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  1. Name: Jaxon. Nickname: Jax.
    Hair: Black with a few green streaks that match his eyes.
    Eyes: Bright Green.
    Age: 17
    Personality: Quiet in school, keeps to himself, has no friends, he is a cutter and lives with abuse at home. His mom died when he was young causing his dad to be a drug and alcohol addict. when you get to know him he'll open up and he's in a good mood you'll see he can be funny, hyper, bubbly. image.jpg

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  2. Name: Luke Wolfe. Nickname: Wolfman
    Hair: Red
    Eyes: Blue
    Age: 18
    Personality: He's mister goody-goody two shoes and likes showing it off a lot. He plays basketball, so everyone knows he's awesome at sports- and have seen him work his stuff so they know he has the body good enough for sports. He tends to swear every once and a while and if he doesn't know you at all, he'll swear more than that. People would think him rich, but in truth, he only got popular because he has the looks and plays basketball. He wished he could be just himself, but his dad told him to keep the all-star image and is even wanting him to go into the NBA. Luke's true self is a relaxed guy who just wants to have fun with a good friend who doesn't care about how he looks like or what he plays.


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  4. Jaxon was walking to school. In the rain. Again. His dad didnt care, he beat him, and his mom, well she left to who knows where. When he approached the school he heard the tardy bell ring. 'Shit!' He thought and bolted. He was sliding through the halls and running to first period. He walked into the classroom hoping nobody would notice, but of course that wouldn't happen. Some kid muttered 'emo' under his breath and covered it with a cough, causing others to snicker. "Jaxon! Your late!" The prune of a teacher Mrs. Williamson shouted. How she was married nobody would know. "I'm sorry Mrs.Williamson, it won't happen again." He said and took his seat. The teacher had let him off the hook, but that was only because it was the first week of school. 'I guess she's not as mean as i thought' he thought to himself.
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    A snicker was heard beside Jaxon- it was Luke. He was only snickering because Jaxon was yelled at by the old crone and slightly because he was the person who snickered at the 'emo' comment. He didn't see people as 'emo' or 'jock' or even 'geeky'- okay, yes he saw people as 'geeky' but he respected the geeks. He personally thought Jaxon was one of those kids who wanted to be Japanese or a rockstar- maybe even a Japanese rockstar. Anywho, Luke tapped on Jaxon's arm and said, "Nice save there, Jaxon. I'd give it a ten, but, fuck, you made it a close eight because you're soaked. Take a shower with your clothes on or is the weather getting to ya?" A few kids snickered at Luke's comment, but he just made a 'bang' gesture at them- some swooned, ie., girls, and others just copied his gesture.
  6. Jaxon glared at him and turned around, ignoring the comment. Inside it hurt, he liked Luke..
  7. "Aw, don't be like that- okay, I'll make it a nine. Will a nine work, Jaxon?" asked Luke, seeming determined to keep the other's attention.
  8. "Just leave me alone.." He said quietly
  9. "But I like talking to you, Jaxon. If you were a class, I'd label you as my favorite one." Cheesy? A bit.
  10. "Why do you keep trying to talk to me?" He asked confused. Nobody really talked to him, they talked of him. And if they talked to him, it was so they could pretend to be his friend. He stopped believing people were trying to be his friend a while ago.
  11. "Because I like talking to you? What, is it now illegal to try? Shit, if it is, then sorry...I'll stop." Now Luke was confused- he had figured that Jaxon would like to have someone to talk to. Must be the rockstar type after all- all show but no talk.
  12. " ...no. It's not. I'm just not used to it...sorry." he said quietly. He felt a little bad at being so cold. He usually wasn't. He was so used to insults he didnt know what isn't sometimes and he was just having a particularly rough day.
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  13. "That's okay, Jaxon. Not a lot of people are used to me talking to them- I think this school is full of fucking stereotypical-thinking people. But not you- you're like a rockstar or anime kinda guy, and that's fucking awesome." Luke grinned a bit, a bit happy Jaxon would talk and that when he had questioned him earlier, it was just because he wasn't used to it. A few girls near by giggled and one asked, "Do you have to pity him that much, Luke?"
  14. "I guess soo..." He said. He did like rock, and he liked anime. At the girls comments, he looked away.

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    Luke was going to say not to listen to the girl, but Mrs. Williamson snapped at him, "No talking while I'm teaching, Luke!" Luke sighed and shut his mouth, letting the conversation come to a forced halt.
  16. Jaxon didn't pay too much attention, he just drew in his sketchbook. He still got A's and B's on his tests even though he didn't pay extreme close attention.

    -fast forward-
    The bell rang signaling the end of class. He gathered his stuff and started to walk out of the classroom. A football player, whom he believed was named Tyler, pushed him into the wall causing him to drop his stuff. Some other people kicked his stuff so it went into the hall or other side of the room. 'Ugg.' He thought frustrated and tried to grab all his stuff and get out of the room before someone did something more.
  17. Luke tried to help Jaxon out, but he was whisked away by some girls and guys who wanted to talk about either his good looks or how well he did in basketball...again. He tried to turn around and see if Jaxon was okay- he barely got a glance before the crowds blocked his view. Damn hall ways. He sighed and just went with the flow- maybe he could check up on Jaxon later...
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    Jaxon quickly picked his stuff up and left, but not before seeing Luke crowded by people. He sighed and hurried to his next class, science, sitting in the back again
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    Luke sighed, as his next class was basketball. He didn't like basketball as much as he did when he was in middle school- back then, you were good if you could slam dunk, something he couldn't do. Anyways, moving on... Well, to be honest, he sucked during basketball today, just because he was wondering if Jaxon was okay and if he was really the rockstar type- that and he was thinking about a test he might end up failing because he couldn't study, thanks to all of his basketball practices.
  20. Jaxon didnt pay much attention in class again. But this time instead of drawing he wondered about Luke. 'Why does he keep trying to talk to me?' He'd wonder. When the bell rang he stood up and put everything in his bookbag this time so nothing could get knocked from his hands.
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