Who am I?

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  1. ~Story~
    Cole doesnt remember a thing about himself. He doesnt even remember his name. The only thing he remembers is waking up in the middle of no where. Will his memory ever come back? He walks for a long time until he comes across a town that he has never been to. Will he ever get his memory back?
    ~Character Info~
    Name: Cole Lee Micheals
    Age: 19
    Height: 6'4''
    Cole's body twitched as he slowly began waking up. He felt the hard gravel beneath his body and clenched his fists. His entire body hurt and rain was pouring. He slowly opened his eyes, however it took forever for his vision go back to focus. Slowly he stood up, which made the pain 10X worse, however for some reason it did not stop him. Once he got up he took a look around, he had no idea where he was. Wait?! he thought, "Who am I?! He was in the middle of no where, he realized, I am just in some kind of forest.
    The rain made Cole soaking wet, but he didnt care, in fact he loved the feeling of the cold water hitting his skin. Then he looked down at himself and was shocked to at what he saw. His undershirt was covered in blood... his blood, his under shirt was torn to shreds. Knowing his shirt is garbage now he ripped it off, his muscular body now visible... and so were the wounds. He had a big wound on the right side of his chest, blood oozing out, it was obvious it needed to be stitched up. The wound looked like it was caused by some kind of sword. His right arm was seriously injured as well. What happened? he asked himself holding his arm. He turned around and starting walking, his blood making a trail.
    Eventually he made it to a small town, he looked around and saw cars passing by. He crossed the road , his vision starting to blur due to the lose of blood. Horn blared and people yelled at him. Once he made it to the other side he saw a window to a store and looked at himself in the mirror. He had one little cut on his upper right cheek and a busted lip. He took a good look at his facial features. He was actually quit handsome. He had blonde skater-boy like hair and surprisingly deep green eye.
    Who are you? he asked himself.

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  2. Dragon was around when she saw some guy coming out of the forest. she was holding an unbrella. she loved the rain. her lack hair was short pixe cute short. she was waering a black france type coat and black ruder rain boots. then around her neck was a yellow scarf. as she slowly walked up to him she turned wide eyes when she had a closre look of him "Cole?" she said schooked "Cole" she cried out to him she dropped her unbrella and run to him then hugged him.
  3. Cole turned and before he had time to react he was getting hugged. He winced in pain... it turned out he had a couple ribs broken as well. Who is this girl?! he thought to himself. He didnt know what to do. He looked down at her, his eyes filled with confusion. He pulled away slightly to look at her, "Who is Cole?" he asked then suddenly collaspe due to the lack of blood. A crowd of people swarmed around him and her, "Oh my!" a woman yelled, "I am going to call an ambulance!" and she did.
  4. Cole? its me-" Dragon didnt finish becase he collaspe. she when on her knees and called out to him "Cole? Cole?! COLE?!" she was not going to lose her best friend again not now not ever. she was crying but the rain was hiding the fact. then the ambulance came in and help him into the ambulance. they let her come with them in the ambulance beaces she was not taking no for an awncer. "Im sorry Cole i didn know" she grabbed hold of his hand as the people drived to the hospitle. and as soon as they did get there they took him strat into sugry. she could fallow anyfather but she tried doctor and guards hade to hold this girl down.
  5. The doctors stitched up his wounds, gave him a blood transfusion and took X-Rays. It didnt take long for them to fix him up. Once they were done Cole slowly opened his eyes and looked around. The doctor smiled, "Oh good! You are awake!"
    Cole just gave the doctor a confused look.
    The doctor sighed, "I understand if you confused right now.... you suffered a terrible case of amnesia."
    Cole said nothing.
  6. They heard yelling because Dragon was pissed. she wanted to see Cole. "I WANT MY FRIEND" she yelled out to the gaurd standing in her way. the gaud maybe didnt know but shcan kick his ass right there and then. and when the gaud didnt let her by she jump kicked his face. knocking him out
  7. Cole and the doctor stared at each other for a moment then looked at door. The doctor coughed then said, "Um, you can come in miss."
    Cole blinked.
  8. A woman would burst into the emergency room where Dragon was, panting heavily and soaked with water. She had a mix of anger and confusion on her face as she stormed over when Dragon knocked out the guard, grabbing the girl by her arm. "Stop that! You know they'll let you see him when it's safe! What if he's not supposed to go over a certain heart rate or something!" This girl was younger Cole's sister, though she certainly had more maturity than the average 17 year old. She stopped when the doctor said Dragon could go in and she let go of the girl's arm, putting a hand to her head and leaning against a wall, her hair covering her face from the movement and rain-soaking.

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  9. Out of curiousity Cole slowly stood up and the doctor looked at him.
    "Sir!" the doctor said, "Please lay back down."
    Cole however ignored him and walked to the door and opened it. He found the two girl in front of the door way and blinked.
  10. The girl, Jenny, raised her head when she heard the door open. She went wide eyed when she saw Cole and she quietly sniffled, her eyes quickly tearing up when she saw him. She suddenly rushed forwards, hugging him tightly and putting her face in his chest. "Don't you ever disappear like that again!" She hit his shoulder lightly, sobbing against him. "I-I thought I would be alone forever when you left..."
  11. Cole winced in pain, "Ummm I am sorry... but who are you?" the doctor walked up to them, "He has suffered a bad case of amnesia."
  12. She was shocked when she heard his words and the doctors, her whole body shaking. "B-but..." She let go of him, falling backwards into a sitting position as if she had suddenly lost all of her strength. "Y-you have to be fit enough to take care of me, o-other wise I'll lose everyone..." She curled up, gripping onto her hair and rocking back and forth. "I-I don't want to be force to leave... Y-you're all I have left..."
  13. Dragon stay slient. but then starts to crying hard. "Im sorry Cole i didnt mean to hurt you" she said still crying she grabbed ahold of some of her coat into her fist. she hugged him lightly so she didnt hurt him. "sorry" with that she turned to Jenny and hugged her as well "Im sorry" with that she started to walk away.
  14. Cole blinked out of confusion, "What... what are you talking about?"
  15. Jenny shakily stood, leaning against the wall and putting her face in her hands. "I-I'm too young to live on my own, a-according to society... i-if you can't take care of me, I-I have to go somewhere that can... W-we've already lost our parents, thanks to some damned criminal..."
  16. Cole looked at his supposedly little sister, "Relax... I can tell that you are telling the truth. I will still take care of you even though I dont have my memory back." he smiled lightly.
  17. She looked up at him with eyes that showed weakness, sniffling quietly and shivering some. "B-but can you?"
  18. He smiled, "Of course," he said, "I can try."
  19. Dragon ran outside. started to sing her fav song 'I Dream A Dream' she starts to cry again but she still was singing softly to herself. "what have I done" she cried out after she was done. she hugged herself as she fell to her kness in the rain.
  20. She looked down. "O-okay... I'm gonna trust you because you're my brother... A-and I don't want to lose you..."