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  1. The world's tree....

    It is said that this tree is the oldest living database in all of existence of the universe having been around since the beginning of time. According to legend this database has information on every living thing in our vast universe and an answer to every question in existence. Many have tried but failed to find this legendary tree which is told to be floating through the depths of deep space.

    The year was 3032 A.E and at this point and time humanity had found itself spread out to the deepest parts of space. With the Earth long gone due to drainage of its resources the humans went to live among the other life in the universe. On a small desert planet ships were seen coming and going and a small customized air craft came flying toward it at a slow pace. The owner of the ship Malik had to see to it everything was in order before breaching security.

    He wasn't popular on good terms but thanks to his sly skills he was able to get around easily with no problems. "Alright forged ID check, ships ID information changed check seems like everything is in order. I have about a full twelve hours before they find out my information was fake." Said Malik. Looking to the small boy who was sitting in another seat looking bored Malik said, "And why you mopey Noah?" "Because I can tell already this planet stinks just look at it. Looks like some backwater desert piece of rock." He got clobbered across the head by Malik after that.

    "Ow what was that for you jerk!" Said Noah annoyed. "Because I happen to have been raised on a planet like that you little runt." Said Malik "Yeah yeah..." Said Noah and he saw it was there turn. Scanning his card and putting in the sixteen digit number the few nervous seconds went by but the barrier went green and they were allowed passage.

    "Phew..." Said Malik with a slight laugh as he flew them down to the landing platform after that he made sure everything was shut off before he and Noah left the ship. Locking it down they ventured into the planets capital city. The streets were packed with not only tourists but citizens as well. "Man this place is huge stay close to me Noah." Said Malik as he walked.

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  2. The capital city was as vast as it was packed. Sands from the bordering desert carrying on the air filled the streets and all it's dark corners leaving the place to look dirty and dusty almost constantly. Even still, the locals learned to live with it, most markets were covered and only opened on days with little wind so as to keep their merchandise from being ruined. The patrons passing through usually kept to themselves, but due to the desert sun most wore light robes of light colors.

    This was her cover, hiding in plain with with white robes draped over her shoulders. Hood pulled down low to hide a young and pale face. Naught but the red of her lips and fiery red hair able to be seen. The robes she wore hid very little. Split up the sides to accent the sway of her hips and no sleeves so her her warms could breathe. On her right side red tattoos could be seen with the fluttering of the white cloth when she took a step and on her back was strapped something like a black staff.

    She walked with her head lowered through the crowd. she could see him... her Target straight ahead with a little boy traveling at his side. She'd have to split them up, there'd be no way she was going to harm a child, but Malik was dangerous.. and a wanted man. She continued straight toward him, the crowd splitting around her as if sensing the intent to kill.
  3. Noah's eyes had gone wide sensing the malicious intent coming up from behind them though Malik just stopped seeing the boy cling onto his arm. "I know know kiddo... I promised I'd make life better for us, but it seems they just don't stop coming. I will find us a home some day no matter what I have to sacrifice." Said Malik as he rubbed the kid's head. Noah then was fast to take off running and vanish as the winds around Malik picked up. He was going to give a fair warning to not mess with him and just leave now.

    The ground under his feet ended up cracking and the energy he was emitting was so strong it could be seen by the naked eye at this point. People were fast to clear the area so she was the only one standing there. "This is your only warning. I am not in the mood to be fucked with nor do I mean any harm to anyone. Walk away now or I can't promise you'll be left alive." Said Malik his back still turned to her as the energy fluxed around him.
  4. The woman stopped in her approach, but in no means showed any signs of backing down either. She had a bounty to collect after all.

    "that power...." She spoke in a soft and calm tone, the winds picking up and energy belting off of Malik not so much as phasing her.. but she was impressed. "You sensed me.. and that in itself is impressive.. but don't get cocky. I've hunted man eaters, world stealers, leaders of mobs and arms dealers of the unmentionable... You're wanted for the hacking and theft of over 927 different databases and the forgery of twice as many ID's across the galaxy. YOu've made enemies in high places.. and I'm afraid turning back now is not an option."

    "Whats more." The woman reached back to pull the staff down over her shoulder, holding it out to her side and stamping the ground with it's end. Instantly the top of the staff flashed to life and red light flared out from either side in the form of long blades like a scythe. The light then fell away like flower petals to reveal the cold steel edges of the blades they formed. "...You are the one who can't be promised to life. Come with me and I have no reason to harm you.."
  5. Malik clenched his fists and said, "Like you're any different... you kill and hunt for money... like it's some damn hobby! I may steal but it's for more good intentions then you think! And I have yet to slay a life over data! I warned you now you'll be peeling yourself off the wall in a few seconds here!!" A few buildings started to crumble and he turned around and faced her. Dust blew up and when it cleared he was gone. Appearing behind her he thrust his palm toward her letting out all the force he could to toss her back possibly.
  6. Her hand rose to shield her eyes when the dust kicked up and she hissed when noticing Malik was gone completely from sight.
    The woman grit her teeth, furious. "Who are YOU to speak of morals, THIEF! I do what I MUST to repent for MY sins!" She growled, but just like that, she lost him. Blinded by pride, he'd manage to completely lose her as he kicked up a wall of dust.

    "Well that's new." She said, eyes wide before the shifting of Malik's clothing in his stop behind her caught her ears. she glanced back and the dust was parted by a blast from the mans palm and crashed into her like a freight train. The world rushed pass her as she was sent flying up the road with a rolling tumble, kicking up only more dust and debris as she did. Her scythe lashed out quickly, digging into the ground to slow her flight until she could touch her feet down without breaking them. The woman stumbled backwards a few steps, and looked up quickly.

    She stumbled for a moment, a sharp pain shooting up her scythe arm forcing her to a knee. dislocated shoulder...

    She cringed and hissed through her teeth. "... You're strong... I'll give you that.." The woman's eyes narrowed as she switched her blade arm, wielding the scythe with her one good arm while the other hung uselessly at her side. She stood resolute with a determined look in her eye. "but if you wanted me dead you'll have to try MUCH harder than that!" And in an instant the woman was rocketing forward through the dust, seeming to soar over the ground like a wraith before spinning with an ear splitting shriek of her scythe cutting through the air and coming around for Maliks chest.
  7. Malik caught her forward charge using his energy to catch her attack. Holding off the scythe saying, "You think I don't... You have no idea then..." His power flexing even stronger her weapon snapped and they both were flung apart and slammed down after landing on the ground. Noah had come out of hiding running over after that. "Malik please wake up! Please don't leave me alone! You promised you'd stay with me!" Cried Noah shaking Malik.

    "Noah... please stop yelling it's hurting my head..." Said Malik heavily exhausted. He let out a yell when the kid jumped on him crying tears of relief. "Ack stop please bleeding out bleeding out here!!" Malik cried loudly. Noah laughed and said, "You wait here I'll go get the first aid kit!" He then sprinted off faster then a bat out of hell. "Yeah... I'll do that..." Said Malik flopping onto his back unable to sit up. He just stared at the sky dazed. "I know you're still alive woman... Look if you'd just hear me out maybe we could be on better terms..." Said Malik looking at her as he lay across the small dirt road from her.
  8. She pushed harder as he flexed his power. and before she knew it they were forced apart. Her scythe's blade shattered and she was thrown back across the road onto the stoop of someones home. Right on her injured shoulder which forced her to writhe and squirm with pain. She didn't cry out though.. no she wouldn't give him that pleasure. She was stronger than this.. she wasn't done yet!

    Her spirit was willing, but her body strongly objected with flashes of pain that told her she'd injured a lot more than that from throw. She coughed and laid back. Malik was speaking.. she just scoffed and looked away. But she was listening none the less.
  9. Noah finally returned and helped Malik sit up. The boy went to work swabbing off the idiot blond man's scrapes. "Yeow dammit it crap hurts!" Said Malik but the response he got was a bandage slapped to his moth. Ripping it off he smacked it to Noah's head lightly and stood up. The kid laughed though got serious saying, "Big brother how you going to treat a woman? You can't exactly take her shirt off." "Why I never would so such a thing! Any of those injuries she can nurse herself!" Said Malik bright red. Just the size of huge cleavage made him blush.

    Though despite that he went over to her and managed to help her up into a sitting position. Seeing her shoulder fucked up really badly he said, "OK bear with the pain this won't be pleasant." In one swift push he had popped her shoulder back in. Noah handed him things as needed and getting hot half way through it Malik ripped his tattered sleeves off. If anything she'd she the scars of his past up his arms. A lot of them from when he was beaten as a slave and ran up to his shoulders. Once Malik was done she had a sling for her arm.
  10. The woman's eyes narrowed and her face flushed at the mention of her shirt coming off. She'd kill him before he even got a peak... though given how she could barely move without the pain shooting through her shoulder and broken ribs, there was admittedly precious little she could do.

    Her hood lowered to cover her face and she gave a brief nod as he took her by the arm. The pain was excruciating, all her senses flared and she almost wanted to blank out, but she didn't. Her body was accustomed to pain, and if her ribs weren't injured, she'd have popped it in herself. Still, there was a feminine wimper and a shutter as she reached out to him and gripped the fabric of his shirt until the pain had passed.

    The tearing of cloth drew her attention and before she knew it she had a sling for her arm.

    This... confused her. "...Why are you helping me?"
  11. "Because... I'm not the kind of person to leave someone hurt like this... You assume I'm a common criminal but I'm not. I steal for a reason.... it's to find my memory... like who I am. where I came from, and if I have a family who still wonders where I am. I was a slave for the longest time I could remember. There's only one thing that can answer my questions and that's finding something called the world's tree." Said Malik. He then stood up and said, "So please... just stop trying to hunt me down.. I'd rather not have to hurt you like this again..."
  12. She listened to his story, looking for any shred of a lie in his face. Then stopped when she could sense none of it. He didn't know who he was? How was that possible? And this.. Worlds Tree... how could a Tree help him?

    There was a long silence as she thought it over. Where could she go if she told her boss her target got away? She NEVER lost her target..there was only one option to find the truth of what Malik was saying and keep her pride in tact.

    "Then I'll join you." She said while struggling to sit up. The pain was crippling, but she wasn't going to stay on her back like some useless whore. She straightened up, and noticed she stood nearly a whole foot taller than him, putting maliks head little higher than her chest. She smirked at this, but reached up a hand to draw back her hood and reveal a full head of firey red and orange hair that bunched in her hood but fell more than halfway down her back when she pulled it free. It was tipped in white like the tail of a fox. On her face there were red markings similar to the ones going up her side, a beautiful swooping design that cascaded down either side of her face and stopped just before reaching her jaw. Under her fringe where the tattoo started there was a halo or ring set where her minds eye was.

    Deep, cold eyes of aqua blue looked Malik in the face and she held out a hand. "You're a cocky little runt aren't you?" She smirked. "Look, I never lose my targets.. so I'll travel with you until you figure out who you are.. assuming you're not lying, and if you're telling the truth, I won't hunt you down again. If you ARE lying about this magic tree then you'll have to kill me next time. Because I will not stop until I kill you. Sound good?"
  13. Seeing Malik's fist clench in anger Noah was fast to cry, "Oh man hit the deck!!!" He ran and dove behind a building fast.

    "I MAY BE SHORT BUT AT LEAST I DON'T LOOK LIKE A DAMN SKY SCRAPER!!!" Malik exploded and the windows around them in the buildings all shattered glass flying everywhere. Noah then saw Malik storm by saying, "Come on you two not like we'll find anything in this desert heap anyways! I bet there isn't a single mainframe on this crappy ass planet aside from the security!"

    Laughing the kid looked at her as she stood there shocked and said, "Told you so..." He then ran after Malik and the they boarded the ship after that. They had made it out just as easy as they had gotten onto the planet. Once they were back in space Malik just stood there looking at the star map in the center of the small bridge. "Jeez looks like we hit every planet in this area and they all turned out to be duds. And it's no thanks to you Noah. Why couldn't we find anything like you did when I first found you."

    "I can't help it but it's small yet a very weak sensation I been having. It's like it's being conflicted by something." Noah said pouting. "Where's it feel strongest to you can you tell me by looking at this map.." Said Malik. Noah stepped up and closed his eyes for a moment. He then opened them and pointed saying, "Here..." Malik looked and said, "Uncharted territory... this could be dangerous... Looks like I have to see that man again to get more map data... and I hate seeing that jerk!" Said Malik annoyed.
  14. Eve hadn't known what hit until after it had happened. It was as if a mini bomb had gone off, and it left her hair nearly standing on end as she stood there completely shocked and caught off guard.

    Later they were on the ship and Eve was fixing her hair when Malik seemed at a loss for where to go next. When he turned to his brother, she was going to question it, but then the brother selected their next destination and she was suddenly very lost. "So.. glossing over how the kid knows where to go... Just who are you talking about going to see?" She asked.
  15. "Just the worst possible person in my opinion. He's a guy who sells star charts to unexplored areas. Every time I see him my wallet gets emptied out." Said Malik frowning as he wrote down the numbers to the uncharted area. "Hey Malik!" Said Noah suddenly realizing who they had with them. Malik looked at the kid and then at her and it hit him just then what they could do. "OK Eve we got a little job for you. The person we're going to see loves women so you think you can show a little leg to the guy to make him drop the price on his star map data?" Asked Malik looking at her.
  16. Eve listened calmly and with understanding well up until the suggestion of "showing a little leg" came to pass. The question was so off the wall she had actually thought about agreeing until she realize just WHAT THE HELL was being proposed.

    Then in a flash she whipped around a fist to strike the both of them across the side of the head out of irritation. "Just what the hell do you think I'm here for!?"
  17. "Ow why hit me this jerk here said it!!!" Said Noah pointing at Malik. "Oh don't put the blame on me you were thinking the same thing too you little runt!" Snapped Malik. "Little!!? I'll have you know I've grown at least four inches higher then you dust speck!" Said Noah.

    Malik shook in anger but forced himself to calm down and looked at Eve saying, "Look the guy we're going to see is a sucker for women! If we go there I buy map data we won't get to eat! That's why I told you to do us a favor so we don't all starve dammit!!" He went and flopped down into his chair.

    "It's easy to do it just lift a skirt a little bit or tease him and he'll give in for free knowing the guy. Not like you have to strip naked." Said Noah. "Forget it Noah she don't wanna so don't bother. I mean I can't even remember my last meal it's been so damn long since we've eaten..." Said Malik.
  18. Arms crossed and she closed her eyes as they argued for a moment. She was going to break them up, but before she needed to they were already working together on another tactic... guilt.

    She'd seen the game played before, the youngest whines about an empty stomach while the oldest plays the "defeated hero" and mopes around a bit while the third party is left with no other option. Eve hated it, but it was something you couldn't come out with a clear conscience on, especially if you didn't know the people involved. Truth or a bold lie to get what they wanted, she couldn't risk making them all starve. And since she'd used up the last of her money recently, she'd been counting on the pay for Maliks head which she now wasn't going to receive it seemed.

    She moved her hands down to her hips and shook her head while looking away. "...You bastards owe me a new scythe.. better than the one you broke." She grumbled. "And if the guy touches me i'm bringing his arm...Got it?"
  19. Malik and Noah both gave each other a high five and Malik said, "Good after we're done we can stock up on supplies mainly food and fuck that I ain't buying you any form of weapon. Its your fault you broke it anyways you bit off more then you can chew." Though a beeping went off and Malik turned around in his seat only to pale. "We're completely surrounded but by who!" Said Malik freaked. "Malik we have a message coming in." Said Noah seeing the second light.

    "Patch it through..." Said Malik almost hesitant. Noah flipped the switch a man appeared on the screen and Malik said, "Alright what do you people want?" "I'm afraid you're trespassing through private airspace. Our captain was told to reel you in if you resist we'll have no choice but to open fire. Cooperate you might just be let go." Said the man. "We're just travelers nothing more do you do this everyone who passes through here?" Asked Malik.

    "I'm afraid so as recently a valuable artifact was taken from us. We've been ordered to search every ship who comes and goes through here." Said the male. "Fine we have nothing to hide bring us aboard." Said Malik cutting off the message. Grabbing his PDA he shoved it into his pocket. "Malik what if they see your face won't you be put into prison finally?" Asked Noah.

    "I'd like to see them damn well try. We've never been in this sector so its highly unlikely. Our best bet is the cooperate since there's nothing on here really. I'd rather not get blown to bits by a whole fleet." Said Malik. He then looked to Eve and said, "You have nothing to hide right well come on lets go and get this over with."
  20. "Oh you're GOING to buy me a new scythe!" She growled, "I'm not just going to be your ship's harlot to be used as barter whenever things get rough!" Even said, but the yelling sent a streak of pain through her ribs and she reached up with a wince which put an end to her tirade. That... and the alarm.

    The woman was suddenly on edge then, and as the conversation went on she felt less and less safe aboard the ship. DID she have anything to hide...? Well..Let's just say being a bounty hunter wasn't something she'd been "raised" to do. Still.. that was worlds away... why did she feel so uneasy? What had these idiots gotten her into? When asked, Eve composed herself quickly and sighed while looking at the man on the screen. "I've got nothing to hide."

    She then looked to Malik and nodded. "You're the captain, lead on."