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    P.s. please don't judge me. This is based off of a dream I had and some friends told me that it would be cool to RP this. ;-;

    OOC/Signup is at the bottom lovelies~ <3

    Xonnen is based off of an area of my 'dream land' role play. But I'm cutting it out and giving it its own little role play because it has an interesting story line. :P

    So Xonnen (pronounced show-nen) is like an alternate universe/planet where people are born with crazy colored hair (such as pink, blue, green, etc) and are born female. It's kind of the inside joke that instead of going through 'puberty', characters go through, 'the change' which determines their permanent gender. Past 18 years old, the gender is permanent. The change can happen during the teen years and before the age of 18. The beings on Xonnen are aware of earth and actually study it... and one day something strange happens. One girl from earth comes to a school in Xonnen to study, where of course she is treated very much like an outcast. The only students who actually accept her at first are Umi Blue, Momo Kurai, and Kotone Otome.

    And one girl, Catie, hates the new girl... And also goes through the change which she didn't expect to happen so yeah... really in a bad mood. Oh everyone has two names when they are born. Their initial female name and then a second male name which their name is changed to if they go through the change. So Catie is now Calix.

    More human characters may come to Xonnen of course... you never know. :P

    Everything is to take place at Xonnen University (where actually age doesn't matter lol. You can be 12 and still go there. There are no rules. XD) and around Xonnen in general.

    I don't have names for cities and places in Xonnen so... y'all can come up with things however you wish. xD

    Character List:

    CalixName: Calix Carter
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    History: Was known before as Catie Carter and was probably the most popular and girliest girl there was. Which makes it pretty hard to believe she went through the change and became Calix... since personality and interests play a big role in the change. Best friends with Yuki Blue who was before known as Yoko. Of course Yoko's change was forseen since she acted more like a guy rather than a girl.
    Likes: Pink. Just pink things... or so Calix thinks. Secretly likes more guy-like things but just doesn't want to admit it lol. Also likes to draw and dance. Dancin' is coo'.
    Dislikes: Don't touch his neck he will karate chop your face if you do. Maybe it's like a G-spot?
    Other: Calix is one of the people on Xonnen who thinks his race is superior to the human race. Of course over time this seems to change the more he gets to know humans... Also he's in denial. He doesn't want to believe that he was meant to be a male. He thinks that it was some sort of mistake. Nope. Nope it wasn't. But he won't agree to that.

    UmiName: Umi Blue
    Age: 17
    (I know there are two girls in this pic but she is like both of them... a bit nerdy with the glasses in school but then she's also a total cutie. >.<)
    Gender: Female
    History: She's a good student and is friends with Kotone and Momo. She has an older brother named Yuki and is the first to make friends with the human girl. She doesn't discriminate like some other people on Xonnen do.
    Likes: She likes a lot of sweets, although she tries not to get tempted by them... she usually eats them anyways. She likes to draw a lot too and she's very good at it.
    Dislikes: She really dislikes how people think that they are better than most humans. Umi is more for equality. She also hates being teased for being so short. Well at least we have something in common.
    Other: Since she's such a good student, she guides whoever is new to the school and helps them out. So if you're new... expect Umi to come to your rescue!

    LorettaName: Loretta Yancha
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    History: She hates the new girl too. Not because she dislikes humans... it's just because she has an omega crush on Calix and doesn't like that he pays attention to her. In other words... Notice me Senpai!!! She was the second most popular in school but now that Calix is a guy she has become the most popular. Also she's the top student in her class.
    Likes: She likes to go shopping and likes a lot of skirts and stuff. She also likes a lot of Japanese style food.
    Dislikes: Bugs. Just bugs. Butterflies are okay but god no not the bugs.
    Other: Even though she doesn't like bugs she secretly likes mice which is like... wut? Bring her into a pet store and she's going to be playing in the corner with rats and gerbils. Probably whispering, "my preccciiouuusss".

    YukiName: Yuki Blue
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    History: Before he was known as Yoko who was known throughout the school as being incredibly boy-ish. He's best friends with Calix, and the change still hasn't changed that. Best friends for life man!
    Likes: Sweets like his sister. But he doesn't care and tends to go overboard. Then gets a sugar high. He also likes reading manga more than watching animes.
    Dislikes: He's so laid back I don't think there is much that he dislikes... I think the only thing he dislikes is when someone give his sister a hard time. Then shit gets real!
    Other: He's a big flirt. So ladies... watch out. Or don't. ;P

    KotoneName: Kotone Otome
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    History: She's the little sister of Hiro Otome. She's on the sports team for volleyball and is generally very quiet. She has tea with her brother quite often and goes with Momo to anime conventions where she usually dresses as darker female characters. She's also friends with Umi.
    Likes: Having tea with her brother, volleyball, spending time with her friends.
    Dislikes: Anyone loud. So Allyn. XD
    Other: Whenever Calix comes over to have tea with her brother, she just kind of bluntly tells him that he's in denial and that he should just accept being a guy... to which Calix says again that this was a mistake. Such denial. Such wow.

    MomoName: Momo Kurai
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    History: She's like the crazy cat lady. She loves cats and if any anime events are in town (such as an expo/convention), she always dresses as some sort of Neko character. She's best friends with Kotone and Umi.
    Likes: icecream, cats, road-trips, anime conventions, cosplay
    Dislikes: dogs (actually she's quite scared of dogs)
    Other: She likes to braid peoples hair and do all kinds of hair styles for people. Yeah, shes that girl in your class who goes, "can I braid your hair?"

    HiroName: Hiro Otome
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    History: Kotone's older brother. He was before known as Himiko, and was very much like his sister, athletic and overall quiet. After the change, he stayed quiet but is more of a boom-worm rather than an athlete. He still does incredibly well when playing sports though. He's good friends with Calix and Yuki.
    Likes: Reading, sometimes sports, tea.
    Dislikes: Anyone really loud, AKA Allyn.
    Other: Since Calix is having trouble coping with the change, he often has tea with him and talks to him about his troubles.

    AllynName: Allyn Elwood
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    History: He's a hybrid. His mother was a human, and his dad is from Xonnen, which explains why he was born a male and has black hair. He's quite a trouble maker and a big flirt as well. Calix tends to especially hate him because he's a hybrid and also is probably secretly jealous of Allyn but shhhhhh. ;P
    Likes: Connie (the new human girl), electronic music, traveling (mostly likes going to earth to visit. He thinks its awesome. XD)
    Dislikes: Calix. That dude cray. Like chill bruh. Chill.
    Other: He's drawn to the new human girl because he's half human and well... it seems to piss Calix off when he gets so close to her so why nawt. XD

    KittyName: Kitty Fujioko
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    History: She's best friends with Loretta, and is very popular with the men. She's definitely alluring and a huge flirt. Better watch out because she's gunna steal yo man!
    Likes: Shopping (with Loretta), flirting
    Dislikes: She hates it when she sees a cute boy, flirts, and then finds out he's actually gay. She wants to flip a table.
    Other: She knows Loretta has a crush on Calix so he's the only boy who she stays away from. She gives Loretta advice on how to flirt with him though. It's a little hard since Calix doesn't want to see himself as a boy but rather as a female. *cough* too bad he likes girls deep down inside *cough*.

    Connie (My OC)Name: Connie
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    History: One day while she was in school on Earth she was suddenly visited by a strange woman with Magenta hair. The woman was dressed rather nicely and wore glasses, her hair was tied up into a bun and she carried a clipboard. She told Connie that she was to be transfered to another school, which really devastated Connie because she liked her school. Little did she know this new school was to be located in another dimension...
    Likes: Music, anime, drawing, learning to dance. Kinda failing though. xD One day she'll master it... hopefully. She also likes hanging out with Umi, Kotone, and Momo since they all accept her. :3
    Dislikes: Having to leave her friends behind, being looked down upon just because she's a human. >.<
    Other: Calix went through the change after Connie got here. And also Calix tends to somehow always get in her room... so when one day she found a male sitting in her room with the same colored hair as Catie, she got really confused. For some reason Calix blames her for his sex change. Well damn, how was she supposed to know you'd grow a d*ck?

    She really hopes some more humans will come soon. ;-;

    ~OOC/Signup here ------>> https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/xonnen-ooc-sign-up.120038/

    ~RP Start!~
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  2. It was just another typical day in Xonnen. The sky was clear and blue, the sun was shining, the flowers were blooming, and all seemed well. Despite seeming to be such a normal day though, today would be different for the University of Xonnen... a new student has arrived and was starting class today. The classroom buzzed with life and excitement, after all it was the first day of school and new students were arriving! Umi, who was sitting somewhere in the middle, was especially excited. She loved to make new friends and couldn't stop talking to her other two friends, Kotone and Momo, about how she couldn't wait to see who the new students were.

    Kotone, a lavender haired girl, leaned in to whisper to Momo and Umi. They were huddled together, making it more obvious that they were gossiping. "I heard one of the new students isn't from here. Can you believe that?"

    Umi was surprised. They never had any students who weren't from Xonnen. This news didn't discourage her though, in fact... it only made her even more excited.

    "S-So cool!" Umi squealed with delight. "I want to meet that one the most!"

    "I think you're wish has been granted, Umi. Look!" Momo pointed towards the front of the class, where a girl with brown hair and hazel eyes stood. She was obviously a human, having that color of hair and eyes. She seemed shy about being the center of attention, because she blushed until her face was crimson. The teacher, a woman with teal hair, cleared her throat before speaking to the class.

    "Everyone, this is Connie. She's a girl coming from Earth. I'm sure you all know about where she comes from. We studied it last year." The woman pushed her glasses down to look at her students as if saying "I hope you didn't already forget what you learned here." She then continued on... "I want everyone to make her feel welcome here. Alright?" She turned to Connie. "Would you mind taking the seat next to Umi? She's the one with the short blue hair and glasses."

    The girl nodded, squeaking out a quiet "okay" to the teacher before making her way to her seat. Umi leaned over, reaching out a hand to the new girl. "Hey! My name is Umi. Nice to meet you!"

    The girl shyly took Umi's hand and shook it. "I-I'm Connie... as you may have heard. Um... I didn't expect to go to school in a place like this. It just sort of happened..."

    "Sort of happened...?"

    More students began entering the classroom.

    "I'll tell you about it later."
  3. "Tsk" she was late, seeing her classroom she walked in with her hands in her pocket. She was dressed as a boy today. The teacher stopped calling out names and turned looking at the small new student That had just walked in, "Students, this another new student who was late" she said slightly annoyed "her name is.." She was cut off by the little girl standing in front of of them "I'm Hibiki Wataru, but you can just call me Wataru" she said calmly before walking through the class and sitting in an empty seat near the back... The teacher sighed and began calling out the register again....
  4. Connie couldn't help but look back at the girl known as Wataru. She seemed interesting... although a little hard to approach. Umi looked in her direction too, quite excitedly. The blue haired girl was practically hyperventilating in all her excitement.

    The bell rang, and soon enough... class was in session. The first day of school was only involving the teacher explaining what material the students would be going over, explaining rules as well as clubs and other activities. The teacher explained that there would be a board in the school where students could advertise for clubs and also read about any events going on in the school. This made Connie wonder if she would join any of the clubs that already exist in the school. Maybe she should make her own? Although she didn't know what kind of club she would make... she liked the sound of joining or making some sort of club. This way it would be easier for her to make friends. The bell rang again, dismissing the class for lunch, and so Connie leaned over to ask Umi some questions.

    "Hey... Umi, was it? Are you in any of the clubs in this school?"

    "Yes of course! I'm in the art class. I love to draw.~"

    "R-Really?" Connie could feel her voice going up in pitch. "Me too!"

    "Oh wow! Maybe you could join then? That would be great!"

    "Maybe I will... hey, I kind of want to talk to Wataru but since I'm new I'm feeling just a bit nervous. Can you maybe go with me?" Connie blushed, feeling like a child for asking Umi to accompany her in such a simple task as talking to someone. Umi only smiled and giggled before nodding her head. The two girls got up from their seats and made their way to Wataru, who was sitting in the back. Connie, still feeling a little nervous, cleared her throat before speaking.

    "H-Hi... My name is Connie." She reached out her hand for Wataru to shake it. "You're Wataru, right?"
  5. Wataru had fallen asleep through the lesson and had her hat covering her face, hearing a voice she looked up with some dribble on her mouth "huh?" She said whipping the dribble off her mouth "oh yea I am, and you are?"
  6. Rabia was late she tried not to make a seen as she entered the lunch room. Luckily no one noticed her. She saw a seat next to some boy, so Rabia decided to sit next to Wataru. From the looks, a girl was already trying to introduce herself. This was a new school for her, it blows that she missed her first class. Rabia got out her lunch and started to nibble on one of the oranges.
  7. Losing interest of the two people in front of her she saw a new person sneak in and started nibbling on an orange next to her, excited she turned to her "Ooo can I have some orange~" she said excitedly looking at the white haired girl next to her...
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  8. A little shocked that the boy next to him would drop a conversation like that she looked toward him with an eyebrow raised in confusion. "Sure.. here have a slice," Rabia said grabbing the small bowl out of her box and pushing it to Wataru. She was being a little shy trying to avoid any situations with the new student. But if she did want to go anywhere in this school she needed connects, friends she that can help her. "So.. what's your name," Rabia asked less timid than before.

    Her Lunch (open)
  9. Wataru stared at her as she ate the Orange "I love Orange" she said as she finished it ignoring the question, "You can call me Wataru, what's your name?" She said excitedly as she began taking out her own lunchbox and pulling out a apple and taking a bite with a crunch...
  10. "I'm Rabia, it's nice to finally meet someone," she said taking a bite of the spinach with her chopsticks. "What did they do in first period, I sort of missed the class," Rabia said her cheek's slightly red with embarrassment.
  11. "I don't know, I fell asleep" she said laughing and looking back at the other two that had been trying to talk to her "They probably know" she said taking another bite of her Apple and offering Connie and Umi a piece of lettuce...
  12. "OH funny," Rabia said with a giggle. "Excuse me you too," she said looking over to the two girls. She then started to eat her rice. The Xonnen girl must have been showing the Human girl around because the human girl looked so innocently shy and cute.
  13. Connie and Umi watched the two converse for a bit. Connie couldn't help herself but stare at the girl with white hair. She had a pair of cat ears on top of her head, and they were oddly mesmerizing... she didn't expect the girl to turn her attention on them.

    "Y-Yes! Uh... I'm Connie. Hi... yeah hi." She stuttered stupidly. Umi, who was to her right, giggled.

    "I'm Umi. Nice to meet the both of you. Hey Rabia... are you from here? You have... cat ears."

  14. "Well, yeah. My mother was from Mars and she was a Neko. My father was a Xonnen, that's why I don't have a tail," Rabia explained. She signed and took a bite of the curry. She never really liked living with her father, he was always so harsh probably because she looked like his Ex. It was so weird not having Mom around I had only been 2 weeks since the divorce. She sat up and showed them "See no tail," she said plainly, "It's so weird when I was on vacation on Mars the other neko gave me weird looks" Rabia sat back down and eat some more curry. "Could you help me catch up on first period I sort of was late for school," Rabia continued.
  15. "O-Oh well... not much happened during the first period. The teacher only talked about the school rules, school events, clubs, and material we will go over this year. You can take Biology, Physics, or Chemistry for science... Math High level or Standard level for well... math. History or Geography for social studies. And then there are extra classes like language classes and psychology. Even music and art classes. You have to have up to 6 classes. Unless you want to become a doctor, then you take 8... sounds harsh but some people are willing to work extra hard to get that kind of job later on."

    "It will be super fun!" Umi squeeled, bouncing on her heels. "I think I'm going to choose Chemistry, Math standard level, Geography, Japanese, Psychology, and Art! What about you guys?"

    "I'm still thinking..." Connie admitted. "I think I'll go for Biology... art class sounds nice but so does music... I really can't decide!"
  16. Wataru was still munching on her food staring at Umi jump up and down, how was doing work fun and why was she jumping like a rabbit? "Are there any athletics?" She said curiously as she put her lunch box away in her bright blue and black bag....
  17. Umi looked at the girl named Wataru and grinned. "Of course there is! Gym is something mandatory that everyone has to do! Also you can join sports clubs if you really wish to." Connie groaned at this news. She didn't like sports much. She was a short girl, and had problems with sports... in other words, she was that girl who would stand around and get a ball to the face every now and then.

    "One of my friends, Kotone, is on the volleyball team. Are you good at a certain sport, Wataru?" Connie swore that as Umi said these words, her smile would split her face... Umi was extremely excited it seemed.
  18. "Well have no idea what I want to do," Rabia said sighing and finish the rice and Curry. "I could do art you two, maybe I can finally learn to draw," Rabia said with a giggle. "What do they normally do in Gym, do they switch through different sports?" Rabia asked. Then from the edge of her eyes she saw a cute green haired girl. She was Xonnen, but she was cute. She was at a table with some others. There must have been a joke cause when the girl laughed it put a big grin on her face just like a creepy old man.
  19. "Well yeah we do dodge ball and tennis and... Rabia?" Umi tilted her head, wondering what she was grinning about, then turned to look and started smiling to. "That's Momo over there. She's one of my friends." The blue haired girl turned back to Rabia. "She's likes Nekos a lot. Maybe you should talk to her."
  20. "Basketball is the best sport but there aren't any I don't like" she smiled as she slurped some apple juice from a carton and started texting on her phone....
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