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  1. So today's the day for the first presidential debate, between possibly the two least popular candidates to ever throw their hats into the ring, including one who has, in 2 separate instances, hinted that his opponent should be assassinated. So I figured it would be nice to see how everybody's beliefs measure up against the current field of candidates using this site.

    Unsurprisingly, my rather progressive views fit more with Hillary Clinton than Donald Trump, however the actual site has me only agreeing with 21% with what he has said (a depressing amount, actually) and the image below is bugged, having me at 52%, which is ridiculous.


    So, how well do YOU score on this purity test, comrades?
  2. [​IMG]

    I was under the assumption that she was anti-vaccination. o.O I honestly didn't look into her all that much. But this isn't the results I actually got. Drumpf is way too high. o.O

    Those are the real results I got.
  3. [​IMG]








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  4. 99% Hilary Clinton
    96% Jill Stein
    50% Gary Johnson
    17% Donald Trump

    Though to be honest, the only candidate this year I actually liked is out of the race. I'm in the Clinton should be in jail camp. But at the end of the day. I will probably end up voting for her, as much as I hate it.
    I just can't trust anyone... Especially with the Supreme Court Justice seats needing to be filled. That's what tipped me to vote for someone who might win that's not Trump.

    Edit: Wait. Did Obama finally pick some people? I'm a little out of the loop here. Must investigate.

    edit2: I just went back and answered every single question. Now I'm at:
    94% Stein
    91% Clinton
    48% Johnson
    30% Trump (WTF?)
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  5. We're in the same vote. I want to vote Johnson, but I'm too afraid my vote will end up going to Trump. :( I don't want to vote for any of them. They all suck. At least Bernie was a decent guy and did genuinely want to make the country better.
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  6. [​IMG]
    There's no way I should be associated with this. I voted Bernie. I'll be voting Green.
  7. 92% Jill Stein
    70% Hillary Clinton
    61% Gary Johnson
    39% Donald Trump
    37% Darrell Castle (who is apparently the candidate for the Constitution Party, never heard of him before now)

    Well that's a lot higher for Jill Stein and Donald Trump than I expected. 60-70 range for Hillary Clinton and Gary Johnson seems about right from what I know of their policy positions. I think the higher than expected numbers probably came from the fact that I only selected yes or no answers, none of the nuanced shit.
  8. Okay, this is interesting considering I've never heard of Rocky, only Jill Stein and Gary Johnson. I'm glad Hillary Clinton is down at the bottom though. That's good. That's real good. At the same time though, I don't think this is as accurate as I would like it to be, because this is my first time voting this year, and half the questions, I don't even know what they're asking (but then again, that's what they want). xD

    I side with Rocky De La Fuente on most 2016 Presidential Election issues
    Candidates you side with...

    Rocky De La Fuente
    on economic, social, environmental, domestic policy, and criminal issues
    Vote for
    Gary Johnson
    on economic, healthcare, social, immigration, and domestic policy issues
    Vote for
    Donald Trump
    on economic, healthcare, and domestic policy issues
    Vote for
    Jill Stein
    on social, environmental, science, education, and criminal issues
    Vote for
    Darrell Castle
    on economic, immigration, and criminal issues
    Vote for
    Hillary Clinton
    on criminal, social, and environmental issues
  9. Seriously. Who is this guy? I know there's some Evan guy running, but I've never heard of this Rocky person.
  10. So my results are...:

    95% Gary Johnson
    90% Donald Trump
    12% Hillary Clinton
    11% Jill Stein

    Oh how dearly doth I love liberty.
  11. This, just change Hillary to 100 %.

    Like, what? I know I haven't paid too close attention to the election this far, but I didn't know I was that far out on what the candidates stood for.
  12. 94% Hillary Clinton
    88% Jill Stein
    79% Rocky De La Fuente
    29% Gary Johnson
    18% Donald Trump

    I miss you Bernie. T.T

    I would love to vote Green Party, but I really don't want Trump in office. I don't want to listen to him brag about his wealth for the next 4 years. I mean, this is one of my lesser complaints about him, but please no.
  13. Oh boy. Here, I'll bring you up to speed with some handy dandy charts, and give you an idea of why a lot of people here on Iwaku are going to likely land near Hillary or Jill Stein--depending on whether they're clearly far left leaning, or more moderate.

    Also, this goes for anyone curious about where the various politicians stand on the issues--c'mere and learn.

    Disclaimer: Hillary and Trump both lie about their policies depending on the crowd they're in. If you were watching the Presidential Debate, you'll see exactly what I mean about both flip flopping and redirecting questions into excuses to attack each other. Ergo, take the following charts with a grain of salt. You can find all the charts here, compiled by a lovely fellow. Use the issue charts to look at specific issues if you wish, I'll go ahead and get to the point below them.

    Iwaku's community tends to lean politically left. This is unsurprising for numerous reasons demographics-related reasoning.
    • The LGBT community is openly celebrated and protected here.
    • Iwaku has the equivalent of hate speech laws, and openly declares that it does not practice absolute freedom of speech. Here, under community behaviours. Notably, it also tends to prioritize people's feelings as a sincere concern.
    • The majority of Iwaku's user base is likely within the age range of 16-26. Younger generations tend to vote left, and older generations tend to vote right.
    • Writing tends to attract the imaginative and emotional, and right wing policies tend to be a lot harder on the disenfranchised than left wing policies are--An overabundance empathy plays a role here.
    • The Internet as a whole (with a few notable exceptions) tends to hover left wing. It's only been in recent years that the alt right has taken to Internet enclaves to thrive in public spaces.
    • Iwaku is pretty blatantly socially liberal. To imply it as socially conservative in any fashion is to live in a world nowhere near reality. :ferret:
    Now, let's see... Socially liberal, LGBT friendly, the site is run by a woman, hate speech laws, majority of the user base is youths, site centered around a hobby that tends to evoke pathos before logos...

    It will not surprise me if the majority of people dislike Trump's views. Let's pick out a few gems, shall we?
    1. No same sex marriage. (Against Iwaku's pro-LGBT stance.)
    2. Abortion should be illegal (except in cases of incest or rape). (Against Iwaku's pro-choice/left stance.)
    3. No protection for gender identities in anti-discrimination laws. (Against Iwaku's hate speech codes.)
    4. Supports the death penalty.
    5. Deny women front line combat roles. (Against Iwaku's general equitable equality mindset.)
    6. Ban all muslim immigrants. (Definitely against Iwaku's general equitable equality mindset.)
    7. No subsidized healthcare for illegal immigrants. (Goes against the naturally empathetic side of Iwaku.)
    8. Literally just fucking spy on everyone openly, it's cool bruv. (Goes against the privacy-loving nature of the Internet in general.)
    9. Government should not be involved in healthcare at all. (I, and several others on Iwaku, come from countries where this mindset is outright alien.)
    10. Stop funding space travel altogether. (RIP NASA. Needless to say, the majority on Iwaku would mourn this.)
    Compare and contrast that to Hillary, who on most (if not all) of Trump's stances, represents the opposite--to a moderate degree. She doesn't go too far left, because she wants to appeal to the moderate vote as well as the democratic-base vote to beat Trump's right wing populism.

    As for Gary Johnson and Jill Stein...

    Gary Johnson's answers (aside from a couple of anomalies) all fall in line with a small government view of the world. He wants as much individual choice as is possible--and the right wing on Iwaku will tend to fall that way. The majority of the right wing on Iwaku (from what I've observed anyway) tend to be socially liberal and financially conservative--which fits better with a libertarian mindset of "fuck it do what you want" rather than a socially conservative Republican mindset.

    Jill Stein is fucking psychotic Green to the extreme, and I've yet to see a Green party member that wasn't also extraordinarily left wing in their policies and beliefs. They pretty much all run under the premise that the only thing that can stop environmental damage is sweeping government regulations and programs. People who fall far left--especially those who have a great love for the environment--will unsurprisingly fall into Jill Stein's camp. People who liked Bernie Sanders will also more likely find themselves falling toward Jill Stein rather than Hillary Clinton--but not likely by any huge margin.

    • Trump's a social conservative big business tycoon.
    • Hillary's a status quo enforcer on the center-left, rarely straying from there.
    • Jill Stein is mid to far left.
    • Gary Johnson is mid right financially, socially moderate--sometimes even liberal.
    • This election sucks big time and demonstrates beyond a shadow of a doubt that America's democratic system is broken.
    • Charts are pretty.
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  14. That's not how that works. Your vote would not magically turn into a Trump vote. Or a Hillary vote for that matter.
  15. @Brovo: Where are Jeremy Corbyn, and Theresa May on this chart?

    **Sips Tea angrily in the corner at this blatant discrimination.**
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  16. Last night's debate in a nutshell.

    Because I hate them both.
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  17. American politics = Canadian entertainment.

    Alright, I'm kidding. But it was something my family was watching while eating supper. I ate quickly and washed dishes instead. It's hard to watch adults acting like children do in kindergarten. Of course, that's just for myself. I know it's of concern for those living in America. Good luck to y'all...
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  18. They forgot to add a bit of white powder around Trump's nose.
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