What it Takes

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  1. The boy trudged along towards the school in the way he did most days. Today it was raining. Cold, fat drops fell on his head and soaking him to the bone. He didn't care; today he had something much more important to worry about today. On Saturday, when he came home from hanging out with his friends from school, Soren Found his mother strung up to the cealing fan by a rope. Today, Soren was going to bury the last person he would ever really care about. Every time they found ways to get away from him so why should he care anymore? His dark brown shaggy hair fell in his face, covering the tears he was trying to hold back in his deep blue eyes. Soren entered the school, dripping wet. He knew people were staring but that didn't matter, he just went to class, entering as the bell rang...
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    Lexi yawned and stretched her arms above her head. She could feel eyes from the boy sitting next to her. Glaring at him she laced her fingers together and laid them on the desk. An empty seat was behind her and she was wondering who was missing from the class. Of course it was her first day, but she was the analytical type. Her black hair fell down her shoulders and her hazel eyes filled with boredom and she was close to jumping in her chair. Lexi didn't have ADHD...she just couldn't stop being so...bored.

    The bell rang and a boy with dark brown hair walked into the classroom and he was...drenched. Lexi looked outside and realized that it was raining,
    He walked to school...in the rain? She thought. It was quite drastic, but the young man's eyes weren't at all worried about the state of his clothes or hair, there was something else weighing in his mind. Something she couldn't out a finger on. Lexi leaned on her hands as he slowly walked towards her.
  3. He stumbled over to his seat and dropped his stuff next to his seat, sitting down and slumping in his chair. Soren clenched his jaw, keeping tears from spilling down his cheeks. After all, it wasn't for his sake that he should keep up apperences but so everyone else. So they wouldn't ask questions. Un needed questions that would only make him feel worse. He took a deep breath and brushed the hair out of his eyes and slowly sat up, not wanting to make eye contact with anyone. Soren couldn't push the sad pathetic look in his eyes out. But...what could he do? His mind kept wondering to his mother's funeral...He glanced over and saw a girl looking at him...She was cute no doubt but right now was definitly not the time...
  4. Dull. That's what she thought when she first moved here. Dull.
    But now it's--"Curious." Turning her head to the side she studied him and even though the teacher began to speak, Lexi didn't pay attention. Not that she needed to. She had a knack for multitasking. She couldn't stop looking at the deep blue eyes, it seemed captivating in a way. Getting lost in them. Blinking, she caught the surrounding environment just as the teacher asked, "Lexi, what did Saladin do for the Islamic world?"
    "He reclaimed the holy land of Jerusalem back from the Christian crusades. Simple."

    Lexi smiled as the class went quiet. "I'm sorry, but I'm sure we aren't that far behind, are we?"
  5. He was a bit suprised as she continued to look him in the eyes. Almost as if she was studying him. The teacher called on her to awnser a question; she anwsered it correctly. Amazing...She was quite the multi tasker. The girl made a comment about them not being far behind. Soren managed to muster a smile and nodded. Just then the teacher looked back at him.

    "Mr. Alister...I was informed that you would not be here, your mother's funeral is today; is it not?"

    It felt like a stab in the chest, his heart felt like it was crushed.

    "Y-yeah...I-It is...." his voice came out just as hurt as was at the moment.

    "Why are you here then...?" the teacher asked, the rest of the class staring at him.

    "Personal R-Reason's sir..." he said, clearing his throat, trying his best to hold back the tears.
  6. Lexi took in a breath as light was, finally, shed onto the situation.
    Not so dull anymore.
    Turning in her chair, she faced the teacher and her demeanor changed into one that was quite....menacing.
    "Sir, I'm sure you aren't going to ask Mr. Alister to reveal something that is personal of him. That would not only be rude but...well, an invasion of privacy?" She flipped her hair over her shoulder and leaned on her hands again. "Now, why don't you go back to teaching what is that...? The beginning of World War I? Also, it's not 1916 that the archduke was assassinated--it's 1914, do your research."

    The teacher flustered to fix his tie--surprised at the slight rudeness put in her voice. Of course, though, she had a point. Lexi smiled and scribbled on a sheet of paper. After folding it up quickly, she tossed it onto the desk behind her and leaned back in her chair. This town was finally getting interesting.
  7. Soren was suprised by the girl sticking up for him...Who was this girl? He had never seen her before...Soren watched as she scribbled something on a paper and tossed it onto his desk. A bit confused he picked it up and slowly opened it, reading it as he unfolded it.
  8. The rest of the class was--simply put--dull. As the bell rang, she quickly put her things in her bag and briskly walked over to the door. The hallway was loud with different bits of conversation and she could feel a headache coming on. Finally making her way towards her locker she turned the combination and opened the door lazily. She was just beginning to exchange her books when she was shoved into her locker with brute force. She stepped back and closed her locker. A hand grabbed her shoulder and spun her around.

    "Excuse me that--" Being shoved back into the lockers wasn't any easier. The air was knocked out of her lungs and she barely had time to catch her breath before she tried to shove the young man off of her. He was obviously a jock--he was wearing a jersey and it was also obvious that the rest of the student body didn't do anything else about it. "Cowards." She muttered. The jock gave her a sinister smile and she merely rolled her eyes.

    "I'm guessing I should call for help." she muttered under her breath.
  9. The boy kept the note tucked into his pocket as he went though the day. He wondered if the note meant anything at all to him...As he walked down the hall, he saw the girl from earlier being shoved against her locked by the resident bully...Clay. As Soren approached them, Clay grinned evilly at her. The boy stopped in front of them.

    "Leave her alone Clay, this one is smart. Your not getting into her pants so piss off..." he sounded totally serious.

    Clay growled.

    "Go away Alister. Go join your wimpy mom."

    The bully smirked and made the motion of a noose tightening around his neck. That was the last straw...his patience was thin today. Especilly with people like him.

    " You better go so you can keep up on those Child support payments. Wouldn't want you to pay them late..." Soren scowled at Clay.

    Clay stormed away, growling and cursing, making all kinds of rude gestures at him. Once he was out of sight, Soren sighed heavily and the look of sadness entered his expression once again as he rememberd the noose gesture and his mother. The teen looked over at the girl and tried to muster a smile.

    "You okay...?"
  10. Lexi nodded. "Thank you." She ran a hand through her hair and leaned against the lockers. "Rough first day." She said quietly. Her back hurt from where the knobs of the locks connected with her back and she could feel bruises forming. It was going to be a rough night trying to sleep tonight. A slow burning grew on her left arm and she looked down to see that there was a small gash from a loose hinge sticking out of a locker next to her.

    "Oh..." She said, unimpressed. "I should probably get that checked out..."
  11. He looked her over, seeing her injury.

    "Let me take you to the nurses office...? I have to go there myself..."

    He was trying...trying to distract himself until he had to prepare for the funeral...
  12. She looked over at him and raised an eyebrow. "Um...that would be nice." She said. The way he was saying it to her, almost as if he was...distracted. As they walked down the hall, she kept looking back at him every once in a while, but she knew that she didn't want to invade his privacy. She put a lock of hair behind her ear and followed him.
  13. As they arrived down there, a nurse took a The girl into the back room to help her, pulling him along with them. Once in the back room she began to clean up and dress the girl's wound. Afterwards the nurse went over to Soren. She yanked up one of his shirt sleeves to revel a cut across the top of the arm, hidden by the sleeve.

    "Soren M. Alister! What is this?!"

    Soren couldn't look her in the eyes, instead looked at the floor a bit ashamed and embarressed.

    "A-A cut...My depression medication is out...I'm sorry..."
  14. Lexi glanced at him. Depression medication? Looking back at her wounds she sighed and slung her backpack over her shoulder. She cautiously made her way towards the door, careful not to hit her arm in places where it can hurt her. She was headed for the library, she really didn't need these classes...it was just something to cover her up from her...demanding family.

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  15. He coverd his arm back up and waited till the nurse gave him a new perscription before going towards the library to hang out till he needed to go home and get ready for Funeral. Soren walked in and retreated back into novel area and picked one up off the shelf, slumping back into a chair trying to focus on it. When he couldn't he reached into his pocket and pulled out the note and began to read it over and over again...
  16. Lexi yawned and stretched again as she tossed the book onto the table, defeated. There wasn't one book that could grasp her interest. These "young adult" novels were complete rubbish and it was almost impossible for the non fiction books to tell her something she didn't already know. It also didn't help having a headache. The cell-phone in her pocket buzzed and she took it out to see that one of the overseas corporations was calling her.

    Switching to French, she answered the phone.
    "Hello?...Yes Mr. Moreau, I understand....there wasn't anything I could do. You know I don't have the power to--yes, yes I'll try to get it fixed."

    Sighing, she set down her phone, just as it started buzzing again. Quickly answering it, she switched her voice to Russian.
    "Yes...Mrs. Bashov, but I don't have the power to--alright, yes, I'll try to get it fixed. Yes, enjoy your trip to Columbia."

    Suddenly her headache was getting much worse and she rubbed her eyes as she shut off her phone. Walking over to one of the computers, she made sure that the librarian was unable to watch her and started. Her fingers flew over the keys as she hacked into the servers of her father's company and quickly changed everything that she must. Of course, they could never catch her. After she did so, she made it so that shutting off the computer erased any kind of history and proceeded to do so.

    This wasn't a very relaxing first day as she hoped it would be.
  17. He heard her speaking in forgin languages...the girl from before. He sat up and tucked the note in his pocket before he went over and saw her working from the computers on something...Soren walked up to her. The girl looked like she had a headache.

    "Want something for that?" he asked, sliding in the chair next to her.
  18. Lexi looked up and sighed.
    "I apologize if I bothered you." She stood up but nearly stumbled on her chair. I'm too tired for this. I really should have stayed home. She thought. The past week she's been fixing financial problems in her father's company without him knowing of course. He doesn't deserve it...but the people who work and who live for the companies do. Sitting back into the chair she sighed again and lowered her head to look at the table. Her head felt heavy and she wanted to sleep. But she knew that was't allowed in the school, sadly enough.

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  19. "No...Your not. I've read most of these horrible novels in here and I was just reading on I had hoped to avoid...Sorry about earlier...people here arn't exactly private about my matters...Perhaps because Iv'e caused trouble in the past....And you've been stuck in the middle of all of it today...If we ever get to know each other better...I will certainly fill you in on the details...but for now...I have to go to my mom's funeral...Let me help you get somewhere...home Perhaps? you look exausted..."

    He tried to smile, the best he could...
  20. Lexi smiled. It wasn't everyday you meet a true gentleman. "Thank you, I would like that. Um...you don't have a car I'm expecting? Do you...uh...know how to drive one? I'm not exactly comfortable leaving my car here for the night."