You, no memories, in fictional science fantasy land.(OOC)

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  1. You wake up in a mystifying forest, drenched in strange clear liquid beside a shallow thin river, without nothing covering your naked body. Who are you? What are you? You feel like a newborn in an adult sapient body. Nothing is clear except that you have no memories of yourself or anything at all. But you do speak the local language fluently. Where will you go? What will you do?

    This is a mysterious adventure in a world in which I control. I will act as all the NPC and as the environment. When you move your character, I will tell you what your eyes sees, what your nose smells, what your ear hears, and what your skin feels. You can act and react to your surroundings, but you have no control of the outcome of your actions as I will post it for you. You will choose what kind of creature you are, be it a half human half animal, an elf, a dwarf, or orc, but you will still be of the humanoid kind. What race you choose will effect how the native sees you. As a newborn, you will not have scars on your body. This will be an adventure where you can do as you wish and wander the place. It will be like a game where the fate of your actions is not up to you. You may find a settlement, you may find beast, you may find life, or you may find your death. Whatever it will be, it will be a surprise. This will similar to playing The Elder Scrolls, but by writing and much more actions to do. Imagine the character as yourself, stuck in a new land where you have no knowledge about.

    I will only start this roleplay when there are two or three dedicated players, but no more. You will be sapient with no memories of who they are. This will allow interesting conversations between all of you. This will be a roleplay of character development.

    And Heyitsjiwon, don't say you're interested if you're not going to join -.-; I know you'll read this.
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  2. Hmmm... hrrrrrrr... like this, I do. Might break my "No RPing till home comp up and online" rule. Only thing is, you say "humanoid" and I don't play "humanoid" characters. So that would leave me out, then. But I still like the concept. Because I love character development. And this would be a challenge, to take one of my alien/critter characters, and wipe them to a clean slate, just so I can "rebuild" them under the stated conditions.

    Sounds exciting...
  3. What do you mean by you don't play humanoid character? What kind of creature do you usually play as?
  4. Human, mayhaps?

    I'm interested but only if I can play as a human. I enjoy being mundane, nyuk nyuk.
  5. Yes, you can. No problem.
  6. If you may, please post a character sheet here for their name and appearance. :)
  7. Is there a character template I need to go by or do you trust me to make the appropriate measures?

    My apologies if this seems OCD. I'm still too used to the format at another RP site I use to part take in before my involuntary exile.
  8. I trust you completely since you only have to write their name and appearance. Do not write their history since they do not have any memories. Their past is a mystery that I may unveil later.
  9. Very well.
  10. Name: Kane, doesn't know anything else other than that's what he calls himself.
    Age: 24? Isn't sure, no memory
    Race: Human, hopefully.
    Appearance: Tall, lithe with pale skin. His face is youthful with gray eyes and long dark hair. He is built around speed rather than brute strength. (I'll find a suitable picture if I stumble across one in the meantime)
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  11. If @Roose Hurro is going to join, then we will need one more player. If not, then we will need two more players. :)
  12. I'm not much of a recruiter so you may have to go fish for some players.
  13. Let us wait a while longer. If no one is interested, I'll ask some to join. :)
  14. @Shade_XY Sorry about prior ICs. Anyways, if you are willing to allow me, then I do fully intend to partake in this one once it launches. In fact, to prove my intent to join. I have a character in mind.

    I was thinking of a half elf/half human. How old? Who knows, but he would look like he's in his late 20's/early thirties. Name? To be determined. That being said... seeing how our characters don't have any memories, I'm not too sure how else I can flesh out my character.
  15. Well, I've played quite extensively as this critter... though, he does have a mate and two kits. So I've also played his kids, his son, Peet, mostly, as a teenager. But I have quite a few other species I could use for this.

    Also, I'm curious... given they have knowledge of the local language without knowing how they know, will they know things about their own bodies? Being "newborn" into adult forms, it could be awkward not remembering how to walk. As an example. Also, being "newborns," I'd imagine their stomachs/digestive systems would be totally empty, and therefore, food would be a priority. Heh... the whole "forget" thing could also lead to some awkwardness if our characters don't remember the "need" for clothing, being naked and all.

    Just trying to get a handle on which character/species in my roster I could use for this.
  16. Fairly interested. Seems like a novel idea.

    Will have to rummage through my character folder for something not quite as blatantly inhuman as @Roose Hurro 's character but likely not straight up man like @Kaddoc .

    Should be able to get a bare bones character up fairly quickly. If not I might just use a premade who's grown stagnant and is collecting dust.
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  17. You only need to flesh out your character's appearance. There won't be any history for him because I will reveal what actually happened to your character, that is if you decide to pursue the answers to his or her past in the IC. Step by step character development, man.
    That would be an idea for what to write in the IC. :D

    In this universe, your character will not have children or wives, okay?

    @Roose Hurro

    I think we have enough interested players. If everyone would make a sample of their character here, then I'll make the official sign up thread and IC thread. :D
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  18. What do you mean by a sample?
  19. An image maybe. Or just wait for the sign up thread. I'll make one in a moment.
  20. I'm still digging around for an image. I'm really hesitant to use an anime pic for my character.
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