issues:
    Minor Schizophrenia


    Making Collages
    Bittersweet Chocolate

    Indie Music

    Sour Food

    Extremely Strong Alcohol

    When London was born, her adoptive mother, Michelle, did not go easy on her. From her early years, London was taught the importance of money, how to pickpocket, and most importantly, of how to tell a counterfeit dollar from a real one. Michelle spoiled London, despite the fact that she forced her to dress up as a homeless and beg for money. It was all for the greater good, Michelle reasoned to London. When she wasn’t out trying to bring in more money for her mother’s business, London attended high school, but it felt more like a minor haven from what she was experiencing.

    She moved on to work even harder for Michelle, and dropping out of high school and working even more intensely for her mother, getting bootleg games and translating them, robbing game stores at gunpoint, burning down record stores — anything and everything to make sure that her adoptive mother's was the last store standing, and the best one at that. Her entire life became surrounded by working for her mother.

    Any Extra Info:
    She had a half-brother whom died before she was adopted by her adoptive mother, Michelle.


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