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  1. Skeleton

    Angel Lovelace
    15, almost 16
    THe good girl
    sweet| Shy | Funny | jumpy | Ticklish
    She is getting abused at home, by her father.

    Lilly Smith
    The bestfriend of the two.
    Funny | random | bad | Troublemaker |
    She might be pregnant with her boyfriends baby

    Amanda Lovelace
    15, almost 16
    Angel's older twin sister
    Protective | Funny | Loud | Outgoing |
    She is also getting abused.

    Mary Cint
    Master Jacob's maid, well one of them.
    Funny, shy, jumpy, quiet, and Caring
    She has been a victim of horrible masters.
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  2. Jacob Night
    The Bad Boy/Leader
    Outgoing | Smart | Tactical | Angers easily when his friends are threatened | Protective of his friends |
    The son of a wealthy CEO
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    Andrew Haruma
    Jacob's right hand man/ Lilly's boyfriend
    Loud | Humorous | Lenient | Down to earth |
    Used to hate Jacob for taking the role as leader(still does too)
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    Damian Zubra
    Jacob's left hand
    Shy | Calculating | Loyal | Perceptive |
    Dislikes Andrew for being so close to Jacob
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    Percy Lovelace
    Angel & Amanda's cousin/ Andrew's 'boss'
    Kind l Caring l Funny l Loveable l Gentle l A devil when enraged
    Has been the victim of child and relationship abuse
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  3. Jacob was resting his back against te cafeterai wall with one eye closed as Andrew and Damian had a heated arguement about some show they watched last night, he honesly didn't know nor did he care; while they were inside he was wanderign around town looking for somwthing to do. He really didn't go home and stay there unless his family was around, if they were he'd just drop of his school back then was instantly out the door to hang out with his friends at the arcade or grab a bite to eat. "Jeez, can't you two blubber heads simply agree to disagree?" he growled menacingly as he opened his other eye and sat back up. When his two most trusted friends became like this he simply wanted to just get up and leave them until they finsihed their idoitc fights.

    Andrew tore his gaze away from Damian and over to Jacob then sighed. "Well, boss, you don't understand. This was the greatest show on earth and Damian says it needs to be canceled before it can waste any more money," he responded meeting their leader's glare with a goofy look. "Ol' Jakey, you really need to get yourself a girlfriend. Maybe it'd make you a little nicer to your friends," he joked clapping the younger man on the shoulder and winked.

    Damian simply stared when Andrew touched Jacob and he sent several silent curses Andrew's way, how dare he now show their leader respect? He didn't know what Jacob even let Andrew be so carefree, wouldn't it ruin Jacob's reputation as being a bad guy if he didn't punish Andrew for his actions? "B-but it is dumb, the show doesn't have a decent plot....and its proabably just another attempt to get from money from the public," he quietly retorted. Damian then quickly scooted his chair around so he was now sitting inbetween Jacob and Andrew which caused the second in command to let go of Jacob's shoulder.
  4. Lilly smiled widely as she looked around, She parked her car before grabbing the food she brought for the guys and her friends. " Alrighty come on... Angel you'll love them." She grinned " and will have fun." SHe got out and had her best friends come ut and go to the cafeteria. They should jus skip the rest of the day. She smiled lightly. Lilly grinned and said, " boys!! We got you some food from Taco Bell." She grinned and then went to give everyone what they would like, Before sitting between Andrews legs after kissing him. ' hey babe." She grinned and then said, " Oh so Angel is Amanda's twin... as you can see but doesn't act like her."

    Angel blinked as she was following her friend who gave her food and the drink she ordered. She took a sip saying quiet She just went to her sister and looked at her like, what should I do? Angel smiled lightly before glancing over at him. She was happy. She tilted her head thinking. She glanced around, " Um..." She bit her lower lip hard. She went to go behind her sister but she moved to sit down. Angel just went to sit quietly and began ating nicely and quietly.

    Amanda grinned she sat next to her crush, Damien. She glanced over at Lily and said, " What you say is true. my sister is too pure." She grinned. She giggled seein her sister before went to start discussing plans." so... this is Jake, Andrew, and Damien." She grinned looking at her, " thats Angel, sadly my twin." She smiled lightly before she said, " Just kidding an." Angel just smiled, and shrugged. " Hey An, speak.. come on... don't be shy.. they are just boys." Angel raised an eyebrow.
  5. "Jeez, Damien just because you don't like it doesn't mean you have to rag on it," Andrew replied lowering his hand to Damien's cheek and giving it a humorous pinch before letting go. He watched the young boy rub his cheek angrily and was about to make a comment back the his feminine looks until he heard the lovely voice of his girlfriend when she and her friends entered the lunch room. He happily received his soft taco and Pepsi from Lilly and was about to open it and start eating while she handed out the others food until she was now placed in between his legs after she had kissed him. "Hey beautiful," he replied wrapping his arms around her waist then turned to look at Angel. "It's nice to meet you, Angel."

    "Andrew, you're girlfriend is a god sometimes," he said to his right hand man as she and her two friends walked over. Once Lilly had handed Jacob his food he lost interest in the conversation and opened his bag of cinnamon twists as he called them and took a sip of his coke. When Lilly mentioned something about Amanda's sister that peeked his curiosity a little and he glanced over to look at her, he said nothing for a few moments as his eyes studied her; once he was finished he pulled the piece of food into his mouth then turned his attention back to eating his meal.

    Damien glared at Andrew and was about to make a snide comment regarding him touching their leader so familiarly until Andrew's girlfriend walked in. He took his burrito and drink then set them on the table before Amanda sat down beside him, smiling. "H-hi Amanda," he said quietly then took a drink of his Coke then turned to look at Amanda's sister. "I-I'm Damien." he said then turned back to unwrap his food.

    Andrew laughed, "Like Lilly said, I'm Andrew, the ,small, nervous young man is Damien and the blonde who isn't paying attention what so ever is our fearless leader, Jacob." he smiled at Angel.
  6. Lilly smiled but then she froze as she felt his hands on her waist. He wouldn't realize that her stomach... She gulped before she smiled and looked at her friend. She was so happy. " Angel they won't bite hard, it's okay." Lilly smiled leaning into him a bit. She was happy. She was glad to have a boyfriend like him. She smiled. She yawned a little bit, she had been losing sleep lately. She then went to eat. She looked at her friends who both giggled.

    Angel then randomly rolled her eyes thinking. She knew she was part of the dance team. Lilly looked at her, as if knowing what was on her mind. " Shall I let them know?" Amanda then spoke, " Did you know Angel is in the dance team, shocker huh? I mean such a shy girl... in a dance team.. and a g.g." She sighed. Angel shook her head, " I just respect myself." She finally spoke. Lilly and Amanda both cheered. " We got you to speak!!" Angel giggled and said, " Wow guys." She ran a hand through her hair before taking a sip of her Dr. Pepper.

    Amanda then looked over at Damien and blushed. " Hey." She said. She then went to continue eating. She was so happy that there was food. " Oh and today the dance team is doing a number aren't they during the assembly, we should totally cheer on Angel." Angel blushed at that and hid her face. Angel then said, " Amanda.... you don't have to do that.. I know how you guys don't like to go to the assemblies... " She sighed lightly. Amanda smiled and hugged her sister before eating her burrito.
  7. Andrew chuckled, "The only one I bite is the girl currently in my lap," he replied then unwrapped his arms from around her and unwrapped his food. He had noticed Lilly was acting a bit strange but he wasn't one to pry, he tore a piece from his taco then popped it into his mouth and happily ate. "I'd like to see go the dance during the assembly, Lilly I think you should do it too. You have some nice 'moves'," he grinned slyly hinting at something totally different which caused him to receive a hard blow in the side from Damien's elbow.

    "H-have some common courtesy Andrew, some of us rather not hear about what you two do a-alone," Damien grumbled retrieving his elbow then took a sip from his Coke. He then started to open his burrito and took a bite as he shot another glare Andrew's way, before leaning back to see what Jacob was doing; he was awfully quiet which wasn't usual. "I guess we could go, I'm not too fond of assemblies but its really up to how Jacob feels."

    Jacob looked to be completely focused on his meal but in truth he started listening to the conversation halfway through and he noticed how Lilly froze for a few moments. Odd, she never used to do that before; maybe she wasn't feeling well or something. He finished his meal then wiped his fingers before he turned his head to face the others, "Dance team huh? I guess we could go, these two knuckle heads could use a break," he replied looking at Damien, Amanda and Angel before he turned his gaze to Lilly and Andrew. "Really Andrew? While I'm trying to eat?" he balled his right hand into a fist then slapped it on the older man's head. "Sometimes I think you're the youngest in the group and not Damien."
  8. Lilly blinked and smiles lightly. She glanced over at Andrew " thanks babe " she grinned and went to eat but then... she gulped she got up and ran toward the bathroom. She threw up. After that she went to go back and smiled lightly. She put her head on Andrews shoulder t hinking. She yawned before she smiled lightly " sorry guys I've been in a funk lately. She smiled lightly.

    Amanda smiled but then she got worried when her friend shot up and ran to the bathrooms. She then glanced over at him and then her sister. Angel just shrugged with a frown. Angel then glanced at her food " oh yeah " she smiled though and said " its great what our routine is " she smiled lightly.
  9. When Lilly suddenly got up and bolted away from the table, Andrew was instantly worried and placed his food back down because he had just lost his appetite. When she came back over he wrapped his arms back around her and placed his chin on her shoulder as Jacob skeptically looked at her. "Andrew, take her to the nurse's office. I don't like what's going on," Jacob ordered. "I was just about to," Andrew replied then carefully took Lilly into his arms then stood up from the table. "If you'll excuse us," he bowed his head then shot a look at Lilly before she could say anything, "Regardless of what you say we're going," he stated then walked off with her in his arms.

    Damien luckily had finished his meal and had a concerned expression as Lilly felt the table and into the bathroom and that expression never left his face after she and Andrew had left for the nurse's office. "I-I hope its nothing too serious," he sadly said looking at Jacob and placed his drink back onto the table. "It's probably just a bug or something, she'll be fine," Jacob lied then glared at a few people that were watching the group. "Is there a problem?" he growled with an icy glare that caused the bystanders to look away and quickly flee from Jacob's presence.
  10. Lilly smiled softly, she didn't know what to do. She frowned, " But babe." She glanced up at Andrew. She gulped nervously and sighed. She grabbed her drink before she looked at him. She wrapped an arm around him before leting him take her to the nurses office. Why? She didn't want to find out the truth of why she has been having these things happen to her.

    Amanda tensed as she heard of this. She gulped nervously. She was happy but unsure what to do. She glanced at her sister who shrugged before smiling. Amanda nodded. " She is..." She then looked down, " Well... I mean... you know I hope she is." She blinked as she smiled nervously. Looking over at Angel who nodded, but then said, " Wait what?"

    Angel just sat there confused. She drank her drink before she looked at her sister confused. " What... do you mean?" Amanda just V8ed herself. Angel blinked " what.. " she gulped nervously. Angel smiled lightly. She was happy. Amanda said " he'll find out. " angel nodded " yeah... but she is absolutely fine... " amanda smiled and looked at the boys taking a sip
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  11. When the couple arrived at the nurse's office Andrew placed Lilly onto one of the beds then walked over to rummage through the medicine the school kept. "Alright babe, what kind of symptoms do you have? Or is it just a common cold or a bug going around?" he asked as he picked up a bottle, examined it then quickly placed it down to pick up another. "I don't want you lying either, I need to hear the truth."

    Jacob turned his attention to Amanda still with a glare on his face, she couldn't mean what he thought she meant. "You can't be serious, I know they're pretty carefree but that's just plain stupid. I thought those two idiots had common sense, Andrew should have at least thought about that before they did what they did!" he growled then slammed his fist against the table and glared at the floor. He suddenly stood up, "I'm going for a walk," he started then when he saw Damien get up he glared at the young man, "Alone," he snarled then stormed off.

    Damien lowered his head then sat back down at his feet while Jacob stormed off and he sadly took a sip from his Coke. "I-I hope she'll be fine, for Andrew's and Jacob's sake. Lilly's like a sister to him, if anything happened to her I don't know what would become of Jake."
  12. Lilly looked down at her hands " um.. I am going to have to take a test to see if... " she blinked " morning sickness weight gain... increased appetite "' she played with her hands. Thing is she forgot to take her birth control pill four weeks ago.. and.. she sighed holding her tummy. " you didnt want me to lie.. " she sighed looking down.

    Amanda sighed she wouldn't be able to talk because how irritated he was. She didnt know wjat to sau but she moght be because what she jas been acting the past month. She looked up and said " Jacob! " she frowned as she thought about things. She glanced at her crush and nodded. " yeah "

    Angel just sat there confused. She took a sip and sighed " it wasn't all her fault though.. " Amanda glared at Angel before Angel looked down.
  13. Andrew almost dropped the bottle he was holding when he heard the symptoms she was having, they all seemed like....it couldn't be possible, could it? He placed the bottle back down on the shelf then walked over to his girlfriend and tucked a finger under her chin the lifted her head up to look at him. "Does that mean what I think it does?" he asked smiling.

    Damien sighed and nervously combed through his hair. "I-I really hope nothing happens....we saw the change Jacob went through when David died," he shuddered at the thought, David had been a part of their group and Jacob's childhood friend until one day he died in a car crash. Jacob was constantly in a foul mood and always picking fights until he visited David's grave and eventually calmed down.

    Jacob walked over to one of the trees in the court yard and yelled before throwing his fist into the tree. It connected, hard, but the pain didn't phase him and he started to constantly punch the tree with both hands as they throbbed and started to bleed. "Damn it...Damn it....Damn it!"
  14. Lilly looked down and sighed. She felt bad. She missed one single pill. She looked up and said," That I might be pregnant, or well I am pregnant, yes." She gulped. She looked into Andrew's eyes and smiled lightly. " We are going to be a family." She knew she was pregnant she used so many tests." She sighed lightly. " It's okay if you don't want to be with me anymore. She held onto his free hand. The nurse had completely dropped her tray of things she needed. Lilly looked over. " Sorry nurse." She said softly.

    Amanda looked over at him, " oh it's nothing like that.' She said softly. She glanced over at Damien before she looked at Angel who ran to go figure everything out. Amanda slapped her forehead. ' It's far from that... this isn't a life or death situation." She said lightly to Damien. She smiled at him softly.

    Angel groaned and she got up and ran to go follow this guy. She frowned as she saw that h was bleeding, " wait stop, please." She said softly. She looked over at him and sighed. She shook her head and siad, " Here let me help." She then got into her bakpack that had gauze and nurses stuff. She knew how o do this because of her father abusing, " May I help?'
  15. Andrew smiled when he confirmed what he thought was true, "I can't believe it...we're going to be a family," his smiled turned into a grin as he sat down on the bed beside her. "Its okay if I don't want to be with you?!" his expression turned serious and somewhat angry, which wasn't a common thing for him to do, "I can't believe you said that, do I really seem that shallow?" he asked. He then wrapped his other arm around her and pulled her close, "Don't you dare ever say something like that again, I love you more than life itself."

    Damien nervously nodded his head and gave her a small smile in return before he started to play with his fingers. "I-I know that and so do you but we all now how Jacob is, he sees us all of us as he family and doesn't want anyone to get hurt."

    Jacob threw all his power into his last punch when caused the bark to split open and some of his fingers to crack but he lowered his fists when he heard Amanda's sister ,Angel, walk over and ask him to stop. He looked at her then too his bloody hands as blood dripped to the ground from them and moved them close to his chest. "Why? Why would you offer help to someone like me, aren't I just a trouble maker for you and the other good students?" he growled menacingly.
  16. Lilly frowned, " I'm sorry, Andrew." She didn't mean it like that. She glanced over at him and hugged onto him hiding into his chest. " i love you too" She said softly. She yawned before she went to go wrap her arms around him and stay close. She was glad that he was actually excited. She glanced over at him and kissed his lips. " I didn't know if you wanted to say with me after you found out..." She said softly. She was curious about her best friends which were like her sisters. But then she heard someone yelling. She saw Jacob out of the window. Lilly blinked looking over at Andrew " seems like Angel is trying to help out."

    Amanda nodded as she heard him, ' Yeah I know.." She said softly. She then cleaned up the trash, on the table before looking over at him and smiled. She tilted her head and thought. She yawned before she sat next to him again, " I know I remember... how when he found out how my ex broke up with me he was all riled up. "

    Angel frowned and said, " No, Your my sisters bestfriend like family, so..." SHe sighed softly, " And I would like to help you because I don't like seeing friends get hurt." She said. Which was ironic because she was fulll of marks on her body because of the stupid father she has. She then looked over at him and sighed. " Please let me help"
  17. Andrew kissed her head then smoothed out her hair. "Of course I'd be excited, I didn't think we'd start a family this early but I'm still happy nonetheless. It just means I one hundred percent have you all to myself now," he replied as his hands moved to her back and soothingly rubbed. "Nothing would ever cause me to leave you, you're my other half; not to mention your the only girl I've ever dated that's had me wrapped around her pretty little finger," he stated then returned his kiss before he looked out the window with Lilly then met her gaze. "It seems so, hopefully Jacob doesn't do anything."

    Damien nodded, "I remember too, that was a scary side of Jacob I never want to see again. The look in his eyes was void of anything expecting the fire of unending rage and he broke several of your ex's bones before Andrew and I managed t pull him off." he shuddered and wrapped his arms around himself. Jacob was nice on the outside but all his close friends knew that a beast of rage was deep within that was always waiting to punish those who hurt Jacob's friends.

    Jacob skeptically glared at her as his eyes examined her posture and the tone of her voice, once he was sure she had to ulterior motives he reluctantly held his bloody and bruised hands toward her. "Fine, but in return I want you to answer a question," he replied as his glare died down and his eyes regained some of their color. "Why do you have medical supplies in your school bag?"
  18. Lilly smiled lightly, placing her head on his chest and smiled. She wondered Jacob's reaction would be. She smiled and then nodded. She felt how he rubbed her back. She nodded . She sighed and said, " yeah you will forever be mine." She smiled lightly. " When should we tell the group?" She asked. She looked over at him thinking. She sighed. She bit her lower lip thinking. She said, " I hope Jacob takes the news well." She said softly. She glanced over at him and tilted her head softly, she loved this man so much.

    Amanda sighed remembering this. She was just glad that Jacob hasn't found out about her getting abused. She closed her eyes thinking. She didn't know what he would do if he found out that she was being abused all this time. She knew it was going to be really stressful just telling him. She glanced over at him. She said, " Yeah it will be okay, hopefully and nothing out rage him like that." Amanda sighed lightly and looked down a little scared. She rubbed her arms and then tilted her head and said, " So how are you today?" She wanted to get her mind off of that.

    Angel blinked and pulled everything out as she saw his hands " oh.. well I want to be a nurse and I keep it in case someone needs the help" She smiled at him before saying " this is going to hurt a bit." She said softly. She fixed her sleeves trying to hide the marks. She looked up at the guy thinking. She was happy. She bit her lower lip as she went to go fix his hands. " you seem very protective."
  19. Andrew smiled then kissed her forehead. "I've always been yours forever, even when you hated me the day we first met," he laughed. "We'll tell everyone when you're ready but I'm sure Damien and Jacob already know, they're both pretty perceptive for their own good," he replied then moved his hands to rest upon her stomach. "I'm surprised Jacob has done anything yet but he's probably waiting for us to conform his suspicions. I'm really going to hate when he's going to lecture us about being careful then probably beat the snot out of be for getting his 'sister' pregnant," he replied with a cocky grin.

    Damien narrowed his eyes as he noticed Amanda rub her sleeves like something happened before but if she wasn't going to willing tell him he would respect her and not ask. "I think J-jacob will be fine, I doubt there's anything else that can get him worked up like that besides his jerk for a father," he snorted then downed the last bit of his drink. "I-I'm alright, just the usual with arguing with Andrew then Jake threatening to bash out heads together," he replied with a small then threw his empty container into the trash can. "How about you?"

    Jacob said nothing at first but he did snort at what she said. "I doubt it will hurt that much," he replied as he started to clean and wrap his hands, sure it stung but it felt pretty nice to him; the feeling of pain was different for him then it was for others. "I have to be protective, they're my family and I'm the one who has to protect them," he turned his head to look at the cracked bark before he returned his gaze back to Angel. "And I'm not too fond of liars either, you should really learn how to discreetly fix your articles of clothing. But if you do not wish to tell then I shall not pry" he bluntly stated as he watched her continue to wrap his hands. "But...thank you."
  20. Lilly looked over and sighed. She didn't know what to do. She said, " I should just say it to them so they all know." She said softly. She bit her lower lip thinking. She tilted her head thinking. She yawned, ' I know... I don't know how he will react." She thought about it. She smiled placing her hands on his hands, she said, " I wonder how far along I am" She said softly. She looked over at him. She kissed his cheek, She glanced out the window. But then the bell rung for their end of lunchtime. " Fun we get to go to math." She said softly. She was happy. She tilted her head thinking. She giggled and slowly moved her hands to his sides and grinned. " Alrighty, come on, mister." She giggled.

    Amanda tensed as she heard that word phrase, jerk of a father. She had a jerk for a father... A Drunkard, and She frowned thinking of this. She bit her lower lip thinking. She sighed and nodded. " yeah of course." She paused as she heard the bell. She smiled lightly grabbing her bag before going to hug him, " well see ya alright? At the assembly, the front of the doors?" She asked. She smiled. She then tilted her head as she smiled trying to hide that she was in pain. She blinked her eyes as she thought. She smiled at Damien before she went to go to her last class before the assembly.

    Angel smiled at him, " you know how to read people don't you?" She asked him softly. She tilted her head thinking. She smiled before she watched herself carefully wrap the hands. She was happy. She tilted her head thinking. She looked up, " There is that better." She then said, " There is no lying here... " She smiled lightly. She said, " Just not letting you know about my life.. and homestyle." She gulped and looked down thinking. She didn't know what to do.
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