What Lovely Weather We're Having Today

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  1. This morning...

    Me: *Gets out of bed, goes to bathroom*
    Me: *Does double-take, backs out of bathroom to look out of the window*
    Me: *Does, in fact, see this*
    Me: Well shit. Okay then.

    It's not a lot of snow, sure, but this part of town doesn't get too much snow. I just hadn't been expecting it. I find that snow was a lot more exciting when I was a kid than it is now... but it's nice to have a snow day now and then as long as I don't have to go anywhere, so hey.

    My PREFERRED weather, though, is actually a nice rainy, grey-skied, misty day. There's just something about rain that I find really soothing and energizing at the same time.

    What about you guys? What kind of weather makes you happiest? (Or what kind of weather ruins your day?)

    If General cannot even handle talking about the weather, we are doomed. I will lock this thread if this somehow turns into an argument about global warming or some shit. >:|
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  2. Well I think Global Warming is a my--*shot*

    Unfortunately, NYC weather has been very bipolar. From hot as hell to rain to artic weather and random flurries. Like for real, MAKE UP YO MIND! We are getting really sick omo;;
  3. At first I read that as "random furries" and thought, "What's the big deal, it's NYC. Isn't that normal"
  4. LOL I almost wrote Furries and thought the same thing xD
  5. Sunshine, sunshine, SUNSHINE!!! Preferably no cloud in the sky, dry sea air, vith a temperature of about 30-32C. Thats my ideal weather.
  6. I had a similar thing earlier this month, but instead of just a dusting of snow it was a layer of ice from the rain as it dipped cold enough in the night to freeze, covered by 2-3 inches of snow, and then the next afternoon it got warm enough to drop some freezing rain over the snow. It was pretty awful to walk though: frozen crust on top, a couple inches of snow, and more ice lurking at the bottom. I got lucky by only slipping and falling once during the few days it lasted. It was lame.

    Now we're back to hovering around 45 F/7 C weather, which we had all through December. Still a bit cold, but not bad for winter.
  7. It's been a bit nippy outside, and we've had snow a couple of times, but it didn't stick for very long. Mostly the days are a little cloudy as well. My favorite weather is any kind of cool rainy days with no wind.
  8. [​IMG]
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  9. The past year was somewhere in the upper eighties (F) and completely miserable in my state. Then just recently, starting somewhere in December, everything froze over and we've been getting rain and random intervals. Which is wonderful, because rainy and overcast days are my favorite. Sunny blue skies can go extinct for all I care-- I want rain.
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  10. Nothing makes me miserable quite like heavy overcast days that seem to rain without end.

    Nice sunny spring or summer days are my favorite; I prefer drier climates and moderate temperatures, so I really like Alberta in that time of year, or being around the coasts or lakes.

    I am not a huge fan of snow and cold.

    I like it COLD AS FUCK. Preferably WITH snow, but I am okay with chilly days with mist and greyness. 8D
  12. I like cold weather with constant drizzle. 50's, with a light rain forever.


    Basically, I want Blade Runner.




    Which is why I want to move back to Seattle. ;_;
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  13. We had a fucking tornado come through last night. Literally. A fucking tornado.

    While it spared us nearer the coast there were two deaths in a rural part of the county. It passed through the pasture of my grandparents property and kept going.

    Scarier part is. The two that died look eerily like my parents in some ways.

    2 dead, 5 injured. FLORIDA.
  14. I love the rain. I love it when it's muggy and overcast. If it's warm, I like it when it's dark at night. Cold, I like it when it's bright in the day.
  15. I like rain.

    I hate the wind. Except when it's hot outside, then a breeze is a nice thing.

    Snow + more snow coming from the sky + bearably cold (around -5 C is nice I guess) = me likes

    We've gotten a nice amount of snow where I live so the weather would be quite nice if it wasn't so damn cold, -20 C is enough to freeze me. Though I guess I shouldn't be complaining since the temperature was around -30 C about two weeks ago. :d
  16. If you want true bipolar weather, let me give you a general jist of Melbourne Weather.


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  17. Snow, because it doesn't happen very often in Tokyo. And it snowed last night :)
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  18. *Looks at original image*
    *Realises this winter condition was considered big enough to be share worthy*
    *Is Canadian*

    Seriously though my least favourite weather would be the Snow also.
    You have to cover in layers, driving becomes a bitch, it's dark out far sooner, it's the only season to demand a ton of physical labour if you want to pull out the car easy.
    All the snow will significantly slow down your rate of walking, even with snow boots. And people have a bizarre obsession with throwing balls of cold death at others... Canadians are a sadistic bunch.

    Most favourite weather would be Spring.
    Just warm enough for outside to be enjoyable, not hot enough for it to risk sun burn.
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  19. lolspring. Here we get Beginning of Winter, Winter, It's Still Fucking Winter, and Road Construction.
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