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  1. It felt like Hotch had known it for his whole life. When he was 12 his parents had told him they had found him a good mate. He never understood what they meant, He never understood why he couldn’t meet what he for the time believed were a playmate. He was now 30 years old and still unmated. Normally an Alpha would have chosen a mate by now, but his parents were keen on him to marry just this Omega. The Reid household had agreed to betroth their newly born omega to the Hotchner’s son. Hotch didn't mind having a mate chosen for him. Even if he wanted to have a family already, he knew he would have pups somewhere in the near future. And besides, he could focus more on his career when he didn't have to worry about a mate.

    He entered the Reid’s kitchen, this was the first time he would see his mate. He knew the omega had just turned 18, which meant that it were time for the omega to be mated. He had never seen the omega before. He had gotten a surprise when it was another man, taller than him, that stood before him. Male omegas were rare, he had been sure his parents had gotten him a female. He didn't really care, he just got a bit of a surprise. To make sure, Aaron sniffed. Yes, the man in front of him was an Omega, an unmated one. He could feel his interested starting to grow. He wanted to mate the omega then and there. Spencer Reid was rightfully his.

    “He’s too thin, I could snap him like a twig. He’s basically a pipe cleaner with eyes. Do you think my son will mate with this fragile china doll? He won’t be able to produce any healthy pups. I thought you said you would take good care of him” Aaron’s dad growled at the beta, Mr. Reid. Hotch had been staring at Spencer for a while with his dark eyes. He never blinked, it was impossible to read him.
    “Father, it’s alright. Besides, I could just fatten him up if there are any problems. Could you please give us some time alone? I would like to hear what he thinks about this”
    It seemed like forever, but they were soon alone in the room.

    “I’m Aaron Hotcher” the alpha introduced himself, he offered the Omega his hand as if they were equal. He was the first alpha who didn’t try to dominate Spencer and he seemed to want to know what the omega wanted.
  2. Ever since he was born, Spencer Reid was told that he already had an alpha that he would one day be mated to and bare pups for, he would be shown off like some kind of prize, he needed to behave and always listen to his alpha because they would be his owner. It was a bit disappointing that he would never be able to get a job like he wanted to, but he knew that he would never be allowed to get a job unless his mate said that he could and even then, he would only be able to pick from a few jobs that he would never see the pay from since that would go straight to his alpha.

    Spencer had always been smart for his age, his beta mother having taken to homeschooling him at a young age since she wanted him to be able to be on the same level as his older mate when it came to what he knew. He loved to just take a book and go to his room to read alone, or to play chess online where people didn't know that they were getting beat by a skinny little omega, he could just imagine how much people would freak out if they found out that an omega was the one who was beating them. As Spencer got older, he started to get more and more nervous, knowing that the time to meet his mate was getting closer and closer, which meant that what little freedom he had would be gone.

    The day that he met Aaron for the first time, he couldn't help but to flinch when the alpha's father spoke to his father about how skinny he was, it wasn't his parents fault that he would skip meals just so he could spend more time reading or practicing chess. William Reid gulped softly at Mr. Hotch's words as he looked over to his nervous looking son who was trying to look anywhere but at the alphas standing before him. "He tends to skip meals when he wants to play a game or read a book, he likes to keep himself busy." He said as he looked over to Diane who had a small glare on her face, she was extremely protective of her son and she was almost like an alpha with how protective she was with him, it didn't matter to the beta if it was an alpha she was standing down, she wouldn't let anyone hurt her baby. "He eats when he wants to, he is healthy and happy the way that he is." She said as she crossed her arms over her chest before she looked over to Aaron with a frown on her face when he asked to be alone with Spencer, but she still left with the other adults.

    Spencer felt panic raising up in his chest when he was left alone with an alpha for the first time in his life since he had become old enough to accept a mate, so when Aaron offered him his hand, he couldn't help but to just stare at it for a moment. "Ummm...I'm Spencer Reid." He said before he slowly reached out and took Aaron's hand in his own and shook it before drawing back, his light brown eyes never moving to meet the alpha's dark brown eyes. "S-So what is your job?" He asked with a small stutter.
  3. "Asking your Alpha about their occupation during their first meeting would be considered disrespectful" Aaron said, he was joking, but his face never seemed to soften. It was hard to detect the softer tone in his voice since they didn't knew each other. Of course the omega would think the alpha was serious.

    He didn't sniff Spencer, didn't touch him except for the handshake that were custom. He understood that the omega didn't want to be touched by an unknown Alpha and he accepted that.
    "I work for the behavior analysis unit for the F.B.I. I understand that you like to read?" He was trying to talk about something that he liked, it would calm the omega down. He didn't know his mate could read, that were a good thing, he decided. It weren't usual for an Omega to know how to read and write, Omegas rarely attended school. Most omegas were homeschooled if they had an education. He had only met one Omega at school during his colleges years.

    He hadn't the time to finish a book, but if his mate liked reading, he could pick up the hobby again. He would make time. He had seen how Important it was for an alpha to keep their Omega happy. Participating in something the omega loved to do, was something more alpha's should try.

    Aaron weren't behaving like the alphas his parents and the internet had told him how an alpha behaved. He didn't lose control around the omega. He seemed to want them to be equals.
    They could hear their parents fight in the other room. His father was making a big scene.
    "What do you mean 'wants to play games and read a book'?! Didn't you taught him that no one cared about what he wanted. Why would I care if he could read a crappy book? I'm surprised Aaron hasn't already called of the wedding"
    Aaron knew his father weren't normally this unreasonable, but as much as Diane wanted to protect her son, his father didn't want his son to bound with an unfit mate. He hoped the Reids weren't taking offense in what he said.
  4. Spencer couldn't help but to flinch at Aaron's words about him being disrespectful. "I'm sorry, I just thought that it would be alright since we are already set to become mates is all. I didn't mean to come off as being rude, or disrespectful, or improper." He apologized as he looked over to Aaron for the first time since the alpha had gotten here, his worried eyes looking the other man over as if to see just how much trouble he really was in.

    He couldn't help but to lightly sniff at the air to take in the sent of the alpha that was close to him, it was weird for him to deal with an alpha by himself, everything that he had been taught and read said that the other man should be all over him right now. "That sounds like an interesting job. I do, my mother wanted to make sure that I could at least carry a slightly intelligent conversation with my mate." He said as he lowered his head slightly, not telling Aaron just how much his mother had taught him. "I...I like to play chess as well...is that ok? If you want me to stop, I will." Spencer promised as he bit his bottom lip and nervously looked up at the older man again, when he heard Mr. Hotchner yelling from the other room though, he couldn't help but to flinch and start shake in fear as a small whimper slipped from his lips.

    "Well you're not the one who is going to be his mate, my son is a bright boy, he needed something to occupy his time when his father and I were at work." Diane said, Spencer was pretty sure that it may have been her schizophrenia starting to show again, it worried Spencer that maybe Mr. Hotchner was right and that Aaron wouldn't want him because he wasn't good enough for him.
  5. "I don't mind what you do unless it's illegal or would hurt anyone" Hotch admitted, he sounded like a pretty lax Alpha. In truth Aaron never once doubted his place as an alpha, he knew the omega wouldn't challenge him which made him relax enough to back off. He knew he had the control.
    "My friend plays a lot of chess, maybe I could take you with me to work one day so you can play together. You will like him, he wouldn't care that you're an omega" Aaron explained, he was referring to Jason Gideon. He worked in a group exciting of Jason Gideon and David Rossi, both were his superiors. Even if they all where Alphas, they still managed to but it off extraordinary well. They all knew when to back off.

    He could hear the fight outside getting heated. He sighed.
    "Maybe we should go out there before they kill each other? I think your mother will start to worry about me mating you before the wedding" Aaron suggested jokingly. Spencer would soon pick up on when he were joking and when he was serious.
    He offered the omega his hand to kiss it gently, it was the only thing he would do until they were married.
    "It was nice finally meeting you, You will tell my if there is anything on your mind about the wedding?"
  6. Spencer seemed to relax when it seemed like Aaron was actually encouraging him to have fun and do as he wanted. "I can put on more weight if you want me to, I just don't always feel like eating a lot." He said before a smile crossed his face at the thought of being able to play a game against someone face to face. "They really won't mind? Even if I win against them? I've gotten really good at playing chess and I've even started to play poker too." He admitted, wanting to get that out right away and not hide anything from Aaron.

    A blush crossed Spencer's face at the kiss to his hand, his first kiss of any kind from an alpha, and from the alpha's words. "If I can say something...you don't seem like I was told or read that alphas are supposed to be like...is it because we're not mates yet?" He asked as he moved to walk with the older man to the room their parents were in.

    When he was asking about the wedding, he lightly licked his lips as he thought for a moment about what he wanted. "Can I help to pick out the cake? I think that my mother might have some things that she wants, I think that she had something that she wanted me to wear for the ceremony." He said before he lowered his head as they walked together into the living room and he carefully made his way to his mother's side.
  7. It was hard for Hotch to just walk beside Spencer as he held the omegas hand. He had enough control to not mate with him then and there, but every fiber inside him screamed at him to make Spencer his. He had never been inside the same room with an unmated Omega before. This was something that would be hard, even for him.
    He listen to Spencer, remembered everything he told him.

    "Believe me, you have never played against someone like Gideon before" Hotch promised, it meant that he would give Spencer a good game.
    "Don't be afraid to ask me anything, ask me anything you want. As for your question. My instinct tells me to mark you as mine, but I've learnt how to deal with my feelings, as well as you have learnt to he in control over yours" Hotch didn't seem at all offended.
    He liked it when Spencer talked, he would encourage talking. He always answered the questions in a way that would force Spencer to say something more. Aaron was quiet as he listen to his soon-to-be mate. He asked the omega about poker, how he came in contact with the game and why he liked it.
    The way Spencer talked about the wedding made him happy, this omega seemed a bit excited about getting married. He took it as this Omega liked him.
    "Of course, it's your wedding too. All I crave is for you to wear white, you can plan the rest with your mother" Aaron liked traditions, and the tradition said that the bride should wear white as a sign of their pureness.

    Aaron felt a little sad when Spencer let go of him and joined his mother again. He thanked her for trusting him with her son before he joined his father's side like a good son.

    Mr.Hotcher were still in a bad mood. He didn't like how the omega was talking to his son. He believed omegas should be seen and not heard. He was pretty old fashioned. He didn't like how his son folded under the omega, and accepted that the Omega wanted to plan things for the wedding. He hated the fact that it was the omega who let go of the hand when it should the other way around. He saw the Omega as an spoiled, mannerless little runt.

    Mr.Hotcher looked right in to the omegas eyes. His eyes were cold and threatening. This alpha clearly hated Spencer. He walked up to the scared Omega, never letting go of eye contact.
    "I don't like the way you demand, your ungrateful little runt. Your parent should have taught you some manners. You know you shouldn't talk unless spoken too, and never ask an Alpha a question" he spitted out as he raised his hand to hit the little Omega. His son stopped him. It was clear that the alpha was used to have everything his way. He were a real alpha among alphas. They all knew Mr.Hotchner had the right to discipline Reid.

    "Father, I'll discipline my own mate. And I like it when he talks. I won't punish him for merely asking me questions" Hotch said with a calm voice. His father backed off.
    "Thank you for you time Mr. And Mrs. Reid. I loved finally meeting the person I will spend the rest of my life with. I think we will have to discuss the date of the wedding on a later occasion. I would love to take Spencer out for dinner on Friday, to know my future mate better. Do you have any objections Mrs.Reid? It's on me of course"
  8. Spencer was more relaxed than he had been since the alphas had first show up to his parents home. "I can wear white, I wouldn't want to break to far from traditional wedding attire after all." He said with a smile on his face as his mother carded her fingers through his hair as a means to comfort him and praise him for having been good while alone with the alpha.

    When Mr. Hotchner approached Spencer, William had to pull his wife away from their son to keep her from doing something stupid, like attacking the alpha to protect Spencer.

    Light brown eyes widened when the older alpha locked eyes on him and he started to shake in fear again, he couldn't help but to hunch down slightly as he tried to make himself look as small as he could so he wouldn't look like a threat to the alpha. Spencer knew that he should have kept quiet, that he should have been a good omega and just try to look pretty for his mate instead of opening his mouth, when he saw Mr. Hotchner raising his hand to hit him, he closed his eyes tightly and tried not to tense up. When the hit didn't come, Spencer opened his eyes to see that Aaron had protected him, his omega instincts kicked in at that moment and he quietly moved to stand behind Aaron with his head bowed slightly to show respect to his mate, though he didn't bare his neck since he didn't have any marks to show off yet.

    Diane glared at the man who had been about to hit her baby, but the looked at Aaron and how Spencer was hiding behind him, already trusting the other enough to protect him from other alphas. "As long as you make sure that you have someone there with you, I know that Spencer trusts you but he's still an unmated omega, can't have people talking before you two are mates." She said as she relaxed and nodded her head slowly.
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  9. Hotch felt pleased when Spencer chose to hide beside him. It made him feel like a good mate, even if they weren’t mated yet. He knew he had some explaining to do, his father were acting like a dick after all. He decided to wait until they had some private time again, ideally the dinner. He felt relieved when Diane accepted his dinner offer, it meant that the mother was starting to trust him. “Of course, I’ll ask a colleague of mine to join us” He told the older beta with a small smile. It looked like it might hurt the alpha to smile. “I think we’re done here for today. It were a pleasure Mrs. Reid”

    Aaron turned around to Spencer again, he gave the younger man a kiss on his hand again. He did it in a respectful way.
    “I'll see you on Friday. I'll pick you up, be ready at five. I almost forgot, I didn’t know if this was an appropriate gift in the beginning, but from what I learnt today it couldn’t be a more fitting gift. Have fun with it” Aaron said as he picked up a nicely wrapped present from his bag. The size told Spencer it were a book. It became easier to breath when both the powerful alphas left the house. They had really taken over the space, even if they hadn't really tried. It was just how alphas worked.


    Aaron was dressed in one of his finer suits and an expansive looking tie. It looked like he had cared about what he put on for the occasion. There was a bouquet of nice looking flowers in his hands, nothing too much, but nothing too little. He took a deep breath before he knocked on the door. He had looked forward for this meeting almost the whole week. There had been a time where he nearly was forced to cancel because of a case, but they managed to get back in time for his dinner.
    He hoped Spencer liked his gift, it wasn't really anything too fancy. It was a book about serial killers. Now when he thought about it, it were a really crappy present. Just perfect, he just handed his future mate a detailed explanation about what kind of sick things Alphas had done with omegas. He should have sticked to the cooking books, but it just felt so... boring.
  10. Diane gave a nod of her head with a small smile on her face before waving a hand slightly. "You can call me Diana, you are going to be my son is going to be your mate after all." She said, making sure to say that her son would be Aaron's mate and not the other way around to keep the older alpha from getting pissed off again.

    Spencer looked up at Aaron and gave him a small shy smile as he gave a nod of his head when he was told when he should be ready for the other man to be here. "I'll be ready, I promise." He said before accepting the gift that he was being given. "Thank you, you didn't have to get me anything." He said as his parents walked the alpha's out, once they were out of the room, Spencer opened the wrapped up book and his eyes widened when he saw what it was.

    "Spencer, what did he give you?" His mother asked him when she walked back into the room and looked over at the book her son was holding.

    "It's a book about serial killers, he told me that he works as a FBI behavioral analysis." Spencer said as he opened his new book and started to read it right away, missing the smile that was now on his mother's face as she watched him before she went to go start dinner.


    Spencer couldn't help but to whine softly as his mother 'helped' him to get ready for his first date ever, he was a bit upset since he had lost his contacts and had to wear his glasses tonight. "You really don't think that he will mind that I have glasses on this time?" He asked as he looked back down at the book in his hands that Aaron had given him, he had just started to reread it last night.

    "I don't think that he will, why would he? They make you look smart, and I don't think that he would have given you a book like that if he hadn't of been hoping for a smart mate." Diane said with a smile on her face before she heard a knock at the door. "Sit down and I'll go let him in." She said before she headed to the door to let Aaron in, it wasn't proper for an unmated omega to answer the door after all. "Aaron, good to see you again, are those flowers for Spencer? He's going to love them." Diane said as she let the alpha in and lead him to the living room were Spencer was reading still. "Spencer, Aaron is here." She said with a smile as she watched him close his book and carefully place it to the side before he got to his feet.

    "Hello...Aaron...is it alright if I call you by your first name?" Spencer asked as he smiled shyly at the alpha in front of him before glancing over to his book and then back to Aaron. "I love the book you gave me, it really let me have a small look into the kind of work that you do, I would like to learn more about it if that is alright with you that is." Spencer said as he adjusted his glasses slightly.

    *this is what he is wearing.
    http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net...4-800wi.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20110225002508 *
  11. Aaron was feeling self conscious as he waited for the door to open. He tried to keep his serious face as he was let in by Spencer's mother.
    "Good evening Diane, nice seeing you too" He said the beta's name for the first time. He couldn't believe the woman In front of him were a beta, he would have guessed Alpha if someone asked him. But then again, everyone were always protective when it came to omegas. "Yes these are for Spencer. I was unsure if he liked flowers or not"

    He knew omegas liked receiving gift form their partner as much as alphas enjoyed giving them. It didn't have to be anything fancy. It were their omega instincts telling their brain that the alpha had resources enough to spend on them, which equals a good mate.

    Aaron needed to stop in his tracks when he saw Spencer. For him the omega looked stunning, he loved the clothes that made him look like a student, but best of all was the glasses. Even if his father would give the Reid's hell about 'faulty genes', he loved every flaw about him. He really didn't want the perfect trophy Omega to show off to everyone. He wanted a partner, an equal he could share his life with.

    He was brought back to reality when he saw the book his fiancé was reading. It was the book he had gotten him. Of course the omega was reading it, it had been a present from his alpha after all. It would be an insult if he didn't use it. He really didn't want to force anyone to read something they didn't want read. Next time he should stick to his father's idea and get him a cooking book. He hoped the book hadn't scared the omega so he now saw the alpha as a serial rapist who would abduct him and send his raped body back in pieces to his family. He was in a serious need of a break from work.

    "Spencer" he greeted the Omega with just his first name. Aaron gave the omega the bouquet of flowers. He liked it when his soon to be mate were pleased. "Aaron is fine, or you could call me Hotch, it's was my friends calls me"

    He felt the biggest relief in history when Spencer told him he liked the book, and wanted to hear more about the subject. He hopped the book really interested him, and weren't just saying things to please him.
    "I'm glad you're read it, and likes it. If you like we could talk more about it during dinner. Like a said, my colleague will be joining us since we aren't mated yet. He would be pleased to tell you anything you want to know"

    He promised Diane that he would get Spencer home in time. He offered his date his arm and lead him to the car where Gideon was waiting for them. He was in the drivers seat. The older man had insisted on him driving so Aaron could spend time with his fiancé.
    Aaron open the car door for Spencer, he knew how to treat an omega.
    "Spencer, this is Jason Gideon my colleague, Jason this is my fiancé Spencer Reid"

    The older man nodded to Spencer.
    "Nice to meet you, so you're the omega Aaron sacred for life with the book about serial killers?"
  12. A smile crossed Spencer's face as he accepted the flowers, he was happily suprised when he saw that Hotch hadn't gotten him roses and instead got him lilies. "I love lilies, they are my favorite." He said honestly before he took a sniff at them, he then handed them over to his mother when it was time for them to go. "I'll be careful mom, don't worry to much." He said with a smile on his face as he have her a hug goodbye before moving to leave with Hotch.

    When they walked out to the car, Spencer was slightly suprised to see that it was another alpha that would be out with them. "Thank you Hotch." He said with a smile before he climbed into the back of the car and buckled himself in, looking up at Gideon with a smile. "It's a pleasure to meet you Agent Gideon, I actually enjoy it a lot, it let me learn what it is that the two of you, I was actually hoping that I could learn more about it if that was alright." He said before he started to lightly nibble on his bottom lip nervously, hoping that the alpha wouldn't get mad at him wanting to learn.

    His run in with Hotch's father was still fresh in his mind and he wanted to make sure that he didn't make another alpha angry with him. He lowered his head slightly and shifted slightly in his seat and tried not to seem like he was as much trouble as he had seemed like he was when he first met Aaron.
  13. Aaron knew Gideon well, and he weren't surprised when the older man snorted at the comment. He knew his friend didn't think low of omegas, he didn't care about the difference at all, but he also knew it sounded like he was disapproving the omega.
    "Don't beat around the bush, just ask me right out. You don't have to ask for permission. We're all equal in this car" Gideon said as he started the motor. He didn't look like an alpha, nor acted like one. It was like he didn't have a gender.

    Aaron sat beside Spencer, he couldn't help but to grin a little when he heard what his friend said. It was typical Gideon. The ride to the restaurant weren't as stiff as the meeting with Aaron's father. Like Aaron the older Alpha encouraged Spencer to speak his mind. They even liked it when the young omega started a conversation. No one interrupted him when Spencer was talking about statistics quoted a book or shared his knowledge. They seemed impressed. No one of the alphas in the car knew about Spencer's fantastic mind.

    "Spencer, have you ever considered going to college?" Gideon asked, they were soon at their destination. It was like he didn't even think that maybe Spencer's mate wouldn't allow such a thing. But Aaron didn't look mad, he just looked... Interested. It was like they were thinking the same thing. Hotch wanted to wait discussing it further until they were at the restaurant.
  14. Spencer was very excited about the fact that he was able to relax and ask the two alphas whatever he wanted to, it was the first time that he had been allowed to really talk to alphas and not need to worry about saying the wrong thing. He couldn't help but to start wishing that he could have a job like theirs, but he also knew that an omega would never be allowed to have such a dangerous job without their mate's ok and he was sure that Aaron would not be open to letting him have such a dangerous job.

    A suprised look crossed Spencer's face at the question before he started to look rather guilty as he looked to Aaron and then back to Gideon. "Well...my mom has been teaching me a bit more than we said, but I would like to learn more than just what she was able to." He said before his eyes became wide as he thought over his own words. "Not that my mother isn't an excellent teacher, I just wish to learn more and she can't always teach me because of...Uhh well, she is busy a lot of the time so I learn what I can from books." Spencer said as he looked away from both alphas, not wanting to tell them about his mother's illness incase that made Hotch change his mind about him.
  15. "That's too bad, but I understand that you mother didn't want to stay home all day. She seem like the adventurous type of lady" Aaron admitted. They parked outside a nice looking restaurant, Gideon gave the car key to the valet , who were obviously a beta, along with a generous tip.
    Aaron offered Spencer his arm as they walked inside the fancy restaurant. It was a protective grip, promising that nothing would happen to the omega. Some other alphas in the restaurant reacted to the unmated omega, but they didn't dare to stare down Hotch nor Gideon.

    The restaurant was fancy looking, it was a place Spencer's family could only dream about affording to eat at. Even though Hotch obviously came from money, he still seemed a bit unease. It was clear that Hotch didn't usually eat at places like this.
    "How may I help you?" The Beta female at the desk asked the company.
    "I've got a reservation, Hotchner" Aaron said and the female nodded.
    "Of course, table for three, this way gentlemen" She said as she led them to their table. They've gotten a seat at the middle of the restaurant. Spencer and Hotch in front of each other so they could watch each other, while Gideon was placed in the middle of them.
    It could have been awkward if it weren't for the pleasant car ride. They knew how to talk with each other.

    Hotch didn't ordered for Spencer, he let the younger man handle the ordering too himself. He only ordered a bottle of red wine for the table, but that was all he decide. He ordered himself a nice beef, he really seemed to have a love for red meat, like alphas usually had.

    "We were thinking of sending you off to college. The way you store information is something we would like to have on our team. You would be an asset. It would be a waste of your talent if I forced you to be a housewife when you clearly want an education. I'm not comfortable letting you out on the fields, but I think you would be an amazing geographical profiler. You won't even be forced to talk to strangers" Aaron explained as he drank his wine. He had been amazed how Spencer already had read his book, and stored it inside the beautiful mind of his. He didn't even doubt that Spencer would be a great profiler if he tried. They just needed to teach him to get out of his shell.
  16. "She teaches me more than any parents would teach an omega child." Spencer said before he took Hotch's arm when it was offered to him, he was glad that they were both so nice to him, he was glad that they were nothing like he had been told alphas were like. When they walked into the restaurant, Spencer couldn't help but to lower his head slightly as they walked to their table, he could feel the eyes of the other alphas on him, he couldn't help but to feel nervous and wanted to take off his glasses since he felt like he was being judged by them.

    He looked up slightly and looked around a bit, he was shocked by how nice this place looked, it was nicer than any other place that he had ever been before. "This place looks very nice, I wish I would have dressed up a bit more." Spencer said as he lightly ran a hand over the sweater vest that he had on right now, he was never very good at dressing up.

    Spencer looked over the menu quickly to see what he would want to eat before he ordered the seafood Jambalaya, he had always loved spicy foods and couldn't help but to wonder if it was an omega thing since the other omega that he had met before liked spicy things too. He looked at his glass of wine and just tilted his head to the side slightly before turning his attention back over to Aaron, not wanting to tell him that he had never drank before. "I would really be able to go to college and work for your team?" He asked as a smile crossed his lips, he never thought that he would never be so lucky as to have such a kind mate who would let him have so much freedom.
  17. Hotch were a bit surprised when he learnt that the restaurant served Jambalaya. He liked it very much, but the dish weren't exactly haute cuisine. Maybe the chef just had a love for Louisianan cuisine. It had had a charm to it, he couldn't argue against that.

    Aaron nodded, his face still hard to read. He watched the omega for a while. Gideon didn't say anything at the moment, he was letting Aaron handle everything since they were going to be mates.
    The dark haired alpha had always wanted a mate at the same level as him, but he had thought it was an impossible dream. Omegas weren't generally interested in working. He had been prepared to settle with the fact that Spencer might not want to work. He had been so pleased when the young omega proved him wrong.

    "Of course. I hope you will understand that you can't search for another job outside the FBI once you fished college. Your education will be on me. My only term is for us to be mated before you go" Aaron explained, he tried to hide how happy he was. Sure he had wanted to have pups, but that could wait a while. Educating his mate was much more pleasing for the time being.

    "I would suggests that you would take a doctorate if you're able too" Gideon said, he had just been listing for a while.
    Aaron nodded in agreement, a bit impressed that he hadn't thought about it earlier. Well Jason had longer life experience than him.
    "Jason is right, it would be for your advantage. How does your food taste? Do I need to growl at the chef for serving unworthy food for my future mate?" He joked.
  18. Once their food got to them, Spencer made sure that he gave a soft polite thank you to the waiter before he started to eat a bit of his dinner. "I understand, as a mated omega I will be taken more seriously in college and have more rights than if I were to go before we are. I think that I will be lucky just to be able to have a job that isn't being a secretary." He said with a smile on his face as he ate some more, he knew that he would still be treated differently than other students, but he would also be treated better than if he was unmated.

    The thought of mating though caused the young virgin omega to blush darkly and shift slightly uncomfortably in his seat, only looking up when Hotch asked how his food was, his eyes going wide when he said that the would growl at the cook if Spencer didn't like it. "No, I like it, you don't need to growl at the cook!" He said with wide eyes before he started to eat his food again, not wanting to get the cook in trouble.
  19. Aaron gave Spencer a smile as he chuckled a little. Gideon seemed a bit surprised by the other alpha's action. Smiling and laughing weren't normal for the dark haired alpha.
    "Don't worry, I was just joking" Hotch said as he ate his bloody beef. It looked really undercooked, but the alpha seemed to like it that way. As much spicy food were a omega thing, bloody steak was an alpha thing.
    "But I would have growled if it was bad" he made it clear to his fiancé. No one was going to treat him badly.

    He was quite for a while as he let Spencer discuss chess with Gideon. He gave the omega some space to talk with out him. He saw how hard it was in the beginning but he gave a reassuring nod.
    Aaron could play, but the way Gideon and Spencer discussed the game, told him he had no chance against neither one of them. He liked to listen to how happy his future mate sounded, a happy mate equaled healthy pups.
    "I think you should watch out so I don't steal your mate Aaron, I'm almost tempted to mate him myself" Gideon joke promoting Aaron to chuckle a bit. They both knew Gideon accepted their friendship too much to even think about stealing a mate. Beside he had already an potential mate. A lovely Beta female he though fondly of.
  20. The young omega could feel his heart skip a beat at Aaron's words, it made him feel loved and cared for by the alpha in a way that he had never felt before. It felt different from the way that his mother and father loved and cared for him even though they both loved him dearly and took great care of him, but it didn't make his heart speed up or make him blush like he was now.

    Spencer was happy to have someone new to talk to about chess, his eyes sparkling slightly as he looked over to his soon to be mate, only for his eyes to widen at Gideon's joke since he still wasn't use to jokes like that. "B-But I already like Aaron and want him to be my mate." He said nervously as he picked up his wine glass without even realizing it and took a sip, only to start coughing at his first taste of alcohol.
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