Would You Rather...?

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Let's play the Would You Rather game! I shall give an example and the person answering me shall do so:

Would you rather lose your sight or lose your hearing?

You choose which one you're certain you'd prefer and feel free to explain why! Then, ask your own have you ever. It can be as random and creative as you'd like.
Sight or hearing... I'd rather lose my sight. I don't think I could live with not hearing his voice ever again. O__O

Would you rather lick your worst enemy's bottom or strip naked and river dance where the whole world can see.
River dance, I can kill them all afterwordswould you rather be trapped in the Palace of Slaanesh or the Garden of Nurgle.
Palace of Slaanesh. It's sexier looking. XD

Would you rather eat a brick of rotten cheese or lick the toilet?
The cheese....cheese IS rotten. :D so thats kind of a loophole O_o.

smoke 15 cigars Or take 15 shots.
15 shots. I hate smoke and have no fear of needles. Unless you're referring to liquor shots... That, I also would prefer.

Would you rather poke a bear that will wake up and chase you or swim in a tank with a starving great white shark for 15 minutes?
Fear of drowning.


let a innocent die to be able to be innocent yourself again in some kind of redo life option.....or would you rather save them, knowing they will be a evil person later in life.
LET THEM DIE! But I would no doubt screw it up within a week and do Something that would turn me black again.

Live in Alaska during their winter OR Death Valley During Summer.
Alaska during winter, hands down, no contest.
Would you rather be alone in a room talking to people on a phone or in a room with people but unable to communicate with them?
Oh on the phone. More connection that way... unless I use "Body Language!"

Ski off a mountain to hang glide or jump from rooftop to rooftop in a large city.
Jumping from rooftop to rooftop, I like cityscape views more then nature~

Would you rather spend an evening with your favorite celebrity at Chuck-E-Cheese (with lots of obnoxious children to interrupt) or a romantic evening at the swankiest place you know with Carrot Top?
Haha, my favorite celebrity might very well be Carrot Top, what then? Just teasing, I'd choose kiddie land and a favorite celebrity, company is more important than ambiance :3

Would you rather be trapped in a spacious underground chamber or in the trunk of a moving car?
Depends on the contents of each.

Moving car has an emergence release for the latch, theres still the moving problem though. Could grab a tire iron from under the carpeting and enter the passenger seat and beat the living crap out of whoever locked in in there, prolly causing the car to crash while I'm not strapped in but taking the asshole with me of at meant scaring him for life would be enough.

Underground chamber, so long as its comfortable would be alright but its a more permanent predicament.

I'd go with the car. Whatever happens would happen soon.

Would you rather go to space, or the bottom of the ocean in a submarine?
Man thats tough, but I think I'd have to go with space.

Would you rather be poor and happy or rich beyond your wildest dreams and depressed.

Burning to death or freezing to death?
Burning to death, the cold takes too long

Marrying someone smart but ugly or beautiful but dumber than a box of hair?
Smart and ugly, I cannot stand dumb bitches

Would you rather play beer Pong or Liquor Pong.

Would you rather Skydive or base jump?
Skydive, more deadly but more scenic~

Be forced to watch Disney Channel shows or Lifetime Original Movies for a year straight?
Disney Channel depresses me more: really? This is the future of acting? There's pure annoyance and abhorrence for me there. At least Lifetime can be fun to mock the improbably plot, crummy characters, etc. And the movies means that once you're done dealing with those awful characters, plot, etc, you can move on. Disney Channel shows are... well... shows. There are just more where that awfulness came from with the same hated faces. Old Disney would be a different story (Duck Tales!!).

So Lifetime.

Would you prefer to use MSN or Skype?