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    You have been accepted to Yokai Academy, the most prestigious(And only) school for monsters and the supernatural. By now, all the necessary paperwork has been completed, and you are now enrolled as a student at our school Here you will learn how to connect, and blend into human life. All students will take the same courses, and will be separated by grade level. In addition to these classes, students will be required to join at least on of our many clubs on campus.

    School Rules

    Students of Yokai Academy are expected to follow very few, but strict rules. First off, there is to be no fighting. Secondly students must wear their school uniforms during the school day. Most importantly, Students must never reveal their monster forms. Though it is impossible to happen, in the event of a human entering the school grounds, the human will be executed publicly.

    Thank you,
    Professor Xun Shi, Head Master
    Alright those rules above? Ignore them. They are basically saying do this. And there will be only a few humans if any. One to two max. So here are a list of clubs that will be happening. There is room for one more idea to fill so please speak up if you have one.

    School Paper
    Certain Sports
    Here is a list of classes, though there will be little happening in them so it really does not matter much about them. A brief overview of the class would be fine. They tend to kill rps ive found. PE will perhaps still happen.

    Human Culture
    Phys Ed
    The uniforms look like this for guys

    Boys Uniform (open)

    And this for the girls

    Girls Uniform (open)
    Note that the length of the skirt is variable.

    So now the Cs.
    Name: (Self Explanatory)
    Apparent Age: (How old do they look)
    Actual Age: (How old they actually are)
    Gender: (Traps Welcome)
    Appearance: (Pics are nice, descriptions are fine as well)

    Personality: (A One paragraph minimum. Hint a paragraph is only four sentences)

    History: (I would like more effort in this one. Longer paragraph because personality sections are annoying but necessary. At least two well sized paragraphs.)

    Monster Type: (What kind of monster are they?)
    Monster Rank: (F-S if i recall. Correct me if I'm wrong.)
    Abilities: (What can they do?)
    Monster Appearance: (If applicable)

    Dorm Pairs. Muwahahahahaahaha!

    Nothing super major. Feel free to add whatever you want. This is just the minimum. Now go crazy!

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  2. Name: Sapphire Drake
    Apparent Age: 18-20
    Actual Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: wallpaper_anime_girl_widescreen_hd_wallpaper.jpg
    She's 5'7 with an hour glass figure, shes muscular but slim. She has long silver blue hair with red'sh purple eyes, she wears a silver necklace with a black sword on it on the sword hilt is a sapphire blue gem.

    Personality: Sapphire is a naturally quiet and sweet girl, shes very independent but is often lonely. She has a very calming/soothing way about her that seems to make any dispute she comes between calm down and settled before it gets out of hand. She keeps to herself most the time but is very helpful, caring, and protective of her friends. She has a bit of a rebel streak that comes out whenever shes ordered around to do something she doesn't feel is right but she hates fighting. Despite always having a smile on her face there's something mysterious about her making others feel like shes hiding something.

    History: Sapphire is from a poor family shes the youngest child of 4, she has a twin brother and sister and her oldest sister. Her parents got divorced when she was 11 and her father has been out of the picture sense. Her mother has struggled to support them making it a somewhat hard life for Sapphire but its also made her strong and wise. Her siblings were never very close to her and once they were old enough to move out they didn't look back hardly ever staying in touch.

    Sapphire's mother died when she was 15 from an unknown cause. Sense then she has been living on her own in a run down apartment trying to fit in with human society but never feeling at home. She doesn't have any close friends despite always being friendly to everyone (unless you give her a reason not to). Shes gone to human schools all her life but never fit in, hoping Yokai Academy is different shes excited to start off new there. She loves to read, listen to music, sing, watch movies, and play sports. She also loves children and animals =)

    Monster Type: Vampire/Demon hybrid
    Monster Rank: S class
    Abilities: When not in her vampire/demon form Sapphire is basically just a abnormally strong and durable human. When the sword on her necklace is taken off though she transforms into her vampire/demon form, making her extremely strong, durable, fast, and able to fly with her wings. She has the ability to conjure and control dark blue fire. She has to drink blood to survive just not as much as a full vampire (Not sure where to put that so if you want me to change it ill move it somewhere else XD )

    Monster Appearance: dark angel 1.jpg
    But her eyes are blood red. Here are what her wings look like. angels-blackangels-free-ipad-black-angel-wings---pintaw-----hd-wallpapers-for-18yqpkdf.jpg
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  3. Please refresh my memory on ranks. It's been a while since I've read the manga.

    Tekem Gol




    Show Spoiler

    Despite his monstrous form, Tekem is a gentle soul. He's easily manipulated and often taken advantage of by the upperclassman. Due to being raised away from monster and human alike, other than his fatherly figure, he is somewhat naive and confused by certain habits.

    Tekem was born from an ancient spell in a wizard's desperation for a companion. Raised as a servant, he has spent eighty (and some) years learning magic and other common skills, where he had developed a talent for cooking chilled treats. Despite being a servant to a crazy old man, Tekem has no complaints about his life. Whenever someone would ask him, he'd always claim he was lucky. The wizard had died from a hiking accident while looking for spell components, but even up till his dying breath, the old man had treated Tekem like a son. He counts the wizard as his only family, his true father.

    When his father passed, Tekem had spent the next two years lost. It wasn't until recently that he had found and been accepted into the Yokai Academy. Even though he struggled daily to understand socially acceptable behavior, he continues to try to make friends by joining as many clubs as he can. It often leaves for awkward moments and the rest of the members' confusion.

    Ice Golem


    His abilities are based on his elemental embodiment: ice. From defensive (ice wall) to offensive (a freezing punch that stuns an opponent), he's very versatile.

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  4. Name:
    Yukiko Nandei

    Apparent Age:

    Actual Age:


    Show Spoiler


    'Hm?... Oh, hello. Its nice to see you again... Eh? You have been here for over ten minutes?... I see...'
    Yukiko tends be a bit unfocused. Intelligent, and wise she tends to squander these talents with unreal flightiness. Sometimes she will give amazing insight on a topic that isn't even related to the current topic of discussion. Many find her rather uncomfortable to be around as she will speak her mind even when alone. Often she will walk around as she thinks and not notice, only to find herself lost and confused.


    Yukiko's entire body is a single cell. For all intensive purposes she is an amoeba. She was created to be the friend of a young village boy, who was always an outcast in his village. One day he ran to the nearby lake and cried. The boy had a sort of power, which was why he was considered a freak. His tears fell into the water, carrying his sorrow with them. His power caused a nearby amoeba to absorb his tears. It started evolving. At first it was just an amassed blob of mostly water, with a skin holding it together. It slowly crept up onto the shore. The boy was fascinated by this strange creature. He picked it up and showed it to his mother. She was horrified by it, and promptly washed it away. The boy never saw the strange mass again.

    The mass floated through the drains and soon found its way into the sewers. There it fed on rats, and began growing. It soon made its way into a water line, and came out someone's hose as they were gardening. You can imagine the shock they had. The mass saw this being and decided to take on a similar form. It merely walked away. The mass was only eight years old at the time, but had taken the form of a sixteen year old girl. For some reason though, this being had a strange urge... It felt almost empty... Over the years this being continued to evolve, amassing a great knowledge and wisdom. However this emptiness always got in the way. She always was pondering this feeling, causing her to seem aloof.

    She was under the care of a Lizardman for a while, after he discovered her out in the streets. He named her, and enrolled her at Yokai, and she was accepted.

    Monster Type:

    Monster Rank:

    • Yukiko is resilient, and difficult to harm. If you split her apart, she will merely pull herself together, as she has evolved past a normal amoeba. The only way to harm her is to reach her core, which is the same color as her, but not transparent. That is how you spot it, as it seems to move around he body
    • Yukiko can change forms, she can become almost a liquid, and slip through drains. She transform into a copy of somethings. However she still would have the density of almost water.
    • Yukiko can absorb things. However if they struggle it gets a little irritating for her.
    Show Spoiler

    There. I may plan to make a guy later, but i have to get ready for school in the morning.

    Also all cs's thus far are great and accepted​
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  5. Monster Type:
    Sentient Demon Sword (I put this first so the rest of the CS makes a little more sense.)

    Murasame (No last name, he takes the last name of his owner)
    Apparent Age:

    Actual Age:
    400, however only 20 of those years were sentient.


    For corporeal manifestation (human form?). His "real body" is the sword pictured. He is 5'5"
    Show Spoiler


    "Do you know who you're speaking to!? I am Murasame, Cursed Blade of the Autumn Rain! I've slain ten-thousand and one foes all greater than yo-....Wh--whaa...? Whaddya mean it was only one-thousand and one foes last time I said that!? Erm... You sur-... You just must have misheard me!"

    Hot headed, optimistic and easily hype-able. As a sentient sword, he tries to project an image of himself that is both "Cool and edgy" although his definition of those two are closer to "bold and rash". Never missing a chance to show off, he typically seems standoffish or distant at first, but he does eventually warm up to those he likes "tolerates". He prefers to, as he puts it, "live on the edge" and does that by living life hard with zero regrets. Everything he does he does 111% and if you ask him why, he'll tell you that he's "been a regular sword for almost half a millennium and it's time for him to do something." (assuming he decides to give an honest answer)

    He often tells tall tales about his history, previous owners and the number of humans/dragons/monsters/ghosts/demons/ect that he's slain. Despite his adamant claims, he has never actually killed anything or anyone, in fact he has never actually been used in a real battle. He isn't very good at backpedaling when somebody confronts him on any inconsistencies in his stories.

    He despises sitting still, waiting and generally doing nothing. He always needs to find something to occupy his time. Being a creature born from a single desire, he is extremely goal oriented and when he puts his mind to something he never pursuing it until he has reached it or found another goal to work toward.​

    Murasame, Blade of the Autumn Rain. Forged 400 years ago for use in a clash between two feuding clans. The blade was of average make for an average soldier. There was nothing remarkable about the blade, it was just a regular weapon to be used in an upcoming conflict. This conflict never came however, and Murasame was left unused.

    Centuries passed. Murasame migrated from shrine to mantle to wall to shelf, house-hold to household. Always displayed, never used. Eventually he found himself sitting in a box in a closet. An unyielding restlessness, the constant urge to do something, to do anything washed over him. This was the first thing he can remember, the first thing he ever felt. Unable to move, he sat there alone in the box for another year.

    Eventually a day came and he was sold off at a garage sale. Sold to an elderly couple who recently moved into old house, he was once again hung on a wall and displayed. It was a step up from the box in the closet. This was a turning point for Murasame. "Strange things" happened in the house, he couldn't see what was going on, but he in a sense could feel something. Another presence was in the house, different from the two people living in the house. It wasn't until he was thrown from the wall by this presence did he understand.

    "What? I felt something... Wait. Are you...? OH! YOU ARE! How long have you been like that? Are you stuck? I see... you're still young, can't speak yet huh?" The presence, a poltergeist and a rather powerful one at that. The entity became his mentor, she taught him how to manifest, how to speak and how to possess. She taught him about humans, about other monsters. She taught and taught until there was nothing left to teach. She told him of a place where she went, a school where he could learn to blend in with human society. Murasame didn't care where it was, if it meant he wouldn't be stored, hung or forgotten it would be worth it. He was tired of just being a display thing, he wasn't going to do nothing anymore. He was going to Yokai Academy.

    Monster Rank:
    C (Alone), A (if wielded by a human, see abilities)​

    • Like most spirit class entities, he has the ability to create a physical manifestation of a body. The stipulation however is that he must have his body(sword? idk how to refer to this) on person inorder to maintain this form. This form is as frail as the average human and is often ill-suited for combat much to his dismay. If this form sustains a would-be fatal wound, the body is dissolved to save energy and Murasame enters a dormant state while he recuperates.
    • His body is imperfect and has little buoyancy in water and does not have (or require) a core body temperature. Assuming his human body isn't physically damaged, it can appear anywhere within a four foot radius of the blade, although constant use of this will wear him out very quickly.
    • In peak condition, he is able to cut through any non-magical object with ease. He does have trouble cutting gaseous, aqueous or ethereal objects (basically, anything without a solid form) and his cutting ability is severely limited on any sentient entity.
    • Murasame can possess any human that holds him by the hilt. During possession, the human wielder receives the physical prowess, skill and speed of a top class monster and becomes far more powerful than Murasame is alone. The reason behind this is that Murasame is actually meant to be used by a human, he'll just never admit it.
      • There are four stages to possession with progressively increasing benefits and costs.
      1. The first stage is nothing special, all it requires is for a human to be holding Murasame. The wielder's physical abilities increase significantly with no drawbacks. Murasame cannot directly communicate until he is able to fully bond with his host.
      2. The second stage requires the user to "let him in". Once he is let in, the flow of energy opens between Mura and his user. This allows the wielder to utilize more of his power, but whatever is taken, Mura will take back from his user over time... Murasame can telepathically communicate with his user as well as take full control with the user's consent.
      3. The third stage begins only when Murasame acknowledges his owner as worthy. The energy exchange expands, further increasing the strength of the user, however, Murasame can take full control for short intervals and requires a great deal more energy.
      4. The fourth and final stage unlocks the pinnacle of Murasame's and the user's combined strength. At this point, the two can share thoughts even when separated, the wielder enjoy perpetual health, and Murasame no longer needs to siphon energy. The stipulation lies in the cost... the user's soul must be removed, allowing Murasame complete control whenever he feels necessary along with all the other problems that comes with being possessed by a demon (I.E. burst into flames on hallowed ground). *If the user wants to sacrifice their soul/is convinced to, this step can occur immediately after stage 1.
    Monster Appearance: A standard katana.

    Due to safety concerns, Murasame is bound and sealed in his sheath. He isn't sealed due to his power, but because having a "weapon" on campus is a liability, and this fact irks him greatly. The seal was made so no yokai can remove the blade from his sheath... But the seal however doesn't stop humans, but let's face it. A human in Yokai Academy? Impossible... right? (This will be done after his first fight)

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  6. Name:
    Drayce Mercier

    Apparent Age:
    Early 20's to mid 20's

    Actual Age:



    Lazy, ill-mannered and brutally honest Drayce is what one would call the 'average male'. Unlike most of his Monster Peers he has adapted to human living quiet easily, the transcending being no difficult matter for him to deal with. Because of the raise in Anime and Japanese culture Drayce is often meshed in with the Otaku or Gothic crowd making it easy for him to provide an excuse for his horns. As for dealing with hostile situations Drayce is cool as a cucumber. Though he doesn't crave battle he thrives in the thrill of the fight, taking enjoyment in taunting those to lose their focus which gives him the upper hand over them. As laid back and carefree Drayce appears to be he is very observant and tends to surprise those around him.

    Drayce didn't live with his biological parents, never meeting them. He doesn't know if he was abandoned or if they died but he was raised by a family of humans who found him as an infant. Over time the changes he went through as a young Drake did frighten his human family, however they didn't reject him. Instead the love they had for him gave him a fighting chance in the world and taught him to love both human and Monsters alike.

    When his human family finally perished and the bloodline faded he left to start out on his own, searching for a place he ultimately belonged. There were lands that many Monster races inhabited but always were under the risk of being found out. The fear that gripped those out in the human world didn't suite Drayce and even though he could live among humans with little to no issues it was the curiosity in meeting other Monsters like himself was what drove him to seek the Yokai Academy out.

    Monster Type:
    Fire Drake

    Monster Rank:

    Like any Dragonic beast most hold magical properties that allow them to conjure up magic spells or use elemental breath to aid them in battle. Drayce is no acceptation to this common trend and because he is Fire Drake any forms of fire are at his disposal to use. This includes lava based attacks as well as being fire proof.

    • Scorch the Earth - When Drayce summons forth his breath it comes out in a powerful blaze of fire. If the flames are blasted in a single area for a extended amount of time the area of attack will be scorched, turning almost anything into ash. When used on other beings of fire or rock it is harder for Drayce to inflict a heavy amount of damage on that enemy them either being fire proof themselves or having little to no harm done to them due to them being nearly unaffected by it.
    • Volcanic Blaze - Drayce's saliva works differently than most Monsters. If he chooses to draw up enough in his mouth he can then use his flame breath to mold with it and create Lava. The Lava is not as fast as an attack like Scorch the Earth but it is twice as effective if the molting lava makes it mark. Anything it lands on will melt and be caught a blaze setting fire to surrounding areas in which the Lava has landed. This can be used as a tactic to corner foe(s) in and bring them into a closer ranged fight, giving Drayce the advantage with his large size. Lava also works more effectively against Rock Monsters than fire, making this more of his choice of action against that form of enemy.
    • Stone Skin - In dire situations when the scales on his body are being warn down or even being cut he will turn his very element on himself in an attempt to toughen up his outer form. Same as using Volcanic Blaze he will spit layers of lava all over his body to start Stone Skin. While the Lava is active it makes it near to impossible to make a close ranged attack on him, forcing his enemies to try longer ranged attacks. As the Lava cools it will act as extra armor, thick heavy brimstone covering his body. But because of its weight his movements will be slower and makes it harder on him to attempt melee attacks of his own.
    • Bahamut's Rage - This technique is used only when Drayce becomes enraged and falls prey to his more primal instincts. With the intent to kill Drayce will call on the power of his ancestors and summon forth the strongest form of fire known to the element, hell fire. It will be flames of black with a outer hue of crimson red, much like the color of his Dragonic skin. His eyes will turn all white and his mind will be lost in the rage of his kind. This fire burns through anything and not even those that are fire proof can with stand its flames. (this does include himself if he happens to burn his own skin in the posses of rage) The power behind this flame is staggering and almost all barrier spells fail against its brute force. The best choice in this situation is to lead him from those he may harm and slip away before seen. He can only return to his original self after his episode is over.

    Monster Appearance:
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  7. Character Sheet

    Monster Type:
    Alien (I am also going to put this first for quicker clarification)

    Mary Sue Smith (True name: [​IMG] )

    Apparent Age:

    Actual Age:
    72 Earth years



    Mary has light brown hair, brown eyes, a thin waist with small bust, and a healthy skin color of light pink. She stands at about 5'2". Outside of class, she is commonly seen in skinny jeans and a baggy sweatshirt. In class, she wears the uniform with the skirt just above her knee caps.

    Human Appearance (open)

    *Note: Her human appearance is thanks to a symbiotic suit-like creature that has the ability to adapt to its surroundings. The creature cannot function on its own, so it uses Mary's race as hosts. The creature can change its appearance and filter air, giving Mary the ability to survive on Earth. In other words, her actual form isn't different, it just appears different thanks to her symbiotic friend. Even the clothes she "wears" are merely an illusion the suit has created (which is why she is seen in sweatshirts despite hating the heat). The creature can change its shape to fit its host's needs. (Ex: It could change its shape to only form around its host's head, forming a makeshift helmet, or it can grow larger to take the form of a makeshift space pod)

    Mary will try anything. She wants to experience everything Earth has to offer so she can properly report back to her homeworld. She is far from mastering Earth language, and her grammar is sometimes abysmal. She also has a tendency to use incorrect words. Despite her lack of Earth knowledge, Mary's cheerful, hyperactive nature and determination to learn has helped her gain a few friends at school. However, her curious nature has sometimes landed her into trouble with students and teachers alike. Mary has been known to get extremely irritable when heat is involved.

    On the world known as Pluto to the humans, there lives an alien race known as the [​IMG]. These
    aliens are considered prey on their world, and are hunted by a brutal race. Though the [​IMG] had developed a nature-based technology that far surpassed that of the other race, they were still considered food. Fearing that their race would soon cease to exist, the [​IMG] sent out scouts to the different worlds in hopes that they could co-exist somewhere else. And so [​IMG] set out to her designated world. She came upon Earth, a world inhabited mostly by a curious race known as humans. [​IMG] landed in the arctic so she could learn of the humans through their technology before entering their society. Using her alien technology, she worked on learning different human languages, as well as learning their customs, beliefs, etc.

    During her search, [​IMG] came across the name of an interesting academy, the Yokai Academy. Using her hacking skills, she was able to learn more about this school, and knew it would be perfect to help her learn more about Earth. If the school would take in monsters, surely it would take in aliens. Before she left, [​IMG] realized that her alien name was nearly impossible for Earth beings to pronounce, so she quickly searched human databases for a replacement name. For some reason, the name Mary Sue popped up quite a lot during her search on human entertainment. She chose Smith because it was deemed one of the most popular last names of humans in America. So with her new name picked out, Mary Sue Smith traveled to Yokai Academy to begin her immersive research.

    Monster Rank: D



    -Mary has nature-based technology. This can help her in using Earth technology and helps her live on the planet. It is also her means of offense and defense. Usually her suit fights for her, but if she fears that her suit isn't strong enough, she will use actual weapons.

    -Coming from Pluto, Mary is really good in the cold. In fact, she could survive an ice age.

    -Mary has an ability to telepathically communicate with her suit and other members of her race.

    -Because of the way her ears are formed, Mary can hear things really well when they are in front of her.

    -Due to the antenna on her eyes, Mary can analyze things in more detail (specific temperature, wind speed, etc)​


    -Mary hates heat. She loathes it. If it gets too hot, she gets physically sick. Her suit tries to filter it out, but it has its limits.

    -Due to the odd shape of her ears, Mary is almost deaf to any noise coming from behind her.

    -If Mary's suit dies, she will die too.

    -Mary's lack of Earth knowledge also means she lacks knowledge about monsters as well. She knows next to nothing about monsters and their true abilities. All the information she knows about monsters comes from human myths, legends, etc. (which means some of her information is inaccurate)

    -Because she doesn't have any pupils, Mary has a hard time dealing with light. Like with heat, her suit tries to filter it, but there are limits.​

    Monster Appearance:
    Her body is near identical to humans. Her skin is pale blue and her eyes are pale green without pupils. The antenna on the corner of her eyes are used to analyze things in more detail (specific temperature, wind speeds, etc) Her ears are great at hearing anything in front of her. However, she has a hard time hearing anything behind her.

    Monster Appearance (open)

    Character Sheet End

    Let me know if you want me to be more specific on Mary's weapons and I'll try to come up with more details. (I just wasn't sure if I wanted to use typical alien guns or something else) Let me know if there are any other changes I need to make.
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  8. much astrology, many zodiac. such cancer. wow Airhead i want to call her?
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  9. Relevant.
    I can't even the moon runes.
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  10. I liked Xylime's character. Deffidently brought something new to the table. Plus she just sounds like a very cute character. :) Should be fun to interact with.
  11. Name: Soteria Ivory
    Apparent Age: 17-19
    Actual Age: 17
    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Anime_Anime_girl_with_green_eyes_042616_29.png
    She has medium length silky brown hair, emerald green eyes, and lightly tanned skin. Shes 5'7 with a slim but muscular body. And she wears a braided brown leather bracelet with a emerald gem in the center.

    Personality: Soteria is a shy girl at first but once you break the ice with her shes a very funny and outgoing girl with lots of spunk. She's usually nice to others unless you really piss her off than shes hard to calm back down. She's usually day dreaming or lost in thought so shes often thought of as airheady but despite that shes a great listener and is helpful toward her friends. She hates spiders, scary/spooky or gory movies, and mean or judgmental people. She also has a way with animals that make them automatically attracted to her.

    History: Soteria is a human girl from a wacky family, shes an only child of 2 loving and hard working parents. She has always been a independent girl but would never shun friendship. She's forever been fascinated with fantasy and mythology truly believing that some of it could be real (In secret of course). She loves medieval stuff including swords, daggers, katanas, ect. Soteria has moved around a lot during her 17 years and isnt very use to a lot of social interaction due to being home schooled most of her life. She decided to go to regular school for her last few years of high school, but when a mix up happens with her school she ends up getting accepted into Yokai Academy unaware that its a monster school.

    Monster Type: Human (lol)
    Monster Rank: Erm F?
    Abilities: Wield pointy objects?
    Monster Appearance: Boo! haha
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  12. Lots of Detail for this CS (open)


    Name: Mazon Sawyers
    Apparent Age: 18
    Actual Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Height: 6‘7“
    Distinguishing Marks: He is always blindfolded cause he's blind, you know?
    Strengths: Mazon's other senses are heightened due to his blindness.
    Weaknesses: Well, the normal human ones, plus he's blind.
    Current Goal/Purpose: To find his calling, and a place to call home.
    Aspirations: He strives to be accepted by someone. (or something?)
    Talents: He is unusually good at comprehending on how to read people without sight.
    Fears: He will never find someone that actually cares about him. Oh, and being alone.
    General Personality:

    "Your dying inside, i know, i can feel it."
    Cryptic sometimes, but he is normally on the well natured side. He tries to not let his disability get in his way, and he's really stubborn. Once he says he's going to do something, he probably will do it. Around a group of people though he tends to be on the anti-social side.​
    • Katana
    General History:

    He was born with blindness and could never view the world as a normal person. As he grew up, he learned to cope with the loss of sight by training himself to be a normal person. He went through hard times trying to complete this as he was ridiculed for his disability and was made fun of often by other children. They would play cruel jokes on him and always hurt him physically.

    He continued on though, until one day when a kid wanted to fight him. Little did this kid know that Mazon's blindness didn't make him an easy fight at all, that was where Mazon excelled really quickly. For he could dodge most of the kids hits just by sound alone. Then once the kid yelled at him for not playing fair, Mazon throttled the kid in the stomach with his fist. That was the end to Mazon's ridicule by the other kids.​
    Present Life:
    By now, he is of age to make his own choices. Oddly enough, he was invited to Yokai Academy. As his mother read him his invitation, Mazon, being the clever one decided it would be in his best interests to go to this academy. Maybe, he thought he would be better accepted for his abnormality. So he packed his things and went on his new journey to Yokai Academy.​
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  13. So...I'm guessing we're accepted?
  14. yeesh. Feel free to post. Question though, does your character know about what yokai is actually?
  15. I would have to say no. Since he's blind. So i think it would be very interesting for him to find out. lol.
  16. And that was my last post for the evening. See yall tomarrow. And good night.
  17. Good night =) Sorry for running into ya! lol
  18. Ahh so many people talking to Sapphire at once! Lol
  19. Well in all fairness Drayce is talking to everyone. lol
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