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  1. Throughout the years, humans have been the center of every bit of mythology. They were the ones that created it, and they shape it even today. What they may not have realized is that their writing holds more power than they think. The written word has shaped worlds, brought down people and empires, built up civilizations. What it has also done is created countless creatures of varying origin. Centaur, Gorgons, Harpies... Gods and goddesses... vampires and werewolves. Those things didn't exist until someone wrote about them, gave them form and purpose.

    The same goes for today. While humans aren't terribly busy writing about ancient dieties or helpful muses, every creature created in fiction breathes its first breath when its creation is complete on paper--or computer. Even darker monsters were brought to life through fiction. Things that lurk in the dark, hunting their prey as depicted in the stories they feature in. Their lives follow their written paths, until they become old enough and possibly develop personalities of their own. But even then they cannot stray too far from their origins.

    It is unknown whether humans actually know what they are capable of with their imagination. Most creatures don't even really know of their origins. Only the truly ancient ones know, but even then they cannot do much to go against it. So with your imagination, what has your written words brought to life?

    (( So this is set on Earth, in modern times. You can be whatever you want, whether it be already established, human, or made up by you! If you want to write an origin, go ahead, but it's not necessary. Have fun with it! This'll probably be a 'slice of unordinary life' until.. I, or you, think of something super exciting to happen. :D ))

    Sylus was a creature born from darkness, pure evil and malicious intent. His purpose was to terrify people traveling in the dark streets of any snowy city, to follow them, and if he caught them, devour them. He did this for so many years after his birth, that he was beginning to question why he was driven to do this. It wasn't until he caught a small family, a young man, his wife, and their three year old daughter, walking to their car from the theater... The look on the little girl's face, pure terror and sadness, confusion... He couldn't bring himself to kill her, even though he'd already ripped her parents to pieces. He fled that town out of his own confusion, finding out he couldn't travel too far.

    He was a monster, though outward appearances wouldn't really prove it. He was tall, and very thin, and incredibly pale. Although, he looks fairly normal. He has black hair, short but shaggy, and wears normal human clothes, though kept a little baggy. A long trench coat is usually a regular accessory to the ensemble. The only thing that would really set him apart from blending in with humans would be his eyes, with their piercing yellow irises and black sclerae, and his teeth, every one of them pointed and sharp. There was one other thing that would make it hard for a human to simply trust him. It was the reason he wears baggy clothes and a trench coat: there were six dark colored tentacles extending from his back, two at his shoulder blades, two under his ribs, and two just above his hips. He usually tries to keep them hidden.

    Today, he was walking along an old forest path, probably a game trail. He knew the path well, and wasn't worried about stumbling upon anyone. His hands were tucked safely in the pockets of his trench coat, his tentacles hidden beneath loose shirt and in baggy jeans. There was a chill in the air, but it wasn't snowing, just windy and uncomfortable. The nearest town was a few miles behind him, since this was ever as far as he could be from civilization before things got messy. It was a good place to go relax without worrying about people stumbling upon him and instincts kicking in. He let out a sigh of relief and briefly watched the little cloud of steam rise into the air before disappearing.

    So relaxing.
  2. Behind the trees, in another part of the forest, a small figure was hiding from... something. The small boy was terrified for some reason. The reason became apparent when a shadow-like figure drifted quietly down the worn trail. it's glowing yellow eyes stood out against the wispy, silhouette like ghostly figure. It seemed to have left the boy alone, when the small child turns to see the menacing figure behind him. He let out a high pitched scream, which was quickly muffled. The figure ambled through the forest again, drifting along aimlessly. It was compelled to kill anyone that entered the forest- children because they believed and were foolish enough to come, adults because they didn't believe, and it wanted to prove it's existence to them. The shady figure didn't understand why it had to do so, it just did. That's when it spotted another being. But the scent was... inhuman. It simply watched from a distance, wanting to see what made this creature different from humans, although from a first glance it appeared to be human.
  3. Sylus had been walking down the trail to a specific place. He left it to approach a worn stump, a tree that had fallen years ago whose remains had been worked into various seats. The stump itself had been smoothed (well, mostly) into a large sort of chair. Once he came upon this stump and the tree it once held up, Sylus stopped and looked around. He was looking for something, or rather, someone. In all of his years alive, he'd only ever encountered one other being like him--a bigfoot. The Sasquatch had proven to be his most valuable companion, keeping him sane and away from the bloodlust that lurked in the back of his mind.

    However, his friend didn't appear to be here at the moment. Instead of turning back and going the way he'd come, he decided to sit on the stump and rest a bit. His coat was stifling, even in the chill air, so he pulled it off to cool off. Once the coat was gone, beneath his shirt strange bumps could be made out, barely visible through the fabric. Once he was certain no one else was around, though, six tentacles slithered from their hiding places, stretching languidly before relaxing and dangling down his back. They ended in points, which he had the ability to harden into quite nice stabbing implements when needed, however he usually didn't want to need to. He leaned back on his hands, staring up at the leaves in the trees, and let out puff after puff of condensing air.
  4. Adora had been called many names. Demi-God, Trickster, demon, even a human who was possessed, but her most favorite one was a Soul Eater, and with powers such as teleportation and molecular manipulation shamelessly flaunted, it wasn't exactly hard to embrace those names. She took on the appearance of a young woman somewhere in her late teens/early twenties but could easily be older than a couple of centuries, yet young compared to the Ancients. Her brown, shoulder length hair and creamy colored skin made her look average paired with the stripped tank top, skinny jeans, and high tops she never seems to change out of. Adorning her ears were multiple piercings but none matched, and a tattoo of a Celtic knot was carved into her left shoulder blade. The one thing that made her stand out though were her blood red eyes. It said that one long look into those crimson abyss and your soul is her's. Whether this is true or not Adora doesn't say. That would merely ruined her fun...

    The alleged Soul Eater struts through the woods humming a tune after rumors of big foot lurking about reached her ears, the perks of people stalking and eaves dropping into the pathetic human's conversation. Most were inferior human topics but there were some that had caught her attention every now and then. Their coffee sucks though. One would think advancements in the technological field would improve their refreshments but really they just seemed to get worse the more lazy humans are about making them. And what is seriously up with that instant powdery, dehydrated stuff? Do humans have any class at all? Too caught up in her random train of thought, Adora fails to see an uprooted tree root and trips over it, sending the Soul Eater tumbling down the side of a rather high and rather steep hill. She lands at the foot of it heavily, her breath knocked out of her and at least a bone or two fractured if not broken.

    She groans and overcomes the pain as she untangles her limbs and lays sprawled out like a starfish across the forest floor, waiting for her fresh wounds to heal. Screw humans and they're so called medical break throughs! Who needs all that noise when one can simply be a supernatural being with a great maintenance process? Twenty minutes, that's all it'll take for her body to pull herself together. Meanwhile she'll just look up at the pretty stars and hope she doesn't die of boredom.
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  5. The Shade drifted through the trees, trying to get a 360 view of the odd, tentacle adorning creature. It could clearly see it was a Fictionatus, as the creature called them, a creature of the literary works of men. The black, smoke-like figure knew what it was, but also knew it couldn't do anything about it. As it was crossing the worn path, it heard a small thump, and darted forwards to investigate the source of the noise. It stopped about ten yards away from the broken body of a girl, who also smelled inhuman. For now, the dark figure would wait, and watch.
  6. His friend probably wouldn't show up. He'd heard the rumors in town, too, and with that, he probably wouldn't show up for a while. Elusive big feet. Sylus sighed, playing with chunks of wood as he decided what he would do next. It wasn't supposed to snow tonight, so there wasn't anything he had to worry about. He hated feeding.

    He stood up, about to head back into town, probably just to wander around until morning... That's when he caught just a glimpse of some kind of shadow--but then it was gone. And then a loud thump. That piqued his interest. He hurried through the woods, pulling on his coat and hiding his tentacle appendages as he went, and came across a young woman lying in the leaves. He paused, his yellow and black eyes narrowing.

    "Are you alright, miss?" He asked, tentatively. Something didn't quite feel right, but he wasn't going to jump to any conclusions. Caution.
  7. Adora blinks when a funny looking man with discolored eyes suddenly comes into her line of sight and cranes her neck to get a better look at him. What kind of person was he, wearing those baggy clothes and with that pale complexion? And what was he doing in out in the middle of the woods? When he spoke, she took note of his abnormally sharp teeth and of the tone he used. She grins at him, amused by his demeanor. "Yeah, I'm fine. Just resting is all," Adora assures. "Hey, are you looking for Big Foot too?" It was the only good explanation she could come up with for him being out here.
  8. He was surprised, confused, and a little amused all at once. He straightened and scratched the back of his neck. Yes, he was out there to see -a- Big Foot.. But, well, that wasn't anyone else's business.

    He leaned back in, holding a hand out to the girl. "In a sense, yes. But he isn't here. Do you need help?"

    His caution was lessened, brought off guard by her response. Did people normally come wandering out in the woods looking for Big Foot? That seemed incredibly dangerous, considering all of the things that wandered the woods at night.
  9. "What do you mean he isn't here?" Adora practically whines, excepting the hand offered to her. "I came all this way to see if the rumors were true and he isn't here? How rude!" She pouts. Saying she was disappointed would be an understatement. "Ah well. Who are you any way?" She tilts her head at him, trying to remember if she saw him before about town or something. With looks like his, one would think he would be hard to forget or even overlook.
  10. Sylus hefted the girl up, noting she wasn't too heavy or too light. He shrugged, looking away quickly.

    "Well, there are more Big Foots, you know. The one I'm looking for isn't here. There might be another one somewhere in the woods. I don't know," he looked back at the woman. "I'm Sylus. I'm... Nobody."

    He wasn't entirely sure how to just... talk to someone, other than the Big Foot. Reginald, as he was called. He shook his head and tucked his hands in his pockets.

    "You should probably get back into town before it gets -too- late."
  11. Adora dusts herself off, stretching and bending her knees to make sure all of her wounds were healed as she listens to the weird man talk and introduce himself. "I didn't know there were more than one. Those incompetent humans said a lot of things about the Big Foot but never have they mentioned more that one." She blinks at him before narrowing her eyes at the man who called himself Sylus. "Wait a minute, why do you know so much?" she demands, ignoring his last remark.
  12. He was silent for a moment, staring blankly at this woman. A lot of questions, and no fear. Couldn't be human. Most humans would be borderline panicking. Of course, there were exceptions to that note. He turned his head away and blew out a stream of condensed breath, debating on whether he should really talk to this woman or not. Something about her felt different, he'd give her that. Supernatural? Couldn't be sure. His tentacles writhed impatiently under his coat. He cast a nervous glance at the sky and the clouds rolling in.

    "I do my research. How else would there be a Big Foot sighting in one part of the country and another on the other side just the next day? Only explanation: multiple big foots. Besides, my friend's told me about his family."

    He made an uncomfortable shift from foot to foot, feeling ansty and nervous about the potential oncoming weather. Then his brain finally caught notice of how the girl was addressing humans, as though she weren't one.

    "Hmm. You talk about humans as though they are an annoyance," he mumbled. "What's your name?"
  13. Adora's eyes rake over Sylus' profile, studying him. He seemed fidgety and... nervous? Because of the weather? What an odd man. "Afraid you're going to blow away?" she questions with a smirk. She herself was comfortable in her tank top and skinny jeans, a backwards hat sitting snug on her head. She didn't care if it wasn't summer anymore, insignificant details such as that didn't apply to her. She leans against the side of the hill she had tumbled down and ponders over Sylus' response to her Big Foot question. Seemed plausible... Her expression then turns quizzical. "Wait, what? What does your friend's family have to do with this?" This man was really an odd ball.

    When he inquires about her opinion on the human population, a devilish grin breaks her face. "Humans are an annoyance. Nothing more than a nuisance with their loud transportation and their needless, primal struggle for money and power. Some are interesting and worthy of my curiosity though," Adora muses.

    She's completely caught off guard when he asked for her name. Rarely did one ask that of her. "I guess my name is Adora Salvatrix," she responds. "Picked it up somewhere along the line..."
  14. The odd figure watched the two converse with piqued curiosity. The girl obviously wasn't human, a fall like she took would have broken a bone or two, and humans don't heal that fast. He would know, having broken roughly twice as he had killed. He slowly drifted quietly closer, trying to find a spot to listed better while staying behind the cover of the trees.
  15. The gears were turning in Sylus's head. A name just 'picked up along the way'? Humans were extremely clingy and protective over their names. Not unless their name held a connection they wanted to be rid of, they would stay with a name their entire life. Reginald gave him his name, truly. He wasn't born with one. His extra appendages were restless now, and with the notion that this girl was probably not human after all, he felt a little more comfortable.

    "Reginald, the Big Foot. He frequents this area, which is why I was here. He's my friend--one of the few--and he has his family of Big Foots. Or Sasquatch, or Yeti, depending on where you're from."

    He started walking back towards town, not really of his own doing. He felt that familiar pull, taking him where he needed to be. It was going to snow, after all. He hasn't fed in a while, at least, so maybe he can find something not human to snack on until morning...

    "You should probably stay out of town for the rest of the evening, Adora Salvatrix. It's about to snow, and I hear the streets can be a bit... dangerous." His words held a bit of sadness to them, and as he spoke, the coat bulged around his shoulders until the tentacles slithered into plain view. And the first snowflake of the night slowly drifted to the earth, leading the charge of thousands more.
  16. Adora blinks at Sylus, finding his reply interesting. "So, like, there are little baby Big Foots running around?" she asks excitedly. "Aww! That's so cute! I want to see them!" She grins and looks around as if expecting a baby Big Foot to come out into plain view. Man, they were elusive. She feels a ping of disappointment when Sylus starts walking away, warning her about the dangers of the town at night. The tone was so... "Sorrow, what a bittersweet emotion," she murmurs to herself and continues to watch Sylus. Her eyes widen when she sees tentacles start to appear.

    "Whoa! Wait dude!" she exclaims, suddenly disappearing into thin air and popping up again next to Sylus. "What are those things on your back? Can I touch them? Do they have nerve endings? Are they sensitive? Can I touch them?" Adora was a curious being and seeing something so intriguing and so different, she couldn't just let Stylus leave. "Hey, do you eat humans? Do you suck their blood or eat their flesh? Ew, don't tell me you're one of those weirdos who eat the bone marrow." She once knew a demon who did that and she couldn't say she found it's eating style appealing. "Hey! I can turn the tree into a human by manipulating it's molecular structure! Wanna see?"
  17. Adora's questioning nature was cute, but not amusing. Sylus couldn't really think straight as the snow started falling harder. He just had to get into town to feed.

    "Too many questions. Don't.. turn the tree into a human, please," he struggled, clenching his eyes shut. The other four tentacles were trying to work their way out of the coat without ripping through it. It would be a pain to find a new coat again. "If you want to know that badly... You can follow me. You obviously aren't human, otherwise I would've attacked you already."

    As he spoke, he kept walking, his legs moving of their own accord. There was just a fence separating the forest from the town, and it was low enough to just hop over. Of course, for a regular human, they would have a little bit of difficulty jumping this fence, as it was covered in dense growth and was at such an awkward angle climbing on it would be impossible without collapsing it. Once over the fence, he kept walking. He'd only been in this town for a few days, but he knew exactly where the densely populated areas were, and the heavy trafficked areas with pedestrians. He followed the tug of his subconscious, his programming, to where there were humans to feed upon.
  18. Adora's skin starts to change from its creamy color to a icy blue as her body adjusts to the weather change. She idly ponders over how a fight between her and Stylus would pan out. It wouldn't obviously last long when she could just teleport away; fifty meters being the furthest she could teleport. That's 164.042 feet if you want to get technical. Or, if she wanted to keep things interesting, she would pick up a stick and change it so it was made out of some metal, and then fight Sylus to the death! Nah, killing him wouldn't be all that fun. She would have no one interesting to talk to if that happened. She also didn't think dying would be quite fun if he managed to get the upper hand.

    "You know, turning the trees into humans is actually kind of fun," the alleged Soul Eater pipes up, following after Stylus. "They still have a soul of a tree so they just stand there holding their arms up. And when you push them, they freak out and just fall over like a plank of wood." She laughs and teleports to the opposite side of the wall. She tried climbing over it once but it was awkward and she ended up falling off it. She sprung her ankle but at least she was on the other side. "Kind of reminds me of that LifeAlert commercial. 'Help! I Timbered and I can't get up!' Except, it wouldn't be LifeAlert. It would be BarkAlert!" She laughs at her own joke even if it was kind of lame. "For some reason though, once I changed something, I can't change it back. It has to do it on its own. Oh, and I can't can't something into another unless I have extensive knowledge on what I am changing that something into, nor can I change myself into something else. I guess that's a good thing because if I could do that, I would end up into some kind of mutated abomination just to see what it would be like."

    Finally running out of things to talk about, she looks up and sticks out her tongue, catching some of the snowflakes on her tongue. She wasn't sure why humans did this, snow didn't really have a taste, but she found it fun after she tried it once. "Hey, if you eat a human, can I have their wallet?" she suddenly asks. "I don't have any money right now but I have taste for a milkshake or maybe even some hot chocolate topped with whip cream, some chocolate shavings, and cherries! Have you had one of those before? Probably not since I doubt you'd eat the food your pray does."
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  19. Sylus closed his eyes, letting out a breath. His attention was divided now, trying to listen to Adora and at the same time following his instincts to find and kill humans wandering the streets. Luckily there didn't seem to be many out tonight, since it was pretty late. Just as well. He hated killing people.

    "I've attempted to eat human food, but my body refused it," he replied, gruffly. "It appears that I cannot digest their cooked meals or sweets."

    Just as well, he really preferred the taste and texture of raw meat. He'd often just eat animals instead of people. His gaze settled on something in the distance, a couple walking down the street. He silently prayed that Adora would distract him enough to keep him from them, but something told him that she wouldn't. She would probably encourage it. Ah well. Resigned, Sylus's pace quickened to catch up with the unsuspecting couple.
  20. The shadowy figure from before stood at the edge of the forest. If he drifted another inch forward, he would be the farthest from his woodland he has ever been. Staring at the ground, he battled with himself whether or not he should follow them. He wanted to stay, but his curiosity got the better of him. He stepped out into the snow past the trees, and shifted into a human. He would look, smell, feel, and sound like a human, with two differences. He would most likely act differently, and if you tried to harm him, the blow would go through like you were striking smoke. Now for a name. "Jasper." he whispered, with a voice soft and quiet as the wind. He cleared his throat. "Jasper Silverfield." he repeated with a new voice. It was deeper, louder, stronger, easier to understand. "I'm an architect." He walked forward, toward the town. Hopefully, no one would enter his forest until he returned. Even better, no one entered at all.

    He smiled at the thought, and continued to walk towards the odd creature from before and the inhuman girl.
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