Wimbleton Academy for Girls

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  1. Setting: Danvers, Massachusetts, 2005
    Plot: Sara Blake, a few days after her fourteenth birthday, has been accepted into one of the top private schools in town, Wimbleton Academy. All is not as it seems however, as the academy has a dark history surrounding the notorious Easter Massacre of 1937, When a group of students were killed on campus. Now it is up to Sara and her new friends to face their darkest fears head on.
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    Sara stepped out of her mom's car as she stared at the multiple buildings that made up Wimbleton Academy. She grabbed a map and after a greeting by the headmistress, she headed up to her dorm. It was a decent size, about big enough to hold all her stuff. As she unpacked, she felt uneasy, but she hid it rather well as she got settled in.
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    Kadence stepped out her parents' car. She didn't really consider herself smart, which is why she intimidated by the new school she was going to known as one of the top private schools. Kadence probably would have never been accepted if it wasn't for the money her dad makes.
    Kadence was fourteen and didn't care much for school or anything. She took her bag to her dorm, leaving her parents with just a small goodbye.
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    Angela had just arrived to the school. She looked back at her mother who was pulling her luggage out of the trunk. "I don't think I should be here mom." Her mom looked at her. "You've worked hard for that scholarship. I want you you to do something with your life and this is the best place for you." Angela sighed cause her mother was right. She had worked hard to get that scholarship to take the the strain off her mother. She grabbed her bags and waved her mother goodbye. She began to walk down the main path through the courtyard.
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    Rebecca loved watching the new girls arrive, but more then anything, she enjoyed giving them a good scare. She had been trouble in life, and since her death, the misfit had only grew, due to her new powers. It was often frustrating when she was invisible, and other times, it was great, since only those she wanted to see her could do so. But she didn't have an off button. She'd have to be careful. She watched a girl walk along the courtyard with shortish black hair and glasses. "Hello," she whispered, following her. She wanted someone to finally find her body. It had been many years since her birthday of Easter 1939. She hadn't have known that her 15th birthday was her death date, and only she knew her location. Until now, she'd had no desire to tell anyone. But now...it was different. She missed seeing herself. The troublemaker had often spent a while making herself look normal enough, and now, she didn't really know if she looked like Rebecca, or the girl she had often portrayed herself as.
  5. Sara glanced behind her to return the greeting and saw a girl about her age looking at her. Her dress was a long dress that was popular when her Grandma Ethel was her age. She looked desperate for something. "Are you lost or something?" she asked. As soon as she was able to carry on a conversation, the strange girl disappeared. As she shrugged it off, she headed off to her next class.
  6. "Don't ignore me," Rebecca teased, "I can't find my class...do you know the position of the library?" she whispered, the wind pushing her voice along so that it seemed louder. Gusts were the words of ghosts. The cold was their fingers, and Rebecca had knew this, she wanted everybody to know it. She smiled, though her tongue was as white as her teeth.
  7. Angela looked behind her as she heard a whisper. She couldn't see anything at first. She noticed fog on her glasses and wiped them down. When she put her glasses on she stumbled backwards as she saw a girl right on her. She looked closer and noticed she could see through her. "Who are you."
  8. "A girl. What about you?" Rebecca replied to Angela, "I'm going on an adventure. Want to come?" She stuck her white tongue out.
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    Emily stepped out of her fathers black lamborghini and thanked him. She grabbed her bags then shut the door and waved bye until the car disappeared. She sighed softly then turned to face the academy. Emily was the second smartest kid in her old school, always but was still curious on why they chose her instead of the other girl. The number one smartest kid in school. Emily was 15 but her only friend was the number one smartest kid in school. Emily secretly hoped that she'd see her friend here. She was not to be dismayed.


    Vanessa got out of her parents car, taking her things with her. Now, when they say 'smartest kid in the whole high school' you think of a geeky kid with glasses. Well, surprise. Vanessa wore headphones around her neck and looked like one of those cool music lovers. She shut the door then waved by until the car disappeared. She turned around and saw her best friend, Emily. "Emi!" She called and walked over to her. Like Emily, Vanessa was 15 and only ever had one friend. Emily.
  10. Serina stood there nervously at the front gate. A light pink on her cheeks. She looked around a bit awkwardly as her father pulled out her suitcase. The 14 year old looked to her father nervously. "ah what i-if I don't make friends...w-what if they think I'm weird" she said in a softly cute voice. Biting her lower pink lip and looking to her feet. Her skin was pale. She was more of a reader so she didn't go out much. Her black hair were in two low pony tails. Her blue/grey eyes were a bit big as she looked at her father who patted her head. "you will be fine sweety I promise...ill see you on break" she just nodded quietly as he handed her a little pink bear and she hugged it with one arm. Rolling her suitcase behind her as she went to look for her dorm room and new room mate. She was the shy and nervous type.

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  11. Rebecca was bored. She got bored rather quickly. She noticed a shy, afraid looking girl with a bear, and decided to go up and...well, scare her. "Hello!" she said, trying to sound outgoing and friendly, though it was pulled away by the wind, so it sounded the way her voice always is, well, outside.
  12. She eeped softly and tensed up as she heard a girls voice. She hugged her teddy bear tighter and looked behind her shyly and nerviously. "h-hello? She said questionably.
  13. "Hi...I like your bear. What it's name?" Rebecca knew she couldn't touch it, but if she could she'd probably tease the younger girl with it.
  14. Sara noticed a shy looking girl and decided to help her out. "Do you need help?" She asked. She walked beside her and introduced herself. "Maybe you can come over to my dorm sometime." She said, writing down her dorm number.
  15. "oh um her name is Lizzy..." She said softly and hugging it a bit tighter til someone else approached her. Serina looked to Sara. "ah well a little" she looked at the dorm number. Her eyes widened a little. "I think we are roommates" she said with an awkward smile and rubbing the back of her head.
  16. "That's nice to know." Sara said, as she smiled. But, she couldn't help but wonder who Lizzie was. "Anyhow, I'll be back soon, I have to set up my portfolio in the library." She said.
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    Rose was in the library, looking through the shelves for one of her favorite books. Paranormal 101. She always kept an umbrella by her side for sunny days, since she hade pale skin, and a sunburn would be damaging to her skin. As she found it, she noticed a redhead with glasses enter and sit at a computer. "What are you here for?" Rose asked curiously. Sara explained she had to set up her portfolio here. "Your new here, aren't you?" She asked. Sara nodded and continued to her work. She noticed the book the girl was reading and complimented it. "Thanks, I like reading this kind of books." Rose replied. Sara soon learned that she had the sixth sense. "From who I contacted over time, The girls want their story to be told." Sara found this a bit bizarre and left when she was done.
  17. She smiled to the girl and nodded. "ah alright see you around" she said and waved goodbye. Going to look back to that white haired girl but she had disappeared. She could see ghost, but wasn't aware of it that much. "umm.." She slowly turned away and walked to her dorm room. She walked in and sighed looking around the room. Leaving the door open to see the girls pass by the room as she took the other bed and began to put her things away. She made her bed and sat on it. Looking at her teddy bear, this place made her feel uneasy.
  18. Rebecca had only ever trusted Rose. She didn't know why. Perhaps because at first she thought she was a ghost as well, since she was so pale. However, Rose was always busy at this time. Rebecca would check on her later.

    "Ooh, you have a roommate! You're lucky. Some people don't get them...they face the darkness alone," Rebecca said, empathising the word 'alone'.
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    Alice stood in the library, undoubtedly her favorite place to be. In life, she was a smart, but shy girl, who enjoyed reading very much. She couldn't believe she was still sixteen, even though over sixty-eight years have passed. She could not remember who exactly killed her, she just remembered her fear and where she was murdered. Even after her death, she still remained a shy girl who needed somebody to tell her what happened to her. She peeked inside a dorm only to find it inhabited by a girl with dark hair and headphones. She brushed her skirt and said "I see you like music, I also enjoyed listening to music on my radio when I was your age."
  20. A real motormouth, Cathy. So much so, that she couldn't refrain from talking, even in the most inappropriate of places. In this case, a library. "It's perfect and pure and that's how it should be, my friends." That is, her imaginary friends. "Life is amazing, isn't it? Yes Francis, yes Stanley." She kicked the air, presumably where one of those imaginary friends was standing. "Just like that I change it! You want me to change your life for good, Francis? This place is haunted! And I'm gonna die any minute now! Any minute, you wait, ghosts are here!" Her voice was almost a scream at this point, and people were giving her odd looks. She was always paranoid about the school, but her parents forced her to go, to "refine" her in some way. There were few ghosts she trusted -- the rest made her cry out in terror. Pure terror was one of the things that ruled her life. "Scare me! C'mon, one of you specters! Frighten me! I'm scared!" Just like that, she ran out of the library and into her dorm, screaming and laughing.