Welcome to the Host Club! (Ouran High School Host Club RP)

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  1. So, basically, this is an Ouran High School Host Club roleplay! You don't have to be the actual characters, but, if you want to, I don't mind at all. :3

    Here are the roles/types!::
    • Strong, Silent Type: N I C O L A E
    • Loli-Shōta Type: Kitsune
    • Cool Type:
    • Prince Type:
    • Natural Type: k-michelle412
    • Little Devil Type: .Mimzy.Strife.
    You also don't have to play twins for the Little Devil type.

    The link to our OOC thread is here.

    Have fun! :3
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  2. The sun shone inside Ouran, giving it a heavenly glow. Kids bustled about, chatting animatedly or just wandering, maybe with a book in hand. Aki didn't know how people could be so chipper in the mornings like it was 3 P.M. instead of 7 A.M. The small teen yawned as he rubbed his eye with the back of his hand, sluggishly walking to the music room. The Hosts had to come in early because of a last minute change in plans. Senpai wanted them to discuss it and make sure everything was all clear before the Host Club opened for business later. The raven-haired teen pushed one of the double doors open, letting it shut softly behind him. "Good morning...everyone~."
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  3. Mosi yawned as she shuffled her feet along the halls. She was taking her sweet time getting to the host club. They had to meet extra early this morning for something her sleep-fogged mind couldn't quiet recall. She stifled a second yawn as she stared up at the doors leading into the third music room. Her small hands pressed against the large wooden doors and she was met with the blinding white lights of the host club. Mosi wandered over to the plush, red-velvet couch in Aki's section and lay down, heaving a sigh of relief. "It's too early~" She buried her face in the soft couch pillows with a dreamy sigh, if only she could fall back asleep right now. "Did senpai tell you what we need to do yet Aki?" Mosi asked peeked up from the couch cushion so only her eyes showed, voice muffled by the plush fabric.
  4. "I agree. It's really early." Aki let out another yawn as he tried to keep his eyes open. He shook his head as he answered Mosi, "Not the exaxt details, at least." The teen hoped it would be soon though. He didn't know how much longer he'd last. Aki nuzzled the stuffed grey and white penguin in his arms.
  5. "Aki...stop being cute. You're being too cute. It's keeping me up." Mosi teased as she laid on the couch. She rolled on to her side so she could face him. "So how did you get into hosting? You never told me the story." Mosi yawned before settling back into place and looking at Aki, waiting for an answer.
  6. Aki blinked owlishly, a look of innocence on his face, acting as if he had no idea what Mosi was talking about. "Me? Cute?" The raven-haired boy squirmed in his seat as stared at the floor. "Well," He paused for a moment. How should he put this? "I joined because it was the one place I could truly be who I am," He said in a soft tone before brightening up, beaming. "My cute, child-like self!" Aki exclaimed with a bright grin. "What about you, Mosi-chan?" He questioned.
  7. Mosi giggled slowly but surely waking up as time past. She faintly wondered where senpai was. He was always late! "Course you're cute. You wouldn't be the Lolli/Shota type if you weren't." She laughed and sat up a little bit. "Hm...well...it seemed like something fun to do. I was new last semester so I thought it would be cool." She flashed a cute smile, tilting her head with a soft giggle. She used that often on customers. They usually went nuts over it, squealing and wriggling about how adorable Mosi was. Sometimes it got to be a bit too much but in the end it was rather fun to be a hostess.
  8. "You thought right! The Host Club is very fun. It's never boring!" Aki stated, thinking about all of the amazing events that they do. "I wonder where Senpai is..."He trailed off, furrowing his eyebrows as he tapped his finger against his bottom lip, deep in thought. He knew Senpai was always late, but this was later than usual. Way later. Aki hoped that everything was alright. He wasn't sure how everyone would take the news, if something terrible happened to Senpai. He knew that he definitely wouldn't take it well.
  9. Mosi looked around and frowned. She was slowly becoming annoyed with her senpai. He was taking his sweet old time. She looked over and saw Aki beginning to worry too much. She sighed and stood in front of him. "Hey Aki." She tapped his nose to get his attention. "Stop that. He's fine." She said reassuringly. She ruffled Aki's black hair with a soft smile.
  10. Aki was jerked back to reality as Mosi tapped his nose. He wriggled it afterwards. He shut his eyes as his raven hair was ruffled. With a pout, he released his stuffed penguin, Kiga-kun, and began to pat down his fluffy, wild hair. "I hope you're right..." He mumbled, worry swimming in his olive green eyes.
  11. Mosi smiled and stood up straight. She turned to look at the door for a moment. 'Senpai...you better just be running late.' she sighed and turned back to Aki. "C'mon, let's go do something fun so you stop worrying so much." She pulled gently on his hands to assist him to stand up.
  12. The word fun piqued his interest. His eyes glowed with child-like curiosity as he stood up, holding Kiga-kun securely in the crook of one of his arms. He tilted his head as he asked, "Fun like what?"
  13. "Uh..." Mosi paused. She really didn't think that far. "We could play a game." She suggested with a shrug. Hide and seek came to mind but she wasn't sure if Aki liked that sort of thing. He was pretty childish but it wasn't good to just assume things. "What's your favorite game Aki?" She questioned with a kind smile.
  14. Aki's face lit up like a kid on Christmas morning. If there was anything he liked, it was games. He always lost himself in them. They were the best pasttime in his opinion. "My favorite game would be..." He stopped to think. There was so many to choose from! "I don't know. I like them all!" Aki beamed. "We can play any game."
  15. Mosi sighed heavily. "But Aki, that's so many!" Mosi whined. She pouted as she began to think. She tapped her chin thinking about all of the games they could play. Tag was out because there were far too many uneccessary expensive vases around. "How about..hide and seek? I played it all the time when I was little." Mosi asked with a tilt of the head.
  16. Aki frowned slightly. Mosi was right. There was more than a couple, if he was being honest. He waited patiently as Mosi thought of a game. When she suggested Hide and Seek, he nodded eagerly. The idea of hiding with bated breath, hoping not to be found too soon or at all, if he was lucky, got his heart pumping. "Who's gonna be 'it' first? Me or you?"
  17. Mimi shouldered her way into the room, past the door, stumbling. Her uniform was a mess, her blazer hanging off one shoulder.

    "SORRY! I know I'm late- it was just-," she looked up, a bewildered expression on her face before scowling. "No one's even here yet."

    She dusted off her skirt. "I was in rush for nothing."
  18. Kiyomi was on her phone, calmly and quietly walking into the host club room. In the first place, she never planned to join and become a member, but they managed to take her in and she walked pass Mimi, still looking down at her iPhone."Hello, Mimi-chan." She said without stopping or looking back. Her ankle heel boots clicking as each click echoed through the empty entrance of the room against the shining light pink tiled floors.

    She wore her usual uniform, which she modified herself, for herself. It consisted of a pink mini skirt with white stripes and a white button up with a pink and white stripe tie. Over her uniform was a nice black blazer, the edges pink as it seemed to pinched at her curves to show off her hourglass figure, flaring out from the bottom. As usual her golden strands of hair were down and long. Stopping at the bottom of her rear end and she pocketed her phone, stopping, and then looking around. She had her rabbit in her arms and blinked before sitting at a circular table with two seats, placing the rabbit over her lap and resting an elbow over the table. Her hand cupping the side of her face as she looked outside through the window quietly.

  19. "Um...You can go hide first." Mosi smiled and stood in the center of the room. She covered her eyes with her hands and began to count out loud. "One....Two....Three....Four...Five....Six...Sev-AH!" Midway through counting the doors burst open to reveal a very disheveled looking Mimi. Mosi turned to the girl and blinked confused. Why was she rushing so much? 'Oh yeah....Senpai is still not here.' Mosi was about to call out a greeting when Kiyomi walked in. Mosi's eyes were immediately fixated on the blonde. Was she always this tall? Mosi blinked as the girl walked straight to a table and stared out the window, all the while staring at her phone. 'How didn't she fall?'
    "Hm." Mosi turned back to Mimi and offered a smile. Might as well be nice to her fellow hostess's right? "Morning." She smiled softly and then turned back around, covering her eyes and resuming her counting. "Uh..Seven....Eight...Nine...Ten! Ready or not Aki here I come~!" Mosi uncovered her eyes and began to search for her dark haired friend.
  20. Aki was searching for a hiding place when Mimi and Kiyomi walked in. He beamed as he waved at them. "Hi Mimi-chan! Kiyomi-chan!" He watched as Kiyomi walked straight to a table, carrying her rabbit. The teen blinked owlishly before turning to face Mosi again. He bolted for a hiding place as she started counting once more. He hid behind one of the couches. The small boy's body was totally out of sight. He giggled maniacally to himself. Mosi-chan will never find me here!