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  1. Well, it was another day.

    Another day of the usual schedule: Wake up, steal food from the trash of those dirty humans, then try and learn more about them and their way of life. Pretty simple to most, but Arrosa was far from the average fellow (if that wasn't obvious.) No, the small pixie was different, different from every stupid human that infested his and his family's home.

    Some might say he was abandoned by his friends and family, but some might also say he's absolutely delusional for staying in the small ravine that was once an entire city of trees and life instead of moving out to the country and joining the other creatures that called Tacoma home. No, Arrossa is confident that he's what Tacoma needs- the small pixie was strong enough to take on over 203,000 humans on his own and become known as the savior of the land, going as far as calling himself 'The Protector of The Forest', even if literally no one even knows he exists.

    But, there's a reason for this. His reason? He'll stay low, be a silent observer! There must be something to rid of them all, a weakness. A Pixie's weakness was their obsession with hoarding, he knew that well. (his collection of shiny metal and odd stuffed creatures). Centaurs? Lillies... So what was their weaknesses? From what he's discovered, they have these odd little rectangles that make noise and images. The smaller ones seem to enjoy the stuffed creatures he collected, along with plastic forms of what they call "cars". To him, this was all.... Interesting, but beyond confusing.

    That didn't matter now, though. First, he needs to get out of his small bed of leaves and the 'blankets' of the two wolves that often slept besides him.

    Letting out a loud groan in annoyance, Arrosa brushed off the dried leaves from his hair and clothes, wanting to seem at LEAST somewhat presentable to those stupid humans. Using the small stream at the base of the ravine to wash up quick in the autumn air, he got back into his clothes and made the trek out of the trees into the back of the towering apartment building placed in front. Grimacing at the sight, he tugged down his prized mask with a heavy sigh as he trudged back onto the pavement to investigate the strange people once again. So far, he was interested in their currency; before the humans, things were 'sold' through trade and goodwill, not through trees and copper. Not HAVING this currency led to him scavenging for food, naturally, but he could survive a few hours before going hunting...
  2. And in contrast to Arrosa, the start of Alessandro's morning was far, far different. Having spent all the previous night unpacking things from boxes in his apartment, having been too lazy to do so since actually moving into the place a full two weeks prior, he had only had, at maximum, four hours sleep. As a result, he woke at nine in the morning like a zombie, unable to even recollect the goings on of the previous day for few moments. It was a good thing he didn't drink alcohol, because he knew that if he had, he would be in a far worse state than he was in now. That was some comfort, at least.

    As was the fact he had a job already. Sure, it wasn't the hardest to get, especially with it being at night, but two weeks after leaving Florida, he had his apartment and a job. It wasn't going disastrously, and with the speediness of settling into employment, things could only go from strength to strength in Tacoma, couldn't it?

    He was a stickler for punctuality, and knowing he had as full day ahead to finish unpacking and go shopping for paint and whatnot to finish the final decorations of the apartment for the bathroom before work at 6, he had planned to get up earlier than nine. In fact, call it stupidity given how he had gone to bed at FIVE in the morning, he had set his alarm for seven. Sleeping through that, and now wanting to sleep for a little longer, he set his head back on the pillow, not caring much for how his appearance was disheveled. And as soon as he had done so, he was stirred instantly by the weight of his husky, Jynx, flopping at his side with soft whines to be fed and walked, as she was used to being every day.

    "Yeah, yeah, comin'" he drawled, pushing the dog away gently and with a playful grin on his face. Literally seconds before, he had been dead set against leaving bed, lethargic and lazy, though the young husky had the ability to wake him up and have him out of bed in seconds. Having struggled to really socialise, it was only inevitable he form a close bond with his pet - he had fought to take her with him against the whines of his siblings, for one thing.

    Combing his hair tiredly, and styling it in its usual place, choosing what to wear was equally as easy: a chequered shirt green in colour, and a pair of coloured jeans. Smiling to himself at his reflection, a technique to try and improve his confidence, he adjusted Jynx's lead and headed out. The main objective of the day was to finalise the refurbishment of the home, primarily the bathroom, and clean up a bit before work. Mondays were always te worst days, being te first day back at work after an extended weekend freenof it, but he supposed a schedule would form the longer he worked at the cast. In all honesty, as nice a job as it was, he hoped it didn't last that long. He did have greater ambitions, after all.

    Tiredly trailing after the eager canine, he did shiver somewhat at the cold air, rueing the decision to abandon his coat, but did try to distract himself from the weather by taking in the place he now lived in. He hadnt earlych of a chance to explore the place, so took this as an opportunity for that, smiling at how leisurely it did seem in comparison to the constant flow of cars and noise back home. If ever he regretted the decision to move, he just hasd to compare the place and he knew he would always find his decision to be correct. No matter how shocked his parents had been that he desired a slower pace of life at such an eslryt age. ​
  3. With a stolen notebook and pencil tight in his arms, he would occasionally stop and scribble down quickly the things he noticed, such as the upcoming buildings, types of food, etc. Noticing a human walking his dog, he paused in the middle of the road to scribble a quick note.

    "Humans seem to cruelly see other creatures below them, treating the mas slaves on rope. They must have some mind control over them to make the hound comfortable with being chained up. The abomination that is the human society is beyond destroying our home, but enslaving those who we see as companions. Is this punishment? Have the hounds done anything wrong? I predict the humans are simply, as they like to call one another in derogatory terms, assholes."

    Letting out a heavy sigh at his findings, he didn't refocus until hearing the human- Alessandro- approach quickly, causing him to both tense and grimace under his mask at the way he would tug back his husky. Grumbling bitterly under his breath, he slipped the notebook into his bag and moved to the side in an unconscious act of shyness. It was only when the husky pup briefly smelled him that he had the urge to relax a bit and pet the dog... Though he wouldn't DARE get that close to a human unless he had to for research. "Uh... Good morning..." He murmured under the mask, though more towards the dog than Alessandro. "Let me... uh... Just, get out of your way."
  4. "--And then later on, after this, I thought I could pop to the butchers -wherever that is, I'll follow your nose~- had get you a nice but of meat~" He happily chatted to the canine, though upon passing a fellow young adult did let the talk drop - it was weird, he felt, to openly talk to a DOG, having been taunted plentifully for it back hom. Though, could he be blamed?

    He had no other friends, and Jynx was always going to be classed as his best friend, even regarding the chance he should make friends. But that'd be a miracle.

    And then he was met by Arrosa, silently pausing once seeing him pet Jynx. If he wanted to make friends, he realised he did have to socialise. Yet, the concept was rather.. Frightening. Why did it have to be frightening?!

    "Oh, well, uh... It's honestly no worry! I wasn't looking, so it's my fault entirely!" He immediately apologised, cursing himself seconds after. Hell, no wonder he had ceased to make many friends - he came across like a snivelling fool, apologising and stammering at every sentence. Taking a moment to both take in the mask and the old fashioned clothing, he did manage to smile at the boy, assuming immediately that he was younger than him. "Would you... Happen to know where the butchers is? I... Was thinking of getting Jynx here a treat so... Ah... It'd be helpful... You must be a Tacoma resident--obviously! Haha..."​
  5. "I, uh... That's where they have the animal carcasses, right?" He repeated in a murmur, turning to look away in his own awkward way. "Y...Yes, I b-believe they're down that road, but... I've never been inside, aha... Can't afford it, you people and your monetary values and whatnot, aha..." He stammered, rubbing his arm before gripping said arm hard to control himself. "I could show you, but you'll need to buy me something to eat."

    Now, under literally any other circumstances, he wouldn't even consider following a human with them knowing about it... But it had been a whole week of living off of minimal food... He guessed the humans hadn't been eating much that week, apparently. Instinctively rubbing his stomach, he cast a glance at the dog once more before shifting his weight impatiently. "Or I won't show you where it is, hm? Simple, a-and fair."
  6. Were all people here so... forthright? So confident as to ask for food from a STRANGER? He couldn't dream of doing such a thing, even if he was on his deathbed as a result of starvation. Wearily being the space above his head in a manner of obvious difficulty, for the idea of forced conversation did seem far more awkward than he could cope with, but if this boy was so desperate to have to ask in this manner, then he would cope with awkwardness.

    "Of course! I men, what sort of guy would I be if I said no? Aha... It'd be nice... To talk to another person, not my dog all the time." Alessandro chuckled, already feeling pressure to socialise and try and keep a flowing conversation, though his lack of practise hindered any real chance he had, so opted to remaining quiet and expectant to be led. ​
  7. Replying with a simple "hm", the pixie walked forward with both hands tight on his bag. Avoiding the eyes of the other passerby's by keeping his head low, he kept that silence until reaching the outside of the local butchers, a grimace on his face. Something about the fact that humans were so willing to kill a completely healthy and alive animal without any regret just... irked him, especially because all of his friends now were animals. But, if he could get some food in him, then he really couldn't complain, could he? He'd just force himself through it.

    Turning to the other suddenly, he pointed to the sign. "It says butcher, yes? And I see the carcasses, so... here we are. Now, I'd like my food hm? I'll eat it and go, I have things to do after all..."
  8. Silently grimacing as he trailed behind the odd boy, he couldn't help thinking that the day wasn't entirely going as planned. The move was supposed to be beneficial to him. He was supposed to be living a relaxed life, and when it came to socialising, he wanted to do that on his terms, and hope it'd all work out. This wasn't how he wanted it to be, and he had to face facts: Arossa was pretty unsociable and rather... rude.

    Alessandro knew HE was unsociable, but at least he held the capacity to be polite, and his lack of sociableness came from shyness. Did this boy's lack of it come from rudeness, because that would make sense... but the mere thought did make the taller boy grimace. Wasn't he just as rude for thinking that if someone he hardly knew enough to insult?

    "Of course, I could buy you whatever you want. You said you're hungry..." He smiled, silently offering the lead to him, that being evidence of his rather naive, trusting nature. "I don't want to tie her up so mind her a sec? I... I'd appreciate it--oh! I'm Alessandro, anyway, aha..."​
  9. "Arrosa." He replied, taking the leash in reluctance (if only because he hated the idea of chaining the animal) before immediately dropping to his knees to really pet the dog. He was obsessed with animals, absolutely adoring their cuteness and loyal nature, along with the fact that they were wonderful fighters when they needed to be... He saw himself in them, in a way. Grinning madly in joy the more he pet the pup, he eventually just flopped down on the sidewalk to sit and wait with Jynx.

    Scooting closer to the dog daringly, he tool solace in her company more than he did with her owner. Having two lovely wolves that often stayed with him during the night and protected him, he couldn't help but happily coo. It wasn't until he noticed said owner wander out eventually that he moved away from the dog, his smile fading fast. ".... You have a lovely companion, you know. I... I have two myself, though they aren't forced to a noose."
  10. "She's more than that, she's a best friend to me-- sorry, noose?" He grimaced, deciding what firmly that if all people in the town were like him, he'd rather not make friends. It wasn't like he couldn't cope with that. Hell, he had coped all this time in his life so far without an abundance of friends. He had had one, so that proved in itself it wasn't IMPOSSIBLE for him.

    Even if said friend had turned out to be a rotten sort of person in the end.

    Quietly taking the lead with his some vanishing, unable to portray politeness a moment longer, he silently handed across a few tibbits of ham and gammon to the boy, while throwing a bit of the raw counterpart to Jynx, whjo immediately pounced to devour it. "I'm.... Going to go now so... Thanks..."​
  11. Tilting his mask up just enough, he too practically pounced on his food, eating it quickly until he growned deeply at the end. That frown changed to a grimace, though it was surprisingly not aimed at the nan. "How much was that? I... can find a way to pay you back, uh... I promise. I have about three of that tree money-dollars- in my bag." He explained, fiddling with his hands nervously. "I mean it, thank you. I don't think any other hum- PERSON, would have done that."

    After what felt like a speech, he tugged the mask back down to end his need to speak, oy to shyly adjust his waist and run off. The less he spoke to this man now, thr better than them both.
  12. Tree money? The bnoky was rather... quiirky, that could hardly be denied. But not for one second did he have any idea just why that was. He was hardly going to think that the other wasn't human - he was blissfully oblivious to any existence of inhuman beings. He wrote about them, watched movies of them, read books of them... But never for an instant believed them to be alive and out there in the world.

    So the boy's odd ramblings and hints at him not being human through his choice of phrasing went completely over Alessandro's head. He may have innately declared dislike for him moments prior, but now? He did find him cutely amusing - he disliked HIMSELF for judging him too quickly.

    "Uh... Sure, bye!" He called out, silently commending himself for his confidence to raise his voice above the usual whisper. Carefully nudging Jynx to get moving, he did silently chuckle. Two weeks into his new life, and the first person he had really conversed with outside of work was.. nuts. But in the best way possible, anyway. ​
  13. It would be another week before Arrosa would speak to the other again, this time wearing his poncho to try his hardest to block out the cold. It wasn't hard to find his apartment, living just behind the building and whatnot. So, after having a nice meal with the other boy just a week prior, he simply assumed he could get another meal after a week of eating minimal scraps.

    Knocking carefully on the door, the pixie waited patiently in the freezing rain with his mask covering his face as usual. Getting the guts to speak up, he called out an "Alessandro?" while shifting his weight.
  14. To say he was surprised to hear he had a visitor would be an understatement. He wass beyond that, beyond perplexity and being flabbergasted. Having spent the most of that day -Saturday- doing nothing but lounging about given it was his day off, the last thing he expected was a visitor. Mostly because he hadn't exactly befriended anyone at this point.

    Awkwardly jerking himself from the couch, realising he had been sleeping but discovering he had little time to comb back his messy hair, he stumbled to the door and immediately blinked at the face he was met with. "Oh-- how did you find where I lived? A-Ah... Do you want to come in? You're all soaked through..."​
  15. "I live nearby." He explained flatly, sneezing from the cold as he hurried into the warmth of the apartment. Letting out a sigh of relief, he nervously wrung out the poncho. "Sort of, aha. I... Came here for food? You gave me some last week and I'd like some today as well... If that's alright, I suppose?"

    Once inside and at least SOMEWHAT dryer, he shimmied off the poncho over his mask before getting to his knees to rummage through his bag. Tugging out his various things- his journal and pencil, a knife, a scarf, etc, he made sure everything was dry and okay before lightly setting it to the side. "Where can I get this food? Do we have to go to 'the butchers' again?"
  16. "...People don't usually do this, you know. Not where I'm from, at least..." He murmured, running a hand through his disheveled blue locks in disbelief. The other had presumably watched him enter the apartment once or twice, and turned up randomly after ONE meeting to ask for food? Was he REALLY that desperate?

    "You know, there... Are probably homeless shelters you could get food from daily," he explained softly, face exploding with rednss at the realisation he had someone in his flat, his private space. He could hardly count this boy as a friend, however amusing he was. Gesutring him to follow him out to the ktichen, he did grimacematnthe limited food he had stocked himself, though presumably more than Arossa had.. "I... Have some leftover Chinese takeaway from yesterday, if you want it? There's egg fried rice, some chicken in sweet and sour sauce, ribs... I crashed out, I think. Work kills me, aha..,"​
  17. "I'm not homeless." He reiterated, squirming. "I have a home, its... it's just not conventional.... A-And, besides, people really don't like me in this town. Which is okay, I don't like them either."

    Taking a seat in the kitchen, he took it all in with wide eyes. He had never actually been in a human's home, so to see the much different interior than the home he once lived in. His- and many other creature's- home was made out of the Earth, chairs formed from clay and rock while grass and plants grew on the tops... But once again, his home was destroyed, leaving his once cozy little underground home in ruins, with no one to help him rebuild it. Now, though, Alessandro's home was lit with the familiar 'lightbulbs' he had seen on the street and by the dock... Though the most interesting thing he spotted was the silverware, going as far as to grab a fork quickly and stuff it in his bag. It was his one true weakness, after all- useless, shiny things.
  18. "Uh, what... What are you doing?" He grimaced, starting to grow increasingly panicked by his behaviour. His oddness was cute ast first , but to turn up randomly and stuffing his silverware into his bag? It was a tad too far.

    "That's... Can you out my fork back please?" He sighed, immediately retreating in fear of being snapped at in return. He was being more than cordial and polite, but he still felt rude. This was the only person he had conversed with properly since arriving, and even he was some cutlery-stealing, food-opportunistic kid. It was just Alessandro's luck..
  19. Freezing just before it disappeared into his bag, he pursed his lips under the mask and cautiously set it back down. "... It looked pretty, and.... a-and I just NEED pretty things, like this. Sorry... I just, I assumed you people had these in excess."

    Now bitter about being unable to keep the fork, he pressed his chin against his bag. "I wasn't stealing it. I was simply adding it to a collection."
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