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  1. Westchester Manor was built in the Early. 1700's it Housed many of the Westchester family all of them presiding figures in the town or Moria. Moria was a small weird town with many dark secrets. The Manor had however ceased to exist after the late 1900's. It was closed down after the last Westchester died. It stayed closed up until about 4 years ago and was turned into a hotel. Many rooms had been opened and it was a very successful. How ever it was odd because some guests went missing and never showed up again.
    Then the new man who owned the hotel however contributed to the towns dark secrets. What happens when a group of friends in college decide to go to this Hotel and stay and many strange things start to happen. The small town of Moria resides somewhere in Massachusetts. Very secluded from other's and when you disappeared no one went to look for you. Will you and your friends figure out the big dark secret the Manor holds.

    Welcome to the Town of Moria,
    We Invite you to come stay with us in the Westchester Manor. We have many sights and many town activities in the summer. Please visit us, it is to die for.
    -Vladimir Westchester


    College Group
    - Sweet Girl @Shayla
    - Popular Girl @Prince Shattered Charming
    - Rebel Girl @sleepingxdragon
    - Smart Girl open
    - Smart Guy @Arcandum
    - Rebel Guy @Scorpio Queen
    - Jock Guy open

    Hotel Staff ( sceret of the staff if you choose a staff role I will pm you what they are. )
    Vladimir Westchester ( open Cs is done )
    Mistress- @Scorpio Queen
    - Male @Shayla
    - Female ( open )
    -Male @FallenStar
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  2. can I reserve Pop Girl^^
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  3. sure
  4. Are we allowed two characters? If so I'd like sweet girl and female staff member.
  5. if it is two characters reserved I prefer it be male and female
  6. Than I will take , a male staff and sweet girl.

    FC's: Shiloh Fernandez & Emma Watson
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  7. I'll take smart girl and male staff.
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  8. all up to date

  9. If it's alright, could I reserve the Rebel girl and one of the hotel staff?​
  10. I will grab the smart guy :3
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  11. need a male and female to be taken
  12. Left

    Vladimir pm me if you want him
    Jock Guy
    and Female staff
  13. I'll take the male in that case.​
  14. so Jock Guy or Vladimir
  15. Vladimir, if that's alright. ​
  16. pm me for him
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  17. Oh, oh my God, I will take the Jock Guy I didn't see that xD, got my two favorite type do people, Pop girl and Jock guy xD
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