Will You Be My Fake Girlfriend Stranger?

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    "Hey so Aleks..." Ashlynn, my best friend's girlfriend started to say. Her, Keiran my best friend and Ashlynn's boyfriend and I where in the same cafe we got to every Friday after school.
    "What?" I ask raising my eyebrows in curiosity and worry.
    "Um so... Alison is coming in a few minutes." She said.
    "Ugh." I said and leant my head back. "Seriously."
    Alison is my ex-girlfriend who I'm still in love with and it fucking sucks.
    "And her boyfriend.." She looks down.
    "Woah wait she ALREADY has a boyfriend?!" Keiran exclaims.
    "Yup." Ashlynn confirmed.
    "What the fuck." He whispered to himself then his face changed its like a light bulb turned on in his mind.
    "Aleks do you have any friends who belong to the female gender?" Aleks asks me.
    I stop groaning. "Yeah why?"
    "Call one and ask her to be your fake girlfriend." He suggested.
    "Why?" I ask.
    "To make her jealous. Duh." He explains.
    "One of them is on a date and the other is no help shes a shitty liar." I say.
    Keiran scans the room with his eyes and they finally stop, a grin grows on his face.
    "What?" Ashlynn asks curiously wondering why he's smiling and looking at.
    "Her. Table 4" He says.
    I look over my shoulder to table 4. There sits a girl probably around my age (16). She has flowing light brown hair and a book in her hands. And shes damn beautiful.
    "What about her...?" I turn back to Keiran. "You better not be thinking what I'm thinking you're thinking."
    "You my beautiful blue eyed friend are going to march over there lay a fifty on the table ask her to be your fake girlfriend. Alison walks in sees you happy with some other girl and boom jealousy."
    "Are you serious?" Ashlynn questions.
    "Alright." I agree. I reach into my pocket, take out my wallet and a fifty dollar note.
    "You're crazy." Ashlynn rolls her eyes.
    "Good on you. Go get her." Keiran smiles.
    I march over to the girl sit in the chair across from her and place the fifty in front of her.
    "How about doing a fella a favor?" I ask with an irresistible smile.

    Anyone can carry on. Go for it! (if you had figured it out you'd play the girl at table number 4)
  2. Kat was sitting at table while reading her book and holding her coffee. Her long brown hair is down and in front while wearing jeans and shirt and her books. She humm softly as she read and didn't look up from her book once.

    Hearing aleks sit down and look at the money she look with her bright blue eyes. "Excuse me? What is it you want?" She ask softly in a British accent. She wonder what he pay her to do and hope it wasn't anything bad or uncomfortable.
  3. "Okay I understand how this will make me sound really desperate and weird but I need you to play my fake girlfriend because the girl I still love in a couple of minutes will march through those doors with some new guy and I want her to be jealous." Aleks said his not one breath, he caught his breath. After he said all that he looked at her and realized how beautiful she was.
  4. "Your right it is weird and desperate" kat close her book and sigh. "Sure I'll do it but just this once" she said to him and put the money in her bag. It seem to her the only guy she could get is someone who want to fake a relationship or guys who make bets. "What do I need to do?" She ask softly
  5. "When she comes in just look happy and I don't know like you love me... I'm really not that bad by the way. Oh and by the way my name Aleks." He curls his lips and holds out his hand for a hand shake.
  6. Kat chuckle and smile. "I didn't thin you wre bad. Alright I'll help you out. Here you don't have to pay me" she push the money back to him after taking it out of her bag. She shook his hand. "Nice to meet you. I'm kat with a k" she said softly smiling
  7. "Thanks. Oh and that's Aleks A-L-E-K-S." He smiled. He heard the door at the front of the cafe open and a familiar voice enter. He turned to see Alison walk in with some guy. Shes beautiful, she has dark brown hair, hazel eyes, thick eyebrows and thick lips. Next to her is an athletic guy with light brown hair and blue eyes. Her eyes caught me and she smiled and gave a small wave, I gave her one back. Her eyes then met Kat and she lost her smile. "Alison." Ashlynn said from her table. She looked away from us and walked over to them.
  8. Kat saw her and thought no wonder he want to make her jealous. She smile at Alison and wave. She move closer to aleks and whisper while taking his hand to hold. "Here is how to make her jealous" she kiss his cheek gently and start giggling like he said something funny and put her head on his shoulder snuggle close. "Just wait till she look then kiss me that will drive her crazy" she whisper
  9. "Alright." He agreed. In the corner of his eye he saw Alison looking. He brought his hand to Kat's chin brought her face up and pressed his lips on hers in a kiss.
  10. Kat smile and kiss him her hand behind his neck blushing. She pull back smile softly "wow" she giggle
  11. He smiled. In the corner of his eyes he saw two people walking towards them. He turned to see Alison and her new boy friend
    "Hey Aleks." She greeted as she walked over, "Can we join you?"
    "Uh yeah sure." I accepted.
    They sat down in the chairs across from us.
    "This is Kade." Alison introduced her boyfriend. He put out his hand for a hand shake. I grabbed his hand and he shook hard.
    "This is Kat." I smiled and wrapped an arm around Kat's waist.
  12. Kat smile and held her hand out to shake with Alison and kade. "Hi nice to meet you both" she link her hand with aleks looking at them. She thought this is awkward.
  13. "So.. Uh when you guys meet?" Alison asked.
    "Uh 6 weeks ago." Aleks made up.
    Alison turned to Kat. "Where?" She asked Kat.
  14. "Ice cream shop Monday at 3 pm. I had just got done running and he walk in as I did there was two seats left and we both sat down started talking then sparks flew" kat smile not even thinking about it just came up with the story instantly. She kiss aleks cheek. "Right honey" she smile
  15. "Yeah, it was perfect." Aleks smiled.
    "Uh what about you two?" I asked Alison and Kade.
    "Um.. A party a couple days ago." Alison said and looked down and Kade smiled. Alison looked at Aleks and Kat's hands linked.
    "Uh. We better go." Alison said, "I'll um.. See you guys around."
    "Yeah. See ya." Aleks said.
    Alison and Kade said a quick bye to Keiran and Ashlynn and left.
  16. Kat smile and wave bye. Once they left she look at aleks. "Well that was easy. Your welcome" she smile and stood grab her bag. She threw her coffee away and went to leave to the bookstore.
  17. "Thank you." He curled his lips.
    "Bye." He gave a small wave. Then he got up quickly, "Wait." He said. She turned. He was about to ask if he get her number. She wouldn't want my number. Who would want to hang out with a random guy who asked her to be his fake girlfriend.
    "Uh never mind" he shook his head. "Uh.. Bye. See ya."
    He turned and walked back over to Keiran and Ashlynns table.
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  18. Kat smile and wave bye. She walk out ad went to the bookstore. Once done she headed to the park to sit and relax and couldn't get him out of her mind. She sat under a tree and look him up on Facebook and found him. She message him "hey it kat if you wanna hang here is my number I'm at the park right now" she sent it
  19. He messaged back, "I was actually just heading there with my little sister. I'll see you there."
    He put her number in his phone and to his sister Skylars room. She's eight. She has light brown hair and big eyes the same blue as his. "You ready Skylar?"
    "Yep. Can I have a piggy back ride there?" She gave Aleks a cute smile. He chuckled. "Sure."
    "Yayy!" She exclaimed.
    Aleks grabbed her by the waist, lifted her up on to her bed, knelt down and she jumped on his back he held her up. Walked out the room. "Mum were going to the park." Aleks told her.
    "Okay be back before dinner."
    "Yup." Aleks nodded.
    Once Skylar and Aleks got there he took Skylar to the playground. He spotted Kat under a tree not too far from the playground. "Skylar I'll just be over there okay?" Aleks bent down so they were face to face and told her.
    "With that girl?" She smiled slyly.
    "Yes with her." He gave her a warning look.
    She giggled, "Is it a date?"
    He sigh and smiled, "I'm gonna go now."
    He turned and walked away. "Have a good date!" She called after him.
    "Ha- ha- ha." He said sarcastically.
    Aleks walked over to Kat. " Hey." He smiled and sat next to her.
  20. Kat look up hearing him and his sister. She smile and wave "hi that your sister?" She giggle at what she said. "So this a date? Where my ice cream?" She tease him and smile at him. "So how we do making your girlfriend jealous?"
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