What would you do if the world was ending

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  1. I'm curious to see everyone's response to this question. As I certainly would just Stay out of the chaotic events of the world.
  2. The world IS ending. Every day we are closer to our last.

    That is why its important to live life to the fullest, yo.

    If by chance you mean a scenario where theres like total chaos in the streets as a meteor is headed straight towards us, then I would protect myself with the stock pile of weapons of ammo I've been assembling since y2k. Possibly take shelter in the bunker I haven't started building yet.

    ....and watch the LOR movies one last time before I died.
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  3. Go find the hardest drugs and the prettiest woman and OD while fucking our brains out. Might as well go out with a bang instead of a whimper.

    Though more realistically? Probably say goodbye to everyone I care about and watch. Whatever it is that's going to end the world must be a marvelous sight.
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  4. Probably try to settle any grievances I had in life and make my peace with my god.

    ....or just stay with this guy.
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  5. Depends on how long we have. If we have a week, I'm roadtripping. If we have a day, I'm eating as much steak and chocolate cake as I can possibly get my hands on, and then I'll steal 100 cats, put them in my room, make a pillow fort and take a nap with my 100 cats.
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  6. I'd pray. That's pretty much it. And pray for all those I care about.
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  7. Depends:

    Few weeks before the end?

    Blow all my money and go to Japan. I want to see Tokyo, God dammit. Hell, I may even get to die there depending on when I can get a flight.

    Few days before the end? Say goodby to all of my friends and family.

    Few hours? GAMING MARATHON!
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  8. I like the few hours part :P
  9. No matter the amount of time left, I'd probably end up emo tilt staring out of my window, which doesn't even have much of a view.

    Then just alternate between contemplation and prayer.

    Edit: I DID NOT MEAN TO WRITE 'EMO TILT'. Though, I can't remember what I was going to write, so there it is.
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  10. Cry like a bitch. >:/
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  11. Well look n the bright side it will stop global warming XD
  12. >.> I don't think Alberta seems to realize Global Warming is a thing. :'D I swear this is the coldest July ever.
  13. Start a cult where sacrifices must be made to me to stop the apocalypse.
    Last-minute world domination and whatnot.
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  14. I actually had to throw on a hoodie this mornin'. In Deadmonton.

    Bloody weird that is.
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  15. Exactly! T.T I hate the fact that this summer has me contemplating wearing socks and clothes that I wear in winter.

    Maybe the world is ending.
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  16. I'd go on with life as if it were the same, I live each day as if it were my last. The family that I am close to know I love them, my closest friends know that I respect them and I do not feel like I haven't lived how I should.

    If I died today, then so be it.
  17. Play games like any other day.
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  18. I would join the roving packs of rioters and crazies in a rampage of destruction and debauchery of all sorts. The world is ending and I don't believe in any of that religious stuff about the existence of an afterlife, so why not just go fucking mental for the last days of our planet and/or species existing?

    That's why scientists have been trying to rebrand it as climate change: it's a drastic shift in climates around the world, not just everything hearing up. :P
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  19. If I had a few weeks I would go out more.

    If I had a week left I would say my goodbyes and my sorrys, I might even try to do things I haven't done before.

    Few hours, stay in and cry. Or climb onto the roof and watch.
  20. I don't know...

    Shit post probably.
    What Admins going to take the time to stop me?
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