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  1. School rules
    Welcome! To Wonderland Academy. As you were told in the enrollment that you were to you live your parents legacy. you will be divided into two groups the royalties and the irregulars, the irregulars are 'special' in some way, they're either part animal or they have something special going on in they're head. On the irregular side the children of the White Rabbit, the Mad Hatter, and Chesire Cat. and of course as for the royalty side will be the children of Alice, the White Queen, and the Red Queen.

    Its also against school rules for an irregular to have a relationship with a royalty.

    There are two dorm buildings with 10 rooms each. The first one, with the gated area is for the Royalties, the second one with the wonderland themed entrance is for the irregulars. They're 10 rooms in each building 5 for the boys side and 5 for the girls side.

    Here you will be disciplined and be taught how to control your undiscovered 'powers' and how to live your story correctly*

    We will not tolerate any use of magic against revenge.

    As you get used to the academy, you will learn your magic, and everyone one is special, they have unique techniques and moves, some might be just agility some may have strong powers.

    ** Not living the story correctly can result to major damages in wonderland, its the reason why we created the academy.
  2. Ace exited his red sports car. One look at the Wonderland Academy campus and a smile formed on his face. Ace totally preferred this to a whole summer stuck with his mom and her annoying voice. Ace walked to the passenger side and opened the door, he offered a hand to his younger sister, one of the joys in life. If it wasn't for her Ace couldn't survive two months with his mother. "Scar " he said helping her out of the car.
  3. Scarlett smiled as he took his hand. She wasn't exactly smiling at him, she was smiling at how HUGE the academy was. After a few seconds of staring, she didn't even say thank you , she was too amazed by how amazing the school was. Students started arriving through the main entrance and They were forced to be in two separate groups, which of course was unfair to Scarlett, she was stuck with some other royalties. All the cute guys were on the other side. She pouted as she looked forward, they were stuck with pairs, of course she was with her brother but that wasn't a bad thing. They came in order first was Alice's children, then came the White Queen's children, then the red Queen's. She was also upset about the fact that she had to be 'evil' to re-live her mother's Legacy. She eyed the Cat's children admiring how cute they both look with they're cat ears. She looked back in front waiting for further instructions.

    Matt was annoyed. He was annoyed the fact that he was with these 'freaks' according to the brochure he belonged in the irregulars because he has something 'special in the head' like what the fuck was that supposed to mean?! He looked around trying to find his sister, of course she probably ditched him just to drink tea with this mouse or something. He sighed as be looked in front for the instructor.

    "Welcome to Wonderland high!" She said cheerfully. The 'Instructor' was THE original Alice, with the Mad Hatter by her side. Matt covered his face trying not to get noticed by his father, who knows what'll happen if he sees him.
  4. Alec stood bored off to the side, having arrived with his mother. Of course he'd been told plenty about the academy, but it only annoyed him. He didn't understand the concept at all. Why did they have no choice in the matter of following the story of another? Something about the balance of the world, the fate of wonderland, yada yada... As many times as he'd been lectured on it, it still only went in one ear and out the other. Even if that little bit did make sense, why should they all be split into groups? What if he wanted to be friends with the Cats? Or the Hatters? Or hell, even the Whites? And wasn't it just mean to call them irregulars?

    Growing more aggravated with each question he pondered, Alec scowled to himself as he looked around at the others. Too many questions, not nearly enough answers.

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  5. Wasically was walking with his sister to the school. He smiled as he saw it come into view. 'It's huge. I hope as the day goes on we can eventually at least talk to the Royals... Why do we have to be in two groups?' He looked at his sister with a smile. "I think we might like it here."
  6. Scar smiled at the campus and left in a daze of awe. Ace shook his head, he walked to the trunk and grabbed his and his sisters bags. It was four bags in total. He walked to where Scarlet was standing and placed her bags next to her. He listened along to Alice and the Mad Hatter. There could have been a line drawn in the dirt, one side for royals and the other for irregulars I don't get why there is grouping I mean all of Alice's friends were irregulars, and the royals still mix with irregulars why does it matter? I felt like there was also an unspoken grouping of good and evil. Sure we're the children of the Red Queen that doesn't mean we hate everyone. Ace looked around the crowd and saw some familiar faces. Alice was still talking and the Mad Hatter was still looking, well, mad.

    Bunni looked at her brother with a toothy grin "Yeah" She said as she walked to the crowd of students listening to the welcome speech. It was her magesty Alice and the Mad Hatter who while trying his hardest to be respectful would pull mad faces at the crowd arousing some snickers. One kid covered his face. Bunni excused herself from her brother and walked over to the boy. She looked at his attire then at the Mad Hatter. They dressed in a similar crazy fashion. She poked the boy and asked "Are you okay?"
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  7. Scarlett looked at her brother and gave him a smile as if to say thanks. She was completely amazed by the school, that she forgot about her bags
    "Children, I think you know who I am, Especially my kids." She smiled as she looked behind her for a second trying to look for where her daughter went. She let out a soft sigh and smiled again " Well not only am I the instructor, I am also the principal and founder of the school. The original Wonderland villagers will also be your teachers."

    Scarlett's eyes widened as she said 'original'. What if that meant their Father the King of hearts... Or worse... Their mother!! She shut her eyes tightly trying to to think of that scenario. Her mom, teaching? PSH that could never happen... Right?
    "A few of the wonderlanders are going to visit during classes including the newest Vice president, the Mad Hatter, the white Queen and Cheshire Cat." She smiled "Your schedules will be given in the dorms." She said before dismissing them she grabbed her bags and started to follow the group going to a form with golden gates "Ace, are you seeing this?" She said "Its prettier than ours!"

    Matt looked up as he heard a girl's voice. "No, I'm not okay, my dads the vice principal of this school.... And have you even met my father?! He's the mad hatter for goodness sake!" He said completely agitated, well he was always agitated to be honest "Sorry, the tea's got to my head" he said although he doubted that she knew what that meant.
  8. Wasically made sure he had his bags and as they were dismissed began to head where it seemed to be a version of wonderland. He smiled and walked toward the entrance but before he got there he noticed some others that he recognized. He then went through so that he could put up his bags along with getting his schedule and his dorm figured out.
  9. Chester lets out a short yawn, his sharp white teeth visible. Rubbing his eyes he glances about noticing his sister wasn't with him "She's probably invisible...." he thought.

    He scanned the students that were there currently, he looked slightly annoyed when his group was irregular, but he brushed it off. He snickers noting that the Hatter's covered his face, he was about to say something when he noticed the females enter.

    He purrs loudly and the infamous Cheshire grin appears on his lips
    "My my, what do we have here? Little pretty ladies is what I see, my heart this feel it grows and blooms then wilts and dies my oh my...this feeling I feel shall make you cry..."

    He purrs as he looks a Scarlett his tail and a red color coats his cheeks "Oooh yes this fuzzy feeling feeling is none other than the simply simple phrase know as love."
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  10. Ace looked to Scarlet and back at the golden gated Academy "Yeah I think it needs more red though" Ace said with a smirk. Agusting his bag and walking along side his sister. This would be a hell of a school year.

    Bunni looked at him for a couple seconds before giggling. "I'm Bunni, it's nice to meet you." She said following the crowd through the golden gates "If it's any consolation my father is going to teach this year so I know how you feel"
  11. "Definitely..." She said " and they have to be hearts." She said as she closed one eye and made a heart with her hands. Out of the corner of her eye she saw a blonde guy. He looked like he was the son of Alice, and he seemed to be by himself. She looked back at her brother "Hey, I'll be back." She said as she walked next to the boy "Hey don't you have a sister?" She asked "I'm scarlet by the way." She said slowly smiling hoping that he would talk to her. Being a kid of the red queen isn't that easy...

    Matt looked at Bunni " Matt." He said as he smiled "let me guess, you father is the white rabbit?" He asked
  12. "...Ahh, I think she wandered off." Alec replied, shrugging some. "Not my job to keep tabs on her. I'm Alec." He added, holding out a hand to shake. "You and your brother seem close. Let me guess, you're the Hearts children?" He asked lightly, having been observing the others from afar. He wasn't exactly the type to mingle.
  13. And with that Ace walked to the Royals Dorms and got a schedule.
    Gym/Sword fighting
    Spell Casting
    Wonderland History
    Kingdom Management
    Ace couldn't complain he enjoyed most classes but mostly gym.

    "What tipped you off." Bunni asked playing with her ears. She chuckled at a thought "You know I once heard a rumor that the Hatters only spoke in riddles"
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  14. She shook his hand smiling "Yeah, its such a pain in the ass, some people expect so much from us, especially me!" She said "and yeah, we're really close because we live with our mom and stuff, and all she does is nag or talk about random stuff its just frustrating so we keep each other company."

    "I usually say to never believe in rumors, but thats slightly true" he said "oh and it was the fact that you had to ears that jump" he said
  15. "Yeah they're kind of out there" Bunni said trying to hide them a little." She was never really self conscious of them until now. They were a little big for her size but not as big as her brother's.
  16. "Makes sense, I guess.. So you don't understand it, either? The fact that we're being forced to follow the footsteps of our parents, I mean." Alec replied, glancing towards his mother, then back to the girl. "....I don't even know where we're supposed to be going, now." He admitted, frowning. He hadn't been paying much attention to his mother's speech...
  17. Elice' had wandered of again not really caring she had already been all around the Academy and back to the front gate where everyone else was. She saw her brother talking to a girl "must be one of the hearts children" she said to herself walking up to her brother "Yes it isn't his job to keep track of me but no matter what he says, he still worries" she cut into the conversation.

    Standing against a wall her hat tipped slightly over her two coloured eyes, she peered at everyone until she spotted her brother again. Letting a chuckle slip she walked over to him and the bunny-girl. She stopped right next to him waiting to introduce herself to the girl.
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  18. "I mean I get why but isn't there another choice?" She asked as she sighed "sometimes things just aren't fair, I've been taught that since I was a kid. No one expects too much for my brother, but they expect everything from me." She said "we have to go to our dorms over there." She said as she pointed towards the gated building.

    "Perhaps wearing my surname would help?" He said as his cheeks turned pink "Damn these riddles... I meant maybe wearing a hat would help." He said taking off his hat and putting it on her. "I liked it the opposite way." He said hoping she didn't understand
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  19. Alec blinked at his sister, then rolling his eyes. "Oh please, why should I worry? You're a big girl, ain't ya?" He replied, shaking his head some. Of course he would always worry. "Come on, then, I guess we should get going." He added, nodding towards the daughter of Hearts. "Want to walk with us?"
  20. Giving him a grin she grabbed his arm, she loved her brother a lot and felt like he was the only one who really understood her "I am a big girl but your little sister" she smiled at him and then at the girl "Yes walk with us, I have already been all around the academy"

    Penelope smiled at the bunny girl and gave a pretty smile, "good day, you must be the daughter of the white rabbit" she smiled at her then looked at Matt "Now brother, she doesn't need to hide her ears they look fabulous!" She said taking the hat off the girls head "Here is your hat back, now let us go to our dorms!" She smiled grabbing Matt's arm.
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