What are you currently doing?

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Spamming...for once in my life. Because I have nothing else better to do at 9:30 AM >_<
Waiting for Orochi's connection to stop fucking around.
sitting here in the dark...post-whoring on iwaku
Talking to my sister, Neccy, and pinning away for Ryker.... while masturbating...
talking to TK! And pondering what I should do at 10:45 AM....
Talking to Neccy and wondering how Jumi's doing
Chewing on ice while deciding what music I'll listen to.
Admiring the hat in Nic's avatar.
Sitting here with just a towel on...spamming again =D
*Trying not to get aroused*
Just finished stuffing my face. Now getting ready to go to class.
Watching the Rain.
Sitting here being absolutely bored, listening to music, that I've never listen to before.
Listening to Music.

Focusing on important issues and matters.
Staring out the window and waiting for summer come because of my love of warm weather.
Sitting and passing the time talking to an old friend and waiting for the sister to get done at the library so we can go walk!
...talking to people on IM's. Cursing the fact that I don't have EVERY Iwakuan on at least one of them...
Not open for further replies.