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  1. A simple bar set up in the outskirts of the kingdom, the inn is upstairs, the owner knows a few faces, but generally passer-bys are the main customers. With a waging war many people come in seeking shelter for the night before continuing on their long journey. Soldiers given leave often stay the night before looking for their loved ones in the giant kingdom. The war isn't just any war, it's multiracial. The humans ticked off many people this time, the elves, the people that have powers, even the group of assassins that were originally mutual.
    A round of beers and another story, the owner had heard many stories since the war started. Loved ones lost, scouts coming back exasperated and overwhelmed, thieves telling tales of being exiled, soldiers telling tales of bravado. The keeper had heard it all. He was a counselor, a friend, a listening ear in a time of need.

    The usual crowd of people were in the bar, drinking their share of alcohol, saying their share of words, laughing at their share of jokes. Each one trying to lighten the mood, the war was getting bitter, and no one knew how it was going to turn. Rumors were there was mas destruction ahead, bombs and weapons of mass death, chemical warfare, and many other methods were striking the fear of citizens. Everyone knew once you entered the doors, it didn't matter who you were, friend or foe, you were nice to your neighbor; which made this place an interesting sight to see. People at war outside the walls were friends sharing their troubles inside of it.

    Name: Kiri
    Race: human
    Gender: female
    Appearance: Typically wears black due to occupation as an assassin. Long straight brown hair, with a hint of blonde. Green eyes. Tall, slender.
    Occupation: ex-assassin, ex-thief, now works at a bar.

    Kiri had just finished cleaning her set of tables, she wasn't exactly happy to be working at a bar of all places, but she needed the money and being an ex-assassin, ex-thief and someone on the wanted list wasn't giving her the best resume. She smiled at a drunk as she picked up a few empty mugs. "Heyy pretty lady, wanna see sumtm?"
    Her polite smile hid the fact she was gritting her teeth. "No, thanks." She brushed off the instinct to throw a fork at the man, and just walked back into the kitchen to clean the mugs. A waitress? Not exactly, Kiri was more of the odd-jobs. She took care of unruly customers, cleaned tables, did the dishes, swept, poured drinks, took orders, made the beds upstairs, made breakfast and well, anything that needed to get done.
    Kiri went behind the counter to help fulfill orders while the bar keeper went upstairs to check on his guests, and see which rooms he still had open. 'I think my least favorite part of my job is the counter... no. cleaning.. no the drunks.. it has to be the drunks.. they're all so stupid.. getting so drunk that they can't even tell the difference between, past, present, future, and reality. Who would do that? no.. it's cleaning.. er... oh well. I have to make due. Maybe I should go join the war.' There wasn't a lot Kiri had hoped for but secretly she wanted someone to come in that she knew, that she knew well, and that would be able to take her away from her life as a bar attendant. Each day she feared someone to come in to take her life, but maybe she needed that kind of excitement.
    Kiri watched each time the door was opened, carefully scanning each person, each newcomer, and almost always forgetting to smile and welcome them.
  2. NAme :Mace
    Race: Pyromancer
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: wears dark grey not extremely big but can see his stature/ build height 5'11"
    Occupation: Active assassin on leave working as head of security for the bar.

    I was in the back by the kitchen where my office is located. Filling out paper work on the drunk guy from last night. He tried to hit Kiri as I was walking past then put up a fight as I was removing him from the bar. "the idiots I thought out loud " as I wrote on the paper. I slowly bean to let my mind drift to a place far away back to when I was on the force. trying to survive. the hardest part is trying to blend in as human. but now I don't have to hide who I am .... soon I back at my office staring down . I quickly got bored and walked to the front and began to look around walking seeing all that happens . doing my duties not really saying much.
  3. Kiri was just pouring a new round of drinks for the customers when she saw Mace walk to the front. She gave a small smile, mostly just to herself, and continued to fill mugs. She could barely stand listening to the tales of people that came in, she was really only interested in news about the war, and of the people that were usually in the shadows. Nothing else really struck her fancy, she did't care for the useless tales of loved-ones dying. She didn't care for the sad stories of woe, of those who had lost their family. She didn't even care for the people that were obviously injured and needing to take their cares away. None of it mattered to her. She just wanted the important news, though she didn't show it. She put on a fake little smile, and nodded, asked questions and pretended to be engaged in each person's story. That was the least she could do after-all. Being an assassin and a thief and many other things just helped mold her into a well rounded facade.

    After filling the mugs set before her, and collecting the appropriate payment Kiri looked up and gestured to Mace. "How's the paperwork coming along?" The drunk guy last night was very much asking for a beating, but that was the nature of drunk men. Stupid. "We have to get some sort of action around here though." Kiri said as she picked up a mug and wiped the inside with a rag. Her brown hair falling around her face. Though her gaze never seemed to leave the door. 'One day.' She always thought to herself. 'One day.' Kiri wasn't sure she wanted to hang around the bar anymore, but for sure if she didn't stay in the most she would probably do is sit outside the bar, or even go see the war. Maybe jump in as she pleased and then just walk away. Of course, that'd probably be a death wish, the people she would be helping wouldn't know it and probably try to kill her.

    She didn't understand the man's drunk violence, it was directed towards her at first. And typically on any other day she would have gladly left him on the floor bloody, but she hesitated. Why? She wasn't exactly sure, but Mace was there to remove the guy anyway, and that was basically his job. She didn't need to get her hands dirty anyway.

    The bar keeper had returned and looked around. He was glad to take his place back serving drinks and listening to the stories that Kiri so begrudgingly listened to. She didn't know what made that man so interested, but there was one thing for sure, Kiri respected him. George. He was an odd one, especially just for taking Kiri in. He knew her, what she had done, and yet still let her have work. But maybe today was the day she went to war. Everyone knew she wanted to go, at the least almost everyone here. She wasn't sure what George thought of it, and peculiarly enough it sort of mattered to her.
  4. After looking to the door to see if mike was still at his post I turn. Kiri waved me over I walked to the bar "Aghhh you know same as always dry, yeah it does tired listening to the same stories everyday ". Mace was satisfied with hiss job doing what he did. it was just too repetitive, too repetitive. While thinking this I over heard a man describe my clothing and say he was going to hit me the other two guys said they would help. as young and fit as I look why would anyone try me? I thought. "well Kiri your about to get your action the three guys behind me are gonna try something ". mace smiles "you ready?"

    I put my arm down and grabbed my dagger that was on my hip. 'Every once in a while there is a group or one single person who thinks that I have money or valuable items. Wrong. Then they try to rob me worst mistake. the last guy who tried was an half ware wolf it was the night before a full moon "crazynight" I always carry my wolfs Bain on crazy night. long story short I beat the human out of him and he hasn't returned since then.
  5. Kiri watched Mace, surely he would be able to take on the three guys himself, but Kiri didn't want to miss out on any of the action either. She jumped over the counter and landed a little ways away from Mace. She reached for a single kunai, this was going to be easy, but she hoped to make it fun and challenging. She grabbed the kunai like a dagger, sure it wasn't meant for that. Sure if she wasn't careful it would break, sure it was going to be a challenge, but that's what she wanted. She figured it was better than tying one hand behind her back. She waited for the men to begin their assault. She wasn't going to start the fight, but she was going to help end it, and drag at the least one of the men out of the bar.

    "No one needs to make a disturbance here."
  6. the biggest guy stands up "listen little lady the trouble is not with you its with your friend now back off " the other two do the same . "listen just stop you dont want to do this to yourselves. im going to have to ask you to leave." i turn around advancing and the big guy reaches back with that i think of all thing he could pull out. I take two quick steps leaping to knee him in the face . the bystanders moved to the sides of the building and just watched he dodges with speeds that were not human he grabbes me by the arm and swings me back to where i previously was. he looked at his shoe cause it was scuffed. i threw the dagger and it hit his eye just as he looked up.falling his comrades head toward us i put my arms up getting in a fighting stance
  7. "If you have a problem with him, you have a problem with me." Kiri said arming herself, preparing herself. She watched what happened with the first man and Mace, it was some pretty fast movements. Kiri tried to never underestimate her enemy, but she wanted to try this with kunais being used as daggers; so that was what she was going to do. Mace prepared himself by getting in a fighting stance and Kiri ran forward. One man had made the first move and that was all she needed.

    She dashed forward ready to strike her foe, that was already advancing, the man standing the rightmost. She wasn't sure if he was going to be as fast as his partner or if he was going to have some other trick up his sleeve, but she prepared herself. She ran straight towards the man, but at the last second jumped to the right and lunged forward with the kunai aimed at the man's throat. She wasn't sure she wanted to go in for the kill, but she was sure jumping sideways was going to throw the man off track for a moment, it did, but he too was also quick, and was able to send up an arm to attempt to block Kiri.

    Kiri's response took a few more moments than his, but she allowed herself to avoid his counter, this meant she failed her offense. It was time to try again, but she would have to be quicker. She took the kunai and side stepped again but this time jumping up. It wasn't a majorly high jump and she knew being in the air was a weakness. She did that on purpose. The man attacking laughed, "I didn't want to get you involved, but if you insist." He stated as he readied himself to assault her on the return from the air. It would have worked too, if Kiri hadn't accounted for it and manuvered herself into a position to land behind him and with that she sunk the blade of the kunai into the man's shoulder. She would have left it there if there wasn't the possibility of him using it on her. She pulled it out of his flesh and he gave a loud cry of agony. She was about ready to attack again when he swung around and hit her. Successfully knocking her against the bar. He grabbed his shoulder the blood dripping down his arm and side.

    Kiri stood up and looked at the man, regaining her stance, if he wanted to make this difficult she would, she didn't want to kill the man, so she wasn't going to. She was going to make him wish he hadn't caused a disturbance in the bar. And he would leave, even if it was involuntarily.
  8. mace watched his new opponent as kiri dealt with hers. mace was ready to jump if he needed to . but the man just watched. As kiri is swung into the bar my body glows swinging my arm i let a little of my fire energy loose and as my hand connects with his shoulder opposite of the one kiri attacked he releases a yelp. as his skin slowly burns. Gripping i throw him at his comrade. The male with my dagger holds up a paper.
    i ask and the man who was not touched responds
    "what is that "
    "A Letter "
    "ok so explain what it is "
    "Its your way out of this shit hole
    "im not going to keep playing this game. Do not come in my bar causing trouble and expect a cookie at the end. "
    "If you were not a valuable piece of the puzzle you would be killed on the spot. "
    with that the man opens the letter and reads. "To mace i have reviewed your record and i feel that you are worthy of leading our special ops divison in the war. you will be incharge of finding your own team. You must appoint a second in command who holds the same power as. the only difference is you are my second in command. i cut the man off in the middle "how about you and your goons get out of here and never return. who ever is sending for me should come in person. be the man or women the claim to be and come see me." i slowly walk to the man and take my dagger back .
  9. Before Kiri attacked again, Mace had made his move, but things stopped. Everything. It seemed like time would have to if it would have been allowed. There was something about a letter. What really caught Kiri's attention was it was supposedly about getting a job for going to the war. Of course, she couldn't believe these men, they were strangers, that just walked up into the bar and started this. They could be lying. A kidnapping maybe. Kiri lowered her dagger but kept her eyes focused for any sign of a resume in the fight.

    Mace replied with something she was quite content to hear, but she was really just waiting for them to leave, and it all to be over. Kiri watched as Mace retook his dagger, and was careful ready to attack if they were going to try something on Mace. Her guard didn't fall. Many people were standing around at this time. Some shocked, some trying not to look, others enjoying the view of a good fight. Kiri waited for the next move.
  10. Name: Rhael
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Incredibly tall, with 1.95m of height, and a strong build. Dirty blond hair and green eyes. Pointy teeth.
    Occupation: Mercenary.

    Rhael walked down the road, his eyes fixated on the inn, dreaming of a warm meal and a good drink. His last job had sent him far away from civilization and it felt like it had been ages since he ate something other than camping rations and water. When he got to the door, right before opening it he heard what seemed a conmotion inside the bar. Just in case, he pulled out his short sword and opened the door, hoping the war didn't get to the inn, and the noises were just some drunks' fight.
  11. The dirt crunched beneath his feet and the wind was running through his solid black hair as he walked. The feline ears atop his head twitched picking up the sounds of commotion as he neared the inn. He could smell something cooking, darkness only knew what it was, but the aroma drove him forward.
    His sapphire hues glanced at the inn door. His slender digits grasped at the handle and gave it a quick yank. The light from inside forced his pupils dialate to slits for a moment, but all he could focus on was the warmth enveloping his body. He stepped into the inn, closing the door behind him and turning around.
    The light inside revealed how dirty his clothes had gotten, his baggy gray pants covered in dirt and his black vest covered in personally sewn cargo pockets. Nimble steps carried him over to a small wooden table, his feline tail swaying listlessly behind him as he took a seat and laid his head against the rough surface with a smile as he shut his eyes and took a sigh of relief.
  12. Kiri was momentarily distracted by the sound of new guests entering into the bar. She let her eyes flicker away from the men, she almost expected to be hit as this happened but she was fine. She watched two men enter, separately. She looked over at Mace to make sure that he could handle what was going on, she figured after that proposal and no more kunais, daggers, or fists being thrown meant that they had hopefully decided there was no more fighting to continue on. She called out to the new comer that had just recently walked in, "May I help you?"

    As for the man that had walked in a seemed to be completely defeated by life that sat at a table, she lightly put her hands down on the table and lowered herself to be eye level with it. "Is there something I can get you?" She asked politely. She secretly hoped that the two men she had just greeted would not need assistance at the same time, but she glanced back up at the man by the door and listened in case he may request something. Handling multiple people was her specialty, she had worked in this bar/inn for quite some time and it was a skill that she had developed with time. One that she appreciated.

    Kiri knew she had a job to do and if those men were done fighting she would be able to let Mace handle the rest, sure it was disappointing that she wasn't dragging anyone out of the bar yet, but she hoped that it may happen soon enough; maybe the fight wasn't really over. She did keep glancing over to make sure they hadn't tried to kill Mace while she was distracted.
  13. Rhael let out a sigh from relief; whatever had happened was over now. He left his sword back on his belt again, and looked around for a free seat. He heard a woman's voice, probably a waitress, asking if he needed something. When he located the source of the voice, he saw the brunette woman offering help to some strange cat-like creature. He went to sit in the same table as the feline being so the waitress wouldn't have to run all over the place.

    -When you're done checking if this... Person is still alive, would you be so kind as to bring me a meal and a drink to warm me up? - Said Rhael, pulling out his purse and leaving it on the table so she could see that he could pay.
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  14. Vaughn looked up the the woman who had suddenly addressed him with a polite offer. "something to drink would be lovely." HE smiled at her as he tried to sit up straight, his sapphire hues locking on her eyes. He tried to give the woman a warm smile as he began digging through his pouch for some silver coins to pay her with.
  15. mace saw as the two men came in and kiri went to assist them. HE thought that the fight was over so he put his dagger away after wipping it off. as kiri looked over i give a nod saying that all was fine. "every one please the show is over go back to having fun" he gives a small smile. looking the three strangers ice say" id love to take up your offer but i need the person to meet me here in this neutral zone" they agree and walk out the two men who had been hit limping slightly .

    I walk over to the two men. standing next to kiri "hi you guys must be new cause i have never seen you here before. i am mace im head of security here in the inn. if anything goes wrong just let me know" he gives a smile.
  16. Kiri had noted the requests of the two men, one wanted a meal and a drink, the other a drink. She asked them both, "Well, since it's a bar, and we specialize in alcohol, what would you like? If I'd guess I'd say water for two, but that's why It's a guess I'm sure it's an inaccurate hypothesis." Kiri simply listed a few of the options the men had for drinks. And to the man without the cat ears she questioned what he would like to eat.

    "I would love to just go back there and bring any ol' something back," She joked, "But boss-man would be against it. Please the costumers not yourself, he would say. So for my own sake, I shall ask what would be pleasing to you to eat and drink."

    "You both may pay after." She said gesturing to the money bags that had been protruded, "But don't try to leave without paying," She warned, "I doubt you'd make to to the door." She joked, and gave a small laugh nodding to Mace. Of course it was true, there had only been two times where people had try to leave without paying, one left with one less finger, Kiri hadn't been the cause of it, she only watched the fight, and the other left without his dignity. The bar had a reputation and it had no plans of changing or going anywhere else.
  17. Rhael shifted his weight on the chair to a more comfortable position, pleased at the servicial inn's staff.

    -If you have meat I want a large portion of that, whatever it is. It couldn't be worse than what I've been eating lately.

    He remembered himself following the trail of his target, a fat business man he had to scare into agreeing selling one of his properties. The man was moving to another city in a carriage, and Rhael was following the marks the large vehicle had done on the ground. He covered a large part of the way one rainy night, munching a piece of raw pig meat.

    -Heck, even a rat would be fine. Just bring me the fatest one, hahaha. And a bottle of wine please.

    Another man approached them, and introduced himself as responsible of the Inn's security. He wasn't as big as Rhael. Then again, Rhael was yet to see a human larger than him. The man didn't look particularly dangerous. "I wonder if he hides something up his sleeve" he tought.

    -I can protect myself but that'd be disrespectful to the mighty guardian of the inn. Shall a fight be inevitable, I'll let the dirty work to you and cheer for you in the fight with a beer in hand. - He said with a small smirk on his lips. Then he realised what he just said could come off as sarcastic.

    - Sorry, I didn't mean to-- It's been a long journey and I just wan-- If something comes up, I'll tell you. - He grunted at last, crossing his arms. God, he hated being so awkward with people.
  18. Vaughn's ears seemed to droop as he looked at the woman. "You mean... You don't have any milk here?" He let out a small sigh before simply agreeing to a glass of water and placing two silver coins on the table and placing the now empty pouch back into is pocket.

    He eyed the "security" and smiled. He could probably outrun him if he wanted, but that would mostly be for fun, Vaughn may be a thief but he never skipped out on his legitimate debts. He smiled to the woman as she took his order and began to truly look at the inn. It had been some time since he had been in an establishment like this and the last time he was in one, he ended up getting mixed into some really odd business.
  19. i look to the man who said sorry "no its fine i totally. I understAnd where you are coming from id want to fight as well but company policy says that you are banned for a week. so you get it." as the fellow with the cat like ears inquires about milk i pull up a chair and take a seat. i Usually didn't interact with the guests but these guys seemed interesting. How can two random strangers come in and sit together,usually there would be a fight. "So where are you guys coming from?" I was kind of calmed down from what previously happened. its just working in this job had changed me i never really talked to people and no when i do they are rude. So talking to normal people was different for a change.
  20. Rhael gave a quick glance to the cat-like creature next to him, wondering where or how a creature like that could be born. He uncrossed his arms and looked at Mace in the eye.

    -I come from this Neandrylsomething city not near here. I never manage to get its name right, sorry.

    About the dead merchant and the mercenary company, they didn't need to know.

    -But it's been a boring journey, I'd be more interested in hearing about this fella. That's if you don't mind, sorry. It's just that it's the first time I'm seeing... Nevermind, sorry. - He felt frustrated for saying sorry three times in less than a minute. Stupid habit.