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    The City. A huge mass of population covering a huge portion of America. It plays home to anywhere between 1 and 3 billion people, though officials gave up counting an eternity ago. The City has no government, not any more. Nor does it have any police or military. It is a writhing beast, consuming but never producing. Here, people are free to come and go as they please. Disputes are settled internally, and everything is run by the people. There is still an official money system, but it's almost as hard to find any money as it is to find people who still accept it. Generally speaking it is a city of thieves. People take what they need and if they find something of their's taken, they go and take something else to replace it. In a way, even though time has progressed, civilisation has decayed.

    However there is something to be said for this underworld. Enemies are temporary and friendships last a lifetime, even though you can change your entire identity with just a bit of persuasion. And here, everyone is poor. The ones who become rich become poor just as quickly. The ones who never earn anything will always be poor. There is only one requirement for success in The City - be very very good at what you do. After all, you've got 1-3 billion competitors.

    Really, with this I just wanted to try a slice-of-life style thing but in a setting that I've never encountered before.

    Feel free to make as many characters as you like, but make sure you read all the other apps first. It's surprising how often people make characters whose name is already being used. Success in this world is determined mainly by having allies, so make sure you do some interactions too. I'd prefer if you used an anime image, but I'm really not bothered as long as it isn't a real life photo. Even use a description if you want.


    See how short that app form is? That's because every character is automatically accepted, and I'm willing to trust you won't be OP or make a boring character. If you do, I'll probably hunt you down and PM you to tell you to tone it down a bit. If you still remain OP, then expect Mr OP to accidentally run into a gang controlled area and mysteriously disappear. Just throw in those 4 lines at the beginning of your first post and get going! I'll copy it into the OOC thread whenever I get the chance.
  2. Name: Ryuko (No last name, no gang affiliation)
    Age: 16-18. She doesn't know.
    Gender: Female
    Large Image (open)


    It was a horrible morning. The sky was blue, and like every day for the past 2 years, not a cloud was in sight. The heat pulsed down through the shredded corpse of the Ozone layer, and, like usual, the screeching of Cicadas filled the air. Ryuko was leaning against a wall of a small pub built on a peculiar concrete platform attached to a skyscraper. It was one of her preferred spots, although on rare windy days she tended to worry that the whole thing might collapse, being one of the many platforms that had nothing beyond faith to hold it up. Through a brief pause in the droning of the cicadas, she made out the sound of a gunshot far in the distance, which echoed up through the levels to her ears. Thanks to those echoes, everyone within 10 kilometers probably heard it. "First one today. Either this is some kind of holy festival or I just woke up late." The bar was empty except for a couple of patrons and the bartender, who was busy trying to convince a customer that his beer wasn't just flavoured water. The structure had lost it's front wall several days ago, and he hadn't gotten around to replacing it yet, so very little of the south-facing building was in shade.
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  3. Name: Nouvel (No last name, no gang affiliation)
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: He's 6'0" and has gray hair from stress and brown eyes. He covers his face with a light gray scarf and sunglasses, also wearing a yellow military hat. He also wears a white long sleeve jacket and a dark trenchcoat, along with light gray sweatpants and black boots. He seems to be dressed as if he were always cold...

    (How's this?)

    Nouvel was sitting in the bar, drinking a beer. He wasn't paying much attention, having been a drunkard for...how long? Couldn't remember, couldn't think. He rubbed his temples at the sound of a gunshot outside. God, make the world shut up for a moment. He just wanted to drink himself to near death, and then go home and rest. Though unfortunately spending all his money on drinks was usually what happened...Ugh, whatever, he was thirsty. He ordered another beer, taking a long draught of it as the bartender tried to convince another customer that it wasn't just flaovred water. Might aas well be that to the common drunkards in the area. God, he didn't want to think of what would happen if his family found out he was drinking again, but what did he care? He had to provide for them, after all. Still, maybe it was time he stopped... He slapped some money on the counter, muttering under his breath. No doubt he was more than a little tipsy, but what did he care? Once he got his change, he stumbled out of the bar, feeling sick. A fresh air and heat, how he hated it. And yet he always felt so cold...
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  4. Name: Stella Amethyst (chose her own last name)
    Age: 15
    Gender: female
    Appearance: she is a small, short girl with dirty blonde hair and purple tips (she found some old kool-aid packets and dyed it, but her finger tips are also stained purple because of it.) Her eyes fluctuate between Gray, hazel, green, blue, and gold depending on mood. She had a creme colored tank top and black leggings on and oversized combat boots. She carried her purple cloak with her, and a pocket watch hanging out of its pocket. A purple amethyst stone hung from a rope on her neck, giving her the last name.

    Stella hung her legs over the edge of the building and kicked them slightly. She was unnaturally stone-faced, Gray eyes staring at the city below. She was in the bar for the first time alone. Normally Nora would be with Stella, but she had accidentally gotten mixed up in something and had gotten shot. Stella was pretty sure her friend and closest person to family was dead. But Stella had no intentions of dying anytime soon. She felt she had reason. She sighed once, and opened her watch. It was an old watch, from a show long forgotten. It had a date inscribed, obviously intended by the creators, not the owner... it had stopped working long ago.
    Stella laid back and rubbed her dirty face. She squinted at her purple finger tips, and covered the hot sun from her now blue eyes.
  5. Name: Kyuga Itachi (No gang affiliation)
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: 5'9" slim but well strong built. He has short, buzzed black hair with a blue streak on the left side. gold eyes with a scar running over his right eye. Faded black blue jeans, a red punisher tshirt and black leather jacket, black vans and fingerless glovers complete the look. he carries a .308 hunting rifle, a last memory from his father.

    Kyuga sat atop a exposed I-beam, looking out over the city below. " What has this world come to?" He said to himself as he watched people fighting in the street. Having lost his family to a gang war, he only cared about himself and living. A gently breeze stired as he stood up on the beam, 20 stories up. turning, he prepared to decend.
  6. Name: West Hanford
    Age: 9
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: http://www.zerochan.net/1270102#full

    Name: Priya Hanford
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: http://fc02.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2...wn_eyes_and_jacket_by_fawn_leaves-d648hll.png

    "What are we looking for?" West asked, kicking a rusty can in his boredom. It clattered, and he received a scowl from his older cousin. They'd been forced to flee, after their family refused to leave their home. "Nothing, we're just exercising," Priya replied. She saw a bar, and it gave her an idea. "Let's get a drink, yeah?" She held up two small coins, knowing they couldn't buy anything with them, most likely, but they were pretty good at taking things. One a distraction. The other takes. It would work.
  7. Name: Rory (no gang affiliation, but she has had several mix-ups with gang members and has a violent past)
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Orientation: bisexual
    Appearance: 5'5", fair skin with freckles dotted lightly across her nose and cheeks, long dark brown hair that fell to the middle of her back, but it was dirty and tangled most of the time because she couldn't be bothered to deal with it, dark brown eyes that almost looked black. She wore sturdy combat boots, beige (but very dirty) pants with a lot of pockets, and a blue tshirt that was usually covered up by her black jacket that was also covered in pockets. All of her belongings could fit into her backpack, so she was basically always on the move.


    Rory walked along through a back alley, looking through the trash and rubble for any sort of food, but coming up empty handed as usual. The entire city had been picked bone dry again and again. She perked up when she heard a gun shot not too far away, but then went back to scavenging. She preferred to find her food fair and square, but the tugging of her stomach was slowly convincing her to use her gun and take what she needed from someone else. The city was harsh and you had to fight, hide, or die and she was too stubborn to die and too curious to hide. Walking behind rows of empty stores was beginning to bore her and she could no longer ignore the pain in her stomach. She rounded the corner and ended up at a bar. It was rather crowded for this time of day, so she hesitated momentarily before entering. She really didn't like interacting with people unless she had to. However, she was hungry and a bar was a perfect place for a girl like her to get free food. Money (or trade-able goods) were hard to come by these days, but something that guys would always want would be sex, or at least the idea of sex. She didn't like selling herself for food, but she'd done it before and she had absolutely no emotional attachment to it, so as long as she got what she needed she would be on her way. Before entering the bar, she looked at her reflection in a broken window. Her face was slightly smudged with dirt and her hair was a mess like usual, but despite all of that she was still very beautiful...and she knew it. She entered the bar confidently, but she could feel the weight of her gun pressed to her back as a back-up plan. She slid onto a bar stool casually and looked around at her options.
  8. Someone else entered the bar and Priya almost praised her. That person could cause a bigger distraction. She knew that even though they both had a knife, identical daggers they'd stolen from a man left for the dead, it was not enough if the bartender had a good enough weapon. She knew West was already preparing to go behind the counter, to slip away and take whatever he could grasp hold of, water was something they needed desperately at the moment, and Priya needed a good enough distraction. A cold lighter rested in her pocket, but no match nor cigarette. She could trade it, but with who she wasn't sure. Someone who looked like a smoker. There didn't seem to be that many. Those who did she wasn't sure she wanted to approach. Eventually she slipped into the seat next to the new person, tapping her fingers on the desk to attract the bartender's attention. As she did, West grabbed a bottle of water, stuffed it in the leather bag around his shoulder, that was empty apart from his dagger, and sat next to her, screaming innocence. "I only got one," he mumbled. In such a packed place, there was no way of showing he was going to be grassed, but with such a small amount of possession, and with his age, he hoped they'd pity him, even in this world.
  9. Rory glanced at the girl who sat next to her and noticed as she also tried to get the bartender's attention. Maybe she wasn't the only one here with this plan to get free food. She rolled her eyes in slight annoyance, but then focused her attention back on the bartender. She had to start somewhere, and if she could catch his attention she could get all the free food she wanted. She slid her hands out across the bar toward him and sighed softly as she looked up at him.
  10. Priya nodded at West, pleased that he'd got anything at all. She glanced around, and was glad that the majority of the pub were either drunk or not paying attention to them, and may not have seen what crime had took place under the barman's nose. West opened the bottle, slightly warm but it was clean water, hydrating water and would help the parched throat he had, and he drank most of it in seconds, before stuffing it back in the bag.

    Priya turned to watch Rory's actions, was she trying to get a drink while still sat down? It was a crazy idea in Priya's head. West noticed as well, and watched with much curiosity. "What's she doing?" he asked his cousin in a low whisper. "I don't know," Priya replied.
  11. Rory got the bartender's attention and tried everything she could to get him to flirt back with her. She tucked her hair behind her ear and tried to make small talk, but because the bar was so busy he seemed distracted and more focused on getting to the paying customers. She even giggled at everything he said, which made her was to throw up. But no matter what she tried he wouldn't bite. She sighed softly to herself and let him move on to other customers as she looked around for someone else she could flirt with. Most of the people here were drunk, which could work to her advantage, but they all disgusted her. She glanced over at the girl next to her again. She seemed like the last person on earth who would be interested, but Rory had to try because her stomach was begging for food and this was the only way she could think to get it. She turned to face the girl and she smiled softly. "Hey."
  12. Enough fresh air, it was hot and he was still thirsty. Nouvel stumbled back into the bar, earning a glare from the bartender for his indecision. He didn't care, he just wanted to get out of the heat. He sighed and headed to a nearby stool, sitting next to a girl who seemed to be trying to start a conversation. He wondered what for. He ordered a beer from the bartender and looked around as the bartender went to get him a bottle. Most of the people here were indeed, drunk. It was a miracle there was no bar fight starting- His thoughts paused when he noticed two people yelling at each other and started doing fisticuffs. Oh, never mind then. He sighed and took the beer the bartender handed to him and started to drink from it.
  13. Priya had nearly put her hands up to West's eyes as it dawned on her the girl was flirting with the bartender, but realised she couldn't shelter him forever, so she tried to spark conversation with her relative. It failed. They'd spent so much time together there wasn't much to talk about, and West seemed more interested in the girl laughing at everything because he supposed the bartender was a retired comedian of some sort.

    "Hey," Priya heard a voice from behind her, and turned to face the girl, blocking West a moment from her mind. "Umm...can I help you?" she asked awkwardly. This girl looked like she was younger than Priya, now she looked closer, but this didn't put her off a conversation, rather the fact nobody just struck a conversation for no reason. West leaned over to see what was going on, and rolled his eyes when it was just a conversation. As he turned around he noticed the fight. He didn't know if he should watch it or not, but he might as well.
  14. As Kyuga decended, he noticed a small shadow on a building adjacent building, sitting on the edge. He worked his way closer to where he saw the shadow. He found a good spot where he was hid, and slung a long black bag off his shoulder. With a sigh, he opened the bag revealing his .308 rifle. Memories of him and his father out hunting, providing for his mother and family. He lifted the rifle, not chambering a round, but looking through the high powered scope. Getting it into focus, he saw a girl sitting on the edge of the building looking up at the sky. She looked about 15 or 16 and had dirty blonde hair with purple on the tips, hand done he figured by her purple finger tips. He saw here glance at a old pocket watch and sigh. Worried about why a girl her age was up this high, he continued to watch the young girl.
  15. Judging by the girl's reaction to her simple, "hey", Rory could tell this wasn't going to go anywhere, but she felt too embarrassed to not carry on with the conversation. She looked around and was momentarily distracted by a guy who sat down to her left and secretly wished she had waited a few seconds longer and had talked to him instead. She looked back at the girl and smiled again, "Uhh...I'm Rory, what's your name?"
  16. "Oh, I'm Priya. And this is West," she looked behind her, to the boy, and frowned. At the sound of his name, he turned around and smiled at her. He looked bored, as he was leaning on one arm tiredly. It was ignored. Priya was trying to work out why Rory was talking to her. Why are you talking to me? she thought.
  17. Rory hesitated when she saw the young boy, but decided to continue anyway. I mean, the girl was pretty enough. If she took the bait, she'd probably be a lot more fun than the skeezy guys she usually went home with. She smiled again, "So uh, what brings you here?" she asked curiously and slid her hand down the bar closer to the girl.
  18. "We were stealing water," West blurted out, not loud enough for the bartender, but enough for Rory and Nouvel. "No we weren't, silly," she glared at him, "You know, just to sit down." West watched her hand. "We don't steal things, do we?" she said, winking at West. "N-no, of course not," he lied, getting the picture. "Morals, West, morals."
  19. Rory smiled softly, letting what the boy said slide. She didn't care about that anyway. She had stolen a lot of things in her life and she wasn't about to come down on someone else for doing it. Stealing was one of the only ways to survive in the city. Rory focused her attention back on Priya. "Yeah I'm here for the same reason...but, are you doing anything later?" she asked, biting her lip softly.
  20. "Well, we've got to eat. And we have no food. And then we'll get tired. And then we'll probably need something to drink. You know, just surviving. Knowing our luck, by the time we wake up, our food is gone again," Priya scratched the back of her neck nervously. Rory didn't seem to want to grass but Priya could never be sure. West piped up, "Why?"
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