Weird and Unusual Things you See in Real Life at Random.

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  1. Our buddy Wes was over and I usually have him help me run errands in exchange for food. We went to the corner to get some gas in the van, but they were out of gas in their pumps. Not unusual...

    So, we had to turn up the street and go to a different gas station. We turn the corner and pass by this big green field. There we saw a NINJA in a bright orange shirt take off running. He was then followed by a large group of NINJA in black. They tackled him to the ground and proceeded to kick and beat the devil out of him, while one of their Ninja Buddies video taped the entire thing.

    I was the most random and hilarious thing I have seen in a long time. c____c Just... out of no where. NINJAS.

    What weird and unusual things have you seen in real life, that just seemed to happen out of nowhere?
  2. That's how ninjas work, Diana...

    Out of nowhere.
  3. (I have no idea. I was thinking of just doing what I'd usually have a character do. Problem is, I can't remember what that is.)


    He put his arm around her and kissed the top of her head.
  4. (It's just odd for me)


    She chuckled "Don't you to prefer to go in well rested."
  5. (So I get skipping them is fine, like saying it happened but I actually don't know how to write it. I guess I'm just awkward about that sort of thing)


    She rolled her eyes "I don't want you to be sleep deprived in a meeting. That would be horrible."
  6. Oh yeah, I definitely remember this story for sure.

    Angelic Asylum, me, and another friend of ours were taking a walk in Central Park. It was a pretty hot day, but we saw this guy walking in front of us wearing skiing gear. He had the goggles on, the skiing boards, and the two sticks (i don't ski, so i don't know what this shit is called) to guide him as IF he was ready to go skiing. Mind you, we saw this in the summer. And no he wasn't packing for a trip or anything, this guy was legit roaming around Central Park dressed like this. It was so weird and hilarious at the same time XD

    Then again, it IS Central Park. You always come across weird and unusual things there o_O
  7. One time, I went to work dressed as Boba Fett.

    People were having their coffee made for them by a Mandalorian Supercommando.
  8. Ray

    He turned and smiled at her. "Morning beautiful. Yeah, you?" He went over and wrapped his arms around her.


    He was in one of his 3 hideouts, studying a map of the city. He crossed off three facilities. "3 down, no deaths yet. They'll probably start noticing soon and retaliate."

  9. Sweet Home Chicago


    Name: Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden

    Harry, Dresden, Wizard, Infidel, Mr. Scruffy, Eagle One, Darth Dresden.

    Origin: Dynamite Entertainment. The Dresden Files

    October 31st.

    Age: 31

    Race: Human Magi

    Hair: Brown

    Eyes: Brown

    Height: 6'4

    Weight: 190 lbs

    Education Level: He has a GED. : |

    Occupation: (Private Investigator, Wizard. Full-time smartass.

    Citizenship: US of A.

    Level: Superhuman


    As one of the most powerful younger wizards of the White Council, Dresden has a large repertoire of magical powers. His skills at evocation, or ‘quick and dirty’ magic, aka "kaboom magic", aka "battle magic", lean toward large blasts of fire and force, sometimes using wind, and also has some skill with earth (usually manipulating gravity) and lightning magic. He has considerable magical brute strength, though his control is initially somewhat lacking - for example, while he could easily shatter a pair of handcuffs, he may also break the wrists of the person wearing them. For this reason, Dresden is ofttimes referred to as a magical 'thug'. Later in the series, Dresden is also shown to have tremendous power in ritual form battle magic, when he uses the energy of a ley line to concentrate gravity for several miles around into a small zone, and flattens hundreds of enemy combatants at once though he's vastly improved since.

    The full list of spells is found here.

    Abilities: Private Investigator-related skills, brawling, can quote Star Wars movies from memory.


    Staff — A long staff used for channeling magic. Also works well as a bludgeoning weapon. It's proper to wield the staff in the left hand. Dresden's original staff, made from a part of an old oak tree that was struck by lightning on Ebenezar McCoy's farm, was destroyed as of Changes. As of Skin Game Dresden has replaced it with a staff carved from the oldest tree on the island of Demonreach. This version of his staff has been inscribed with the same sigils formerly used on his now lost kinetic energy rings. While the staff can only cast the spell once, it has the energy storage sigil carved into it 77 times.

    Enchanted duster — One of his signature pieces of gear, originally a black canvas duster, it is now a long leather coat enchanted to work as armor against various attacks. The first leather duster was given to him by Susan Rodriguez in Fool Moon. First appears with the armored enchantments at the beginning of Blood Rites: fighting Shen and later when a Black Court vampire. In Cold Days, Molly Carpenter buys Dresden an inverness coat to replace the ruined duster.

    Blasting rod — A rod used for channeling fire spells.

    Shield bracelet — A bracelet with tiny medieval shield charms on it. Used for creating force fields. The bracelet began as a simple silver construction, but has evolved to feature a chain of multiple metals woven together and shields of different metals. The evolved bracelet was destroyed as of Changes. As of Jury Duty, Dresden has replaced it with a single band of copper inscribed with sigils which occasionally throws out sparks.

    Energy-storing rings — Rings which are enchanted to store a small fraction of kinetic energy into them at all times. Dresden first owned only one copper ring, and and later had rings made of silver for each of his fingers. They are described as simple bands with a number of runes inscribed on the interior. As of Small Favor, he had upgraded these rings from single bands to three bands stacked on top of each other, with each band capable of holding the same amount of energy as one of the previous rings.

    Silver pentacle pendant — A pendant Dresden inherited from his mother. Used for various spells, including tracking Thomas's identical pendant and as a focus for calling up wizardly light. Once used to kill a loup-garou.

    Margaret LeFay's jewel — Also, in Changes, Dresden gained a red jewel that he has joined to the center of the pentacle. This jewel contains Dresden’s mother, Margaret LeFay's vast knowledge of the Ways.

    Cane sword - able to channel earth-based magic ~ victorian, has a slender thirty-inch steel blade inside.

    Dead Man's Talisman — Used to protect him from spirits. In Grave Peril, he gives it to Lydia who had asked him for protection from a hostile spirit.

    Enchanted rope — The rope is Faerie make, it has hair from a Unicorn woven through it. Holds where handcuffs won't. The spell Dresden put on it that operates it with his will is set to his apartment and won't work elsewhere.

    Speaking stone (also sending stone) — a smooth piece of fire-rounded obsidian that Dresden uses it to communicate with Ebenezar McCoy. Dresden keeps it in a cigar box amid other miscellaneous stones as camouflage.

    Silver belt buckle — Hand-carved by Dresden between Death Masks and Blood Rites, the belt buckle was cast from silver into the design of a standing bear. Its purpose was to contain a reservoir of raw life and magic in case of emergencies, "nitrous for the body, mind, and soul." Upon activation, the energy contained within the buckle would flow into the bearer, rejuvenating them.

    : Still very human and thus squishy. Also, women in distress and dames in general, like any good PI.

    Our titular character, a wizard and private investigator. A very tall and profoundly (un)lucky man, Harry Dresden is almost the perfect archetypal noir detective, but with a heavy dose of modern snark and humor. Born to an actual witch and a stage magician and orphaned at a young age, Harry Dresden is adopted by a friend of his mother and trained in the ways of magic. Sounding pretty generic, right? WRONG!

    His adoptive father, Justin DuMorne is actually a Warlock (black magic user) and was training Harry to be a loyal enforcer. When his adoptive father tries to put him in a psychic headlock of forced loyalty, Dresden ends up burning him to death in an impromptu wizard's duel. Naturally, the Wardens show up and arrest Harry for killing with magic, a violation of the Laws of Magic that Harry was never told about.

    He barely avoids getting beheaded, due to the fact that he was acting in self defense against Black Magic, and because Ebenezar McCoy speaks on his behalf and agrees to foster him. He's then placed under parole, with the penalty for violation being death, for the majority of his young adulthood. Being by far the most powerful mage of his generation and an openly practicing wizard mortals see him as a charlatan or a looney, much of the wizard community sees him as a loose cannon at best, although a good chunk of White Council's the younger generation look up to him as someone who is not afraid to call the senior council out., and an unrepentant warlock at worst, while low-level practitioners generally see him as a walking disaster and bully like they see all wizards (although their opinion shifts greatly as he grows in fame, joins wizard-KGB, and founds a mage neighborhood-watch network).

    Other supernaturals generally treat all wizards with distrust and respectful fear, but over the course of series Harry's (partially misguided) reputation among non-human supernaturals grows from "Be afraid" to "OH FUCK HE'S AFTER ME!". Because of this he's become something of a loner, though he does have a few close friends. He's been in several relationships, but most ended in blood, tears, or flames. An honest man, he tries to do the right thing, but often, the right thing gets you put on the shit lists of vampire lords and the like. He's chivalrous to a fault, causing him no shortage of pain. It might be fair to call him honorable in that he prefers not to lie and will do his best to help the helpless, but he's not above fighting dirty or weaseling his way out of a deal, especially where his Godmother is concerned.

    Despite being a generally good person, he sees his own power as something he needs to carefully hold in check. He's well aware of the fact that with all his power he's one moment of careless rage away from burning down a building or blowing up a gas station, so he sees the careful and righteous use of power as being very important, though he never hesitates to use his power where he feels it's needed (read: burn down any building that looks at him funny). His immense magical power is severely hampered by the lack of control and refinement resulting a very low cost-effectiveness with "quick and dirty" field magic - his fire evocations are huge explodey fireballs, his shields are direct force absorbers and his telekinesis can throw a car but cannot hit a button across a room - for this reason some other wizards see him as kind of a brute.

    Later his evocation skill grows to a respectful level only for him to often find himslef fighting without his focus tools at hand which pretty much brings him back to "wasting raw power on flashy and powerful but barely controlled spells" level. Meanwhile his thaumaturgy is way more refined and controlled as he fucking loves tinkering with rituals, artifacts and potions in his free time and the majority of his day work also revolves around using thaumaturgical rituals to find people or lost things.

  10. I was heading to work with a friend of mine one morning, and there was a woman in a grocery store parking lot, pouring a full can of gasoline on a car.

    Me: Circle the block. . .I wanna see how this plays out. :O
    Friend: Fuck that! We have to clock in 15, and I want a muffin!

    The muffin was burned.
  11. The weirdest thing that I've seen. Well, one day I was with my friend, eating at a restaurant outside with her parents and siblings when out of nowhere, a teenage girl cosplaying as Cardaptor Sakura just randomly catches my eye walking across a cross-walk on a nearby street. I guess there must've been an anime convention in town that I hadn't heard of or something. (although I doubt that since my town's convention center is normally filled with conventions for cars or used as places for marathons/athletic events to sell their stuff)
  12. Well, there was a guy at a con that both me and Ryker were at. He can vouch for me, this guy was... off kilter.

    He was in a wheelchair, next to Ryker (Cause Ryker had to have HIS FUCKING AIRSOFT GUN CHECKED.... kept falling apart too. Damned thing.) in a line and I was sick of waiting, so I went over to Ryker, snuggled and shit and this guy wheels up and asks for a hug.

    No big deal, right? I LOVE giving hugs. so I huge him.

    He then asks me to hug him standing up...

    That was akward.

    ...What was more akward is he found me again and asked for another hug. I hid behind my bitchy friend Katie.

    Also, I cause weird things to happen at conventions. Will elaborate in a different post
  13. the weirdest thing i have EVER seen happen was i went to classes all day in my kilt. traditional. yeah, aurora is that boring.
  14. -.-

    One of my friends wore a kilt every friday...


    He was in lacrosse and soccer..... so.... wasn't all that bad.
  15. Wouldn't really say I saw this since I did it... I walked into a Catholic Church about four months ago dressed as Darth Vader, and proceeded to yell "I FIND YOUR LACK OF FAITH DISTURBING!"
  16. ....

    If I didn't hate churches, I would wish I was there.
  17. Im the one that people are looking at, I usally don't see many crazy things save from the rare sighting of a mullet.

    This isn't so weird or unusuall its more silly:

    One of the things I've done: Ran around with my cuz's skating helmet on in the yard, yelling that it was my special helmet. And no...they don't live in a secluded area...they live right across from a eatery and a gas station.

    ...Jaws were dropped...also Seiji wants a vid of me doing this to laugh at after I told him the story.

    I've also been the one that yells out the car at people "JESUS LOVES YOU" ...What...Don't give me that look....its the best way to get a bird shot at you/piss people off now-a-days!!!!! You buncha' Jesus haters!
  18. Blair

    She made her way further into the building and found herself hiding in a small corner, peeking out from her spot from time to time

    sang this while marching in hobnail boots down the street with a couple of the lads. the sound of 6 sets of hobnails marching in step to a song sung in german tends to get some people angry even though all it is is a tanker "fight song" to boost morale
  20. Ray

    "Doesn't mean I should give up my beliefs and fight crime. I'm a pacifist, I could never hurt anyone."