Women for the Questions

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  1. That's right. We've come full circle.

    Ask a question, get a woman.

    I have many, stored beneath the floorboards and bound by grueling commercial contracts. I had a female lawyer who was slightly more attractive and successful than them write a clause, which they therefore didn't read, that reduced their social status to a subset of erotic meat products. Now made compliant with heavy use of narcotics and neurolinguistic harassment, they have been conditioned to emulate the brain patterns of Californian rape victims. The slightest inflection at the end of your sentences will induce nympho-maniacal Stockholm Syndrome.

    *wheels out the women with a forklift*
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  2. Just when I thought we'd hit rock bottom with this shite, we discover that the bottom is in fact hollow and has a basement to descend to beneath.

    A basement full of women.
  3. Actually

    This thread is about ethics in gaming journalism. *Tips hard hat and leans on forklift controls*
  4. If someone makes a thread titled 'Men for the Questions' I swear to god I'm gonna fucking ban them.
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  5. That would be offensive.
  6. I don't believe this.

    Grumpy, we used to eat RIBS with this dude.
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  7. We roleplayed with this guy every day. I've been here for five years!
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  8. YOU'RE offensive. >;[
  9. Have a woman and calm down.

    *tosses a disheveled waitress with anger management issues and a wooden leg at Grumpy*
  10. Jeez, I thought you knew when to pull a punch.

    Are these binders of women?
  11. There were too many Mulattos. I had to organize them.
  12. That's racist!
  13. AND ablebody-ist!
  14. I put them at the FRONT of the binder!
  15. That doesn't make it sound better. >_<

    If you get Twitter in here...!
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  16. #FuckYouItsHappening
  17. I just hate it when feminists get their way.

    ....that's why I locked them up in my basement and drugged them and sold them to the highest bidder as erotic meat products.

    That'll teach 'em to post threads in a man's world.
  18. So you don't even care about the people posting question threads? You're just declaring yourself the face of the cause and attacking female posters because you don't like feminists?

    That's a fucking stupid plan, Asmo. No way would anyone listen to you.


    Also, you asked two questions.

    *tosses Tegan a Jewish dominatrix with glaucoma and an air stewardess who dresses her Pomeranian in little boots*
  20. Wow

    This thread

    My mind

    Blown it is