"Won't you 'help' me?"

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  1. Deep, thick, suffocating smoke emitted from his ship. He couldn't remember much as he walked, and walked through the place that seemed to have clean, fresh air, lots of grass and apple trees. Fresh and sweet...Something he wasn't used to. People known as 'Earthlings' or 'Aliens' to him and his peoples ran around laughing gleeful. Somewhat dazed from his rough landing, the space bunny known as 'Eon' stumbled on his feet.


    He said under his breath, holding his head. He only walked around in a pink and white parka over his rosy pink nipples. Geez it was cold on this planet...Usually it was warmer... With pink and black slip on boots, he began to walk out in the open; around the peoples. Stares went his way automatically. He felt-self conscience...What was he going to do? He was lost and all alone in this new place with no one to show him how to live like on ‘Juniper’. As most could see; its name was similar to the Jupiter’s and so was the planet, ‘cept its atmosphere was like Earth’s. Thin, and easy to break through. This planet was like his, but colored differently with lots of cars and buildings, and peoples… Very urban.

    "...Geizke... (What?)" He spoke shyly, "Geizke et? (What is it?)"

    His heart went; ‘Doki, Doki, Doki’ from the kids surrounding him; though they didn’t seem like trouble. In fact; they seemed kind. “Big brother, big brother!” One girl called from the crowd of children, “Look it’s an Alien!”

    “Alien? Ozzi, yer wis ‘Alien’? (Alien, who are calling an ‘Alien’?)” The boy looked with a confused expression. His orbs that shone in the daylight looked down at her. “Look, it’s a Alien Big brother!” He was really getting sick of being called an ‘Alien’. With Pale blonde with a section of bangs pink locks, pale skin, and a body structure with was Slender and Curvy; he looked pretty feminine, no? But actually; he was a male space bunny- at a height of 5’3” with glowing pink eyes, pink candy cane horns, light brown bunny ears, a matching brown Tail, and Facial markings that matched his eyes ; Eon was a special kind of alien bunny. the “Blessed” kind. With all these gifts of 'magic' and other bullshit. Eon wasn't even interesting in that hogwash! Bleh!

    “BROTHER!” The girl called once more, but something shocked him. Someone was actually coming!

    The crunching of freshly cut grass…its sound headed this way. What was he going to do? He was lost and all alone. Would he kidnapped and raped again? Held like a slave…How terrifying those thoughts were! Maybe he was overreacting...This was a new planet...With new laws, but then again...He was in the nude. But this was the apparel on Juniper. Mainly because of its warm weather. This weather was different. He didn't like it at all. Not at all.

    "Tsk...Geizke em I roint do? (Tsk...What am I going to do?)" He shivered, damn it was cold. Although it looked so bright and warm out...It was very cold. Or was it just him? These children didn't look too cold, and this place did look a lot like Earth...From afar. Okay, if this wasn't Earth; where the Hell was he? These 'things' didn't look human at all. Dogs (at least from his point of view; anything that wasn't his kind was a 'dog')- they looked like dogs, and not the normal kind! (If you called 9' foot tall dogs normal.) Why did the 'girl' call for her 'brother' anyway? It was strange how she called him frantically, and how they stared. Lust. Their eyes were full of lust and longing. For what? They just met the damn creature and they were already lusting over him?!

    How weird. Whining, Eon shivered once again. "Et zion! (it's cold)" How did these things survive here?! Things...That was rude to say, but; they were 'things!'. They weren't human and Eon never even heard of seen something with these characteristics. "Geizke...Yiu uo? (What...are you?)" He asked, doubting anyone could understand him anyway. It was useless to wait here, wasn't it?

    "Broth-" "Tzu, no kiyomochi. (Shut your damn mouth.), te wayio. (How annoying)." Eon covered the annoying little girl's mouth and growled. Once she became quiet, he decided to explore some- maybe find a bit of help.

    Too bad Eon would instead find trouble.
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  2. (( Here's a reference picture for him! ^^ http://data2.whicdn.com/images/73716523/large.jpg ))

    Alien? Had Eryx really heard his younger sister, Aleris, right? No, maybe it was just her imagination calling out for her brother to play. Yeah, that had to be it. Ignoring his sister for the time being, he continued in making their lunch, hoping to accomplish at least one peanut butter and jelly sandwich - thanks to his wonderfully picky eater of a sister - but did not do so as he heard her excited voice over and over again. Sighing, he set the butter knife down and wiped his hands before walking out of the small house.

    His dusk-ridden eyes scanned outside as his human form met contact with the warm air. It was a lot cooler on this planet than most planets, that was for sure. But since its inhabitants were of the Lycanthrope species, a more advanced set of werewolves, it would only be natural since their body temperatures were a lot more tolerant to colder temperatures. His light grey hair was shaggy in both style and length, and had stubble beginning to grace his jawline and mouth area that he knew he needed to shave. Not that he looked bad with it - he just didn't like it. He was 6'1" in standing height, and grows a few more inches when he transforms. Compared to the majority of men of this planet, he wasn't that intimidating at first glance. But he did have a temper at times, and nobody liked to be around that. The only person he truly tolerated at that point was Aleris. Even if she was the one who upset him in the first place, he could never hold a grudge against her for long.

    He heard her voice again but it was suddenly caught off. Shit! Was she really speaking the truth? Fastening his pace now, Eryx reached his sister and found that she was staring at... who was that? He glanced to her and she pointed in response. There was a small, girlish figure about ten feet away in only pink boots and a pink parka. Her hair was white and it looked like she had pink horns... where the hell did she come from? And it was an understatement in saying that other lycanthropes, men and women alike, were lusting after this peculiar creature. Eryx had to get to her first.

    He started jogging after her. "Hey!" he called out, trying to keep his tone and appearance as friendly as possible. "You there, in the pink parka!"
  3. "Nuga na-ege? (Who me?)" Eon turned around and blinked. "Ye? Dngsin-eun mueos-eul wonhaseyo? (Yes? What do you want?)" Obviously from his tone of voice he was irritated. Eon's orbs widened and shone bright. Who was this handsome thing? Hm, maybe he was on Earth, yeah? I looked human enough. Ehhh, he didn't have time for this! The space bunny just continued to walk, ignoring everything and everyone around. Like he was going to stop for a stranger that might fucking eat him, if anything. He sounded friendly, but again; this was a different planet with different laws. He didn't have time for stupid shit like this right at this moment. Either survive or die. "Eat or be eaten." Or something like that.

    Why did this prick follow him anyway? Ever heard of 'stranger danger' idiot? Even so...He needed the help. Nah, not really. Once he found his way around, everything would be fine he believed. He always had to live alone so he didn't really worry about himself. From the day he was born, he was the 'blessed' on who all praised and gave presents and candy and over things, a-and everything was fine of course...Until he got sick of it. That's how he landed here. He just got onto his personal ship and flew. Then..Crashed. Once he found parts, where he was, and maybe food...He would be fine...He wanted to believe although his belief was wavering rather slowly. Hmph! It didn't matter! He was sick of being cared for and treated like a fucking kid!! He could take care of himself! And this way; he'd prove it. The area he was now in had more trees and grass. More wooded area, yeah, with some weird sounds he never heard. "Mew." was one of them. Looking back for a brief second- he was shocked to see only one person following him.

    "Geuneun yeojeonhi na-ege da-eumgwa gatda? (Is he still following me?) Eotteohge jisog!(how persistent)" Finally, the space bunny stopped and turned around. "Mueos ? Na hante mwol wonhaneungeoya? (What? What do you want from me?)" His tone of voice was one of an annoyed, irked young boy. This was pissing him off! He didn't understand what the male was saying or what it meant.- and that's upset him the most.

    "Hmph..." He had no other choice! It was either him or the little girl- and Eon wasn't a pedophile. Walking up to the male, he grabbed the young man's jacket and pulled him into an embrace. The kiss was about 5 seconds before he pulled away, blushing slightly.

    "Ahh...You're speaking the language earthlings speak. Therefore, you are human..." What other creature spoke 'English' besides earthlings? Eon now, but other than that; nope. "I must ask you a question..." His hands slowly released the young adult male, "Why were those creatures staring at me? Some looked like you- others....They looked like dogs with hunger lust. It was rather annoying." His gaze went to the side. Staring eye-to-eye with someone older was disrespectful in his culture. What a stupid rule, yeah? Hmmm, maybe he was just feeling nervous after that short yet sweet, premature embrace.

    Yeah, that had to be it. "Oh yeah; Where am I?"

    (Here, this lovely bunny-uke. <3)
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  4. Eryx felt a tinge of achievement when the stranger seemed to hear him and turn around, but he was speaking a different language! So weird... an alien for sure. And another thing.

    This wasn't some cute girl. It was some cute fucking guy. Eryx didn't think that he had ever seen such a cute boy before, and had never felt so willing to help someone. If it wasn't Eryx that got his hands on the pink thing first, then it'd be someone with a much different idea on his head. The Lycan continued to follow the boy even though he didn't have any idea on how to communicate with him. After a little while though, the new male had turned around, seemingly agitated, but suddenly kissed Eryx! He blinked in surprise before kissing back with a hint of a smile on his face.

    And when they broke apart, the cute alien was speaking the planet's prime language.

    "Uh..." he stalled, looking at the other before smirking. "Because you're in beast territory, when you should be in cotton-candy land. I know they're intimidating. And you should be scared. They'll eat you up without a second thought," he said. "But if you come with me, I can keep you safe. No one will touch you," he said sincerely, looking at the foreign being. "You're on Oblides right now. English is the main language, but there are a few different ones throughout the planet. And the temperatures vary a little each day, so you'll be miserable in just that pathetic piece of clothing if you don't come with me." Not to mention weirdly sexy....
  5. "Ah...I see." Eon had two choices; Starve...Or fed taken care of. He weighed his options carefully. He wanted to prove he was an adult, but now didn't seem like the time. "Take me away...Romeo." This was just like a fairy tale, and Eon always wanted to live in one so- let's take the chance now, shall we? Even if this wasn't real...Lets act like it was a dream come true and his plan the whole time. He never failed and was he never was wrong... "My parka...It's my favourite thing...I cannot do without it so please...."

    Eon looked at the male sadly. "Don't take it away from me...It's my favourite thiiiiing! Besides my ears and tail...See?" He turned around and let the male see his little, brown, bunny tail. "Don't take ittttt." Whining, he ran into the other's stomach and hit it softly- or as hard as he could. His punches felt like a pillow hitting your face lightly. No damage at all. Which was annoying. No wonder why nobody saw him as a threat!

    "Let's go, yeah?" Eon looked up. "Please carry me...I'm tired..."
  6. Eryx smiled slightly at the Romeo comment. Thank God. The other male could hardly stand a chance out here all alone. When he started crying about his parka and showed off his tail and ears, Eryx blinked. And then stared when he was hit... or rather tapped. "Will you calm down? I never said I was going to take it away from you..." he said, sighing as he rubbed the back of his head. This little fairytale type creature really was adorable though... especially when he wanted to be carried.

    "Sheesh, what are you? A bunny?" he asked as he bent down and swooped the other's legs into his arms, picking him up and carrying him bridal style. "What's your name, too, by the way? My name is Eryx."
  7. "Yes, I am a bunny. A space bunny...." Eon yawned and cuddled to the male's warmth. God, his body was just as hot as his home planet... 162 degrees was the perfect weather for him. His eyes slowly shut themselves until he heard the other's question...Somewhat. "What's your name?" He questioned, yeah? Eon pondered to himself as he began to drift off. Should he reveal his identity to this stranger, or keep it hidden? Such difficult choices to make! No matter- he felt too tired to think, and too hungry as well. Especially after all that searching. It was very hard to maneuver through. With the tall grass, tall trees, confusing smells and sounds...It made his little head hurt- so he needed to rest it. Seriously.

    "Eon..." He said under his breath as he looked up at the the carrying him. His face flushed seeing the other's shining orbs and beautiful grey hair in what was now moonlight. He looked...Dazzling...An amazing site to see really. "My name is Eon...But only you can call me 'bunny'. I find it rude when others call me 'a little bunny'. I'm not little...I'm not cute...I-I'm not..." He yawned once again; "Anything...like...that..." Finally, he fell asleep, unable to prolong it anymore. Little snores were heard from his while nuzzling into the lycan's chest. His breathing hitched as well.

    His body truly couldn't stand this cold weather. It was unbearable. It felt like he was going to die as he laid unconscious.
  8. Space bunny... interesting. And his name was Eon. Eryx mouthed it silently and smiled. Perfect name for such a seemingly sweet little creature. But what was the poor little thing doing so far away from home? And, on the bunny's terms, a savage planet no less! Hmm... this might be more trouble than it was worth, but it could also add some fun, too.

    Hearing that only Eryx could call Eon 'Bunny', the Lycan looked down at him and realized that he was, in fact, actually tired! He had fallen asleep after lying to himself about not being cute, and Eryx laughed a bit. "Yeah, just sleep, my cute little rabbit," he mused softly.

    Soon they were back at the lycans' house. Eryx had gently set Eon down on the couch with a pillow. Afterwords, he managed to pull one of his t-shirts over the small space bunny and it acted as a large dress, but it was better than nothing. Neither his or his sister's clothes would fit Eon, so for now, he'd just have to keep wrapped up in a blanket or two, which Eryx had tucked him in with two, laying out a third one by his feet just in case.

    Ten minutes later, Eryx turned around from the kitchen to see little Aleris staring at Eon.

    "Aleris, would you quit it? Geez, go find something else to do."

    "But Eryyyx! He's so... different!"

    "Stop it! Go play in your room or something." With a pout, Aleris stood from her crouching position by Eon and walked to her room.
  9. "Mhnnn..." The bunny moved in his sleep. His pale blonde ears twitched from the sound of noises. Voices to be exact. All he could here was the little girl call him 'different' which offended him so much that he shot up from his sleep. "...." Yawning, he blinked and rubbed his eyes while stretching. His body felt well rested, but his eyes didn't seem to follow his orders. They refused to stay open, yet his body was alert and ready to move around. "I smell food..." He said, his eyes finally working in his favor after the third time rubbing them.

    Moaning softly, he moved the covers from off his small frame. It was still too cold even under those blankets and the huge shirt that smelled oddly like the lycan...That intoxicating scent from the shirt made Eon jolted with embarrassment and confusion. His heart raced and his face flushed again while his tail swayed back and fourth. He wondered why he was reacting like this to himself, but that didn't matter right now; He was hungry.

    "Feed me..." He demanded, trying to be threatening, "Feed me or I will destroy you. My fighting skills are amazingly developed. I run away like a little bitch on a daily bases on my home planet, ahaha! But seriously- I'm dying of hunger!!! > w <"
  10. Ah, great. Aleris had done it again. The spacy bunny was awake now, saying that he wanted food. Eryx looked at him from the kitchen, waiting as meat, some vegetables, and rice cooked on the stove. His demand, though, oh that made the lycan laugh, his chest rumbling as he shook his head. "I'm cooking dinner right now. There's pork chop, some vegetables, and rice. It'll be done soon." He said with a small smile. "Sorry we woke you up."
  11. "It's fine," Eon said smiling back. The smell of the chef's cooking repast made his mouth water, but he'd have to wait....How upsetting! No matter- there was still the problem of his body temperature going up then down...Up then down...Up and down...Like a merry-go-round. It was confusing. When he was held by the kind stranger, he felt so safe and loved...Maybe that was it! The bunny looked up, with a flushing face. This time his ears were red as well. "I'm cold..." His tone of voice sounded saddened. Even after all that has been done, he still felt so, so cold... "Come. Hold me again. That's the only way I've felt warm. So hold me again. Please?" He wanted to see if his hypothesis was correct. Was he only warm while being held in Eryx arms, or was his body temp just out of control?
  12. "Eh?" Eryx looked at the bunny, about to refuse but his tone sounded sad. And it also looked like he had something on his mind. He said that he was cold, so maybe he was starting to get sick or something? He looked to the chicken, flipping it before wiping his hands and going to the couch. "Here," he said as he sat down next to Eon and wrapped his arms around him. The bunny's body didn't even feel that cold, but his planet was probably high in temperature. "Hmm... we're going to have to get you clothes soon... or, that is if you were planning to stay long." There was still so much to know about this guy.
  13. "Hnnn..." Eon nuzzled into the lycans neck. "As I thought...." He growled, "No matter what; I'm cold unless you hold me. This is ridiculous!" Eon cried out then pushed the other away. This wasn't good! "And yes, I am staying for a long time. I'm planning to live here forever. I'm never going back home- even if they look for me, I refuse to go back to parents and people who use me for my 'gifts'! It's ridiculous!!! I hate it, I hate it, I hate it!" Holding his knees, he buried his face into them. This wasn't good at all... He didn't feel as independent as he should have right about now. He needed to find a solution to this problem. Or he'd never prove that he could take care of himself...Never.
  14. "Well... I'm guessing your planet has naturally high temperatures, right? Here, we don't have such high temperatures because our bodies are naturally hot, and that lets us withstand the cold better than most people." Eryx tried to calm down Eon, looking at him with curiosity and also kindness. "So... you ran away and came here?" he asked, wanting to ask about the Eon's strange gifts but knowing that'd probably make him wrongly assume things. "Listen, we can talk about this later, okay? Let me just fix up our plates, and then afterwards we can talk." He stood from the sofa then, going back into the kitchen. Everything was finished a few minutes later and soon the table was set with three plates. Aleris came running from her room, smelling the cooked food and happy that she could finally eat.
  15. Eon jumped at the sight of the girl. What the hell was that!! "W-Who's this?" The bunny moved back. He felt threatened back the new presence until he realized- "It's you!" The girl who called him an alien and called her brother to the scene of his crashing. He felt uncomfortable around her, but what could he do? He had to deal with it. Suck it up and be strong.

    But; she was so strange! First the staring, then the calling him 'different'. He wasn't different at all! He had feeling just like the rest of these strange creatures he didn't quite understand yet. He was sick of being called different. He was just like everyone else! Everyone else, dammit!!! He felt paranoid. If others thought he was strange; then what? Be attacked, eaten, or held captive? He had to find away to fit in, but...He knew he never would...Kind of like his home planet. He never would be equal. He'd either be 'Your highness' or at the bottom of the food chain. Nothing has change.

    Still standing at the sofa, he tried not to glare at the little girl. He wasn't into making little kids cry- that was just wrong, but her eyes...Those disgusting eyes that stared at him... Sickening. How could Eryx stand it? Oh yeah, that's right...It was his sister. Even if he felt some type of way about her; nothing would change. Family over friends, yeah? But I guess Eon wouldn't understand that feeling.

    "Hnn..." He didn't know how to act around her. He stood there, frozen. He wanted to avoid her at all costs. He couldn't help but to feel so...Different. Like always. That was nothing new. But...

    I can't help but to avert my gaze...
    When I receive an unsteady glance,
    They're judging me, I know it.
    They'll make fun of me at every chance
    I must have done something wrong.
    I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
    So dad, don't force me to do that again...
    Please...Don't make me do that again...

    Memories were annoying little pieces of you, weren't they? They built up character...So you could never get rid of them.
  16. Aleris' attention was more focused on food at the moment, but she felt like she was being watched and looked to the strange bunny man in her house. She turned around and caught his eyes before smiling. "Hi. Don't you wanna come sit down and eat?" she asked, oblivious to the situation. Though, Eryx didn't really know what was going on inside Eon's head, either, so he glanced to the other male with concern. "Are you okay?" The male's body was entirely rigid. Frozen stiff. "You said you were starving. C'mon, Aleris won't bite," he smiled slightly, which earned him an annoyed glare from his younger sister.
  17. "Hnnn...Okay." Eon still looked rather unsure, but slowly eased near the being. He had never seen children before so this was a new experience for him. The girl was taller than him, had longer hair, but shockingly; wasn't as pretty as he was. She was a girl? And he, a boy? Sometimes Eon just felt like a girl...Not manly at all. It was annoyingly confusing really... Eon sat down awkwardly; Is this what a family dinner looked like? How...Interesting...He never had a dinner with his mom and dad with arguments...Why was he never perfect in their eyes? Maybe it's because he regretted his dad and refused to let him touch his 'special place' again. Maybe it's because his mom knew of his father's sickness. Even so; he couldn't allow his parents get him down. Another reason he ran away from home.
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  18. "I like your hair," the little girl said with a sincere smile. When she had told her brother that their new guest was different, she meant it in a good way. She actually hoped that they would become friends. Maybe Eon would play with her! He looked nice enough. Eryx watched the two with his own small smile, glad that Eon seemed to relax at least a little bit and sat down with them to eat dinner.
  19. "Is that so? Thank you." Eon took a bite into the food cooked for him. "Mmm...I've never eaten this before. Isn't that weird of me, hehe!" Well the space prince wasn't actually allowed to eat meat. Only carrots, and corn, or grains...This bland choice in food. Well; he ate whatever his parents ate by force so...It wasn't exactly his fault- but still. Their food tasted a lot better than the food he was used to. Is that good? Guess it was since Eon couldn't stop eating it. "How old are you Eryx? And Aleris as well, hehe." The bunny seemingly warmed up to the small girl. She wasn't dangerous as he first thought. But he knew better than to trust anyone...So this was just an act, right? Yeah; an act...That's what he decided to keep thinking over and over to himself while eating.
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  20. Aleris smiled warmly before continuing to eat her dinner. Upon hearing that Eon hadn't eaten this type of food before, Eryx swallowed his bite and looked at Eon. "Really? What do you normally eat?" he asked, hoping that his stomach would be able to handle the food.

    "I'm ten!" Aleris answered with a mouthful. But then she swallowed. "And my brother is twenty-one!"