Witch Cafe: Season of the Witch?

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  1. I am strongly considering bringing Witch Cafe back this Fall, on multiple nights (or days) possibly. Leaning towards bi-weekly but I dunno yet.

    For those unfamiliar, Witch Cafe is a chat rp about a quaint cafe only accessible to witches and other magical beings.

    So I'm mainly just curious if this is something a decent of amount of peeps would be into. If so I wouldn't mind having some plot ideas thrown in to give me a little more to play around with.
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  2. And I have the perfect atmosphere image for you

    via WOON

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  3. You know that I am WAYYYYY interested in this. :D
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  4. Sure! I'll give it a try!
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  5. @Namora @Wicked

    Thought of you two when I heard about this. If you guys are interested, you should come aboard. :)
  6. SAVED SPACE! *goes looking to create a cute witchy*
  7. I'm sooooo interested i. This ^_^
  8. Very interesting consept.

    This would be the first chat RP I'll be in so I ask for you to bare with me -_-"
  9. No worries! This will be very chat rp-newbie friendly.
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  10. Interesting... How about the plot lol
  11. Witches and cafés? I'm totally interested! ^u^
  12. This sounds wonderful! c: I've never done a chat roleplay on this site either so add me to the list of chat newbies.
    Do you have a genre besides fantasy that you're thinking of? Like will there be conflict or romance? Or will it be more casual? Either way, I'm interested! :carousel:
  13. There probably won't be too much conflict as this is meant to be pretty lighthearted and casual BUT romance is very much welcome, a bit of drama is too, witchy love blooming! (As long as it stays pg-13, as this is a charp for all age groups of Iwaku)
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  14. This looks wonderful. Just hook me up with the date and things~
  15. i might be interested! i haven't done a chatrp in so long so i dunno how that'll go, but i've been looking for an excuse to make more witch ocs for a while now. is there a plot going on with this?
  16. Not too much a plot, no. They'll be events and shenanigans but nothing like a main plot outside of magical beings interacting with other in a magical cafe setting.
  17. I'm slowly getting back into chaRP, so I'd be willing to give it a try! I recently read this cute little short story about a witch who had her little magic shop and it got me craving this sort of thing. So this is a little mini godsend lol.
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