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What are you currently doing?

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Flaremon, Apr 10, 2010.

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  1. "Finish it, I still have one more round in me." Kunari smile.


    Watching old Doctor Who episodes and looking at D&D supplements. Yeah, I'm a nerd. Sue me.
  3. I'm trying to plot up things to post when I run out of things to reply to, so I can stay entertained without a cbox. >>;
  4. TYPING IN A THREAD =D (being a smartass)
  6. Reading posts and being bored at 1:30am.
  7. Downloading the DisneyMania 3 album from 4shared. Shoulda' done that when listening to DisneyMania 1 and 2 on MP3 Raid...
  8. Watching my dog run in her sleep. She'll catch that damn squirrel one day.
  9. Listening to DELUHI, Browsing dA, and considering on watching Doctor Who now... Damn it, Seiji! >_<
  10. Scratching my foot with a corner of my drawer.
  11. Welll right now I am currently waiting for my brother to get on to BF (battle field) bad company 2

    Also on here and listening to some awsome Okami music *in my opinion*
  12. Thinking to myself that Natani has awesome taste in music. >_> Okami music is fucking awesome. : D
  13. Just woke up and checking all the threads. Damn, Trance's got 110 posts already today. <_< Time to make my replies.
  14. Listening to music.. reading post... Nothing interesting. >_>
  15. Is gonna compile the Pokémon 2BA Master soundtrack. -_- Shouldn't had thought about it in the first place. Now I can't stop myself! D:
  16. Wasting my life away on an internet forum.
  17. "You don't like mine?"
  18. listening to music, thinking about finding something to eat.
  19. Astaroth summoned a crow and sent it after Kunari.
  20. Hmm.... how about 'The Wolf's New Pet' then?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.