Would You Rather...?

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Msn. Skype takes itself way to seriously and keeps telling me to buy things.

Would you rather know one person intimately (not in a sexual or romantic way) or a generation in passing.
One person.

Would you rather get entire body tattooed, where it could be covered by clothes. Or a Tattoo that said "Pork" on your face?
I'd rather have my entire body covered. Tattoos are supposed to mean something to you, and they don't have to be seen by other people. Sure, I'd like to get to show off now and then but they're more for me than random people on the street.

Would you rather your skin be entirely numb and have a difficult time with keep yourself safe or be incredibly sensitive and deal with being able to feel the irregularities in the very threads of your clothing?
supper sensitive, I could learn to ignore it and still be able to tell if I was hurt.

would you rather suffer from a chronic crippling illness or, suffer from sensory deprecation, be it deaf, dumb, or blind
(Actually, that kinda stuff is hard to ignore. with being super sensitive, I mean)

I'm already partially deaf, LET'S GO ALL THE WAY!

Would you rather have to drink acid that dissolved you inside out, or be in a room of mustard gas?
Mustard gas - more potential to live from it and be treated in a hospital >> <<

Would you rather be tied down in a room with hundreds of children or bound against the side of a skyscraper?
Skyscraper, That way I don't get hit in the nuts by kids every five seconds.

Would you rather be attacked by a wild boar, or a wild bear.
Skyscraper, That way I don't get hit in the nuts by kids every five seconds.

Would you rather be attacked by a wild boar, or a wild bear.
Wild bear, don't they leave you alone if you play dead?

Would you rather have the muses from the Disney Hercules movie following you around and bursting into song randomly, or you being forced into song randomly?
disney muses....i dont' sing unless in a really good mood or drunk >.>

would you rather kill your parents to save yourself or kill yourself to save your parents?
.-.; Morbid but, eh, my mum still has two kids. My little brother and sister are still really young, and I don't have kids so... I guess me to save her.

Would you rather date a prude who insisted on waiting until marriage, only one position, and only in the dark or someone who was absolutely obsessed with sex?
ACID. It's cooler than mustard gas.

Would you rather live somewhere that never got below 100 degrees or somewhere that never went above freezing.
Never below 100. I'm a Texan, I LOVE the heat. I just hate Texas.


Would you rather live alone the rest of your life, or be surrounded the the most annoying -possibly dangerous- people in the world?
Hmm I would rather say alone at the very least I would be alive

Would you rather play the worst game ever or live with the most annoying person in the world
Play the worst game ever.

Would you rather have the disability to never make a decent comeback or only relate to people by insulting them?
Relate to people by insulting them. I must always be able to make decent comebacks.

Would you rather be killed by a vampire or a werewolf?
Vampire. Cause I want to live forever.

Would you rather have x ray vision or super strength?
Strength, more practical uses for it

Would you rather Be at a Godsmack Concert or an Iron Maiden Concert?
Iron Maiden. Then again I would rather see Maiden than any band.

Would you rather Drink beer all night or drink beer all day>?
Night, I hate beer and it would go down better if I were tired.

Would you rather see the world or go to space.