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  1. Ran into this video here:

    Which had me thinking or rather, go to post it in Brovo's work thread, find it locked and then make a new thread about what kind of bad work stories do you guys tend to have? Stuff where it seems like the boss, fellow employees or the customers are just making no sense, or simply doing something really annoying?

    Any horrible customer stories?

    Sadly, this isn't a thread I can really add a story of my own too. Because I got along with all my co-workers in placements, my main issues was paperwork, and anything a kid did that might be news worthy would be violating privacy agreements.​
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  2. Not a big story, just a more annoying situation. I live in the country where rednecks are bountiful, now Im not saying all are stupid, just the ones in my area. We are one of the few convenience/ Gas stops to have the customers pump their gas. Normally this should be fine, yet you always get those few that when pumping their gas and the nozzle does the clicking sound to signal that you are full. PULL THE FUCKING LEVER TO PUMP MORE GAS! Sure a teeny bit I can get. Ocd or whatever. Yet when it stops at like 18.35 and you pump it until its 20.00. Then I dont wanna hear you coming in going. "Oh the pump messed up and kept spewing out gas, now my paints gonna be messed up." NO! YOU KEPT PUMPING! Don't go blaming the fucking pump for your inability to stop freaking pumping! Sometimes they do mess up but not to the extent it happens multiple times a month. Only time that happens is if you fucking rammed the pump with your car.
  3. @Brovo. @Brovo. @Brovo.

    My only real horror story was when I worked for fast food as a teenager and a co-worker thought it'd be funny to close the grill plate when my hand was still in it under the (fortunately correct) assumption I'd pull my hand out before it got all tasty and crispy on both sides. I've been so tempted to dump hot liquid grease on someone's face as a joke as I was that day.
  4. ..... Jesus....
  5. Well there was the time me and a friend of mine were doing some contract work for a Jiffy Lube(running Cat5 cable and fixing some internet issues). They asked my mentor to take a look at some of their electrical(despite the fact he's not an electrician, just a networking guy.) He agrees to look at it and what do we see? Wires chewed to shit by rats at the POSes(points of service) and sitting near a small puddle of oil. Needless to say, my mentor told them the next contract they needed to make was with a electrician.

    That's also not bringing up the ladder to their attic, which was missing a leg and had cracked steps. We used a separate ladder they had lying around...
  6. When my store was shutting down, during the last few days when we were taking down all the shelves and having fun destroying things, one guy nearly cut off his entire finger and had to be rushed to the emergency room. o____o That was interesting.
  7. As a school custodian..


    I've more horror stories than King and more strangely colored fluids than a Japanese porn set.
  8. I work as a receptionist at a long term care hospital, AKA a nursing home. For the most part it's very quiet (if not outright boring), and the people are quite pleasant. I've gotten to know quite a few residents and visitors over the years. However, I also have my share of 'I hate my job holy shit' moments.

    First there's the creepers. I don't believe I have ever been hit on at work by anyone under the age of 50. It makes me very uncomfortable and there is nothing I can really do about it. I hate it when men hit on me at work because they know I can't really escape and I have to be polite about it. There was one guy who, thankfully, isn't here any more (unfortunately because his wife passed away last year), who used to outright sexually harass me. What pissed me off the most was that when I told someone about it, they told me to forget about it because it was 'just who he was.' Apparently you are not supposed to question a brazenly racist, sexist and all around horrible old man because he is Old and Set In His Ways. Eventually I had enough and told him to stop. He stopped for a week. *jazz hands*

    My absolute favourite instances are the times when people try to take pictures of me. My favouritest was when one asshole actually did, without my permission! I was livid. At least the other guys, they asked first, some tried really, really hard to convince me to let them, one got a little upset when I said no, but this guy didn't give a shit. He went ahead anyway, even when I said 'no.' The worst part is that he was the friend of an employee at the time -- a woman I hated to begin with. All I got was a half assed apology from her. Yeah all right whatever. Who knows what happened to those photos.

    Otherwise I've had my share of belligerent assholes, usually to do with parking. If it's one thing I've learned working here, it's that people really, really hate paid parking.

    We have always had paid parking, but around three years ago, a separate company bought our parking lot (the same company that owns and regulates all hospital parking lots in the city), and therefore we now have jack shit to do with parking. It's all automated by a machine, and if you get a ticket, there is nothing we can do for you, other than explain how to contact the company and try and weasel your way out of the ticket. The rates barely went up at all; it's $1/hour, up to $4 for the entire day. A weekly pass is $15, and a monthly pass is $25 dollars. Compared to every other hospital in the city, that's a fucking bargain. If someone doesn't want to pay for parking, we also have ample street parking.

    On top of this, we have signs everywhere stating that you need to pay for parking, yet you wouldn't believe the number of irate people I get coming in here and telling me that 'there are no signs anywhere stating that you need to pay for parking!' There are at least three big ole' signs in the parking lot right when you pull in, pointing to the machine, and then another one close to the entrance, and another one that is right in your face as you walk into the building. There is no excuse there. Y'all are either wilfully ignorant or y'all are lying to me, and I can't say I have much sympathy either way.

    On top of long term care, our hospital also has a hospice unit. I understand that people aren't really thinking straight when they are coming here to visit their dying loved ones. I understand here. However, that doesn't mean I can just magically waive your parking ticket (even if I had the ability, which I don't,) and it certainly doesn't fucking mean that you can treat me like a punching bag. "I was just running in for five minutes!" Well, then, you should have parked in the 15 minute drop off/pick up parking right in front of the building. "It's terrible! You're profiting off of people's suffering!" I mean... no, but okay.

    Some folks are just upset. I understand that. They look sad, but will calmly leave when I explain to them that I cannot help them, and this is how they can dispute the ticket. Some folks aren't that easy to deal with. There was one man who almost assaulted me over it, and I had to go fetch someone else to help diffuse the situation. Uncool.

    Some people will give me every excuse under the sun as to why they cannot pay for parking. "I'm just dropping someone off." Use the drop off parking. "I don't want to." Okay, then park on the street. "I don't want to walk that far." ??? "I'm just not going to pay." Okay, but if you get a ticket, then don't come bitching to me about it.

    They almost always do.

    I have learned that people just want a scapegoat for their emotions, and unfortunately, I'm usually the first person people see, so I become that scapegoat. Doesn't make it any less miserable for me, though. I can understand it, but it doesn't mean I have to appreciate it.

    bitches be crazy
  9. Oh, wait I have another one.

    I spent some time doing door to door sales. You get some people trying to get rid of you in creative ways and generally you get to employ more creative ways to get your foot in the door. There was this one time, however, this guy was busy gardening, so as I'm taught to open conversations I compliment him on the garden (which was genuinely looking pretty nice,) he asks me what I'm doing, so I start to tell him and about two seconds in he picks up a fucking chainsaw and starts yelling at me. I mean, it was probably just a way to get me to fuck off rather than an actual threat he'd follow through with, but in that moment I didn't feel like much of a gambling man.
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  10. Now that I've got a few minutes I'll share some little ones from recent memory. Largely minority school in suburban/coastal Florida.

    • Kid takes down flag, proceeds to use it for toilet paper cause his (single mother) told him it'd make him famous. Now he's barred from all ROTC programs and any clubs or events.
    • Six 8th graders doing bukkake to a girl in a closet. 'Cause she saw it once and it looked fun'. Middle schoolers.
    • Pregnant 13 year old.
    • Tampons stuck in creative places.
    • Toilet clogs with clothes. Student had been shitting himself daily at the same time. Flushed underwear down toilet. It backed up into my locker rooms. We found his name on the underwear. His parents aren't happy.
    • The boss who I stood up to cause he's a prick and was idolized by the county leadership resigned because he was taking guys he boosted (gave promotions/raises they didn't deserve it kept them out of losing their jobs) to hotels out of town for sex.
    • Kid gets a bloody nose. Proceeds to collect it all in his pencil bag without the teacher noticing. Spills it in a hallway. Looked like someone got shiv'd.
    • Mexican kids who don't flush toilet paper.
    • Student eats two whole pizzas he stole from a school event. Throws up not once, twice, or even three times. He threw up nine times while walking around campus hoping to avoid being seen?
    • Someone found feces in a library book. Week later again. Three more times over a two week period. Caught the kid by seeing who checked them out last. Did the librarian come up with that? No, a custodian did.
    There's more. Always is. Always will be. And those are just part of my job.
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  11. All I can think of here is how he ruined a perfectly good pencil case. ;A;
  12. Clearly your priorities are those of a Canadian with low maple syrup in stock. Least I think that's how that goes..

    It stained the concrete because rather than let us dump water and blood enzymes on it they worried a kid could SLIP IN THE CLEANING PUDDLE. So they insisted we simply cover it with a trash bag and place signs all over a foot wide puddle of blood that says "WET FLOOR".

    Teachers are weird and impractical.
  13. ... They don't let you clean messes in the hall?
    What the hell is the point then?
  14. Something about kids not have a wet surface to walk on or some such nonsense. It is an absolute nightmare in the rainy months. No puddles in the walkways anywhere students will travel.
  15. I'll see how many I can recall from my early years as a McDonalds employee.

    • Late night/early morning weekend. Friend is working drive through window. Hands highschoolers a small chocolate shake. Kids proceed to throw it back at him and get him covered in chocolate shake. Randy had never been more delicious.
    • Two managers were working a separate work station so we don't get overwhelmed with a big order. 30 double cheeseburgers during a rush. Suddenly my favorite manager (easily 300 pound black guy) falls to the floor. Quirky girl manager thinks he's joking and kicks him several times and tells him to get up. He was having a heart attack. Luckily the ambulance got to him in time and he was fine.
    • I was working in the back window taking money. Freshman asshole kids come through every day and try and fuck with me. Mutual hatred is probably established at this point. One day they take it a step further and throw several lit firecrackers at me. Reflexes kick in, I close the window, and the firecrackers go off outside. They sped off. Cops were called. Finally got them banned from the store. Nothing gave me grater pleasure than denying them service.
    • Our McDonalds was also connected to a gas station. One night the gas station attendant came to our side of the building to show us something as we were closing. Someone had left a large pink dildo in the gas station bathroom. She wasn't directly holding it, which was good because there was blood on it. So sexy.
    • Fights... So many fights. One kid had been talking shit for 4 hours during my shift over the phone to some other kid. Phone guy showed up just as I was getting off work and decided to fight the shit talker. I got to see phone guy ACTUALLY curb stomp this kid. It was awesome, as he really had it coming.
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  16. I don't have any working horror stories myself, as I used to teach kiddies. Unless you count potty accidents, then yep, had to take care of kids with those too o.o On carpet as well. O.O Poor things.

    My Mister used to work at a 7-11 that would have quite a few drunks and prostitutes come around. More than once he'd had to call a taxi or police to have them shipped off. Once a few teens came in to try to rob the store. He went all Rambo on them. Poor guy's only like... 5'4? X3 He got punched and his glasses were knocked off- without them he's pretty much blind. He did dish a few punches as well before they ran off XD He called the cops, not sure if they caught the butt-munches.
  17. Ohgod @Windsong reminded me of a wholly different category of horror.

    I worked night shift in a hotel for a while during uni, because frankly you had a lot of days off which they expected you to study on your own. Night shift is also rather calm and had free coffee, so, win/win. Sometimes guests hang in the lounge a little longer and you have a talk with them, all good and well. So one night I was talking to a bunch of guys until one alerts me that another man just had entered the lobby. A man with no pants on and his little member for everyone present to see.

    So this man, intoxicated into overdrive, obviously, happened not to be some hobo but a recurring guest. I urged him to return to his room, all the while he was telling me he couldn't find his pants and that he was a guest and had to be a right to be there. A co-worker who was staying a little late, she checked the guy's account and saw he hadn't paid for a number of extra nights yet. So I had to knock on his door, ask him to either pay or leave and deal with the knowledge that the better I could smell his breath, the closer I was to him humping my leg. And holy fuck that musta been a fortune in cognac. He didn't have any money, because his wallet was in his pants. Great. Well. Goodbye. Except during the round I was making I found his pants. Wetted, in the corridor that lead to the bathroom. Guess the logical conclusion after pissing his pants he came to was to go commando. So I dragged it by the belt to his room, had to encourage him to get dressed and come to the counter instead of paying me upfront, finding out at said counter he didn't have the money and then kick him out of the hotel before cleaning the stench out of the carpet.

    Oh and there was this one time a guest told me someone had taken a shit in the elevator and they were not lying.

    Good fun.
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  18. I worked with kids for an entire two summers, and I can tell you that running into what is only referred to now as 'the helicopter parent'. And last year, this lady took it to extremes.

    I was outside (I was the recreation director) setting up water day and I hear this grading voice, 'It's WATER day? What are you thinking?!' And I'm just sitting there like, 'here we go again.' We did this every Friday, both water day and this obnoxious woman yelling at me for something my boss ordered. We even sent home flyers to tell parents when water day was happening, it was very clear yet she seemed to think if she nagged me enough I'd stop doing it.

    'My kids can get so sick from playing in tap water. There's so many toxins in that water, i'm surprised this country hasn't declared a state of emergency. My kids have to sit downstairs and colour and draw because you refuse to let them play outside with the rest of the kids.'

    No, I don't let them upstairs because you have told me multiple times to not let them in the water, and it's everywhere outside on Friday.

    'This is very inconsiderate, and dangerous.'

    *sigh* Lady, go see my damn manager and give her a headache, got shit to do.

    This woman came along with her kids EVERFUCKINGDAY. And who was it that she liked to torment the most with her bullshit ideas and complaints? The poor cook and me. She'd complain about:

    -The food
    -The weather
    -The way the kids came outside
    -The grass
    -The toys
    -The layout of the building
    -My name
    -How everyone was too liberal
    -Other kids who had dietary needs but she demanded special treatment
    -Bullshit I stopped paying attention to.

    She was a nightmare, nothing we did was good to her, she even had our manager come out and observe what she thought was harsh punishment was only sending a kid downstairs because he was slapping other children.

    However, nothing will beat the previous year in bullshit and outright scariness.

    The programme I was working with (as I recently said, 'Fuck this shit, I'm out') was stationed in a dangerous neighborhood. There were violent drug addicts, pedophiles, etc (really there was a lot going on there but these kids had no safe place to be during the day) and as the outside director, it was my job to make sure the kids were safe, as well as my staffers.

    One kid was having a serious meltdown and running out into the street, so I had to tell one of my coworkers (I'll call him Dan) to stay and watch the kids while I brought the runner inside to the creative director. It takes the pair of us a while to get him to let go of my arm (he sunk his teeth into my forearm and damn did it hurt) and I make it outside to some random stranger in the yard with the kids. The place goes on lockdown and I get the guy off the premises.

    I ask Dan where in the hell he was and he tells me in the singing hall teaching the kids how to draw.

    I didn't ask you Dan to teach the kids how to draw. I asked you to keep your ass outside, and watch the exits for runners and for dangerous people. You left them out there on their own and you don't think that you've done anything wrong? Yeah, go ahead and go talk to the Programme Director you blethering idiot. Tell her exactly what you just did, I surely will.

    Another time (the first year), we couldn't figure out what some foul stench was in the 'Quiet Room'. they had these box locker things that we called 'Memory Boxes'. And they weren't allowed to keep food in it because it attracted mice. Well, it was a very hot day when I was chosen to make the box rounds to make sure no gram crackers were stored, and what I found in one kid's box made me vomit. He had eleven rotting eggs in his box tat was directly in the sun.

    Another time a child decided my head was shiney enough and dumped multi-coloured glitter on me. It was from Costco, so it was freakin huge. And because I was busy with another kid, trying to calm him down, I couldn't actually see it coming and to this day I have no idea who it was.

    There was the time the kids ate a massive amount of glue and let it out all over their arms, faces, you name it. Or when that seven year old managed to get not five but six fucking crayons up his nose.

    These are my mild stories of working with that company. Holy shite it was bad.
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  19. Hahaha... @Kestrel yeah.

    I don't know. I have plenty of fucked up work stories. Most of my jobs have been in "lower class" neighbourhoods. Often evening or night shifts, when the crazy scale goes way through the roof. I have had all types come into the job I used to work at Arby's for example. Even Home Depot had a few fucked tales. Customer Service on retail front lines in poor neighbourhoods will generate more fucked up encounters than an average season of the X-Files.

    I'll keep the list short. If any of you want to know more about any of these incidents, simply quote it and ask. I'm glad to share my stories. Dun dun.

    I have been...
    • Threatened to be shot by an invisible shotgun (no, really) if I did not give someone a free sandwich.
    • Had my ass groped more than once, usually by my fucktard supervisor who thought it was hilarious.
    • Been screamed at to put a double decker fridge on the roof of someone's smart car for over twenty minutes straight.
    • Had a twitchy heroin addict use the bathroom and potentially saved a kid from being molested by said twitchy heroin addict.
    • Been accused casually of sexism by teenage girls because I refused to give them the senior discount.
    • Had someone underaged flirt with me and claim that they would scream rape if I refused their overtures. (This thankfully went nowhere. It was an empty threat.)
    • Been discriminated against and ultimately fired due to my race.
    • Was stalked home by a hobo who ranted about the alien invaders. Said alien invaders apparently took the forms of bus drivers who refused to allow him on their buses.
    • Had to listen to and pretend to agree with old people who seriously thought that the gays were going to destroy the country in a socialist agenda.
    • Been nearly stabbed. Twice.
    • Found a hobo sleeping in a bath tub filled with his own shit during a stocking and inventory night shift at home depot. The bath tub was on the third rack, approximately 20-25 feet off the ground.
    • Had to deal with a hobo obviously suffering cocaine withdrawal and attempted to keep him calm while my supervisor threatened to start a fight with him in the store and murder him. Said hobo was later taken down by a police dog. (I LOVE YOU POLICE DOG I LOVE YOU HOLY SHIT I WANT ONE.)
    • And it goes on and on and on and on...
  20. I work at McDonald's. I got a death threat because of coffee. The end.
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