What it Takes

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He smiled back and a smirk escaped his lips. Soren stood up and pointed to the equation she said was wrong.

"But see here...It's not wrong. This is a new equasion I had to work out...I need it for my research I'm doing at the lab. I can't say anymore then I've found something...Something new. I've almost got it. I wouldn't miss it. I've been doing this type of science since I was 10..."

he collected the notebook from her.

"When You have to mix chemicals and all the different factors that come into the lab, prodecdures and such...Equasions can appear to be wrong but in auctutality they are not."

Soren set it on the coffee table.

"Your smart I admit, but science Is my comfort zone..."
Lexi blinked and blushed.

"Oh..." she muttered. "I see...."
For some reason, Lexi felt something different. She wasn't one to get things wrong. But she knew in her heart, that that wasn't the reason. Not the entire reason, anyway.

"But, finding something new....that must be interesting. I mean, it must be great being able to do that, you know, just because you want to."

Lexi stifled a sigh and she looked down. Seeing someone doing something she did just because he wanted to, that was both impressive and...inspiring. She sat back on the couch and laced her hands in front of her. For some reason, she couldn't get her eyes off of her hands as she was lost in thought.
He chuckled a bit as she blushed. It appeared that she was hardly ever wrong and it showed but something else, he could tell, was running through her mind. Then she talked about finding something just because you wanted to and how intresting it must be.

"That is why I love science, there is always something new to learn, always something new to discover.."

He scooted closer to her once she sat down, her fingers laced as she concentrated on them.

"But what you do here Lexi..."

Soren looked her in the eyes and gave her a charming but sincere smile.

"Is nothing short of amazing! I wish I could do half the things you do...On top of that you...you are beautiful, talented..."
Lexi looked at him in surprise.

"Wh-what did you say?" She said slowly. No one has really called her beautiful or talented. It almost came as a shock to her and for a moment she forgot what she was thinking about.

"I'm not that pretty, honestly." She said laughing nervously.

She fidgeted on the couch and she reached for the remote to turn on the TV. Just to get her mind off of what Soren said to her.

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Soren smiled, genuinly for the first time since his mother's suicide.

"Of course you are, just honestly, look at yourself."

She tried to brush it off with a few words and a nervous laugh. Lexi began to fidget on the couch and reached for the remote to turn the TV on. He reached out and gently grabbed her hand, carefully pulling it back. Soren looked her in the eyes, his teal eyes a full of mixed emotions. Happines that there was someone who understood his plight, and sadness for his mother and because...by the looks of it she had never been called beautiful nor talented. But who could not notice? Really, she was a beautiful girl who was very, dare he say, more intellegent then himself in certain areas.

"Yes you are, poeple are ignorant and blind not to notice. Your intellegent, beautiful, I don't see how people can walk right past you and not notice something different but special about you..."

He didn't notice but he had forgotten that her hand was in his, resting on the small space of the couch inbetween them.
Lexi swallowed. The current situation was something she wasn't used to. Being stuck at home or at prep schools most of her life, she never really had friends or acquantances. It was completely new to her.

She felt his warm and it didn't feel wrong. It felt like it should be there, but she didn't underdstand why.

"Well...I haven't actually. I've never really had any friends and never really had time to think about other things until now."

She looked down at her feet and let her hand rest in his.
He blinked. Really? What had this girl been through? He didn't exactly know but he was going to find out what he could without prying too much. Maybe try and help her if he could. Lexi didn't seem to be bothered that thier hands were intertangled. He looked her in the eyes, dilligently listening to her. It was sad that she had never had friends or time to do the things she might want to do. Soren gently rubbed her hand.

"I'll be your friend...And I want to take you somewhere you want to go. Anywhere, just name it. Somewhere you wanted to go but haven't had a chance to..."

He smiled happily and gently.
Lexi blinked. Anywhere? She's never really had the chance to...
"The movies." She stammered. "I've never really had time to go to the movies."
"The movies." she stammered.

Soren smiled. He hadn't been to the movies in a long time either, it sounded great!

"I'll take you whenever you want, all you got to do is just tell me."
Lexi smiled.

"I can change and then we can go." Lexi shot up and walked towards the stairs.

"I uh...never told you my name. It's Lexi Carter." Smiling, she walked up the stairs and walked to her room.

She was finally going to see a movie.
Soren stood as he waited, a happy smile on his face. Lexi Carter huh? At first glance it seemed like a plain name but he thought it was beautiful. It wasn't often, believe it or not, that he had heard that name. The teen stood patienly waiting for her to be ready. He was going to show her all she had missed out on during her life of nothing but work and hardship. Soren kept an eye on the stairs, watching for her to appear.
Lexi changed out of her pajamas and put on a pair of jeans and an oxford shirt. Grabbing a stripped sweatshirt, she pulled the cuffs so that the6 straightened out under her sweatshirt. She brushed out her hair and left it falling down her back in a cascade of light curls. Slipping into a pair of black flats, Lexi grabbed a purse and shoved a wallet, her cell phone, and some other things.

Lexi opened the door and walked down the stairs.
Soren smiled as she walked down the stairs, going over and grabbing her hand, gently taking it and leading her out the door, closing it behind him. He took her through town and past his home he had lived in with his mother, his entire life. They slowly passed through there, his eyes peeled to it as the last of her stuff was taken away. He looked back to the ground and fought away the sadness in his eyes and continued to lead her onward towards the movie theater.
Lexi looked around the streets and the stores. Of course she's passed them a hundred times, but she's never had the time to actually go inside the stores and see what they had inside. Seeing, Soren's face made her want to cheer him up a little bit, the only thing is that she didn't know what to do. She's never been in this situation before...

"Um...What movie do you want to see?" She asked. She was hoping to get his mind off of things.
"Which ever one you want to see...I've seen just about all of them. Besides, It's your first time! I insist it is your choice."

He glanced back at her as they arrived at the movie theater, coming to a stop but not letting go of her hand.
"Hmm..." She let go of his hand and linked her arm with his. Dragging him to the box office and looking at the titles.

"Maybe that one, Insidious? It seems pretty interesting." She smiled at him and then saw a group of girls behind him whispering amongst themselves, pointing at her occasionally.
Soren grinned.

"Finally, someone who is willing to see that with me."

He led her to the ticket office and bought two for the next showing, leading her inside. It smelled of popcorn and all sorts of wonderful smelling treats. Soren looked at her and smiled happily.

"Want any snacks for the show?"
Lexi thought about it for a minute and then shook her head.

"Isn't that a horror movie? What if I get really frightened and throw everything everywhere? That would definitely not be attractive."

When they entered the theatre, more than half of it was filled with teenagers the same age and the pair were forced to sit in the last front row. It was odd to Lexi how much people went to the movies for fun, of course she's seen shows like the Lion King, Chicago, and The Phantom of the Opera, but she's never been to the movies. It was so much different than a theatre. First...there weren't any curtains, and the fact that it was a screen made it obvious that there weren't any live actors on the scene.

As the movie started, Lexi was enjoying her time in the theatre. When the scary bits jumped at her, she jumped back and instinctively grabbed Soren's wrist. She was so engrossed in the movie that she didn't even realize it.
He sat next to her and he watched as the movie started. Soren was used to scary movies. She would jump and would grab his wrist, calling his attention to her. Soren chuckled softly to himself. Lexi was cute and watching her enjoy herself...he found he was truely happy for the first time. He was so happy that she was enjoying herself. He could just sit there and watched her, more so than the movie. Examining her beuatiful features; but she wouldn't know it...he was good at hiding the fact that he thought that she was attractive.
When the movie was over, Lexi decided to sit for a while before standing up to leave. There were too many people flooding out of the theatre as it is.

"Oh my God look, freak is out on a date with the new girl." Said a girl behind her and Lexi wanted to turn around but as she was about to, Soren lightly put a hand on hers and Lexi leaned back on the chairs. The theatre was nearly empty when Lexi stood up, she helped Soren up and they walked out of the theatre.

"I-I'm sorry, I didn't mean--"