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  1. The Dark Fire pack and The Star Light Pack live in the Silver Forest. The two packs have been at war for about 2 years. The fued was started when members of The Star Light pack ventured into The Dark Fire packs territory to hunt. The intruders were driven out by the other pack. The Star Light pack finally managed to land a successful attack on The Dark Fire pack when they were sleeping. Over half of the Dark Fire pack were killed. The leader of the pack led the surviving members away, deep into the forest. They took refuge in a cave they found. Constantly on the look out for more wolves to join the pack, they hope to oneday take back there Prey filled territory. But first they must survive and get stronger, in a place with little food or water.

    Age: (In dog years)
    Pack: (You could choose The Dark Fire Pack, No Pack, Or Star Light Pack)
    Pack position: (So like... Alpha, or whatever..)
    Appearance: (You can describe what your wolf looks like or attatch a picture)
    Injuries: (If you are in The Dark Fire pack, do you have any injuries from the fight with The Star Light pack?)
  2. Name: Soul.
    Age: 3.
    Gender: Male.
    Pack: The Dark Fire pack.
    Pack Position: 2nd in command.
    Injuries: A few cuts on his belly, still not healed. And a scar, also on his belly. None of the other wolves know about them because they are covered up by a patch of fur. They weren't made by the Star Light pack though.
    Personality: Before the fight Soul was very puppyish, playful and would cuddle up to other wolves alot. After the war however, he became less playful and cuddly, and didn't really play as much, preferring instead to lie around and not do much.

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  3. name: fang
    age 3
    gender male
    pack dark fire pack
    pack position 3rd in command
    injuries fang has a scar underneath his right eye and a 2 scars on his right shoulder from when the light star pack attacked
    personality. fang is outgoing ,but can be very aggressive at times. He is known around the pack for fighting other pack members.

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  4. Name: Rain
    Age: 3
    Gender: Female
    Pack: Star Lightp
    Pack position: Can I take the alpha female?
    Appearance: Pure white wolf her fir as soft as fleece and her tail fluffy with a black tip. Her eyes crystal blue with black tipped ears
    Injuries: (If you are in The Dark Fire pack, do you have any injuries from the fight with The Star Light pack?)
    Personality: Rain is a restless wolf she keeps moving around. She is usually a calm spoken wolf and doesn't usually show her dominance with the other wolves much but more puts herself in their shoes. She usually is calm around her pack nudging and brushing herself up to them to show affection.
  5. Awesome, and of course you can be the Alpha female :P
  6. Hmm... I guess I should start, hopefully some more people will join soon.
  7. Soul was lying on his back just outside the cave, looking up at the sky. "I'm hungry.. and bored.." He complained to himself, rolling ober onto his stomach. He buried his head in his paws andf groaned.
  8. Name: Manx
    Age: 4
    Pack: Dark Fire Pack [cause i can't help myself D:]
    Position: Hunter
    Appearance: A dark gray, almost black wolf with brown eyes and a knicked left ear from running into an unintentional fight with Fang. She's friendly and not one to deny go conversation. Because of her hunter's nature she is very observant and her instincts are almost always on point.
  9. Fang had just back from hunting. "Maybe if did something progressive you wouldn't be so board". He dropped a dead rabbit down layed down began to eat.
  10. Manx pawed at Soul's upturned nose and turned heel, her tail whisking across his face. "He right. Complaining won't fill an empty stomach."
  11. Pacing around her pack she held her head up high Rain gave a howl that the whole forest could hear. This was her forest for her mate (alpha male) had passed away in the fight against the the Dark Fire Pack. Howling was more for them to know she and her pack were still here and they still owned this land. Also it was hunting time. Giving another howl the pack jumped into motion for a great hunt tonight. "Come my family tonight we feast for ourselves and our children." She said calmly and sweetly.
  12. Name: Ember
    Age: 3
    Gender: Female
    Pack: No Pack
    Appearance: she is small with incredibly dark black fur. her ears, tip of her tail, and paws are red. green eyes.
    Personality: she is friendly but will stand up for herself. she has been alone since she was a pup so its hard for her to trust.

    Ember hears the howl and heads back in the direction she came from. "guess i will have to hunt later" she sighed. she makes her way toward the outskirt of the forest hoping to find somewhere to sleep.

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  13. Fang heard the howl and immediately perked "looks its time for us to hide cause they outnumber us.." he walked into the cave.
  14. Ember sniffed the air catching the sent of other wolves. She didn't want to go back into the forest and wasn't sure what to do. she whimpered softly and slowly made her way near some caves hoping for shelter.
  15. Fang sniffed the air and turned around. The fur on his back was standing up. He started to growl. "Whos there"
  16. Ember cringed a little hearing him, she was hoping she wouldn't run into a pack by accident. she slowly poked her head around a corner. she looked at the three of them really hoping she could just keep going, possibly in the other direction so she wouldn't cause any trouble.
  17. Manx's tail swished malevolently. She never liked backing down from a fighting challenge either but the scent of an errant wolf and Fang's apprehension snapped her to attention, ears perking in the direction of his focus.
  18. Ember came out into view, her tail was down but she held her head up. Deciding it was probably better not to say anything just yet she stood there waiting to see if they would just let her leave or if she had stepped into the wrong territory.
  19. Fang approched the wolf. "Who are you?" he barked" are you a star light pack member."
  20. she flattened her ears but kept her head up. "no" she answered him nervously "i do not have a pack" she didn't want to add that but knew if she didn't they would just keep asking what pack she was apart of until she got mad.
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