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    | August 10th, 2015 |
    | Monday |
    | Early Morning |
    | Portland |

    The eternal grey which clouded Portland's skies did little to affect the morning routine of the city's inhabitants. Despite the early morning hours, the streets were already jammed with the presence of cars and angry horns, while smarter folk flooded the sidewalks and public transportation. In comparison to major metropolises, Portland paled in size and magnificence, yet it was a unique feel, a rustic kind of atmosphere, which existed in tandem with the usual expectations of the city life. Although not skyscrapers, tall buildings packed with boring, office cubicles littered the city with the promise of opportunity, while inklings of amusement existed in the presence of cafes, outlet malls, and other quaint stores shrouded by the mystery of surprise. All in all, Portland encompassed a balance between the slow and fast life. Giving the city a popular rep despite the plague which cursed the skies above. In regards to the weather, a grey overcast was the base expectation for every day which passed by. Rain was also a frequent occurrence in the warmer months, while snow in the colder, though the sun was never a factor considered by the city's inhabitants. As expected, grey skies were to encompass the entirety of the day while the possibility of a light storm was predicted for the later hours to come. Overall, the temperature was warm, though the occasional chilled breeze was enough to warrant a light spring jacket from some folk.

    | Ravenwood |
    Ravenwood was far from an ordinary academy in comparison to its peers. Existing as both secondary and university outlets, the academy easily passed as the largest collective structure which existed within Portland's boundaries. As a whole, Ravenwood was divided into four quadrants which defined a specific relation among all of its buildings. In the northwest, numerous dorms, for both secondary and university students alike, existed among minor outlets such as dining, exercise, and entertainment. To the direct east of this quadrant, fields and arenas dedicated to the sports of all levels existed in their magnificent size and appearance. In the southern two quadrants, academic buildings defined the true heart of the campus, while at its core, Ravenwood Academia(See picture) existed as both the secondary school and head office for Ravenwood as a whole. Under normal circumstances, Ravenwood bustled with life and excitement from the wide diversity of students which resided within; however, because college had yet to start for another week, the campus seemed lifeless and overly spacious given its size.

    | Ravenwood Dorms: Secondary School |
    A small sigh exhaled from Shun's self as he lazily seated himself amongst a few other students who had long fallen asleep. Today was final day for assisted move-in, though much like the days prior, Shun wondered why the volunteers were required at their position so early in the morning.
    At least it hasn't been raining.
    The sound of a yawn echoed into the vicinity as Shun, too, contemplated the possibility of a nap, but remembrance of his position as a paid volunteer quickly quelled such thoughts and left the teen in a state of annoyed disappointment. It was their job to direct any newcomers through the process of receiving a dorm, and then assist them with luggage transfer if they so required it. All in all, it was an easy job and a good way to become accustomed with the students who might possibly reside on the same floor.

    Dorms allocated for secondary school students were special in a sense that each floor was tailored for a specific home room class. Unlike many other academic institutions, Ravenwood homerooms did not divide students by grade, but rather, assigned students of various ages, together, as a way to promote diversity amongst the school body. Because of this unique distribution, dorm floors were neither split by age nor gender. On each floor, sixteen studio sized rooms existed fully furnished and equipped with a personal bathroom and kitchen for use.

    "Still can't get over how weird of a school Ravenwood is. Normally, you'd think dorms would worry about putting high school students of different ages and opposite genders together."

    Shun's words were incredulous as he spoke in response to the summary description from the brochure in his hands. The pamphlet was nothing more than a cheat sheet for Ravenwood dorm life, and it was something he had read many times in the past as an outlet to occupy his boredom. With the other volunteers fast asleep, Shun's attempt to spark conversation was quickly crushed, and the teen soon tossed the brochure aside before lazily gazing towards the road in hopes of a new arrival to bide his time.

    [OOC Notice: It's the first post, yay! The official beginning to the roleplay is still Wednesday, Jan 18; however, this is an opportunity for some fun interaction. Posting isn't required, but given the excitement, I don't see why not!
    How you wish to start off your character is up to you. You can have them stuck in Portland rush hour, you can have them arriving at the dorms, you can even have them already here! All of the cast member's characters will be residing on the second floor. If you have any questions concerning location, things which exist, etc, feel free to use the OOC on Iwaku or Skype.]​
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  2. Location: Rush Hour Trapped Car -> Dorm
    Time: Early Morning
    Interactions: Shun @Tsu

    The blue Holden was one of the many victims of Portland's rush hour traffic and was firmly stuck behind the red pick up in front of it. Elizabeth Wilson stretched her arms out as she gave one of the biggest yawns Annie had seen in her life. The woman was completely unperturbed by the static traffic and immediately began humming a happy little song when she gained control of her mouth. She glanced over at her daughter and gave her a large smile full of happiness and sunshine. It was the only sunshine the teenager had seen in the past week thanks to the city's perpetual grey clouds and her favouring of the indoors. She returned it with a small one of her own, a little forced and a little natural, before returning her eyes to the traffic ahead.

    Unlike her mother Annie was not as relaxed about the traffic, but was secretly thankful for it. The longer they were stuck here the longer she wasn't stuck in a dorm with a group of strangers. That had been a hard thing to swallow about coming to Ravenwood, and almost had been a deal breaker. Only the fact her mum had worked so hard to get her into the school made her accept it. Getting visas, residency, citizenships for them, and making everything possible in the short time they'd had. She couldn't have disappointed her. And so after days of mentally preparing herself here she was, in a car, her life in the bags on the backseat and on her way there.


    After another thirty minutes of slowly crawling along they finally broke free of the rush and were on their way to the school. They were arriving at a very early time so Annie could get in and set up before anyone else arrived. Of course they were also on the last day which meant other people would already be set up, but hopefully they would be asleep still. Pulling into the car park on the north western quadrant Elizabeth parked as close to her daughter's specified dorm as she could. "Here we are!" she said cheerfully. The pair of them got out and opened up the backseat doors to pull out the luggage. There were two large bags, one a squarish rectangular prism on roller wheels and the other longer with a strap to go around the shoulder.

    Elizabeth took the longer bag and draped it around Annie's torso as she pulled out the roller bag with her right hand. Her mum then looked her daughter up and down, a little worried about her going into the dorm on her own as loaded up as she was. But with one final nod Annie confirmed her insistence, even as she felt her legs tremble a little. Eliza leaned forward and shared a hug with her . "Stay safe and have fun. If you need anything just call me and I'll be over as fast as I can. I'll cut my way through any traffic that blocks the car." Her face was another smile of happiness and sunshine.

    Annie gave her a rare, small laugh at the thought, knowing her mother was completely serious and those drivers better have insurance, "I will. I'll see you on Saturday, I love you mum."

    "I love you too Annie."

    With that she turned and started walking towards the dorm, trying to hide her limp. As she was approaching the dorm she heard a car horn beep and turned to see her mum waving frantically out the window. Another small smile on her face, she lifted her right hand from her luggage and waved back until Elizabeth was out of sight. Then she returned to walking towards the dorm, pulling her luggage behind her. The doors to the dorm were open she saw there was a group of people inside, sitting and, for the most part, sleeping. Only one of them, a tall boy with glasses, was awake and looking at her. She didn't like the attention and felt her expression harden immediately, left hand curling into a fist to hide the injury. Her eyes focussed on him, but constantly broken contact to check that none of the others were waking up or moving.

    She had a feeling that they were there for some official reason but she had no wish to talk to them. But she was going to have to take the risk they would talk to her as she stopped inside the room to take a small breather, shifting her weight onto the uninjured leg. Stamina was still a major problem that she cursed daily, especially whenever she was practicing, and now with a lot of weight hanging off her body. She saw, thankfully, that there were elevators in the lobby. She would definitely be taking those, no matter what the awake boy thought of her using them to go up one floor. Her next glance towards him turned into a glare inadvertently at the thought.

    Inventory (open)
    PS Vita
    A rather fancy wooden box containing a flute
    A rolled up cloth (That certainly doesn't contain a longsword)
    Knife hidden in her pocket
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  3. |Morning|
    |Car-> Dormitories|
    |Interaction: Annie @DoughGuy |
    Car horns beeped, engines rumbled, brakes squeaked, and angry people shouted, adding up to a cacophony of noise, drowning out anything else outside the car. The radio was on, and Jason's dad had set it to a rock station - not Jason's favourite, but it was alright, so he hadn't bothered to put in earphones and listen to his own music.
    Most of the journey for him was spent staring out of the window at the city, the tall buildings, and the colourful shops, his head on his hand and his elbow on the windowsill. Travel tended to make him feel tired, though he was usually better once he could get out of the vehicle and stretch his legs.
    "Hey, we're almost there." His father told him.
    "Oh, cool. How much further?" He responded.
    "In this traffic? Maybe a minute or so."
    Just as his father said that, the traffic had a sudden lull in how slow it was, and began moving on once more, taking them all the way to the school dorms where Jason was to be dropped off. The car moved into the small space for temporary parking, and the handbrake was pulled on.
    "I stand corrected. D'you need help with your bags, or...?"
    "I'm good dad, thanks."
    They both exited the car, and Jason retrieved a suitcase and a large backpack, with climbing gear hanging off from it. As he made his way back around, it jingled as the belay devices, rope, chalk bags et cetera swung about and hit each other. He went to his dad, said his goodbyes, and began walking over to the dorms.
    His bag still clinking as he walked, and the wheels on his suitcase rumbling, he looked up to see the large dormitory complex in which he'd be staying for his time at school. It was one thing to see it in a brochure, another to view the school in real life, looming above him, its architecture beautiful in a style he couldn't quite put his finger on, but an impressive one nonetheless.
    In front of him he noticed a girl who seemed to be struggling a fair bit with her bags, one large bag that went around one shoulder, and an even larger one, mercifully with wheels. She was breathing hard, and he noticed a very slight limp and clenched fist. She evidently needed help from someone...
    He followed her glare, and where it ended was another boy, with glasses and dark hair. he wasn't really doing much, so why was she looking at him like he'd killed her cat?
    "Excuse me, d'you need some help with those bags?" he asked her from behind, one hand out to take a piece of her luggage.

    Inventory (open)

    - Rucksack
    - Suitcase
    - Wallet in pocket
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  4. | Morning |
    | Ravenwood Dorm |
    | Interactions: @DoughGuy :Annie @The_J : Jason |

    From his seated position, Shun could easily view any new arrivals as they came, and it was once a car pulled up to the dorm's front entrance that a spark of excitement shot through his conscious. Observing as the girl and her mother exchanged their farewells, Shun's hand instinctively reached towards his side where began grabbing at air. A disappointed grumble soon followed Shun's action as he sheepishly remembered his current lack of camera.
    A shame, the scene was perfect. A rising sun overlooking the final farewell of kin.
    Falling back into a lazed state of being, Shun exhaled a long sigh before continuing his observation of the girl approaching the dorm. A curious expression encompassed his face, and the teen, who was lost in thought, failed to acknowledge his lingering stare or the cold glare which was directed his way in response. The girl's appearance seemed familiar. Given his position as a resident assistant, Shun had been presented with the name, grade, and appearance of every individual on his floor, and he was certain this girl had been one of the room's occupants. Taking a moment to cross reference her appearance with a recollection of mental images, it was soon after that Shun burst to his feet with a vocal, "Ahah."

    Noticing the girl was no longer at his front, Shun quickly turned to see her greeted by another familiar face who began offering to assist her with her luggage. To Shun, the subsequent arrivals came as a surprise, especially given their shared floor occupancy, though Shun simply concluded it was the final rush before the afternoon's opening ceremony. Walking over to the pair, Shun opened his mouth with the intentions of addressing them with a greeting, but out of the corner of his eye, a sudden flash of black distracted him from his current train of thought. In an instant, a small black cat leapt from the ground and settled itself into a seated position atop the girl's roller suitcase. There, it began lazily licking its paws whilst staring up towards the owner of its make-shift seat. In response to the cat's actions, a smile encompassed Shun's face as he turned his attention towards the dorm's front desk where the receptionist was busy setting aside the empty food bowl which had contained the cat's breakfast. Although the cat was technically Shun's property, the animal had become something of a dorm pet despite regulations which banned the presence of its kind. No one understood what strings Shun had pulled to allow the cat's entry, and up to his point, the teen had yet to give an answer.

    "It seems Tsuki likes you. I apologize if your allergic to cats, though.
    Nevertheless, good morning, Annie and Jason. It's good to finally meet you both.
    But first...--"

    As he spoke each name, Shun nodded in their direction before directing a warm smile upon completion of his greeting. Holding out one finger as if to say, "Hold on," Shun made his way over to the front desk where he began conversing with the receptionist whilst pointing in the direction of Annie and Jason. It was after a few minutes had passed, that Shun returned with a pair of keys dangling from each hand. After tossing them in the direction of each individual, Shun gave the pair a quick thumbs up before continuing with his speech from before.

    "You guys forgot to get your keys before heading upstairs. For now you can go ahead and settle yourselves in, but make sure to come to come back down and sign the necessary paperwork sometime today. Enjoy yourselves, and don't forget about the opening ceremony later in the afternoon...--"

    As he continued to speak, a sudden realization silenced his words and replaced them with sheepish laughter. Raising a hand to his head, the teen flashed the pair a comical smile which defined the silly mistake he had made.

    "--...So I totally forgot to introduce myself to you guys. I'm Shun Takumi, and I'll be your floor RA for the year.
    We'll have an official meet and greet later tonight, but for now, well met. That out of the way, you guys need any help or are you both good to go?"

    Inventory (open)

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  5. •Aimi Minako•
    | Morning | Scrublord Supreme! | Interaction: Shun : @Tsu |

    The sky was an everlasting grey overcast, clouding the sky of Portland, Washington. It was still rather early into the day, but as it was "moving day" for the transfer students, the roads were already jam packed with angry travelers and angry honking, while the sidewalks were flooded with pedestrians and bicycles. Buses passed by, the shining husks filled with almost as many people that crossed the crosswalk moments after it drove past. It was a busy, busy city, but it was still a smaller city. The buildings weren't hulking sculptures, like those in New York, nor were they tiny shacks. However, Portland had a nice feel to it, as if you were on perpetual vacation in a place that didn't seem real. Malls, cafes, and other job opportunities lined the streets that Aimi Minako gazed at from the backseat in her mother's car. The petite girl's silken chocolate locks covered the white earbuds that were placed into her ears, blasting music that drowned out her mother's lecture about thinking about her future or whatever. All Aimi wanted to do was stare out the chilled window, at the stormy sky. She, personally, loved rain. The soft pitter pattering, to the loud crashes of thunder and the horrendous downpours that would soak the ground for days. "Aimi? Aimi! Are you listening to me? You really need to--" The girl yanked one of the buds out of her ear. "Yes, I know, I need to start thinking about college and all that junk. I'm not 18, Mother. I'm 15. Barely. And going into my second year, not my last. It can wait." Her mother's face whipped around, dark hair similar to her daughter's spinning with her. "I don't like this attitude," she said, dangerously quiet. Aimi shut up from there, and sank back into her daydreaming, allowing her mother to yell and scream all she wanted. It didn't matter. In a few minutes, she'd be at her new living place, far away from her other family.

    And now she was there. Thirty minutes of pain later, she had finally arrived. The Ravenwood campus was massive; it encompassed her entire view, and more, the glistening glass windows and green field in front were stunning. Really, the only downside to this place were the uniforms. "Aimi, Aimi!" Her mother's voice called out from behind her, and said girl turned around. There her mother stood, camera in hand, clicking away. She sighed. "Do you really have to take pictures...?" Her mother lowered the camera, and muttered something like, 'Fine.' Sometimes Aimi wondered which one of them was the supposed "angsty teen." With the Camera from Hell put away, Aimi proceeded to drag her light blue rolly luggage over to the dorm building. "Honey, do you need any he--" Aimi waved her hand. "No, no. I can do this on my own. Goodbye, mother." Her mother, at first, seemed reluctant to let her little baby go. But, she eventually settled for a hug and a peck on the cheek, and left with an "I love you." Aimi nodded in reply. "Okay, time to get settled. But first...uh...where do I get my key?" Up ahead, she noticed a tall man with pony tailed silver hair, handing two students keys. And he had a cat. "So, Hippy Cat Man it is." She pulled her stuff up eventually ("Why is this so heavy?") and stopped in front of him. She ran a hand through her hair, and glanced up at the man. Way too tall, too tall! "Uhh...hi. I'm Aimi Minako, second year...anyways, uh, are you giving out keys?"

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  6. Camilla "Mia" Oliver
    Location: Ravenwood's Dormitories Room 216
    Time: Early Morning ➜ Morning
    Interaction with: Stranger Danger: Shun: @Tsu Annie: @DoughGuy Jason: @The_J Aimi: @Kitt
    Mood: Excited but now in pain


    The morning was filled with gloomy clouds and honking of horns in the tight, morning rush hour. For some, like Camilla, had already arrived at her destination without having to go through the trouble of driving as she chose to walk instead due to being in a plane for almost a whole day, get herself checked, drive all the way to her home, get herself a caretaker, enroll her to school and everything else was just a blur for Camilla. Her arrival to a new home was messy, but in the end, she was able to enroll into a school and was given the privilege to live in the dormitories with Linda - though they weren't roommates nor were they even in the same floor - despite their age difference.

    Sitting in what once was an empty room - now filled with stuff animals in all shape and size for protection use along with Camilla's own luggage - Camilla was waiting for Linda as she was told to do, kicking her feet in the air,"Linny is taking a long time to get here." She mumbled getting a bit bored waiting for her caretaker. Feeling around her surrounding, she felt the soft fabric of her blanket and then the feeling of something squishy like a pillow or one of her stuff animals. Feeling around some more, she finally found what she was looking for,"Linny won't mind if I take a little stroll around here. I'll just keep a close distance to my dorm." And with that in mind, she made her way around the wall towards the cold handle of the doorknob and gave a quick turn to unlock her room into the hallway.

    Turning her head from one side and another, she tried feeling around again for the wall closet to her, her hand outstretch in front of her,"If only I've took my cane... this would be much easier." She sighed and took careful steps as she was wearing only socks on the cold, smooth floor.

    In the hallways, she could hear soft chattering going around and the smell of foreign scent with a hint of a sweet fragrance,"People! Maybe I could ask them to show me the campus." She thought trying to walk towards the voices but her hand suddenly slipped off a doorknob,"Wha- Ahh!" Falling onto the floor, she was lucky enough to crease her fall with her arm but her right elbow was now bruised along with her legs,"O-ouch..." She groaned,"Nice job Mia."

    • White sweater
      Green knitted scarf
      Grey joggers
      Panda socks
      No shoes, headwear and etc.

    • Nothing.
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  7. Location: Dorm Lobby -> Dorm Hallway
    Time: Early Morning
    Interactions: Shun @Tsu, Jason @The_J, Mia @PandaChu

    Unfortunately for Annie it wasn't the people she had her attention so focused upon that interacted with her first. While the man jumped to his feet rather quickly, causing her eyes to narrow, the voice came from behind her. The noise caused her to jump and she immediately spun on her good leg to face the newcomer, sliding her left on the ground as a brake. Of course in her reflexive move she had forgotten the heavy weight around her shoulder which continued to spin despite her body stopping. If she hadn't been close to the wall the bag would've thrown her off her feet. Instead it hit the wall with a bang and stopped allowing her to put her hand upon the wall and stay balanced.

    If Jason had thought her previous glare towards Shun made it seem like he had killed her cat, then her glare towards him was as if he had killed Annie's mother. If anything in her bag had been damaged because of that he was going to pay for it. She turned away from his offered hand without a word and went to grab her roller bag and start walking again, only for a black shape to suddenly perch itself atop of the luggage. It's sudden appearance froze her for a second before she relaxed a little, and reached out a hand to begin stroking the cat. The animal reacted well and she felt the burst of anger subside as the purring began. It was almost enough to bring a smile to her face, almost.

    She continued stroking Tsuki as Shun spoke, showing a suspicious knowledge of names and a friendly, talkative demeanor. When he tossed them their keys she had to quickly stop stroking Tsuki to catch them with her good hand before pocketing them. A single nod was all the response Shun would get from her in response to his actions and introduction. He seemed friendly enough now he had cleared up the suspicion by job title. She wasn't certain what RA meant but the meaning was clear enough. Now she had to, regrettably, move Tsuki off her luggage so she could get to her dorm. She stroked him one last time then placed her hands either side of his body. Hoping he would hide her injury she grabbed him as best she could and then moved him to the ground. "Off you go kitty." she whispered to him as she removed her hands, quickly bunching them both into fists.

    Rising back up was a little difficult but she managed with only a grimace to show for it. Ignoring everyone around her now she grabbed her freed luggage and entered an elevator. So early in the morning it came down empty quickly, and she got in and closed the doors before anyone could follow her in. Arriving at the second floor she saw a younger girl making her way down the hall, but using her hands to feel along the walls and with a constantly blank expression in her eyes. As Annie walked towards her room the girl suddenly fell and hit the ground with a thump and 'ouch', causing Annie to stop. Someone else broken she thought to herself, just like me. It wasn't hard to tell the girl was blind.

    She closed the distance between them and stood over Mia. Animals, children ... and people like herself. The only ones who could soften her hard shell to varying degrees. The latter group affected her the least of the three. Broken people were still people and could be as bad anyone else. "Need help?" she asked the fallen girl, her tone matching the coldness of her words. She shifted her bag around her shoulders so Mia could grab a hold of it and held onto a strap with her right hand, ready to pull her up without any contact occurring. The one good thing about herself, at least in Annie's eyes, she didn't like ignoring those in trouble, she had to help them. Within reason.

    Inventory (open)
    PS Vita
    A rather fancy wooden box containing a flute
    A rolled up cloth (That certainly doesn't contain a longsword)
    Knife hidden in her pocket
    Dorm key in pocket
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  8. Early Morning
    Ravenwood Sports Quadrant > Dormitory (1st Floor Lobby)

    Finished that morning workout and there's a bunch of new faces. (@Tsu @Kitt @The_J)

    He'd admit that the campus at this time of day wasn't the most welcoming sight he'd seen, especially when coupled with the dreary clouds. There was just something wrong about seeing such a large space that was supposed to be bustling with activity devoid of life. Though that wasn't entirely true anymore as he greeted a few who seemed to be getting in an early morning run around the fields. As he was left mostly to himself on his stroll across the Academy grounds back to the dormitory though, Kir busied himself with stretches to finish his cool down. The occasional breeze that gusted over the rather empty fields didn't bother Kir despite wearing only a grey short sleeved shirt and a pair of similar colored shorts. He rather enjoyed the chill that would cause others to bundle up with layers.

    As the dormitory came into view, so did the rather familiar sight of a gathered group of volunteers asleep at their post. As usual, only one of the chairs was vacant and a quick glance confirmed that Shun was busy with what Kir assumed to be new arrivals in the lobby. Running a hand through his hair as he shook his head upon passing the sleepers, he jogged up the stairs rather energetically. He caught a faint glimpse of the lone figure within the elevator before its doors closed fully and blinked in surprise. "No tour for her?" he asked as he walked into the lobby and greeted the floor's RA with a friendly wave before he turned to look at the other two new arrivals. The other volunteers slumped on the desk were ignored in a similar fashion to those outside.

    The two looked almost polar opposites from one another, one somewhat slim but tall while the other petite on all accounts. He'd also guess that the male was closer to his age while the female was a first or second year, though it wasn't something he'd bet on; there had been stranger things he'd seen. Hell, his mother looked like she was in her mid-twenties, and often acted the part too, for that matter. For now he simply gave a nod to both of them and introduced himself. "Since Shun's busy with you two, I assume you're both on the second floor. Figured I'd say hello and introduce myself. Name's Kir and I'm in 206." He didn't exactly smell like roses at this point though, so he kept a bit of distance from them and planned to slip away as soon as he could afterwards.

    • Phone
      Wallet (ID, Debit/Credit Cards, etc.)
      Bradley Timepiece
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  9. | Morning |
    | Portland || Airport-->City-->Ravenwood |
    | Interactions: @.@ |

    'Crowded.' Eerika thought, scanning over the crowd around her with calculating eyes. Her face was casually stoic as she did so, not allowing emotion to freely telegraph itself across the plains of her face but not closed off enough to make anyone inherently nervous. 'So very crowded.' The airport she had arrived at was not the most busy she had set foot in but it was still a bit of a shock to her system. It had been a great while since she had been exposed to such amounts of bustling people and the sheer number of people crossing in every which direction was sending her senses reeling. Prickles of unease erupted down her spine before she briskly shook them off. The girl stood out within the roiling throng of people, if only slightly, a fact that could only be attributed to her bright hair and eyes paired with her slightly above average height and every few minutes or so she would feel the gaze of one or more people ghost over her form. It was not out of the ordinary of course. Humans tended to people watch and the glances thrown her way could almost be called infrequent compared to the attention many of them received in return but it still unsettled her. There had never been the pressure of so many lingering on her back at home.

    Rolling her shoulders, Eerika wheeled her luggage over to a table in front of a coffee shop proclaiming itself the perfect stop before take-off and deposited her plain leather travel pack onto said surface. Her attention roved freely over the three piece luggage set she had brought with her. There were the two bags- one medium sized and the other small- and a bulky rolling suitcase that neither bulged nor sagged. All three of them where a plain black in color. 'Bath supplies, shoes and tech, and clothing...' she noted, blues eyes darting over her possessions. The slight scuffs and wear on the bags pressed a frown into her features and she silently decided she would be looking into hard-case suitcases. A phone appeared in her grasp and she brought it to her ear. "Onkle." She greeted.

    "Eerika," the man on the other line replied easily. "How was your flight into Portland? Seven hours in a plane couldn't have been comfortable."

    The girl huffed out a brief 'Che', eyes cutting towards a nosey coffee drinker lingering nearby. She adjusted the way she was standing so he was out of view. "It was bearable. The service was good, the other passengers not so much. Sometimes I think that people don't know how to act in public, none of the women on the trip were the least bit lady like and the men were more than likely raised by pigs."

    A harsh laugh echoed down the line and the sound had her lips curving. "And, despite this, I assume that your decision to attend this academy of yours remains, niesen min?"

    Her eyes rolled and she shook her head. The antics of her uncle were so predictable. He had asked her about her decision at least forty times in the last two days, the offers of being more than willing to pay her way back if she decided the school wasn't for her becoming more frequent when the suitcases began to fill. "Ja, onkle. Of course I am still attending Ravenwood."

    "Well," He sighed with clear reluctance. "I suppose that is the way of it." She grunted in agreement as if to encourage him to continue. "Call me when you get settled then. I want to here how this prestigious academy is."


    The conversation ended and she slid the phone back into the pocket of her loose, dark wash jeans. 'Now to get to that school' she mused, grabbing her bags and rolling them towards the opposite end of the airport.

    The trip to the campus was short in Eerika's opinion, and she had been lucky enough to find a cab that did not mind taking her all the way to the gates. Though she supposed that that had something more to do with the promise of cash payment she had assured him of by way of waving a hefty fold of bills under his hooked nose.

    Taking a deep breath of the gloriously storm tinged air, the girl slid from the vehicle in time to watch the cabby attempt to wrestle the biggest of the bags from the trunk. 'Weak.' She decided after eying the belly he was sporting, the fat draping his biceps, and the sweat pouring from his brow. Apparently city life made the populace not only ill mannered but as muscular as a fence post. Slinging the three bags she had ridden with in the back of the car into various positions on her form she stepped forward, and with one hand neatly jostled the luggage free and onto the sidewalk next to her. "Thanks." She tossed out, pulling out a few twenties for the fare.

    Grabbing the money, the cab driver nodded, no doubt trying to gather his composure, and waddled back to the front of the car. With a last call of "Have a good day, sir." through the open windows before he drove off.

    One gold brow arched at his parting words. "Che. Sir. Obviously he didn't see the cleavage." She scoffed, glancing down her front to see that the unisex wife beater she was sporting was as exposing as ever. She wasn't generously endowed or anything but it wasn't like she could pass for a guy if she was stripped down. It was a normal occurrence though, she seemed to just give off a sort of masculine presence despite her small frame, and the zip jacket she was wearing probably didn't help with identifying her as female. Just earlier a woman had barred her from the restroom at the airport because she thought she had missed the the signs. Sighing, Eerika scratched the back of her head and bemoaned the fact that women seemed to be so unladylike like in Portland.

    Gathering her things in a neat stack on her wheeled bag, she strolled onto the campus with a curious gaze darting every which gaze. It was her first time at one of these 'school' so it wasn't like anyone could blame her. It took her roughly seven minutes to find her way to the dorms though it could have taken her less time if she hadn't been so set on taking in the scenery which was both familiar and very unfamiliar to her eyes. The glass doors slid open to let her through and she was greeted by the sight of a bunch of sleeping people slouched in various positions. Their surroundings dictated that they were the volunteers she had been told about that would help the new students 'get settled'. Her attention slid over to the group gathered nearby and then back again.


    She had the urge to remind them of where they were and she saw no reason not to. One step forward, something flashed in her eyes. It was incredibly rude and irresponsible to sleep while one was assigned a duty.

    Flipping her suitcase around, she roughly rammed it into one of the chairs they were lazing in.


    Inventory (open)
    • Cell phone
      Wallet: $300 cash, 2 identification cards, 1 debit card
      Luggage: Clothes, supplies, necessities
    • Snacks
      Tactical Pen
      Pamphlet for Ravenwood
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  10. Morning
    Rush hour traffic -> Ravenwood Dorms

    Cool conditioned air blew on the face of Iphigenia Forsyth. With an indifferent expression, her eyes were focused off in the distance through the tinted car window that her arm rested on. Fiddling idly with the buttons on the door’s leather handrest, Iphie raised an eyebrow as a bright red Ferrari sped past the gridlocked traffic in the emergency lane. Moments later, the red and blue lights of a police cruiser lit up in the distance, followed by the muffled sounds of the vehicle’s police siren. Her blank expression shifted into a slight smile at the swiftly received poetic justice.

    “He must have been going at least eighty.”

    She had been engage in conversation with the driver of the unmarked black livery car she was riding in since leaving the international airport and getting stuck in Portland’s stop-and-go rush hour traffic. Iphie had originally planned on flagging down a taxi or calling an Uber car, but upon deplaning, she had found a young man, trimly dressed, holding a card with her name on it. It turned out that the local office of Standard Electric had gotten wind of her arrival, and sent a car. The gesture was commendable, she supposed, or at the very least supposed to be an act of hospitality. Clearly, it was not well thought out, for the man driving the car turned out to be the company’s newest unpaid intern. In the end, it turned out well enough; the pimply faced intern had more character than any of the paper pushing, suited drones in the company branch of a small city.

    “Zero now,” said Iphie, with an indifferent tone that betrayed her amusement. The red sports car had spun out, crossed the divider into oncoming traffic, and was immediately met in unholy matrimony with an 18-wheeler truck in the opposite lane. Her driver made a cringing motion, and muttered a curse as they inched past the wreck. The police car was already on the scene. Brushing her hair aside, she sunk back down into her seat, and closed her eyes.


    By the time she woke up, the car was just turning up the small road that led to her new dorm building. With a yawn, she sat up straight. She had the oddest dream she had in a very long time. She’d dreamt that she was in Japan again, stuck in a traffic jam similar to what she’d experienced an hour ago, except it wasn’t all hunky-dory. There was a fire and monsters… And she was attending a school that sounded oddly familiar. Iphie wasn’t a subscriber to Freud or similar bullshit, but it was definitely a striking dream. Perhaps she was simply too tired from her long flight?

    “I was wondering when you’d wake up,” said the intern, parking behind two other parked cars. She shrugged, fixing her black blazer as she opened the door she had been leaning on. Without missing a beat, her black-haired driver did the same, before going around the back and popping the trunk. Iphie’s luggage was fairly light; aside from the messenger bag that she carried, she had a carry-on suitcase of clothes and a thick nylon carrying bag that held her compact desktop computer. She did indeed have more luggage, but they had already arrived earlier in the week and were sitting well packed in her dorm room. Taking her carrying bag from the young driver, she pulled her wallet from her skirt pocket before handing him two $20 bills.

    “Thanks, I really appreciate the help,” said the British girl with a smile. “I know your boss probably put you up to this last second, my apologies. What was your name again?”

    He tried futilely to refuse the cash, but at her insistence, he finally gave in and accepted the two bills.

    “My name’s Jim.”

    “Thanks, Jim. I should be alright from here. Have a good day.”

    There was a bunch of volunteers on the ground floor, apparently to greet and aid the school’s newcomers, but nearly all of them were dead asleep, which provoked a tsk of disappointment from Iphie. There was another girl by the receptionist's desk, who seemed to have a similar irritation at the group of sleeping gits, for she slammed her suitcase into the wooden desk, producing a resounding thud. She grinned; she would have done the same in her position. It seemed to do the trick and the lazy sods began to wake, so Iphie approached the desk as well, giving an approving nod to the other girl.

    “Is everybody done sleeping? I'm looking for the person with the dorm keys."

    Inventory (open)

    On Person
    Keys, with a usb stick on the keyring
    A wallet, containing her ID, $320, two £20 bills, a bank card, an oyster card, and an international credit card
    An Android smartphone, rooted and running a custom secure ROM
    Swiss Army Knife
    A razor
    A small bag of assorted mix candies

    Messenger Bag
    Ultrabook laptop and its charger
    7" Tablet and pen
    A couple assorted USB cables
    A thin Campus brand A4 notebook
    2x Mechanical pencil
    A retractable fountain pen
    2" leatherman knife
    6pc mini screw set


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  11. [Heading to Ravenwood Dorms, Ending up by whatever desk Eerika is smacking]
    [Early Morning]
    [Eerika, @Controlled Chaos]

    So this was Ravenwood Academy? It was as impressive as it was when he first had his campus tour there, to be sure. Scratching his neck, Darius placed his bags down on the ground and marvelled at how high-tech it look. Compared to the school he had gone to in the past, it was clear that Ravenwood Academy loved their renovations, with all their glass-and-steel buildings.

    It had a dreary tinge in the gray light of the morning though, and ultimately, the brunette decided that he had better things to do than to ogle at modern buildings. Picking up his bags once more, he made his way to the Ravenwood Dorms, passing by many unfamiliar faces along the way. Unlike many others, he had walked to school that day, waking up extra early to get to the subway station before the morning rush began, and then walked an extra half hour to actually get to the school grounds. His bags weren’t particularly heavy though. If his mother had been home to rant about what he packed, Darius would have gone to school with three suitcases and a camping backpack strapped to his back.

    As it was, he had only brought his academic essentials and his clothing. In a modern society, all one needed was a laptop, a smartphone, and clothes to survive, after all. And it’s not like he had any particular hobbies that would lead to bringing anything other than that.

    He hitched up his backpack higher up, rolled his aching shoulders, and walked onwards, taking faster steps. The wheels of his suitcase made a click every time they rolled over a bump in the pavement, and the handles of his bags were cutting a line into his callused fingers, but those were all things Darius could tolerate. Working part-time in construction tended to make one tolerant of many physical annoyances, after all. There was a sigh of relief, though, when Darius saw the glassy, metally, shiny Ravenwood Dorms, an apartment complex that looked like it was built just recently. Like the rest of Ravenwood, the dorms had a sense of newness that was dulled by the overcast skies, and older students were milling about, helping out newcomers with instructions and such.

    Darius had no questions or concerns though, and walked past them all, into the main lobby, where the volunteers were all much less energetic. Other than one group of students clustered around each other like a moshpit, it appeared that his previous school at least had superior volunteers. He scratched the back of his neck again, and made a split second decision not to become one of the trio. Instead, the freckled second year made his way to the receptionist’s desk to pick up his keys and avoid all the chaos around him.

    And of course, as fate would have it, he’d have reached the receptionist’s desk just as another new arrival, some skinny, angry, blue-eyed, blonde-haired kiddo started smacking away at the desk with her suitcase.

    Why was she even…was this the PMSing that he had read up about? This…doesn’t make any sense?

    Darius sighed, shot a look of sympathy at the receptionist, and said, “Was there a spider there or something?”

    He hoped it was a spider. It’d be awkward if the first girl he met in Ravenwood just happened to like expressing herself in a violent fashion.

    Inventory (open)

    - Suitcase with basic necessities, such as extra clothing and toiletries
    - plastic bags full of snack foods, such as Oreos and Ruffles
    - backpack full of school stuff, such as notebooks, pencils, and his laptop
    - Iphone in his right hand pocket.
    - house keys in his left hand pocket.
    - wallet and bus pass in his right hand jacket pocket

    - a fully loaded submachine gun strapped on his back, because he likes to be prepared. And because murrica.
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  12. Camilla "Mia" Oliver
    Location: Second Floor Hallways
    Time: Morning
    Interaction with: Linda and Stranger Danger: Annie: @DoughGuy
    Mood: Happy


    Camilla could feel the smooth texture of the floor as she sighed at how clumsy she was but no one could blame her, she was blind after all. Trying to feel for the wall again, the sound of a loud 'ding' could be heard as it came from what she could guess was the elevator as someone got off onto the floor,"Oh, a friend." She thought and was about to say something until the girl spoke but her words felt like icicles making Camilla flinch at the sudden coldness of what she could guess was a girl,"A-ah, yes." She answered softly a bit scared to even answer back as she reached out to find the girl's hand and pulled back up to her feet though it seemed the girl struggled as her hand was a bit small and bony,"A fragile girl, very skinny." Camilla thought taking note of this,"U-uh, thank you miss. My name is Camilla Oliver but you can call me Mia." She said giving the girl a kind smile.


    Hearing the elevator ring again, out came her caretaker who noticed Camilla right away and ran up to her without hesitation,"Camilla! What are you doing out of your room? Didn't I tell you to wait for me." Linda said ignoring the presence of Camilla's savior as her focus was on Camilla,"L-linny! I-i'm sorry... I just wanted to e-explore a bit." Camilla said softly feeling guilty to have disobey Linda's orders,"B-but it's okay because this girl helped me." Camilla said as Linda turned around to finally noticed the girl's presence,"Oh my, I apologize for troubling you, thank you for helping Camilla." Linda apologized and observed her with her violet eyes,"She seems to get into a lot of fights." Linda thought judging the girl by her looks.

    • White sweater
      Green knitted scarf
      Grey joggers
      Panda socks
      No shoes, headwear and etc.

    • Nothing.
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  13. [OOC Notes: Welp, there seems to be some confusion as to a few locational details so hopefully this helps everyone understand their position. This is the official ruling so for any context use the following details:

    Dorm Lobby near Elevators: Kir, Shun, Aimi, Jason
    Dorm Receptionist desk: Eerika, Darius
    Second Floor: Annie, Camilla

    @Click This : Your post needs revision. Make up your mind on first or second floor.
    Day one mayhem aside, please make sure your tags are correct. If they are not, then people assume the wrong interactions.]

    | Morning |
    | Ravenwood Dorm: First floor --> Second |
    |Initial Interactions: @Kitt : Aimi @Zombehs : Kir @The_J : Jason |
    |Later Interactions: @DoughGuy : Annie @PandaChu : Camilla|

    Tsuki meowed in a tone of annoyance as Annie moved to pick him up off her luggage; however, it was without further protest that the cat accepted its fate. Once on the ground, the animal immediately made a beeline up Shun's side where it eventually settled itself atop its owner's head with a satisfied meow. Apart from small winces as Tsuki's claws dug into his side, Shun seemed comfortable with his cat's actions; continuing with his own as he gave Annie a wave of farewell. It was soon there after that his attention turned to a particularly petite girl approaching him from behind.
    Short...Very short...
    Although her appearance was familiar, the girl's stature came as a genuine surprise to Shun. Nevertheless, judgmental thoughts aside, a sincere smile encompassed his face as he pointed in the direction of the receptionist desk.

    "You'll want to go over the...--"

    Shun's words were quickly overshadowed by a familiar voice who approached with a statement of his own. Nodding in the direction of Kir, Shun gave the teen a quick wave before continuing his speech with now derailed thoughts.

    "Ah, hello there Kir. Active as usual, I see.
    To answer your question though, yes, both of these individuals will be your new floor mates and classmates.
    The guy behind me is Jason, and this is...Aimi I believe?"

    Shun was confident in his memory of photographs. Though given the number of floor residents he had to manage, it made connecting faces to names slightly foggy in that regard. All in all, he was certain he had gotten the girl's name correct though it was soon after that the teen slapped himself upside the head. He had totally forgotten about the directions for obtaining her key. Once again pointing in the direction of the receptionist desk, Shun continued where he had left off before.

    "Sorry, I got a bit sidetracked there. As I was saying before, you'll want to go over the...--"


    Shun winced as observed a particular individual slam her luggage against the front desk and a sigh exhaled from his mouth in response. The loud noise startled a good majority of the first floor inhabitants, and soon, the various volunteers began stirring, rudely awakened from their sleep. Although the individual's action was obtrusive and entirely out of place, Shun couldn't help but express the hint of a smile in subtle thanks. Turning his attention back towards Aimi, Shun quickly informed the girl of her need for the receptionist, before erupting into a fit of claps which echoed throughout the vicinity.

    "Alright, you've slept long enough. It's picking up, let's get to work, guys."

    The still half-asleep volunteers groaned in response to Shun's announcement, though they begrudgingly rose from the chairs and began sleepily attending to their duties. With a nod of approval directed toward the group of student workers, Shun turned his attention back to the students at hand, and in particular, Aimi's luggage. Given that her figure was barely larger than her suitcase, Shun couldn't help but feel the need to assist her. He needed an excuse to return to the second floor anyways.

    "While you get your key, I'll go ahead and bring your stuff upstairs. You're room 213 I believe.
    I'll leave it around there. Make it easier for you to get settled in."

    With a wave of farewell directed toward the group, Shun took hold of Aimi's suitcase and began lugging it in the direction of the elevators. In due time, he entered the shaft with a group of individuals, and soon disappeared from the first floor all together. The ride to the second floor was short enough to the point he felt slightly guilty for using it, though he was thankful he wasn't the only one getting off on this floor. There, the other individual immediately burst into a fit of worried exclamations. Turning his attention towards the scene at hand, Shun quickly recognized Camilla, pulling herself from the ground, assisted by Annie and the newcomer. Rubbing the back of his head with his free hand, Shun directed an awkward smile towards the group before opening his mouth to speak his concerns.

    "Everything alright here, Camilla, Annie?"
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  14. [​IMG]
    | Interactions: @TerraBooma |
    Beep! Beep! Beep! A lone arm burst through the cave of blankets to quell the sleep assassin. Fingers slipped on the phone's smooth surface effectively dropping it to the floor. Beep! Beep! Beep! The bundle of blankets groaned and shifted slightly to reveal the waking Nascha underneath. Her brow was furrowed in exhaustion and aggravation as she forced her body to move before her brain melted from the incessant cries of the alarm. She moved her hand in thick movements on the ground in an attempt to find the blasted thing, refusing to open her eyes before she was ready. Beep! Beep! Be- Finally her hand hit the familiar plastic and Nascha silenced the alarm before letting the phone hit the floor again.

    She turned on her back and threw the nest of blankets back over her head where she remained for the next ten minutes before deciding that she did need to get up. The girl managed to turn and lift herself off the bed and hobble into the bathroom, stretching and yawning along the way. While she rested her rump on the toilet to do her business, her eyes began to drift closed. Nascha inhaled and shook her head in an attempt to wake herself and set her mind to looking for the toilet paper even though it was hung on the wall directly in front of her. It took at least of a few seconds of panic to set in before she realized that fact and with a sigh of relief she reached for it and managed to take care of herself.

    Nascha and her parents had arrived at Ravenwood the day before to help her settle into her dorm and get comfortable. She had told herself that evening that she would wake up early and take a stroll around the school before the last minute move-ins cluttered up area. That was her intention, anyway. But as she stood in the doorway of the bathroom, Nascha couldn't help but feel that her bed was beautiful and upset that she had left its comfort. She pursed her lips and scratched her scalp, her fingers getting caught in the rat nest she called hair. It was at that moment that she decided to stay awake and go through her plans. Laying back down would only encourage the large knot to grow.

    At 7:00AM, Nascha finally emerged from her room looking more presentable than when she had first rolled out of bed. Her dark eyes still looked tired, but at least her darker hair was falling neatly at her shoulder than clumped up at her scalp. Dark gray yoga pant hugged her bottom half and a light purple jacket hung loose around her torso. The jacket remained unzipped to reveal a white tank-top. When she was 16, people would make comments about her choice of clothing and her weight. Nascha wasn't a big girl, but she was blessed with curves. Her thighs touched, her love-handles would make an appearance if her pants hugged her hips lower than normal, and if she ran, she ran the risk of giving herself a black eye. It was all things that she managed and as she grew older, so did the love she had for her body. Nascha was a confident young woman and it showed.

    She locked the door behind her and turned to the stairwell that was directly to the right of her room. Convenience was bliss. Nascha tucked the buds to her headphones into her ears and pressed the main button to the MP3 player in her pocket. Chillstep began playing and immediately she went to another world. As she exited the building, the breeze hit her and she shivered. The walk, however, eased her body temperature back up to normal and she found herself enjoying the landscape of buildings and concrete. Nascha wasn't sure how long she had been walking before she turned back to make her way to the dorms, but her legs were beginning to burn and her breath was beginning to shorten.

    Nascha put her head down and followed the pavement. She was so engrossed in her music that she didn't notice that her feet were no longer hitting hard concrete. Instead, if she looked up, she would have found herself in a small grassy area with a large oak-tree dominating the space. She also would have noticed the person sitting at it, but it was too late. Her foot hit something soft and Nascha tumbled to the ground. Her earbuds jerked from her ears painfully. "Ouch!" She snapped, rolling onto her back and off of whatever she had tripped over. She looked up to see what had caused the disaster to notice that it was a boy! Nascha jerked herself away from him and stood up. "Oh, my gosh. I'm so sorry! I didn't even see you there. Are you alright? I didn't hurt you, did I?"

    Inventory (open)
    - MP3 Player
    - Headphones/Earbuds
    - Dorm Key

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  15. Patrick Gavin
    Sitting by the old Oak Tree
    Interactions: @Jerelin Nascha
    It hadn't taken much to get Patrick to school. Living decently close by, it hadn't taken him long to take his meager luggage all the way to his new school. He hadn't had much experiance at the school yet, but he liked the place, it was nice. Things normally didn't get too crazy, although the normal high school stuff happened.

    He looked around his dorm. He didn't expect so much room, although any room would seem spacious to him. Back home, his room was cramped full of tools, car parts, and other such devices. It drove his mom crazy sometimes how untidy it was, but whenever someone would try to celan it, he'd quickly claim how he could find anything he needed, and then somehow produce the item within a few minutes of frantic searching. It wasn't that he knew where it was in his mess no, although he did get quite good at panicked searches, he just happened to be lucky enough to find the things he needed in time. When it came down to it, his ability to keep things was fairly lacking. But he wondered if maybe he could change that. "Just get good at organization...how hard could it be?"

    Fast forward a bit of time, and Patrick can be found sitting down under the branches of an old Oak tree on a hill not too far away from the dorms. He had seen the tree on his way in, and figured it was a good a place as any to do some sketching. In his spare time when he wasn't working on cars, Patrick liked to do sketching. Things varied from older cars (Which to be honest, was he preferred to sketch more often then not.), scenery, whatever caught his eye. He didn't consider himself very good, but others might think otherwise. He just sketched for fun.

    When he sketched, or worked on a car, he entered a focused trance, forgetting all but what he was working on. It tended to give him a spaced out apperance, but in truth his brain was just preoccupied doing what he was focused on.

    So when he suddenly gets kicked in the leg, he's brought to an abrupt halt of sketching. Starlted, he looks up, a girl, who seemed a bit older then him was sprawled onto the ground. It takes him a second to realize she tripped, and she was apologizing to him. "Oh! It's fine!" He stands up, showing he's okay. "I should be asking if your alright." He frowns. "You must've been distracted by music or something right? What were you listening to?"

    Inventory (open)

    30$ Cash

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  16. | Katherine Drayton |
    | Morning |
    | Interactions: No one |
    "Rini, keep that thing away from your face. She cou-" A voice cut it, correcting the woman, "She is a he. Honestly, living with him for so long you should have figured it out by now." She dramatically threw her head back, "Just keep him away from your face. You'll somehow swallow him." Katherine began walking backwards. She tilted her head back and held the snake high above her face, "What?" She smirked at the woman, "Like this?" The girl placed the snake on her nose and let him slither around her face.

    The woman looked down at her, her defined nose twitched a bit before warning her, "Rini.....Katherine." The woman was fanning herself with a stack of papers, she shifted her blond hair back and peered at her through the oddly placed sunglasses. The sun barely shone down and she was in a trench coat and sunglasses. Rini smiled at her mother and pulled the snake away from her face as the older woman heaved a sigh, "Your father isn't going to make it."

    "Tell him I said good luck." The lady nodded and started walking ahead, "His case is getting difficult. The lady says she didn't do it, but I think she did." Katherine cleared her throat, "Good luck to you too, mom." The mother simply continued to walk away. There was a loud clatter from behind, Katherine quickly turned around and panicked, "Hey! Be careful!" She allowed the bright green snake wrap around her wrist as she jogged to the noise, "Oh, my poor baby..!" Katherine took the cage away from the man. She opened the cage on the ground and dug her hand in to pull out a larger snake, "Shhh..." She tried to lull the snake's hissing down. The larger snake curled around her lap and lowly vibrated defensively, Rini twirled her fingers around the snake, "Sorry miss."

    "Pick up the cages. I'll carry my babies home." The man nodded and went back into the truck. Rini grinned at the larger snake trying to creep up towards the smaller one, she pulled the snake away and towards her neck, allowing it to wrap around her. The dark haired girl smiled a bit and ran off to her mother, "I'll have the movers get the furniture into your dorm, but then I have to leave. That meeting came up and I'll be late if I try to leave later."

    "Okay, I'll get my keys and head up." Katherine waved her mother away and entered the dorm building with her two snakes hissing back and forth at each other.

    Inventory (open)

    Two snakes
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  17. Location: Dorm Hallway -> Dorm Room
    Time: Early Morning
    Interactions: Shun @Tsu, Mia @PandaChu

    Pulling Mia to her feet was almost too much for Annie in her current state. She could feel sweat breaking out on her forehead, and by the time the other girl was on her feet she was panting heavily with an aching shoulder. Mia might have been three inches shorter but she was still ten pounds heavier, and Annie had lost most of her muscle mass in the last year. Even without the heavy bag around her torso it would've been hard. "Annie." she replied in between pants to introduce herself, her voice losing some of its iciness due to the exertion. But now the girl was on her feet and required no further help she could move on and rest.

    Before she had taken two steps however, the elevator dinged behind them and disgorged two others onto the floor. The first of whom rushed up to the pair of girls and began fussing over Mia. She was an older girl, Annie guessed around her own age, and was obviously a friend. Which was good, now there was no guilt in leaving Mia alone. When the girl turned to Annie she could feel her eyes appraising her appearance as she spoke and noticing her injuries. As expected it hadn't taken long for someone pick up on them. She disliked any of them being noticed yet there was little she could do to hide the more visible facial scars. Makeup couldn't straight bone. Feeling her left hand start to shake she clenched it harder and gave Linda a small nod in response, then turned to the last person on the second floor.

    The RA had also come up, bearing someone else's luggage, and was inquiring as to their condition. Apparently she wasn't friendly enough to have her luggage carried by the man. Her eyes narrowed upon him again in a typical icy stare, "It's fine." she replied. At last, having dealt with everyone, she grabbed her roller bag and walked to her room, 215, and entered it, closing and locking the door behind her. As soon as she was inside she crouched down so the carry bag was on the floor and slid the strap off. The feeling of relief was instant and she let out a happy sigh.

    Turning around she double checked the door was locked, twisting the switch hard until she was sure it would go no further. Slipping out of her shoes she crawled onto her bed and curled up into a ball to watch the sun slowly rise over the horizon and illuminate the landscape. Her breathing was gradually returning to normal although her arms and legs burned. Fortunately she had until the afternoon to recover before she had to leave the room again. As she lay there she unclenched both fists and began doing some exercises. Curling and uncurling her left fingers and gripping them around her opposite arm, trying to get the muscles to do what they used to through practice. The doctors warned that because of the way the bone healed it might not change anything, but she had hope.

    Inventory (open)
    Knife hidden in her pocket
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  18. Early Morning
    Dormitory (1st Floor Lobby) > (2nd Floor Room 206)

    Met two people, figured he'd stunk up the lobby for long enough by now, took a shower, and is now wandering. @Tsu

    He nodded at Shun when the RA introduced the two students by him and Kir naturally followed up with, “Pleasure to meet you two.” He was about to make his way back to his own room when a sharp noise filled the lobby and he whipped around to glance at the source. Apparently in order to wake up the volunteers the girl had decided the best course would be to slam her luggage onto the front desk… rather than the numerous other tables that dotted the space. It did work he supposed as the nappers groggily picked themselves up and began shuffle about at Shun’s call.

    He didn’t really pay much attention after that and it seemed neither did most of the others in the lobby. He watched Shun depart with Aimi’s luggage in tow and took it as his signal to leave as well. With a nod and wave at the two that’d yet to move Kir turned towards the nearby staircase. “I’ll see you two around then.” Afterwards, he walked over and then jogged up the stairs, disappearing in an instant with the turn.

    Again, a scene seemed to just have concluded as he made it to the second floor. As he pushed the stair well’s door open, he saw Shun speaking with two others and just a glimpse of luggage before it was rolled out of the hallway and into one of the rooms. It didn’t seem to be anything worth poking his head into though, so Kir simply continued on his way, pulling out the room’s key as he neared his door.

    The sound of running water faded as the shower handle was turned shut and it was to a clear room that Kir stepped out into. Hot showers that left the bathroom filled with steam and mirrors clouded had never really been his thing, even in the depths of winter he spent in Russia on vacation. He quickly toweled himself, fixed his hair up, binned the used clothes, and slipped into something that might have passed as the Academy’s uniform sans a jacket; a white, blue-striped shirt with sleeves rolled up and a pair of black khakis. Private academies had long since engrained the standard of dress in Kir and he didn’t have any issue with it.

    A few items that hadn’t been brought for his run were grabbed, a loud beep signalled the microwave was finished with its job, loafers were slipped on, and then he was out of the room. He held the piping hot breakfast burrito in one hand gingerly as he shut the door behind him quietly and glanced down the hallway. He wanted to ask Shun if there was anything planned for the new arrivals; maybe he wanted everybody to gather in the lounge and introduce themselves. If he could speak with some of the others on his floor that’d be nice too he supposed, it’d be a rather long year if everybody remained strangers from one another. With those things in mind, he took a small bite from his snack before he began his search for the floor’s RA.

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    Nascha's eyes surveyed the boy as he spoke to her and turned to take a look at her surroundings. She hadn't realized that she had gotten so off course, not that she was on one to begin with. If her walking hadn't been interrupted, there was no telling where Nascha would have ended up. She laughed softly and brushed some of the dirt off of her hands before running them through her hair.

    "Yeah, you could say that," the girl responded, pulling up the headphones she had dropped by the cord that dangled from her jacket's pocket. The music was still playing and could be hear slightly from a distance. "It's Chillstep. I just discovered it, honestly. I don't know song names, but you can have a listen if you want to. Think Dubstep, but relaxing." Nascha extended an earbud in the boy's direction for him to take if he wanted to.

    "Name is Nascha. This is my first year, and I was just exploring to get a feel for the place." She shifted on her feet and looked around, finally noticing the sketchbook. Her stomach turned. "Oh, no. I didn't ruin whatever you were working on, did I? I'm so sorry," she apologized again. Whether it was needed or not, Nascha was always the person who apologized too much. She sighed. Even if she said sorry a million times, it wouldn't fix anything if anything was indeed ruined. A soft smile came to her lips and Nascha forced herself to say something else to disperse her growing anxiety. "I'm assuming you're an artist? Or maybe a writer who prefers unlined paper?"

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  20. Patrick Gavin
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    Patrick nods as the girl explains her music, taking the earbuds, he listens for a short time, enjoying the tune as it flows through him. He smiles. "This is actually pretty neat, I'll have to check it out." He meant it to, he wondered if it'd go well with his focused mindset as he worked, it seemed to be something you could slip away into, which might just be perfect. "Chillstep right? Thanks!"

    Bu Patrick has to pause as the older girl starts apologizing fervently, unsure of what to do. He was the quiet one in the family, not used to this sort of thing. He ends up holding his hands out, a sheepish look on his face. "It's okay it's okay!" He chuckles, warm and calm. "Just some paper. Not like it's hard to get more." In truth he hadn't really gotten started, just some background, but the bump had caused a large line to be driven through the middle of the paper. "Nascha, don't beat yourself up over it." When she asks if he's an artist he starts to laugh. "I wish, I'm nowehre near good, I just like to do this in my spare time. My real passion is car work, I'd like to be a mechanic when I'm older, I like to work with stuff, repairs and the like." He takes a second, then pauses. "Wait, this is your first year here? But you must be close to graduating, why change anything?" Patrick frowns, thinking. "You have to move or something?" He shrugs. "None of my buisiness I suppose. So what about you? What do you do to fill spare tieme?" He pauses, remembering something. "Oh! Right! My Name's Patrick, but you can call me Pat if you like."

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