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  1. MechCity.jpg
    Ristona is a quiet little city. That is, if you consider Mech manufacturing, and loud machinery at all hours of the day quiet. The world is in ruins, and despite being on the brink of it's own destruction, humanity continues to fight. Everyday, Mechs are made and destroyed, fighting against one another. All factions have their own ideals and goals. Everyone is fighting for control. You help guide the Restoration, the people who want to see peace and civility return to daily life.

    This cannot come without sacrifice and fighting back against those who wish to see the world destroyed, or those who wish to lock everyone down under maximum security, and to govern the daily lives of all inhabitants of the world. You are the fighters that battle those forces, and you are the people who have decided to give your life to the cause.
    This is your story.
    IC Thread: World of Destruction

    Squad #1:
    @Kelsi Kitsune - Yuki Nakimora
    @White -- Chocolate - Rinna Cilfier
    @VengefulPeanut - Harvey Allen
    @A.I. Sapphire - Violet Creation

    Squad #2:
    :Assault or Support:

    Squad positions( for reference):
    Assault or Support

    Factions (open)
    Ristonian Resoration:
    The townspeople of Ristona have taken to restoring the old ways of life and civilization. They are devoted to the cause, and want nothing more than to return to more peaceful days. Ristona is also the best, and fastest, at manufacturing Mechs. The rate at which they make Mech is faster than has ever been recorded. Ristona's Mechs are also the most reliable, and most well put together, which is why any of their fallen Mechs are taken by enemies, and repaired, being used against those who made them.
    Idovan Squadron:
    A group of bandits, or something along those lines. These guys just want to see the world destroyed, to pave the way for a fresh start.
    Guardians of Earth:
    This group would have you believe they're the good guys, and that Ristona took their ideals, and spread rumors, but these are the true bad guys. Among their darkest secrets, they hide the sad truth from their citizens. This truth is that they want to police the daily lives of all inhabitants of Earth, to make sure the almost destruction of Earth never happens again. The way in which they'd do so would be to round everyone up, and place cameras everywhere, with highly armed soldiers standing guard outside everyone's houses. These guys want to rule everything everyone does.



    Appearance:(please add a picture, and if necessary, a brief description)


    Race:(No fictional/fantasy races)

    Primary Weapon:

    Secondary Weapon:

    Mech:(Please provide picture, and again, a description, if you feel necessary to add it)

    Mech Armaments:(rocket pods, mounted railguns, sniper, etc.)

    Brief history:

    Squad # and position:

    Fun Facts/Other things:(Optional, and if you don't add anything here, please leave delete it from your CS)

    I don't mind if this doesn't take off, but I would like to see it go somewhere. I'll post the IC thread when all 10 spots, or at least almost all are filled.​
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  2. I'll also post my character after a few have joined. I would much rather play as a leader, but taking a leader position without giving any potential player a chance to speak up isn't very nice.
  3. Rinna C.

    Name Rinna Cilfier

    Age 27

    Race Human [French-Canadian]

    Primary Weapon Assault Rifle
    Picture (open)

    Secondary Weapon Laser Pistol
    Picture (open)

    Mech (open)

    Mech Armaments

    + Wheels added onto foot
    + Energy Blade attached on left arm
    + Shotgun attached to right arm
    + Wing/Jet on Shoulders and Ankles

    Brief history

    "If we can stand, we can fight."

    Rinna has lived through this conflict for a good third of her life. Even before, as the world was heading towards its own destruction, with the power of Mech and advancing technology, it would've been an easy task for a group of experts to figure out some solution to keep the human race running alive. Now, things have changed. People were getting picked off left and right. Friends, families, and next door neighbors were choosing sides, and the fight to claim the last bit of the world began.

    She's seen enough of the conflict. Many complain, many cry, and more have died. Rinna is still standing, and she doesn't plan to sit down until the fight is over.

    As a child she had great mentors teaching her to piece together equipment and technology. Growing even further, one particular teacher stuck by her as she taught the redhead how to pilot a Mech. That was when she found an answer.

    "We'll take them from the Front. The back, underneath or overhead, it doesn't matter. We'll cut them down until they can't stand anymore."

    Squad # and position Squad 1 - Assault

    + Favorite Quote: "An eye for an eye. A tooth for a tooth. Evil for evil."
    + Lady Lover (Lesbian)
    + Has a weakness for plushies. (Animal plushies!)

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  4. Beautiful. Accepted!
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  5. Also, thank you Choco! I was hoping someone would be interested sooner, but thinking it wouldn't get off the ground. At least your awesome self has taken interest. Maybe others will too!
  6. We'll have another once she finishes her history! ^_^ I think I may start work on my character soon.
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  7. Kelsi3.jpg

    Name: Yuki Nakimora

    Age: 25

    Race: Japanese, despite looking more Caucasian

    Primary Weapon (open)

    Secondary Weapon (open)

    Mech (open)

    Mech Armaments: Short range laser cannon on Mech hand - fired like a smg. If used excessively, it overheats.
    x2 mid-long range missile pods - only has three 'magazines' each
    x1 long range railgun(instead of two laser systems. right side) - has a charging period. Extremely accurate, but meant for taking out shields, and not direct hits to armor itself.
    x1 right hand shotgun(instead of laser system) - short range shotgun auto-loads when depleted, and only has three 'magazines'.
    Mech legs - have been upgraded to be more sturdy, as well as give a boost of speed temporarily, that has to recharge after use. Recharges very slowly.

    Brief history: Yuki was always in the Mech station, repairing and building Mechs with the other workers. She received no pay, but that wasn't a problem. Her payment was simply being able to get her hands messy. Yuki never knew her parents. Her father ran off, after something triggered a mental breakdown, and her mother is said to have died during childbirth. Yuki always wanted to join the fight, and put things right. She didn't want to see the last remnants of a proud and prosperous world go to waste, and unlike some, she felt that the next world would have to wait. She became a Mech pilot in the slightly newer MA-32-H Mechs, or Mech Assault-32-Heavy. Though newer, the weapons had been rigorously tested, to ensure that if any of the movement systems went offline, anything in it's firing range would still be in danger of taking damage. Yuki has done multiple repairs, and has upgraded multiple things on her Mech since the beginning of it's use.

    Squad # and position: 1 - Leader
  8. *Puts hands up!* I'm interested! Will begin work on my cs, now.
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  9. I look forward to reading it, Vengeful!
  10. I just got what 'Race' meant. I'll be fixing mine up a bit, nothing too drastic though, don't worry. Oh, and with your permission, may I add like some fun facts or 'others' in my CS? Just as a warning or note for myself when I rp?
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  11. Name:

    Harvey Allen







    Primary Weapon (open)


    6.8mm round designed for balance between control and penetration.
    Loaded with 30-round magazines.
    Has 3 fire modes: semi, burst, auto
    Top rail allows for mounting of multiple optics and side rail commonly fitted with a flashlight

    Secondary Weapon (open)


    45. round for depth in penetration and stopping power against armoured targets.
    Each magazine holds 7 rounds.

    Mech (open)


    Mech Armaments:(rocket pods, mounted railguns, sniper, etc.)
    - Right Arm: Gatling Laser - Prone to overheating through extended bursts
    - Left Arm: Recoilless Rifle, Lock-On IR tracking system - AP rounds have limited ammo due to 86mm shell

    - Back: Smoke Screen Countermeasures + Flares, Radio Communication mast, Radar unit. - If radar/radio unit becomes damage the whole system will go down through lack of a backup, room used for extra ammo storage
    - Optics: Zoom capability, Night Vision and IR Vision, Target Tracking, Full Pilot UI. - Target tracking dependent on Left Arm, IR Vision puts a heavy strain on battery power reducing max speed.
    - Legs: Equipped with back-mounted tracks for speedy movement, front mounted ballistic armour plating to protect vital parts.

    Brief history:

    In Harvey's younger days, he was one of those impressionable teens. You know, the ones with the eyes sparkling with the promise of a better tomorrow, willing to believe any old story someone was willing to take the time to tell them. Of course, the world was becoming more and more of a floating bit of brimstone in the vast nothingness of space, but that sky? Well, that sky spelled untold possibilities. That sky told a promise of a future of adventure - a future so many young people dreamed of, an escape and an end from the constant harshness of war. So, doing what a lot of those impressionable young souls did, he joined the GOE (Guardians of the Earth). Thinking he was making a difference and making the world a better place, he followed them everywhere and did things reserved only for dreams... it's a shame those dreams were nightmares. He got out of active service when he was 22 after a mission gone bad opened his eyes to the true nature of the GOE. Even though order spelled peace he wasn't willing to pay the price demanded by the organisation.

    When he joined the RR he offered up the skills he had learned in his previous military experience, his previous experience being both as a mech crewman and a ground-pounding, infantry trooper. The rest you can hear from his new brothers-in-arms, if you were so inclined. However, besides a track record of fighting the same war for a different side there's not much to tell. At least he is doing so with a clear conscience now...

    Squad # and position:
    1 - Assault​
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  12. @VengefulPeanut, I love your history. Accepted! Though, you may want to make sure the armaments have some drawbacks, seeing as there are a lot of things, like NV and IR. I guess other than that, it's perfect. I thought about using that picture, but I settled for something a bit more bulky. Of course, it's bulk is obviously more muscle than fat, or.. armor, rather than a hollow space, but that's why it was equipped with the temp speed boost.

    @A.I. Sapphire, unfortunately you'll be needing to either choose a new position, or choose a position to do away with, Since Vengeful already has their Sign-up in here. If you do away with either, I'd rather have the sniper done away with. We could always use recon for something, and the optics zom and NV/IR are more than enough to take make a sniper unnecessary.

    Also, once the last two spots are filled, I'll post up a IC thread.
  13. I was just trying to list its specs. I didn't realise we needed to put drawbacks on there too. :P If it's too overpowered let me know. I thought with it being semi-futuristic IR and NVG would be plausible.

    EDIT: I put in some drawbacks. ^^ And put in some info about primary and secondary weapons
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  14. Oh, no the NV and IR are fine, but the laser and rifle were what I was hinting at. It looks fine now. I just didn't want something like a chaingun that never overheats and/or doesn't jam, cause even in futuristic times, nothing would be perfect. I intend to have some problems with Yuki's ever so perfect Mech in the roleplay. Specifically with parts she hasn't tinkered with, because it could be considered more of a prototype than a standard issue Mech. That's her reason for upgrading the weapons and the 'hips' of it.

    If the legs stop moving, which I intend to play out at some point, her weapons can still function. And, if for some reason she cannot aim up/down, she can at least turn the Mech to face ground foes.
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  15. Don't worry, I never intended to play out a character with an uber mech that never malfunctioned :P Harvey's mech's main weaknesses fall in its electronics. For example, if the radio/radar unit takes a hit he's completely in the dark - can't communicate with the others and can't track movement besides what he can see visually.
  16. I like how the IR puts strain on the power, I also intend to buff her Mech up later... Well, change it, actually. I want to have a point where she is blown completely out of it, due to malfunctioning causing it to almost shut down, and a piece of shrapnel taking one of her arms.

    @VengefulPeanut, @A.I. Sapphire, @White -- Chocolate, I can't tell you all how much I love you all for actually being interested in this. I'm so happy that I may actually get to roleplay something I've been thinking on for a while.
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  17. Lalalalalalalalalala *Puts fingers in ears* SPOILERS!!! ;)
  18. Oh hush!! XP It isn't like I'm planning on sharing all my plotty goodness. I'm sure you have your own ideas you'd like to put to use that aren't too huge and have to be locked away. I'd just like to get a bit more use out of the lost arm thing. I had a roleplay that didn't go too far after my character lost her arm, so I'm making sure you know this small detail, and hoping it doesn't make you all less interested.
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  19. Yes! I am totally disinterested in this RP now! It goes against my whole 4-limb rule! ;) Wahahaha~ I was only teasing, don't worry. For once, I don't actually have any pre-plans for Harvey. I usually have many devious plans concocted for my characters at the start of an RP but I think I'm just going to roll with it this time. ^^ See where it takes me.
  20. Well, whatever works for you! I just wanted to let everyone know that she'll be losing an arm. I've no idea when, but it shall happen. I usually let things go as they go. But I have some things I want to have fulfilled.
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