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  1. "Well hello there newcomer! Come to take up the sheriff job are we? Wow, you got balls kid. Haven't you heard this little town is infested with outlaws of all kinds? Even the legendary Grim?! Eh, no? Well you already signed the contract... To late to turn back now I suppose! Here's your badge kid, now get!"

    So this is a RP that takes place in the Oooooooooold West at a small town called Bulhit (for several reasons.) As the mayor said, it's often used as a hub for outlaws, criminals, and murderers, none more feared then Grim, a mysterious man only seen by those who are about to be killed. In this world, fantasy races like cyclopses, elves ex. are pretty common. You can play as whoever you want, be it a townsperson, newcomer, outlaw, or the new sheriff *nudge, nudge* Magic is fine too, just no godmoding and smut goes to PMs.
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  2. *zwiip*
    Theo stole his third wallet on the street that day, and ran down a dark alley, undetected. He ducked into his hole in the wall and looked through it. He took out a few golden coins, and his eyes lit up.
    He dug a tiny hole, and hid all the coins but ons there for a later date. He had stolen his breakfast earlier that morning, and wasn't really hungry. He flipped his final coin in his hand, then took off his invisibility cloak, pushing it further back in the hole. He ran back out of the alleyway and blended with the crowd, running through the sea of legs. His dusty blond hair covered his pointed ears, which had gotten him into trouble a lot. Being part elf was dangerous anywhere.
    He turned a corner and ran into a huge, stocky figure dazedly. Theo picked himself up quickly and ran to avoid a fight. Though he repeatedly breaks the law, he wasn't as bad as most people in the town. And they would pound kids to dust for fun!
    Theo ran into a tavern, and hid for five minutes. When it was clear, he stood outside the door and realized his coin had fallen when he bumped into the person.
    "Well crap." He said to himself, leaning against the wall.
  3. (OK then, thank you Katrina. If it is not okay with you though @Crono , you can just delete my post.)

    Brad looks at at the three large thugs as they glare at him. Brad refused to give them his money, so he got beat up a bit. The mask covering his face kept his secret at first, but after the first few punches there was blood obviously leaking from under it. A few more punches broke his mask and the two pieces clattered on the road, revealing his half robotic face and his robotic red eye. The human half of his face had soft skin that was cut and bruised from the brass knuckles the thugs wore. His blue-grey eye shone angrily through the bruised skin surrounding it, and his small nose was bleeding from the physical contact. Brad spits the blood out of his mouth and raises his hands to his face before saying defiantly Alright, now that I'm ready, bring it on! The thugs are startled by this, and one by one they flee from the futuristic child.
    Brad was in fact futuristic, as a crazy man sent the 15 year old child back in time from 2122, when advanced technology was becoming available to the public. He lost his memory of the future, but knows about how to live in the West and was searching for someone that could help him get his memory back. Once he does that, he will possibly be able to return to the future and finish Dr. Fredrique once and for all.
    Brad puts down his fists and picks up the two pieces of the mask, putting them together like they were still attached. Brad looks back and forth to make sure that nobody was nearby before he used the laser in his robotic eye to weld the mask back together before putting it on again.
    Brad goes to a nearby inn before the voice of the spirit in his body speaks to him. So are we finally going to get some rest then? The spirit's name is John, but his real name is impossible to say or spell in any language. Brad sits down and gives the proper amount for bread and cheese before mentally responding to the voice in his head. Yes John, but I don't understand why you're so exited, I'm the one that was just beat up after moving around all day. Why do you think? I am inside of you, experiencing all of of your pain and emotions, but you seem to obviously forget that. Brad scoffs and closes his eyes before John speaks up once again. I think you may enjoy this, look over there... It's an elf-ling. Brad opens his eyes and looks at Theo before getting up and walking purposely past him, dropping 10 gold coins in front of him.
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  4. [​IMG]

    Name: Lou
    Age: mid 20s
    Race: Human
    Occupation: bar wench

    Lou would be leaning heavily against the bar, her hand flopping about a rag that dashes across the bars surface, smearing the small droplets of ale, she'd lift her eyes up and in the direction of the masks man, watching the coins fall loose from his hand and dance in tight circles on the table before Theo.
    She'd seen him plenty of times before In her bar and she was known to watch on her locals.
    She'd raise on eyebrow in their direction before sighing and slumping a little further onto the bar, her fingers loosing their grasp on the rag before poking boredly at the taps.

    The tavern was quiet today.... Where was everyone? It felt like years before the summer would
    Come again, when the tavern heaved with drunks and sang out into the early house of the morning, it'd been a long and quiet winter, Her till was running dry, her 'ladies' where underworked and her rooms empty.
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  5. Theo breathed heavily, then sighed. He slumped into his corner. Today was a good day for crime, but his luck was running out. He watched Lou wash the counters for a while and occasionally stuck his head back out the doorway. He had to be really careful from now on. Another run in with someone could cost him something valuable.
    He stood up and started heading out.
    "Thank you for letting me hang here for a bit. Lou right?" He had taken cover there or bought from there before and heard her name at least once. Theo smiled and waved, opening the door.
  6. She'd smile lightly back at him, her dimples pushing hard into her cheeks, dropping her head into a gentle nod she'd speak up 'yes, it's Lou, and any time...' Her voice was smooth like velvet but still she sounded quite common.
    'Theo, isn't it?'
    She'd grasp at the conversation, if not for her business then for her sanity.
    She'd unfold herself, standing herself straight, one hand slipping to settle on her hip.
    'You seem to be getting yourself into more trouble than it's worth...' Shed chuckle lightly and look to him with joking eyes.
  7. Brad huffs as his present had gone seemingly unnoticed, and was about to leave the small building when a bullet almost punctured his head at the doorway. If he had been a few inches taller, he would be a goner. Huh, one of the times that I'm actually thankful for being small. He slams the door again as two more bullet hit the amazingly strong wood. Brad walks to Lou with an annoyed face, but he slightly grins when speaking to Lou. I hope you don't mind if I stay here for a while, I was ambushed by thugs and he has found more friends to help get rid of me no doubt... I don't tend to stay in one place, but I'll make an exception. So Lou, how much is a room? Don't worry, I've gathered more than enough gold from my travels.
  8. "Yup, and ill try my best to not get caught then." He smiled.
    He flinched when a bullet hit the wood on the other side of the door three times. Theo stood looking at the newcomer with a mask. It was a somewhat scary to him, but he'd seen worse.
    "Well, I think I'm going to stay a bit longer. I don't want to be mistaken for you then get shot."
  9. (I'm just going to post a picture of his mask)

  10. She'd draw back at the gun shots, huffing as theyd burry through the door, one hand would raise, touching lightly at her forehead where she'd sigh a little.
    'Well, Si-...'
    The last bullet would fire.
    She'd pause for a moment to assure herself uninterupted by another shot.
    'Well sir, of course you can, as long as you can promise me no more disruptions like that one'.
    Her girls in the back room where screaming and clutters and bangs would sound from behind the door. She'd send a closed fist back against it, banging a few times. 'Everything's fine girls! Don't worry'

    She'd settle her eyes once more on the masked man, leaning again into the bar 'I can put you up for a few nights, but it's going to cost you, a man of your... Profile...' shed glance past him at the holes in the door '... Could prove to be dangerous.'
    She'd push a hand back and against the cold brass handle of the door behind, sending it open just a peak to reveal a small snippet of her panicked girls to the man before shutting it quickly once more.
    'Will you require company for your stay?'
  11. image.jpg A strange looking fellow entered the bar. He was a gnoll that was often seen here, bringing secretive messages. His pupil-less eyes searched the room until landing on Theo and Brad. "I am of having a letter for fleashies! Fleashies should read it, or they will be killeded!" He scurries over to them and hands a rather fancy letter to Theo. The freak then scrambles off out of the tavern.
  12. "Fleashies?... who..or what... is that?" Theo asked, worried. Normally when Theo saw the gnoll, it wasn't for a good reason for the receiver.
    "Maybe... I should open it?" He asked brad and lou
  13. Brad blushes as he says I hope you know that I'm only fifteen, right? Brad shook his head at Theo opening the letter, explaining why he disagrees. (His speech gets darker as he gets more serious.) I believe that you should let me read this child, my secret will... activate... if it is a trap or such. Also, if it is a trap that goes undetected, I won't completely die. You might want to get behind something or find cover. I will wait for you all to do so, but before you do elf, would you please tell me your name?
  14. Theo's jaw dropped as he handed the letter to brad.
    "My name is Theo.. and how did you know I was elf... or at least part elf?"
    He carefully set a table on its side and hid behind it.
  15. Brad chuckles as he reaches up to take off his mask. Let's just say I'm not entirely human myself, which is why those thugs are after me. Brad pulls off the mask, revealing his cyborg-like face to Theo and Lou. Then he looks at the letter, scanning it for any signs of danger. Once it was clear that there was none, Brad opened the letter, sighing in relief that it wasn't any form of trap.
    (I couldn't think of anything to say for the letter, so I'll let you guys decide if the letter is good or bad, and what it says.)
  16. Theo was amazed at what was under brad's mask and had tons of questions, but decided to ask later.
    He tore off the top of the fancy envelope. He reached in and screamed, dropping it.
    "Owowowow ssst!" He held his hand in pain. It sizzled slightly.
    He picked up the envelope corner and dumped the contents out. A troll cross necklace slid out. Someone else's voice nagging at the back of his mind "go back to the forest nou'ara vaecaesin!"
    Theo stared at it sickly. Someone else knows.
    "That's draconic, not elvish!" Theo growled in his mind. He was forgetting his own language too, so he couldn't have translated it. He ruffled his hair. "Well, I'm screwed."
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  17. Fancy curved letters are written across the paper.
    "If your reading this, you are hopefully the two promising men I've been observing. I have a job for you. You have a choice on the matter, the other option is death. Anyway, when your ready (which is soon if you don't want to test me) go to the warehouse on the outskirts of town. Bring a friend if you'll like, so long as they can keep their mouth shut.
  18. ((Sorry got carried away ^-^' ))
    Theo had his pained singed fingers in his mouth as he read the note in the envelope.
    "Yup we are screwed. So, uh... should we bring someone else?
  19. The clicking of a horse's feet disturbed the silence happening around the streets close to the grand bank. The day was coming to a end for Rebecca the Guilty. Her times as a criminal was slowly slipping out from underneath her feet as she believed the ways of the good folk out in further towns and lands. Times have changed and so has she, her skill of ruthless and reckless actions faded while she began to lose her edge of a fierce lion. The black horse darted through the long dirt roads while it stated for the home of this lame criminal. Everyone awaited her arrival for a good story, ones she would bring from the lands she traveled but to her amazement nothing came to her mind to share. Her black coat devoured her body like a black cloud while those black dusted boots stabbed the great beat to make it move faster. Her face was casted upon by a deep black shadow, as if it was a black mask hiding her shame. Her chocolate colored locks danced within the chilling wind as she came closer to the center of town. That black skirt fluttered behind her while that black t-shirt hugged her top tightly.
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  20. Grim? Brad looks around, seeing everyone's faces drop at the mention of the person. Who is it, and why is everybody so afraid of them? Brad grunts in pain as the soul inside of him speaks loud enough for anyone nearby (Theo and Lou) to hear. Obviously if you don't know who Grim is, then you don't know anything about the place you now live in. Honestly child, do I always need to fill you in on every little thing? Brad growls and yells Well sorry if I'm not some spirit like you, who apparently knows EVERYTHING! Instead of always acting all high and mighty, you could be helping me find out how to get home, but nooo, you just love to taunt me all day every damn day! John scoffs at the proclamation, but replies equally venomously. Have it your way, you can try to find the people you have been searching for without my help. I was leading you the right way the entire time, but you must not trust or believe me when I say that if you befriend Grim, he can help you get your memories back. Even if his methods are a bit... violent. Brad shouts in rage and punches himself, yelping at first, then remembering that hurting John would also hurt himself. Brad shakes his head and re-equips the mask, sealing away John and his secret metal face. Brad looks at Lou before sighing at his own stupidity. Thank you for the room offer, but I must withdraw my request in replacement of another. You and you (pointing to Theo) are the only friendly people I've met thus far, and I would hate to leave the offer of taking a friend like you along. Brad smiles, but jumps back and blushes furiously as he realizes that what he said sounded totally sappy. Brad shakes his head and his hands back and forth furiously, saying I'm sorry, I didn't mean that in a romantic way, it' just that you and Th- Brad is cut off by John, who impatiently asks through the mask, We have to leave now, so are you coming or not?

    (Sorry for taking so long to respond, but I had a friend's birthday party to attend.)
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