What it Takes

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He breathed in the fresh air and sighed, looking over at her.

"You have nothing to be sorry about. I'm used to it. Ever since I was diagnosed with depression in junior high people have looked at me wired for the scars on my legs and arms. All they are, are a representation of the worse parts of my life. I don't like it but There is nothing I can do about them now. They just don't understand, I don't expect them to either. It is me who should apologize, that you had to be seen with me..."

He forced a smile for Lexi.
Lexi looked down at the ground and shuffled her feet.

"We should...probably go home now." She muttered and started to walk towards the street.

She wished that this night would be something better than it did. But still, she was glad that she got to do something new. She followed the sidewalk and listened to the cars rushing by. The wind blew passed her and Lexi was starting to get cold,

"I should have brought a jacket."
Soren took off his jacket, exposing the scars and wrapped it around her, pulling her into a gentle hug as he did.

"But I don't want to go home yet...how about we Get some dinner or maybe find something else to do...? This night is yours and I refuse to let a few stupid remarks from some girl end it..."
Lexi looked at the scars as he hugged her and she thought about it.

"I don't know, I guess. But I always make my own dinner, so I don't really know any places to eat..." She wrapped the jacket closer around her shoulders and breathed in the smell.

She smiled at him, her mood lightening up slightly.

"Anyway, I told you--you don't have to exactly go home, you can spend the night at my house." Her smile faded slightly as she thought about it.

"It can get lonely...once in a while.''
"Well, how about this...we can go back to your place and I'll help you cook. My mom once dated this guy who was a chef. I learned a bit from him...Then if you want me to, I'll stay..."

he smiled warmly.
She smiled back.

"That would be nice." Linking her arm with his, she walked down the street. Walking back to her house, Lexi went straight to the kitchen and didn't even stop to take off her shoes.

I have a friend. Was the first thought she had. It might sound elementary, but Lexi never really had friends. Just people who hung out with her for her money. It was nice to finally have someone she can talk to other than a nanny or a housekeeper.
Back at the house Soren kicked off his shoes and went into the kitchen, smiling happily to himself. She had seen his scars and wasn't discusted or scared of them...Finally the acceptance he needed...just in time. He walked over to her.

"So, what are we going to make?"
Lexi shrugged, "I don't know. Since it's all about me, how about...you make something? I haven't had the time to get to know you that much....so..." She smiled as she sat on one of the stools on the small island. She swung back and forth and looked at him with a smile.

So what if he had scars? She had a disfunctional family and was hiding from her father and her brother in a small town by not going out and staying in a school she didn't need to be in. No body is perfect. Why is she going to be judgmental to a person she just met?
"Okay..." he turned as she went to go sit on a stool. "First of all what do you like?"

He started to walk around, looking through the food she had avalible then glancing back at her questiongly.

"I may be cooking, but I'm not going to make something you don't like, or won't eat..."

His dark, shaggy hair fell in front of his eyes a bit but he brushed it aside, waiting for her awnser.
Lexi looked up and thought about it.

"Um...pasta should be fine. But...something different, new." She smiled at him and kept swinging. For some odd reason, she couldn't stop smiling.
He thought for a little while before nodding, smiling happily.

"Sure, alright!"

With that he set to work making dinner.
Lexi watched him work and she couldn't help but smile. Being alone for most of your life isn't a fabulous life and to know that someone was finally going to set out the time to make her happy made her...well, happy. She turned on the radio and listened as a pop song played and she moved her feet to the beat of the song.

Lexi set her head on the palm of her hand and watched him with her big brown eyes.