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    "Look at these fools! Do you not know she killed me? Do you not care that I'm gone? How can you act as if I'm not here?" Sean yelled angrily. "I'm dead at sixteen and no one cares...I'm dead."



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    Dawn was coming and yet Maggie, or as the government would call her Magdalene, hadn't slept a wink. Here she was about to be transported a thousand miles to be placed into her last foster home, well this place was more like a boarding house for foster children. If it's not clear to see, Maggie is a foster child always has been since she was seven. It became second nature to the young brunette girl. Having parents wasn't apart of the program and well she became numb to the desire to have them. After all what could she do? Her parents were killed in a car crash and she was the only one to survive. Big deal, it was life.

    Maggie sat in the adoption center, she was to spend the night here until a social worker would take her away. The walls were painted a bland color, a beige one to be exact, it was depressing. The walls had no life at all it reflected Maggie well, at least she thought it did. Plain, broken here and there, and uninteresting. The sound of a door unlocking broke Maggie's gaze away from the wall. The click of the two deadbolts being retracted into the door was enough to send Maggie to her feet. She needed out of this place, it was just to suffocating.

    "Let's go, Gregg. I don't care if you need your files, I need to leave and you really need to paint the damn walls." She told him before rushing out the door, pushing past the short chubby old guy. Gregg was nice, but still a bit too slow for Maggie's liking.

    The mini van was blue, not the print blue one would see on newer cars, but a blue that was tainted with dirt and grim from many years of lack of washing. Pieces of paint were chipped off here and there. One of the side windows were cracked from Maggie throwing at rock at it last week. Sure she had to talk with a councilor for five hours after that, but personally she thought it was worth it. Sighing, she climbed into the van, after placing her bags in the back, and waited for Gregg to join her.

    Seeing the small man exit the building and walk towards the car at a slow pace, Maggie groaned and stuck her head out the window. "Hurry up! We have a plane to catch and the less time I have to spend in Port Angeles the better!" Sure she had spent the last two years here, made some friends and had some good times, the bad out weighed the good. Being the girl that...saw things, was difficult to explain why she stared out into space and wouldn't talk even if someone was speaking to her. She didn't want them to know.

    "Hush, I am here. We are going to go, just had to grab your files." Gregg said before climbing into the van and getting under way.

    The flight was long, boring, and full of Gregg laying out the rules of her new home. Whom ever this den mother was she had too many rules to follow. Don't sneak out. Don't explore the house. Don't enter my bedroom. Don't go into the basement or attic. Was the house about to be condemned or was the hiding something? Maggie didn't care as soon as her plane descended. However, she didn't think of the house until she stood in front of it. It looked like something straight out of American Horror Story.

    Glancing to Gregg she groaned in frustration. "You hate me, don't you?" This place was not what she wanted to see, or where she wanted to be. It was creepy feeling, eerie to even be in the presence of it and that was just something off about it. The worst thing was there was a boy, a little younger than her, standing in the highest window just staring down at her. She shuddered. This wasn't going to be easy.

    Illuminating the screen of her phone, Maggie noticed it was almost noon. Looking around she did find something to be grateful for...no snow. California, at least this part, was like a sunny gift from god. No snow and hot weather in the middle of December. Perfect!

    Grabbing the stupid luggage from the taxi's trunk, Maggie and Gregg walked to the front door and rung the door bell. Judging from the lack of mess inside she figured that her knew foster like parent, well guardian, would have told the other teens of her coming. At least she would know that she wouldn't be awkwardly stared at, just stared at in the 'who the hell does this girl think she is?' way. A small part of Maggie hoped that that wouldn't be the case as she waited for someone to open the door.

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    The one room of her house had been emptier longer then she had wanted it to be. But not much she could do about it. A new girl was coming and she had to make sure that everything was in place. . Making her way across the room, she opened the curtains, holding them with both hands as a car pulled up. A raven haired girl made her way out of the taxi, that look of disgust filled her face. Her wicked smirk came to her lips, as the girl caught her standing here, her face turned to stone, and she rose a brow, letting the curtains fall. She had to give that bitch impression, for if she didn't they would walk all over her. The door bell then rang, and she tugged at the bottom of her waist length jacket as she made her way to the door. Her heels clicking on the wooden floors, she opened the door and stood there a moment, staring down emerald eyes at her... "You must be Magdalene, do come and place you suitcase by the stairs, Steven will take them to your room. she spoke as she watched the two come in, the door shutting without her touching it, most likely making the two jump, as it slammed.
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    There was a new girl coming today and Sidney half hoped the girl would be slightly friendly, but she also hoped that the girl would be a loner. If the girl was friendly, Sidney might have a chance for a new friend and a reprieve from her mundane, rule restricted life. And if the girl was a loner, than Sidney wouldn't have to worry about bullying or much social interaction. Yes...The boarding house had enough bullies, neatly packed into the form of then den mother. Sidney shuddered at the mere thought of the vile bitch. It wasn't as though Sidney would want to trade this life for her old life with her cruel siblings and wicked mother and father, but the den mother maintained a icy cold air that was much worse than Sidney's mom. Maybe it was the rules or maybe it was the 'fuck your hugs' vibe that the den mother gave off, but Sidney didn't like the woman as soon as she had met her seven years ago.

    Sidney was peeking through her window, waiting for the new girl to arrive. She wanted to get a good look at her to try and gauge the newbies niceness. Or evilness. When the girl finally arrived, Sidney marveled at the girl's punk rock fashion choice and looked down at her own threadbare sweater, old t-shirt turned crop top and ragged jeans. Sidney hoped the girl wasn't the type to poke fun at appearances. The girl imagined how she would react if the newbie did say something about her clothes or her skin. She imagined that she would stand strong and give an effortlessly smooth and mic dropping response, but she knew in reality she would just glare and retreat to her room. That's what she's always done and it's worked for her. Sort of--The sound of the doorbell jolted her out of her thoughts and Sidney realized that the girl and her...Escort? had disappeared from sight after climbing the porch steps. Sidney scurried out of her room and crouched behind the banister at the top of the steps as the Den Mother opened the door. As the girl stepped in, Sidney took a chance and waved quickly, offering what she hoped was a friendly smile, before disappearing back into her bedroom and cuddling with Whistle Jr. on her bed.
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