What Gets You Mad in RPs

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  1. Like when people don't post for no apparent reason, what is the number 1 thing that gets you mad?
  2. When people post OOC content IC, or feel the need to justyfy what they wrote IC in the OOC thread.
  3. Lucius smiled and kissed her deeply.
  4. *Points at Flare's comment about people only posting when they can write a million paragraphs!*

    The obvious aside, PACING. Pacing is always tricky. I hate it when the plot gets stuck and doesn't go anywhere, but at the same time I can't stand it when someone pushes us forward too fast and we can't give a scene the time it needs to really shine. c____c And it's SO hard to get it just right.

    ....I also hate when someone moves in on my Role in the RP. D:< Read the bios of the people that posted their charrie sheets before you, and dun jack their "thing"!
  5. I know, it's so obvious, but people seems to keep making the same mistake, claiming they don't have time and stuff. To me, if you don't have time, just post something to let us move on.

    Or how about this, people who are too 'shy' to admit they have lost interest in the RP. I don't mean to sound harsh on you, sweeties, but you know, it might help if you do that so that I can get you replaced with someone else that's interested instead of waiting for 2 weeks or so before deciding to kill you off.
  6. Yeah, I can agree with the people lost interest thing. That annoys me as well because you are literally waiting around; probably the only time you can use that excuse.
  7. Pretty much everything.
  8. For me, Word Count. I don't want to sit there and read everyone's college thesis, Especailly if another character is involved. I cannot tell you how frustrated I got in some RP's where I was trying to keep the battle to D&D equivalents and my opponent tried to use five hundred fucking actions per post, each with a Tolkienan description.

    However, that does not mean monosylabbic posts will cause me to orgasm, quite the opposite, with the exception of dialouge (Which in it's nautre is going to have several short posts, or at least should) I hope for a good paragraph at a minimum, and five to six at a maximum.
  9. Massively long posts for NO REASON. I let it slide if there's a lot of action going on, or it's an introduction to a character. But c'mon, every time a 5 page post? No thanks.

    And yeah people not posting after stating interest and posting their character sheet. So why bother making the effort if you're not going to be part of the IC then?
  10. When someone keeps saying, "I'll post today." ...And they don't post at all.
    And when you ask them again, they get testy with you....Pardon me, but if I'm in charge of an RP, I have the responsibility of seeing it through the best I can.
    On a seperate note, I always have wondered the general page length of completed RPs...
  11. (Oh, that reminds me to check on my RPs)

    What I hate most hasn't happened in a long time, but it's one of the few things that make me dangerously rageful.

    When someone puts up a char sheet that's SO FUCKING GODLY, and when you try to tell them to tone down, they leave because they wanted their character to be the most awesomest shit ever.
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  12. I wholeheartedly agree with you.

    I remember this one person on another forum, who actually joined Euphoria when it was up there, and his character sheet sucked. Lol. It was over the top and I told him to take it down a notch. BUT HE ONLY MADE IT WORSE! And every time I rejected his sheet, he would edit it, but the changes weren't significant enough.

    But that's another thing that gets me. If you're rejected, you're rejected. Don't be persistent about it. Same guy, even after I rejected him many times, actually had the audacity to post in my RP even after I said GTFO. X_X
  13. I don't know if its been mentioned, but people who leave without saying anything. This applies especially if they were a vital part of the story. It's always possible to take their character over, but its never the same.

    I guess this is more of an OOC issue.
  14. Copycats like Dianana said make me angry. Also...... WAITING hours for one- post in a chat or msn/AIM rpg can just kill my mood instantly. Some situations I can understand waiting for. Real life happens yes- I'm an RPG FREAK of doom, but come on, holding up the next line for days or hours on end? Just because you 'can?' is kind of tacky. IF you want to take a rpg break just say so if you're not interested say so. :( Also when people just randomly decided "I hate that person! I don't want to rpg with her ever again!" Like, 5 times in one day from different partners. And then they think they're being nice by not telling me why i suck at rpg? Come on....grow some balls and tell me. x_x;
  15. I saved every post from the original Project Genesis. When added all together it was roughly 350 pages... That means for that RP the average post can be 1 to ten pages long. Now granted, we were dealing with people that have a tendancy to write novellas or novels so... Yeah~
  16. People not posting and having no reasons for it. That's one of the worse things you can do. It's ok if like, something happened to you or if you posted saying something was keeping you from posting but...Otherwise really just annoying.

    Gotta agree with those who join and don't post at all. Had a view of those in DEM, wasn't good. Helped kill it. So that'd be number two.
  17. I don't like it when people get nitpicky about unimportant details.

    Does it reeeeaaally matter if a certain gun isn't available to civilians? Do we reaaaaally have to make a big deal on the size of a ship, or how fast the XYZ is compared to a ABC?

    I also have a problem with people getting MY knowledge mixed up with my CHARACTER'S knowledge. Yes -I- know that you're a Furilian from Moscow. But my CHARACTER thinks you're a Lizardface. Why on earth do you feel the need to correct me?
  18. Out of Context Out of Character.

    That's the only problem I've encountered that has actually annoyed me.

    Probably because I'm usually a perpetrator in the antics annoying the GMs... >.> My only RP so far requires an overpowered character because I'm going to be drizzling over-powered monsters on them the entire time. :D
  19. I get annoyed when they mistake character conflict with person conflict. Just because my character gets mad at your character or doesn't LIKE your character doesn't mean I don't like you. -_-' Stop taking everything so seriously. ^^;
  20. How do you guys react to characters with mind reading powers? I know some are willing to allow these sorts of characters, while others are like FFFFFFFF No.