Who Might You Be?

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  1. Messy black hair and dark blue eyes scanned over the bustling school yard from above.
    There upon a wall between the high gates that were, in fact, locked, sat a young man no older then seventeen.
    He was wearing torn up blue jeans that had a generous layer of dirt and other interesting bacterial things on them along with...nothing else.
    He had no shoes on and no shirt and that's what was causing a good amount of the commotion. Why?

    Well, besides the obvious being shirtless and shoeless he was pretty hot...but also because the wall he was sitting on was a good eight feet up off the ground specifically so kids didn't hang out on it. Wounder how the boy got up...

    Either way, he didn't go to the school because it was a place for rich kids, bleh.
    He just enjoyed messing with the staff who always flipped out, especially the kids who were responsible for keeping others in order. What were they called? School monitors or something? Yeah. Let's go with that.

    Right now there were several teachers who were trying to grab the kid but the wall was just too high.
    The kid just ended up relaxing and winking at a few of the rich girls who then blushed and quickly scurried away.

    The weather was currently overcast so the kid couldn't really stick around all day unless he wanted a forced bath so once it started to rain he'd probably end up vanishing for awhile to shelter.
    Unless of course, he was invited in without hostility?
  2. “Do they really think they are going to get him down thatway?” a boy standing in the crowed said to his friend next to him. The boy worethe freshly pressed school uniform properly, his chocolate hair was neatlycombed and his bangs fell just low enough to hide most of his eyebrows. His rectangleframed glasses sat loosely on the bridge of his nose.
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    “Well how else are they going to get the boy down? He isobviously a trouble maker. Though I have to admit he is a cute trouble maker”his friend, a short female with blonde hair tied into two low pigtails saidwith a bit of a smile. The dark haired boy shook his head in disbelief at hisfriend before returning his gaze back up at the boy. He was dirty and his pantswere tattered, something that bothered Kai a bit.
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    “Hey kid, don’t you have anything more interesting to dothan sitting up there flirting with students?” Kai said once he made his way over to the walland looked up at the boy. Although the male sitting above him was probably noolder than himself, he still called him a kid, Kai had a tendency to talk downto others due to his rich upbringing and his well respected status at theschool.
  3. The boy up on the wall glanced down as he was addressed by someone who sounded a bit too cocky.
    A smirk spread across the kid's face as he looked over the kid.
    He wasn't bad looking but girls were more his forte.
    Though he could still look all he wanted from his vantage point.

    "Not really?
    It's so much fun to cause a fuss at your prim and prippy school for rich brats.
    I quite enjoy myself here."

    Tanner laid down against the hot stone wall with a comfortable sigh, just loud enough to reach the kid's ears in taunting.
    Oh yes, making the girls giggle over him was nice but making the guys pissed off?
    Even more fun.
  4. Kai’s stare hardened a bit at Tanner’s words. Who the hell did this kid think he was? Although Kai angered easily he kept himself quite calm, for the time being.

    “I’m sorry you think that way.” he said, pressing his glasses higher up his nose with his pointer finger as he spoke. “this school is the future of our world. We are by far the smartest students from any school. You see, you sound like you don’t like us because we clearly have money and are well dressed. I think that hatred comes from you having nothing and being quite jealous of us. Rather than bashing on others who are successful with their lives why don’t you make something of yours?” Kai smirked challengingly up at the dark haired boy.
  5. Oh ho? A challenge?
    Tanner couldn't help but chuckle as a few drops of water splashing onto his bare shoulders hinted at rain soon-to-come.
    "I'm smarter than any of you little children but I came upon unfortunate circumstances."
    The kid stood up on the wall and stretched a tiny bit, rolling his shoulders before glaring back down at the boy.
    "I was on the roster for this year, four months ago when your stupid school started.
    Had all the money paid already for the entire semester, then..."
    Well...that was personal, but either way...
    "They decided I'm not good enough now."
    He made a gesture towards his scraggly pants and lack of a shirt.
    "Heh, how good are they, they can't even handle one kid who taunts all their students day in and out.
    Some prep school you guys are."
    And with that he turned and jumped off the wall, landing easily even from such a high place.
    "See ya, brat!" Tanner called to the glasses boy before bolting off to find shelter from the downpour that was starting.
  6. “tch” Kai hissed behind a clenched jaw, once again pushing up his glasses. This kid was a joke, why would his school ever consider letting someone like him to enroll, it had to be a lie. Kai doubted the boys words, but his eyes followed Tanner through the gate until he was out of sight. While he wouldn’t admit it now, Tanner had captured a bit of Kais interest even if it was only a little. With that in mind he turned to face his fellow students.

    “the more you give that kid attention, the more he is going to hang around and distract you all. Now hurry back to your classes before you all get soaked.” he ordered. While some students complained, the crowed slowly dispersed along with the teachers. Kai glanced over his shoulder back at the gate when a thought crossed his mind. Judging by that boys clothes he was probably homeless. It seemed just as that thought crossed his mind the rain really started to pour and a sudden flash of lightning lit up the sky.
  7. Man, that stupid little dorky brat almost got more information on him then the orphanage trying to catch him.
    He'd ran away months ago. Not because he didn't like the people but the place was just too strict.
    Tanner wasn't one to be held back and there were so many rules...and the last straw that literally forced him out the door was that the person there, the only one he'd looked up too...said to his face that he was just an idiot kid.
    Well, screw that to hell.
    Tanner was a genius but no one ever gave him the time of day due to his not having parents or any relatives to 'prove' it.
    Even though he solved problems a hell of a lot harder than anything the people there could deal with.
    And that's exactly why they called him stupid. They thought he just made up the answers.

    Now the young boy was sitting against a large house in one of those fancy-smancy gated communities. It wasn't were he usually hung out to escape from the rain but his normal area was several blocks further into the downtown area and by the time he got there he'd be soaked and probably catch a cold.
    As it were, he was just a bit damp and should dry off decently well in about a few hours.
    ...too bad he fell asleep under the side overhang on the house.
  8. It wasn’t long before the school day had ended for Kai and his fellow students. Without wasting a moment of his time he gathered his things and left the school. It was still raining, perhaps a bit heavier than before.

    “damn” Kai muttered under his breath, desperately holding his bag over his head. Quick steps turned into a full on run for home. Kai lived with his mother in a more wealthy part of town, but it was quite a walk. Huffing as he ran he finally made it to the gated community he lived in. punching in the number code on the keypad the gate opened, all too slowly as a matter of fact.
  9. A slightly grating sound brought the boy back into consciousness as curiosity overrode his sleep.
    He didn't see anything immediately since the downpour had strengthened quite a bit.
    Then he seemed confused and took a few moments to realize he'd stopped someone he normally wouldn't to escape getting drenched.
    Alright then, that explained the 'where' but that noise was still going and he wanted to know what was making it.
    So, the kid got up carefully and walked to the front side of the house to look out towards the street.
    Ah, someone was opening a ga-----Really...?
    It was seriously, really, damnit all, that guy?
    That's the last freaking person he wanted to see right now.
    With a quick leer the kid's direction he backstepped a few times and pressed himself against the side of the house.
    Darn brat would probably report him for trespassing just for the hell of it if he saw him.
  10. “ah fuck it” kai said, clearly irritated that the rain that was now mixing with hail. Throwing his back on his shoulder he just didn’t care anymore. He was already drenched and there wasn’t much he could do about it until he got home. Deciding to walk the rest of the way something manage to catch a flicker of his attention. By the time he turned his head to see what he thought to be a person, they had stepped out of his view sight. How odd, why would someone hide like that? Not to mention why would they be out in the stormy weather such as this. Glancing around a bit more, his curiosity got the better of him and he headed over to the persons hiding spot.
  11. The boy didn't risk another peek around the corner because he figured he hadn't been seen in the downpour.
    So, after a few moments he sat down against the wall again to catch up on some much needed sleep.
    Anddd, that's when the other boy came around the corner.
    Tanner's eyes shot open as he heard the sound of a shoe squeaking along grass.
    The boy's head turned abruptly and he gasped, scampering to his feet quickly and backing up several steps.
    Of all the darn people to find him hiding under some random houses awning. The annoying little 'we're better then you' brat.
    Well, Tanner wasn't going to let the kid just talk him down again.
    He crossed his arms over his decently muscled chest and 'hmphed'.
    Bring it on rich brat!

  12. Kai simply stared at the boy, his face neutral. Although he had been quite rude to him in front of his peers he couldn’t help but maybe pity him a little now. Seeing him taking cover where he clearly didn’t belong. A sigh escaped his lips as he pressed his glassed farther up the bridge of his nose before speaking.

    “come on kid, you shouldn’t stand out here half naked in a storm. Im fully clothed and im freezing” he said, his hand digging in his pants pocket until his fingers found a key and pulled it out. “you can stay inside my house and wait for the storm to pass” he added, though he wasn’t sure if the stubborn looking boy would accept his offer.
  13. Tanner might have been stubborn but he wasn't stupid.
    The storm was going to get worse judging by the black sky that was encroaching from the west.
    So, without wasting any time he shrugged and walked within a few feet of the boy.
    Once he got closer it was obvious he was freezing but the guy had been on the streets for so long he didn't really shiver.
    His skin was nearly white where it would normally have been tan.

    He followed silently as the other headed around the other way to the front door.
    Just that short walk had him dripping wet again, his hair flattened in front of his eyes and all around his head.
    As the door opened and he stepped inside a blast of air conditioning hit him right in face and holy crap! It was freaking cold!
  14. “sorry about that” Kai muttered with a shiver. He did not hesitate to shut the door behind him. “follow me, im sure I have something you can change into while I dry our clothes” kai continued. He headed for the stairs near by, glancing to see if the boy would follow. “by the way, my names Kai” he introduced himself quite casually. with each step his shoes made a squishing sound, and while this made kai highly uncomfortable he did not let it show on his face.
  15. Tanner was cautious with each step he took.
    He didn't have any shoes on so he didn't need to worry about tracking mud anywhere.
    As he followed the other boy up the stairs he was a bit surprised that he even got a name.
    Where was the snobby little rich kid?
    After a few silent moments of deliberation he decided to respond with a casual mumble...

    The boy's eyes roved around the house as they made their way to the second floor.
    He'd never been inside a place so big, even the orphanage was tiny in comparison.
  16. Kai nodded in silence. He wasn’t very good at making conversation so he chose not to speak until they reached his room. With a quick turn of the knob the door opened. Kais room was fairly bland. White walls, light grey carpet accompanied by matching furniture. With another shiver, kai walked over to his dresser and slid open the third drawer down. “these should be fine for the time being” he said pulling out a pair of his PJ pants and tossed them to Tanner. “the bathrooms over there if you’re shy” he said, his tone was slightly taunting but he went about his business after pointing to another door connected to his room. Digging thru the drawers he gathered a new set of clothes for himself.
  17. Tanner rolled his eyes at the comment of being shy.
    He could care less, he lived on the streets, people got a look at him all the time.
    Catching the clothes tossed to him he set them on a dresser near where he stood and quickly worked on shimmying out of his pants.
    The one bad thing about jeans, even if they're loose if they are wet it sucks to try and get them off.
    Well, at least his boxers came down with them, don't have to fight with those too.
    Thankfully there was a pair of boxers within the folded clothes.
    Slipping those on first, then the pants.
    Tanner sighed as the cold slowly started to fade as his body finally got into some warmer clothing.
    After pulling over the top he glanced down at himself.
    "Penguins...? Really?"
  18. Kai couldn’t help but take a glance at the boy when he changed, though he hid it not wanting his actions to be caught. It was only when Tanner spoke his cheeks burned a little, taking on a blush. “shut up” he said defensively before he peeled off his shirt. He was quite embarrassed by his remark so he kept his eyes focused on the clothes he was changing into. Kai, although having a bit of a nerdy appearance due to his glasses, his body was fairly fit. He still had the slim appearance but his muscles were obvious.
  19. "Heh, and I thought you were a twig."
    Yup, he was back to his normal witty banter.
    "Though your pajamas are slightly more manly...monkeys."
    He couldn't help but snicker, a slight blush coming to his face from the humor.

    After a moment he glanced around, then walked out into the hallway.
    "Don't suppose your parents would kill me for stealing some type of food?
    Haven't eaten since Wednesday."
    Which was about two days ago, wonder how he still had a decent body frame.
    Man, just the mention of food had the kid nearly drooling. Give him five day old leftovers and he'd make them vanish in a second.
  20. Kai shook his head in attempt to shake of the embarrassment. “no they wont mind. You can help yourself as long as you clean up after yourself.” he spoke as he finished changing into the dry clothes. “the kitchen is downstairs, ill show you” he said making his way out of the room. He continued his way downstairs leading the boy into their kitchen. Of course it was a large kitchen and clean- almost to the point of sparkling.