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  1. Blake made her way through the crowd of students. These people were the ones who wanted to get into this academy but they had to pass the test first. What was the test? Well that was something Blake had just found out as sh had taken it just a few moments ago. She was placed in a large room all alone. There was a voice on an intercom. It said to defend herself as best as she could. Next thing she knew she was being attacked be magic. Blake's reaction was to fight back. She started to use her abilities and shoot at the attackers with electricity. When they stopped, they let her go. After that she went over to a desk, it said she had passed and gave her the information to her new room. "Thanks." She said. The lady at the desk smiled. There was one thing about Blake, everyone there saw her as a guy.

    Remi walked into the large room. When people begun to attack her she pointed out her finger and began to blow them up. "Don't just attack me, Geez." She shouted and with that they stopped. they told her to walk to the desk that Blake was at. She grabbed her papers and looked at them. She smiled, "I guess this means I'm in."
  2. If looks could kill, Risa was fairly certain the intercom would have burst into flames by now. The girl twisted to the right, dodging out of the way of a stray lightening bolt.
    "You have got to be kidding me." She growled, mostly to herself, before she moved out of the way of another attack. Maybe if I don't use it, they'll send me away... She thought to herself, even as she kicked the groin of one of the idiots who got too close to her.

    "I don't give a rat's ass where you go, as long as it's not here!" The pink haired girl cringed as her fathers voice filled her mind for a few seconds. She closed her eyes and reopened them, in time to get thrown against the wall by a large gust of air. Send me away to where? Her inner voice became ironic. I can't go home. Green blue eyes flashed in anger as she picked herself up off of the ground where she'd landed.

    "Fine." She all but spat the word out, using the burn of anger to snuff out the fear trying to creep its way up her spine. Rise rolled up the sleeve off of her right arm before pulling a knife from her pocket and slashing into the pale colored skin. A shudder shot down her spine, even as she smirked at the attackers. Her blood pulsed before it shot to the ground at her feet and began to draw itself into a magic circle of tis own accords. The girl pointed at one of the attackers and murmured in an old tongue. The mans forehead began to bleed as the rune for the word 'down' was scratched into the skin. His blood glowed briefly before the blood at her feet glowed in accord. The man faceplanted. Risa pointed at the next attacker and repeated the process, getting quicker as she readjusted to the feeling of swelling power and dizziness that always accompanied the use of her magic. It didn't take long before the majority of the attackers where on the ground, some obscenities floating out from their mouths. "I hope your nose got broken." She snapped at one of them who uttered something particularly foul.

    Finally, the voice from the intercom told her she was done. Rise released the magic with a whoosh and a quiet gasp. shoving the knife back into her pocket, the girl crossed over to her bag where she'd dropped it earlier and pulled out a wad of bandages. She slung the bag over her shoulder before crossing over to the desk, bandaging her arm up as she walked. Before the bandage was noticed, she pulled her sleeve back down over it, hiding the injury from prowling eyes. The woman behind the desk gave her the information she needed and the girl all but stormed away, in a foul mood as her arm began to absolutely ache from where she'd sliced into it.
  3. Alex Paré walked up to the door of the room. He looked uncertainly behind him.
    "Go one, little girl." the big security guard muttered.
    Alex fearfully stepped into the room. He looked around as a voice echoed from the loudspeakers above.
    Alex immediately stepped back. A ball of fire was hurtled straight towards him. He shot both hands up and the necklace around his neck glowed a soft blue. The fireball froze in midair, crashing with a shatter. Alex released a relieved sigh, shaking from the fear that coursed through him. A door on the other side opened and he hurried out, almost crashing into Blake. "S-sorry.." he stuttered, taking his papers from the lady at the desk. He pretended to be studying them, but his hands where trembling.


    Alia Tres walked confidently passed the guard and into the room. She chuckled at the announcement. "Protect myself, aye? In any way I deem?" she smirked. She twisted the bracelet around one hand as three, fully armed soldiers with automatic guns started at her, firing. She threw her hands up and the men where covered in shadows, the shadows pulling them apart piece by piece. She smirked, her eyes on fire almost. She walked out the other door, the shadows disappearing. She giggled, accepting her papers and ignoring the others, her face falling to it's usually dark, cold glare.
  4. Blake felt someone bump into her. "It's okay." She said to the person, looking at them. At this point she was already dressed in guy cloths, so when she noticed who the person was she tensed up. She hated running into girls, she always felt like something was going to go wrong. "No worries." She said trying to keep her voice from sounding to feminine. At least she could tests herself on this person. If she was going to live here she needed to get better at being a guy.

    Remi looked at her papers. She read her room number and made her way to the dorms to find where she was going to be staying. She smiled as she walked, looking around at all the people who were there. She knew she was going to meet so many new people, it made her happy.
  5. Alex looked at her. "What's your room number?" he asked quietly, trying to act normal. He was freaking out. He looked like a girl, and he sounded like one, but he still hated talking to others.


    Alia read her room number and started back towards room 421, her room she had been assigned.
  6. "Oh dear," Lauren wasn't expecting this rather aggressive test. So far she had been dodging all these fireballs, spikes and the lightning. She didn't have any offensive spells to counterattack these! All she could do was manipulate plants. However, even if there were potted ferns in the room, how was she going to defend herself using them? After what seemed to like a century of dodging and screaming at all the magic that was thrown at her, one of the testers summoned out a lioness which was fabricated from thin air. Lions were fierce, but a lioness was fiercer. There's a reason they're the hunters of the pride, and Lauren was starting to look like a good target. The lioness snarled as it circled around the girl, who stood there spinning slowly to match the beast's movements.. Then suddenly, Lauren began to make low, huffing sounds too.

    "Huff huff," she would whisper. Then she sat down in order to level herself, or even lower, from the lioness' gaze. Now this time, the beast was confused. Someone from the intercom yelled in the background for the lioness to continue attacking, but instead it approached Lauren slowly with caution. Lauren continued her huffing, then pawed at the ground a few times. Then finally she raised her voice a little. "It's alright. We're sisters now." Finally, the lioness padded up to her with her great, big paws and gave her face a good wash with her rough tongue. Lauren giggled, even if her face was full of lion saliva.

    The door in the other side of the room opened and the lioness (as well as the saliva) disappeared. Lauren took it that she passed the test, so she stood back up and brushed off the dirt on her skirt before heading out. Outside, the lady at the desk handed her a small document which contained her room number as well as a key to it. She thanked the lady, then went towards the dorms. There were already some people who were chatting to each other, which made Lauren happy. People were already making friends here! She might just have a nice time in this school. When she reached the dorms, she began to look for room 831. While she scanned the multiple doors, she spotted a woman with light, long green hair who was also looking for her room. Before passing by the woman to find her own room, Lauren flashed a pleasant smile at her way. "Good day." she greeted Alia.
  7. Blake pulled out the papers she was given and looked at the number. "236." She read off. When she read it she finally realized she was going to have to live with someone. Could she keep her lie without anyone finding out that she really wasn't a guy. She looked like it, was attending as a guy, even tried to talk like one but living with someone. That meant she was going to have to play a guy the whole time.

    Remi went looking for her room. The problems was she couldn't seem to find it. She pushed up her glasses and surveyed the room numbers. "Come on, where is it?" She shouted out to herself.
  8. Riley and Ryan waited for their turn for the test. When they walked in together, the intercom crackled and a voice came through. "Why are you two together in here?" Riley looked to his sister. "Well, our powers are stronger together." There was a short silence then. "Very well, one of you must leave, one shall be tested, then the other, then finally you will be tested together.First up is Ryan. Please step into the square in the middle there. Riley, please exit through the door you entered. As soon as Riley left, Ryan was attacked. She cried out as several balls of ice formed from nowhere and began to pelt her. She fell to the ground, then quickly stood, raising her hands. Flames seemed to stream from her hands like water, forming a bubble of flame around her the ice melting. Soon after the speakers came on. "You may drop the shield now and exit the way you came. Send Riley in please."

    Riley ran into the room as his sister exited ready to go. He stepped into the square and the floor began to break away, he ran to the edge of the room, staying on the wall that still had floor on it, as a large being rose from the floor. He dodged it's first attack but fell over the edge grabbing on the edge at the last moment. His legs began to burn. Flames licked at them, he allowed water to fall from his legs and hands making the flames die down, he quickly hoisted himself over the wall and watched the beast, narrowly avoiding every attack. He threw a cold ball of water at it, and he could feel fear in the beast. He continually showered it, watching it retreat, until finally he was soaking the floor. He stopped and the intercom box came on again. "Please go get Ryan now, for the final test."

    Ryan and Riley now stood on the square ready to face the attacker. He grabbed her hand, and to his surprise she grabbed his. The room became very dark. "Riley, what's going on?" Ryan asked in a whisper. "I don't know, torch it up." Ryan didn't need to be told twice. Ryan shot a flame from her hand holding it up. They could see something moving in the shadows. She shot at it but it moved too quickly. Soon Riley was on his bottom, and Ryan's flame was blown out, she could feel something creeping up along beside her. "Riley?"
    She asked. "Guess again. You're going to have to do that. Do you honestly think that your individual abilities is what you need here?" A harsh whisper came. She could feel something slither down her leg. It felt like a snake. She felt a sudden surge of nausea. She could not stand the way that snakes felt. Riley felt it and grabbed his sister's arm. "Listen to me. This is a snake. Reptiles? They don't move so well in the cold. Do they?" Ryan got what he was hinting at and closed her eyes. She didn't know if she could tamper with the weather in this room but they would find out. They concentrated together causing it to become cold. A light snow to fall. Then she shot a flame out of her hand again, letting it sit above it. They could see the snake. Laying in the snow. She shot her flame at it while holding her brothers hand and helping him hold the spell. Soon though it failed. But the snake was gone and the room became bright again. "Thank you. You two may exit now." They were directed to a table where there results were. They both were accepted. They had to separate though, as they were given room numbers. "Catch ya later sis okay?" Riley shouted over his shoulder as he headed down a different hallway than his sister.
  9. Alex blinked. "Th..there must be a mistake.." he said, looking at his paper. He seemed several shades paler. "Are you sure it's 236?" he asked, looking back at the table that he'd gotten the information from. This is bad..this is really bad... He thought silently.


    Alia turned to greet the girl who passed by. "Hi." she said simply, pulling her blonde hair back into a ponytail before looking for her room.
  10. Risa stood before the door of her assigned room. An odd expression on her face as she studied the door, lost in her own thoughts. unconsciously, her hand tightened around the strap of her bag. She'd pulled her hood up to cover her pink hair once again. After a few moments, with a grumbling sigh, she pushed the door open and walked in, braced for any other surprise attackers. This school, she had decided, was insane, and not necessarily in a good way. She looked around, taking in the bare white walls and the two basic beds. however, a small beacon of hope shimmered in her chest as she caught sight of a tree branch outside of the window. Could she be so lucky? Risa crossed over to peer out the window and a smirk crossed over her features. Yes, yes she could be that lucky, there, outside of the window was an old oak tree. But in Risas mind it represented a not-so-emergency, emergency exit.
  11. Blake shook her head. "It says it right here." She pointed to the part of the paper where the room number was. "Why?" She then asked not sure of why this 'girl' was getting upset about it.

    Remi finally found her room number. She opened the door forcefully not seeing anyone else in it yet. "I get first pick." She said to herself and began to check the beds to see which one she wanted.
  12. Alex looked up, meeting Blake's eyes. "I have the same room number..." he said in a quiet voice, turning the paper around to show Blake the number. His hands where shaking a little and he shifted uncomfortably.


    Alia made her way to her room. When she reached it, she noticed the door was already opened, so she knocked on the door frame. "Hello?" she questioned. "Anyone in?"
  13. Blake eyes opened wide when she saw the paper, written was the same room number. "There has to be some kind of mistake." She turned to the lady at the table. The lady shook her head telling her that's the way it was. There was nothing they could do about it. Though, rooming with anyone the way she was now was going to be hard no matter what the gender was. But right now she saw a girl, Blake was suppose to be a guy. The girl must not like this at all.
  14. Alex turned away from them. He closed his eyes, taking a deep breath. His hand enclosed around the necklace and he sighed before releasing the blue rock, turning to face Blake again and shyly extending his hand. "I-I'm Alex.."
  15. Brandon walked through the crowd with a smile, He had been looking forward to this for a while. All these new people, people who are just like him so he wouldn't need to hide or hold back. He can finally show off what hes got.
    Reaching the large doors his mind raced with curiosity. What could the test be? A puzzle? A Riddle? Multiple choice? Pushing the door open with a strong shove he steps into the testing chamber.
    "So whats the test?" He shouts. At that moment a man steps out of the shadows and raises his arm. The man mumbles something in a forgotten language as a large burst of light explodes form his arm.
    "Oh son of a.." Brandon jumps to the side, dodging the blast. Combat test? Why is it combat? Brandon starts to run around the room as he dodges the magic blasts. "This sucks! This sucks! This sucks! This sucks!" He says as he narrowly dodges explosions. "I need to change! Something fast and has claws and teeth!" he thinks to himself. Suddenly Brandon flashes in a bright green light. Standing in his place is a black house cat with an odd neon green streak on its head.
    Another magic blast is fired at the cat who dodges with feline quickness. "YES! This is..... wait.... Im a cat? WHY AM I A CAT? I wanted something with teeth..... and claws..... DAMN IT!" Brandon dodges a few more bursts from the tester. "Ok... One more time."Brandon launches himself at the tester. "Teeth and claws.... Teeth and claws.... Just this on time.... PLEASE WORK!"
    With another flash of green light the tester is knocked to the ground. Standing on his chest is a large gold tiger with a neon green stripe on his head. A voice booms from the darkness. "ACCEPTED" With one more flash Brandon returns to his human form and leaves the room. He thinks "A Tiger?..... Was trying for a Lion but Ill take it."
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  16. Risa nearly jumped out of her skin as the voice sounded from behind her. Twirling, fast enough to send her pink hair flying, she faced the door. However, she relaxes seeing who she presumed would be her roommate.

    "Yea, want the first choice of the beds?" With that, the pink haired girl looked around the room again, noticing that there were, in fact three beds. She frowned. Wasn't the dorm supposed to only be two to a room?
  17. Alia entered. "Nah." she said, setting her backpack in the corner and leaning on the wall. She looked over Risa carefully. "I'm Alia, Ah-lay-ah." she pronounced clearly. "You are?" she asked, her focus shifting to the silver chain that she was twirling around her hands.
  18. "Blake." She said to Alex. "I guess we're roommates. I didn't know...uh...never mind." Of course she was going to say co-ed dorms consider each of them looked the opposite of what they really were. "Shall we check out our room then." She said quietly. They appeared to both be shy towards other people.
  19. Alex nodded slightly. "I guess.." he looked down, shifting his backpack and holding the files close to his chest. "You..you first." he said quietly, keeping his eyes on the ground.
  20. "Okay." She said and turned away from him. She started to walk away from him quietly, making her way to the dorm rooms. She went looking for their number, finally seeing it in black letters on a door. She pulled out the key and opened it, walking through.

    Remi picked the bed she liked the best. Now all she had to do was wait to meet her roommate. She knew she was going to have to get to know them if they were going to live together.
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