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  1. Everyone thinks they know me.
    They think they understand that the worst thing a teenage girl could go through was a bad break up or some serious cramps once a month with a couple of mood swings.
    No, they didn't understand at all. How could they after all?

    Because Cynthia was different, even from the freaks she'd read about in the horror and romance novels she loved so much.
    The books were more for research then actual story but every once in awhile she lost track of her search as to what she was and just got lost in the enjoyment of being somewhere and something else.
    Now was one of those moments but the only problem?
    It was in the middle of trigonometry and the teacher was not one to forgive reading a non-textbook in his class.
    A ruler slammed down on her desk, jolting Cynthia out of her daze.
    She gasped quietly and blinked bright brownish-gold eyes up at the man.
    "I-I'm sorry...it won't happen again."

    The teacher nodded, not having to say how angry he was because believe me, it was more than apparent in his eyes.
    As the other started walking away his ruler suddenly refused to budge from Cynthia's desk.
    Oh crap!
    She glanced around in panic and noticed all eyes were back on her as the teacher swung around, smirks and snickering coming from the students behind him.
    No no no no no!
    She hadn't meant to have done that!
    Heck, her hands couldn't have been near the place where the ruler slapped more then a few seconds, if that!
    But there it was. The measuring tool was stuck good and firm to the desk for all to see.

    Walking back over the man glared and crossed his arms over his chest.
    "I know you dislike not getting your daily joy reading done in my class but your disrespect for school property and Blatant! disrespect for me and my class have left me no choice but to give you detention."
    Of course.
    It wasn't bad enough that she had this problem where if she touched something, sometimes it would leave behind something invisible that things tended to stick to but now she had detention for something she didn't even understand!
    No wonder all the kids at school called her Cyn instead of her real name.
    Everyone thought she did it on purpose but seriously, why would she want to glue random things to her desk or the railing, or get kid's hands stuck to hers when she shakes them?!

    That last thing was why she now had no friends and tried her best to distance herself from any possibilities.
    Cyn was alone in this until she figured out exactly what was going on.
    Well, at least she would be able to get a bit more 'research' done in detention.
    Her closest guess as to what she was right now was a vampire because she had some serious cravings for the iron stuff, but that didn't explain the awkward sticking thing.
    Vampires couldn't just go sticking things to things.
    So, when she overheard students talking about a new spiderman movie coming out she thought maybe she was just a weird spider thing. Then maybe spiderman was real and met a vampire and they got busy...
    She didn't really have much to go on.

    So, with a straight back and steady gate Cynthia pulled herself together after a good class laugh, at her, not with her mind you, and headed off to her next period...
  2. He does not have a name at least not until his owner gives him one. The previous owner did not gave him one, saying that he is nothing but a pawn for him to be stronger. He had no complaints whatsoever, having no emotions works for him. His last memory was faint, he remembered making a pact with a young baby girl but she disappeared when he reaches out to her. This had not happened before, making him doubt whether what happened was a mere elusive dream or not.

    Yet, a couple of months ago, he was woken up by a surge of energy from the far west. This was his calling, he knew his next owner is in that direction so he sets out to seek for her.

    Following her faint scent, he walked on foot and reaches the gates of the high school. He looked up to the sun, oblivious to the stares others that are casting at him. He supposed that there is a reason for them to be surprise. He was barefooted, his pants were torn and his shirt was non-existence. And he reeks of sweat that would turn anyone off. He looked down and decided that he would have to dress better to make a good first impression on his owner.

    He found himself walking down a housing estate and noticed an abandoned house, he knew that the owner had disappeared and the house had been left alone for the longest time. He decided to call it home, as he approaches the house, a curious neighbor walked towards him and question about why he is there. He stared at the woman and his brown eyes turned red and flickered with golden sparks. The next moment, the woman walked away with a dazed expression. He had implanted a memory into her mind that he is the latest owner of the house.

    He showered and found a closet of clothes hidden away. He took a white shirt and a pair of red pants, surprisingly the size fits him. He dresses himself and walked towards the mirror, his long black hair was tied into a low ponytail. He gave a small grin at his reflection and strokes it carefully, he guessed he’s ready.

    Making his way back to the school, the strangers stared at him once more. But this time, it was because he looks so stunning and breathe taking that everyone stopped in their tracks and looked at him. He made his way to the office and asked for the principle, with his usual tricks, he secured a teaching position in the school.

    Unaware of who his owner looks like, he made his way to one of the classroom which was empty. He glances at the clock behind, five more minutes before the next class. He relaxes on the chair and wondered whether he will be able to find her soon.
  3. [​IMG]
    With brown gold eyes instead of blue and no netting on the hands.

    There wasn't a whole lot that got Cyn excited but her next class was definitely one.
    English was Cynthia's strong point and she rather enjoyed being the teacher's favorite because she got to borrow texts and what not from the back of the class a lot.
    Stepping into the classroom with a small smile her brownish-gold eyes looked up to see...a new...teacher?

    Her gaze instantly narrowed to a leer as she took her seat at the front of the class by the windows.
    Who was this guy? Why the heck was he here? He'd seen their normal teacher just yesterday and she was fine.
    Something about this guy was off but no one else seemed to care, especially since he was hot.
    Tch, girls these days were so shallow, human or otherwise.
    Crossing her right leg over her left she eyed the man cautiously. He wouldn't be fooling her so easily.
    Leaning over Cynthia took out her pencil and notebook and started to doodle.
    The picture was just a bunch of lines at first but then started to materialize into something completely different.
    It looked like a vampire bat with it's feet reaching towards her, only there was webbing all over the creature though it didn't seem to hinder its flight in the least.

    Before Cyn could finish adding details or put the picture away it was snatched up by a girl and she waved it around, laughing with her friends.
    "Look it! The freak drew her cousin! Always knew she sucked blood!"

    Cynthia's face burned but she ignored them.
    Maybe she'd make an exception tonight and actually suck her blood...she deserved it right about now...
  4. G1.jpg He closed his eyes for a minute, enjoying the peace before the storm where the students would be stomping in anytime soon. He was puzzled by the amount of noise these young humans generate on a daily basis, don't they ever get sick of themselves? But he knew better to voice them out loud; humans have grown stronger for the past hundreds of years. So strong that they no longer believe in the existence of vampires. Their weapons of mass destruction bring despair whenever they go, it's better to lay low for now. His priority is with finding his owner, not conflicts with the mere humans.

    The bell rang, signaling the end of his peace. He opened his eyes only to find a young woman looking at him. He suppose the word “glaring” at him would be a much better choice here. He felt a surge of familiarity hitting him which caught him off guard, he knew his master is nearby, but the problem is where she is? His senses have been dulled due to his sleep but he could sense her. He rubs his head in frustration when he noticed the a group of girls taunting the young lady who was glaring at him.

    “Don’t you think it’s mean to say things like that?” He questions calmly and grabbed the leader’s wrist gently but in a way that forces her to release her grip on the drawing. The paper dropped to the ground and he bend over, releasing her who together with her group returned to her seat.
    The drawing was interesting, he noted in his mind. “Are you alright?” He asked, without a hint of concern in his voice, “Your drawing is very interesting.” He commented, returning the paper to Cyn while placing the emphasis on the phrase “very interesting”.
  5. The girl's were grumbling to each other under her breath that Cyn had just drawn the picture to get the hot teacher's attention.
    Guess she was going to have to deal with another prank later for that.
    Looking down at her drawing now returned to her desk she frowned, eyes rising to the new man's.
    "I'm fine.
    If that's all they normally do I would just be laughing right now."
    She gave a faint hint at a smile before shrugging at the interesting comment.
    Everyone always said interesting but they meant 'weird'.

    Leaning back in her seat she nodded towards the board, silently dismissing the man from paying her anymore attention.
    She didn't need the girls to think he liked her in any possible way.
    That would just lead to more humiliation and pranks.
    "Go teach..."
  6. His brows were knitted, he glances around the class and knew what the other girls wanted to do later. The ability to read into the minds of humans is a very draining power, usually he would keep it toned down to form a small protective layer for him. But today, he broke his rule for a student. "Strange" He mumbled under his breath, but what was stranger was the girl's comment.

    "I meant it, this picture is very..." He paused and thought on the right word to use, "attractive and familiar to me."

    He nodded at her before walking back to the teaching stand. He supposed he should be teaching now. What's next? Oh, introduction. He coughed to get the attention of the class before speaking,

    "My name is Aeson, I'm of Greek and Japan's descend." He thought for a while before deciding to use the last name he had, he will have a new name when his owner is found, but for now, that's sufficient.

    "I am a serious teacher hence I do not want to see any form of degrading from anyone of you to anyone. If you do, your grades will be the one degrading." Aeson issued a warning, which caught him off guard, why was he so concern about that strange human. He sighed internally, what's done is done and he can't take it back.
  7. Cynthia's head snapped up at the man's comment but before she could think to respond he was walking away.
    The heck...
    Had he just said what she thought he did?
    That was impossible. No one liked her drawings, everything thought she was a freak who got stuff stuck to random places.
    His next words really caught her off guard and heck, the class actually gasped and started talking amongst themselves for a few seconds.
    They couldn't make fun of her in here anymore...

    As she listened further her eyes narrowed in question.
    His name was odd and his descent? Really odd.
    There was no doubt this man was hiding something but Cynthia wasn't sure enough to formulate any questions, let alone try to think of a way to get him alone so they could talk.

    So, she just let him go on about the lesson, listening and writing down what needed remembering.
    Surprisingly enough class went rather quickly and pretty soon the bell was ringing to signal the end of the day.
    Now Cyn just had to get through detention and she would be free for the weekend!
    With an awkward glance back at the young looking teacher she huffed a breath and walked out to the detention class.
    He was being surrounded by squealing girls...no doubt a fan club will be starting soon.
  8. The class finishes smoothly and faster than he expected, perhaps after living for so long, a two hours lesson is like seconds for him. During the lesson, he finds himself looking in Cyn's direction but he caught himself and returned back to his notes. He is a loyal only to his master, why would he be interested in a human like her.

    A couple of hours later, the school ended for everybody and as he steps out to the hallway, he was instantly surrounded by a group of girls who are saying something that he couldn't be bothered off. He frowns at the lack of distance between them, he notices a girl walking out of a office that he'd later known as the detention office.

    "Cyn?" Aeson called out to the lady, " Excuse me, I have something to attend to. Goodbye."

    He walked up to her and signaled for her to follow what's he's doing. Without warning, he grabbed her wrist and pulled her into an empty classroom. He notices a wave of elasticity though his nerves when he touches her. Closing the door behind them, he heaved a sigh of relive.
  9. Cynthia had spent three hours just sitting in detention.
    Not to say that it was horrible but boring could have sufficed as a suitable description.
    She'd finished one book and started on another when the teacher in charge had allowed her to leave.
    With a nod of ehr head she carefully stood up and stretched her legs out, then exited the room.

    Almost immediately she heard her name called and contemplated running.
    Most kids in this school couldn't hold a candle to her speed. Guess that was one of the positive things about being a freak.
    Either way, she turned to face the voice, a crease forming across her brow as she saw the teacher from earlier coming towards her.
    Behind the man his group of fangirls leered at her, silently promising problems in the future.

    She'd expected him to chastise her for getting detention or maybe make fun of her as well (not like other teachers hadn't done that) but instead he grabbed her wrist and yanked, pulling the girl into another classroom before shutting the door behind them.
    Cynthia reacted abruptly, pulling her arm free before backing up several paces.
    "What the heck are you doing??"
    She noticed the sigh and her frown deepened.
    Was this guy a creeper or what?
  10. Aeson looked up when he heard the foul language, perhaps that was not considered to be foul in the teenagers scene but for an old soul like his, it was. "Mind your language, young lady." He spoke, calmness returned to his body. "Is this the way young humans like yourself speak to the adults these days?"

    Gone was his panic self, as long as he wasn't in close contact with those annoying girls oozing over him, he can remain in control of himself. But the girl in front of him seems to be special. "Cynthia? I've heard much about you." He started, glancing at her, "Seeing is indeed believing."

    The drawing that he saw earlier on from her looks very familiar, but he couldn't recall where had he seen it before, perhaps he can made use of this chance to take a second look.
  11. Seriously?
    The girl's eyes burned a hole through Aeson's head as they glared.
    "You seriously think that's bad language?? Those girls who were drooling all over you speak much worse in just a normal sentence."
    She scoffed at him and crossed her arms over her chest, her backpack tilting a bit with the action.
    Cynthia had an injury from when she was younger where she broke her collar bone so her backpack never quite stayed in place if it was just over one shoulder.

    "Oh? What did they tell you?
    That I'm some freak who doesn't eat food and sticks things wherever the heck I want?"
    "Pardon the potty mouth" she growled after realizing she'd said 'heck' again.
    Seriously, this guy was like a grandpa, not like she'd know what one was but books had them!

    "Listen. I need to get home and feed my pet, if you have something to say that's actually relevant, spill it or I'm leaving."
    Of course he was blocking the exit but eh, she could probably just freak him out enough to get him to move if her sticky hands thing worked.
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  12. Aeson would certainly come out with ways to made his point across without the use of profanities. Language is his forte, and one of his weapon of choice. "I do not care about what others spoke, that is something I cannot control." He replied, keeping his breathing stable. " Words are a double-edged sword, be careful with your choice of them."

    He notices the old injury over her collar bone but made no mention of that, it wasn't important to him anyway. But her next sentence highlights what he'd been searching for--the ability to stick things. He next few sentences became a blur but he stepped in closer and asked, anxiety was clear in his voice. "What do you mean by sticking things wherever you want?"
  13. So he cared about her language but not others?
    The hell was up with this dude!
    His words did make sense but why should she care? Heck, Cynthia knew darn well that they were double-edged.
    She'd been cut by them plenty of times to know such a thing.

    When Aeson stepped forward abruptly Cynthia stepped back again but her legs hit a desk, preventing another retreat.
    "It.....it was an exaggeration...everyone yells at me cause sometimes stuff I touch sticks and it won't come off without breaking."
    She shrugged because honestly it was so common now she didn't really argue that it wasn't her.
    Obviously she was doing it but she didn't know how to turn it off.
    She held up a hand that had tiny nearly-invisible threads between the thumb and index finger, though she didn't notice.
    "It just happens.
    I don't do anything to make it. I just touch a desk, then the next thing on it gets stuck."

    She took a step to the side, then another.
    Perhaps he would let her leave now...
  14. "Exaggeration?" He questions, taking in deep breaths secretly while maintaining his poker face. This has got to be a coincidence, there is no way she is the one Aeson had been seeking for. But there was no denial when he saws the threads between her slender fingers. It was the same type of threads he was familiar with, the one that all his previous owners used to have.

    He knew that Cynthia was making his way to the exit, but he moved at a faster speed and blocked her path. "Tell me, how long have this been going on?" He asked, coldness mixed with the heat makes his brown eyes sparkled with gold flakes as he stared down at her.
  15. Cynthia's own eyes flared up to meet his as her exit was blocked.
    So he thought he was just going to play twenty one questions??
    "All my life.
    I was abandoned because of it and now I live on my own, how I like it."
    She balled up her fists and seriously contemplated giving this guy a punch.
    Of course she wasn't a violent type but something in this guys attitude just ticked her off.

    "If you're done questioning me about my personal life get the heck out of the way!"
    Cyn stepped forward, invading his space as she glared at him.

    The girls from earlier were watching what was going on from the windows leading into the halls but they couldn't hear what was being said.
  16. Aeson kept everything he had observed in his mind for record. He knew she had considered to punch him in his face, her energy was so strong that he doesn't have to read her mind to know that. Abandoned? He had never heard of that before, he thought as he tuck that piece of information behind his brain.

    Cynthia was a brave soul for invading his space but he stood his ground. He was experienced in this, but he had to ask that one question. If she aren't the one that he's looking for, he would gladly erase her memory. But if she is... He will have to take her under his wings. There is no room for mistakes at this point of time. Nothing will stop him, not those girls that are waiting outside.

    "Are you a vampire?"
  17. Er.
    Well, that definitely drained her cocky attitude.
    Cynthia wasn't really sure how to answer it though.
    Sure she drank blood and if she got really hungry her fangs came out but that didn't explain the webbing at all.
    So, after a brief mental discussion with herself she straightened her back and replied.
    "No, I am not."

    She didn't make a joke of it like usual but he didn't seem to be joking anyways.
    This was really getting weird though.
    She'd never had anyone confront her about this without it being a prank.
    "I don't know what you're looking for but it's not me.
    Now move...please."

    Cynthia really needed to get home. Her rabbit needed food and a stressful day without blood was messing with her head.
    Heck, her fangs were starting to inch down and if she stayed in that room much longer she'd end up biting him or at least giving away that he was at least partially correct.
  18. Aeson sensed the hesitation in her voice, her rejection sounded weak but he didn't point that out. Even he himself is having doubts about that. He moved away, allowing her to pass by his shoulders and leaved the room. He too exited the room soon after but the shrills of the girls were too much for him to handle at this point of time. He glare at them which instantly silence them and he gave them an order to return home and work. By the end of the day, all of them would have forgotten about this little incident in school.

    He returned to his seat in the office and was greeted by some teachers who were drooling over him and he frowned at them. He excuses himself by saying that he wasn't feeling well and needs to prepare the material for tomorrow.

    Truth to be told, as he reaches home and shuts the door, he had no idea what to think anymore as he collapses behind it.

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  19. Cynthia briskly pushed past the teacher and managed to make it free of the horde of girls, their focus now on the hot teacher who had come out with Cyn.
    Well, he could have all the attention, she wanted none of it.
    It took about ten minutes to walk home and then the girl was inside with the door locked, a bag of blood being sipped in her mouth as she poured some rabbit food for her bunny.
    Even if she was a monster her rabbit, Macha, didn't ever judge her.
    The bunny didn't even care about the packet of blood hanging from its owner's mouth, all it wanted was attention and food.

    Leaving the rabbit out to hop around Cynthia headed over to the window to glance across the street at the old abandoned house.
    Why were there lights on?
    Someone actually lived there now? but the place had been abandoned for years...

    Macha hopped over and took a nibble at Cyn's pants, asking for a carrot silently.
    "Okay, one second."
    Opening her fridge she tended to the bunny who happily ran off, kicking its feet in joy.

  20. Aeson had no idea how much time had passed since he'd collapsed at the door. He couldn't believe himself for losing control back then, he can't afford to. The consequences are too grave for him to take the risk, especially if that girl is his master. But it can't be, she did not remember him. She should if she is the one he seeks.

    Too many questions to ask, and the answers to the questions were another set of questions. His stomach grumbled in protest as the evening sets in. He glances down and rubbed his abs, he haven't had anything for years. As the guardian, he doesn't have to eat as regular as humans does but when he's hungry, it's starvation.

    Raising up, Aeson decided to make a trip to the supermarket. With his ability, the lack of money doesn't not hinder him whatsoever. He could easily get what he wants. The only problem was, where is the supermarket?

    He went to the walk-in wardrobe and selected a baby blue polo shirt paired with a pair white Bermudas and finished with a pair of sports shoes. A more casual look, he decided. Yet he wondered why is an abandoned house like this comes with all the necessity that he needs--that shall be something he'll consider later.

    Aeson exited the house and decided to ask for direction, he strolled to the house opposite streets and knocked on it. Unaware of the house's occupants.