What I imagine being a Community Volunteer is like.

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  1. In all seriousness, I wanted to actually give some content to this shitpost by complimenting the way Iwaku looks compared to when I hung around in 2014 (and the places I went when I left). From all the new chatboxes, to the formatting for filling out account details, to the constant desire to make the system more intuitive (for better or worse, as seen with the Feb 14th Day of Reckoning).

    To branch out for a more general question, since I haven't been here for about 1.6 years, have there been any other significant innovations that haven't panned out? As I said, the willingness to change is awesome, but I'd like to make a mental note of what does and doesn't work in regards to forum layout and planning.

    As memory serves, I've watched three servers to date burn down due to bad user interface.
  2. *Looks at my own join date*

    Apparently I joined at just the right time then.
    As memory serves, I've watched three servers to date burn down due to bad user interface.
  3. Yup. This is the big one right now. The entire RP system is being gutted so we can run the hell back to something less awful.

    Negative ratings were removed several months ago for encouraging shitty behaviour. The debate tag was removed as well, similar premise.
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  4. To add onto those.

    It hasn't been added yet, but I know the Staff are trying to find a way to fix the out dated group system.
    That will be fun once they finally find a way to. :3
  5. Does the rating system on roleplays not work, or does it just straight-up not get used?

    I think I remember that, maybe. I can see how not being able to rank the shittiness of the shitlords de-incentivizes active shitlordening.​
  6. Was part of the update package. But was never intended to be used so it was de-activated as soon as it was added.
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  8. To be fair, Diana explained the reasoning being along the lines of not wanting abuse.
    People rating RP's high to be more noticed, people sabotaging with low ratings, honest ratings not hurting the DM's feelings etc.
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  9. @Gwazi Magnum I know that you're desperate to be funny, but learning how to read beyond the first line of any topic would be a great way to improve yourself. Especially since, and here's the key word, the first word I said was "yup." As in, agreement/confirmation. As in, I read the thread, replied, and added onto it to answer the OP's question.

    So, you know... Reading. It's a skill. Learn it and people will stop mocking you.
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    Yeah, that group system is a lost cause. We definitely need a completely new one at this point. And with everything else to do, I'm guessing the current system will be long dead, erased and gone before anything new shows up :D IT WILL TAKE FIVE YEARS AT THE VERY LEAST! -Is looking forward to the cries-
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  12. It was a shitty shit Diana wanted to get rid of, cause she didn't want people to cry cause of bad ratings, but she couldn't cause the developers likes to torture people by forcing ratings on them, so she deactivated them to torture members who now has a rating system they're not allowed to use.

    PEOPLE JUST LIKE TO SEE PAIN AND DESPAIR! And that's the only reason you can't use it! :D
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  13. You know what sucks? >:[ That awesome group system we beta tested got canceled cause the developers are retiring. So now I gotta either try a different system or just FUCKOFF with the groups.
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  14. @Brovo @Gwazi Magnum

    What have we talked about with playing nice? >:[

    On topic:

    I remember the mobile suite we raised money for and then it turned out it was a piece of unusable garbage! That's why we switched from vBulletin to Xenforo for our software provider.
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  15. I know mobile suite is something different entirely, but this reminded me of something I've been meaning to ask. Is Iwaku big enough for a phone app, and if so, would it be feasible to implement?
  16. *Whispers* Say fuck off to the groups. You know you wanna. Just until we stumble across a new group system. You don't wanna let this piece of shit laugh in your face with all its error messages.

    *crawls back into the darkness*
  17. Not worth the costs or having a proper app done and then the costs of keeping it in the app stores. D:

    Luckily, Iwaku is pretty mobile friendly as it is!
  18. From what people tell me, it is much like this:

  19. @Hellis

    Nah, that's Staff.

    This is CV:

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  20. Am CV, can Confirm.
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