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  1. This has been a very old RP idea that I have been putting off for a while now ^^" What I've got so far is this:

    Witches – Can only be female. Born with incredible powers and is sensitive to magical energy. (Can be any race, magical or not) They have high mana absorption and is able to transfer some to their familiar, making them stronger and some human’s even able to cast magic.

    Element – Witches do have a special affinity with magic but they tend to have control on one specific element. (This can be anything to Time control to Darkness manipulation)

    Familiars – Bound to the witch by some form of contract. (Blood Exchange, Signed unbreakable magical signature). Their sole purpose is to protect their master at all cost and follow direct orders as given. Their free will is controlled by only their witch. A small distinct seal can be found on their bodies, signifying their connection. (Can be any gender/Can be any race, magical or not/ May or may not be humanoid).

    Mark – Witches are born with a mark since birth and that becomes their seal of power, signifying what and who they are. It’s basically their second name among their kind and magical folk.

    How to acquire a familiar: Summon or Find a volunteer (willing or not). A contract can be forced but be warned, if the familiar’s soul is stronger than it will rebound and dangerously damage the witch’s soul in return. For when a contract is formed, the familiars and witches soul is needed to bond momentarily before the witch’s seal can be placed.

    I even have the CS sheets already pre-made but I might make changes to it in the future. What I basically need now is more ideas for the plot and for the 'bad guys' which are the Witch Hunters. So the name of the society of the hunters and stuff like that. Go crazy guys since the world isn't fully fleshed out yet. If you have any suggestion or changes you think would make the RP better shove it down below too.
  2. Name of the society of the hunters you say.....

    How about The Sorceress Huntsman???

    Just a little something >.<
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  3. "Witchbane", the Sentinels, "Tower", the Justiciar,

    And what if the Hunters were playable as well? No good guys or bad guys, just people on different sides.
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  4. Lol sounds good ^^ They could be called Huntsman for short.

    Mm yea the Hunters will be playable and I'm planning to make an even ratio of hunters and witches.
  5. Alright so heres what I've managed to put together so far:

    The Sorceress Huntsman – An organization dedicated to eradicating the world of witches and familiars alike. They are also responsible for keeping controlling of dangerous magical creatures such as Werewolves, Vampires, and just the general Undead. Most call them the Huntsman.

    The Tower – The Tower is the Huntsman main base of operation. This is where new recruits are trained in and also where they shall stay if they pass the test. There are rooms and living quarters fit for thousands.

    The Council – Seven lords of power reside in The Tower giving orders and missions to the Huntsman. The leader to this Council is called The Justiciar.

    The Justiciar – The most respected man of The Council. In order to gain this title one must be able to defeat The Prime Millennium.

    The Prime Millennium – A very powerful witch born of the blood of the Ancients. They are the symbol of hope for Witches who wish for their persecution to end. In most cases they do not have a familiar as their power might be too much for their protector to handle resulting in their death. It is unknown when or where the next Millennium will be born or appear.

    Any more ideas or things to add. What should I remove/keep?
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  6. I am interested in this :O
  7. Welcome aboard then~ ^^ Theres still a few more things that need to be tweaked before it starts though so hope you stay along for the ride.

    Thank you! The only things left now is the setting of the story. Do you guys want modern where it could be taking place in the 21st century or far more into the future with futuristic junk. Then there could be in the medieval with castles or victorian with castles but fancier clothing ;p
  8. Hmmm...maybe Modern????
  9. I am interested as well, but I have a few questions based on from a roleplay standpoint.

    Will the player control both the witch and the familiar? Or will we be paired up, so to speak, with a familiar/witch depending on what we are?

    Or will there be a requiting like.
    -I'm playing a witch that deals with flatulence and barfing, I need a familiar. Who's in?
    -I'm playing a familiar swordsman, but rather than swords I use 20inch steel shoehorns, any witch want me?

    Both could work, really, just need to know where you are taking this as a GM.

    I have two ideas, for this though. Feel free to ignore them or do with them as you wish.

    1: One character per player, I play X and you play Y.
    2: One player can play a familiar as well as a witch, but you can never be your own familiar.
    So, I can play a witch with you as my familiar, however my familiar will be played by player X... etc.
  10. Alright so one vote for the modern ^^

    Thats sounds brilliant :) That was how I was considering it to go since it wouldn't be any fun if everyone was their own familiar. So consider it added ^^
  11. Glad you like it, but it also presents a problem.
    If I have no interest in playing a Witch, or Familiar, this means that some other player will have to play their own [both] or some shit like that.
    Personally I think it could be fun playing a familiar rather than a witch, though I'm a magewhore normally it would be interesting being the shield for once.

    How do you plan to fix that problem? ^^
    Allow someone to play both, but due to REASONS someone else might step in as their familiar/master once a player is available or will you allow someone to do both if they prefer?
  12. Hmm well if someone is without a Witch or Familiar and they require one to start RPing I'll allow them to either make their own or I'll offer my own services ^^

    As for the Hunters there will be a sort of mentor to student relationship where Senior hunters can take first timers under their wing to teach them.
  13. Sounds like a plan!

    Let us know once you got more detail, I'm keen on playing a familiar with one of you being my Witch.
    If possible, and preferred, I'm game to plan out things before and during game over Skype of IM. ^^
  14. Glad you're on board then! :) I'll tag or PM you all in a group once we get more participants ^^
  15. Sooo....
    Though you might not have more players here and now, I think that might change once a SU/D thread pops into existence.

    And yes, that is a long and annoying way of asking if there is any form of ETA on this. ^^;

    I'm at the point where I know I can handle one RP, but not sure about multiple, due to work, life and other spare-time thingies. So I'd like to join/start this thing before I get tempted by something else. ^^;
  16. I was actually thinking about making a banner and just start creating the sign up sheet already but I need to flesh out the actual plot first. I suppose I could start writing something now but it'll be shoddy work at best since I've been having a writers block for while now -.-"
  17. I'm really interested in this roleplay but one thing...
    One of my characters is biologically a female but identifies as genderless, will they still be able to be a witch (marked) or have to be something else?
  18. Ah its really all about their physical attributes so if physically they are female then they are able to be a witch.
  19. Okay I was just wondering. I might use my character was a familiar instead since they're more suited in that category.
    (love your Luhan avatar btw)
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