What Gets You Mad in RPs

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  1. Astaroth quickly grabbed Harmony by the wrist. "Stop."
  2. "Your father's words to live by."
  3. Lucius smiled and kissed her deeply.
  4. Melissa whimper a little when he touched her.
  5. Astaroth walked into a room with just a chair and side-table in front of a fireplace. He sat in the chair and a glass of whiskey appeared on the side-table along with a bottle. Astaroth sat quietly, watching the flames as he nursed his drink.
  6. Meredith appeared at his foot meekly, she tried Melissa's room earlier only to have her freak out and the domesticated tiger had no where else to go.
  7. "You have to explain that."
  8. "Come in."

    Anya lean into Lucius a little.
  9. Kunari was leaning at the edge of the crib just watching Ashley sleep, even though she was smiling, her eyes were filled with pain.
  10. "She really liked John.."
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  11. Lucius kissed the back of her head.
  12. Anya smile and turn to give Lucius a kiss, "You heard her, I have the whole universe out there to explore. You have to be with me wherever I go."
  13. Astaroth leaned over the crib and lightly poked Ashley. "Ashley..."
  14. Lucius sat next to her. "Anya..."
  15. yo, girl
  16. Stephanus, Tatia's husband?
  17. I get annoyed when they mistake character conflict with person conflict. Just because my character gets mad at your character or doesn't LIKE your character doesn't mean I don't like you. -_-' Stop taking everything so seriously. ^^;
  18. How do you guys react to characters with mind reading powers? I know some are willing to allow these sorts of characters, while others are like FFFFFFFF No.