Weird and Unusual Things you See in Real Life at Random.

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  1. Our buddy Wes was over and I usually have him help me run errands in exchange for food. We went to the corner to get some gas in the van, but they were out of gas in their pumps. Not unusual...

    So, we had to turn up the street and go to a different gas station. We turn the corner and pass by this big green field. There we saw a NINJA in a bright orange shirt take off running. He was then followed by a large group of NINJA in black. They tackled him to the ground and proceeded to kick and beat the devil out of him, while one of their Ninja Buddies video taped the entire thing.

    I was the most random and hilarious thing I have seen in a long time. c____c Just... out of no where. NINJAS.

    What weird and unusual things have you seen in real life, that just seemed to happen out of nowhere?
  2. That's how ninjas work, Diana...

    Out of nowhere.
  3. (I have no idea. I was thinking of just doing what I'd usually have a character do. Problem is, I can't remember what that is.)


    He put his arm around her and kissed the top of her head.
  4. (It's just odd for me)


    She chuckled "Don't you to prefer to go in well rested."
  5. (So I get skipping them is fine, like saying it happened but I actually don't know how to write it. I guess I'm just awkward about that sort of thing)


    She rolled her eyes "I don't want you to be sleep deprived in a meeting. That would be horrible."
  6. Oh yeah, I definitely remember this story for sure.

    Angelic Asylum, me, and another friend of ours were taking a walk in Central Park. It was a pretty hot day, but we saw this guy walking in front of us wearing skiing gear. He had the goggles on, the skiing boards, and the two sticks (i don't ski, so i don't know what this shit is called) to guide him as IF he was ready to go skiing. Mind you, we saw this in the summer. And no he wasn't packing for a trip or anything, this guy was legit roaming around Central Park dressed like this. It was so weird and hilarious at the same time XD

    Then again, it IS Central Park. You always come across weird and unusual things there o_O
  7. One time, I went to work dressed as Boba Fett.

    People were having their coffee made for them by a Mandalorian Supercommando.
  8. Ray

    He turned and smiled at her. "Morning beautiful. Yeah, you?" He went over and wrapped his arms around her.


    He was in one of his 3 hideouts, studying a map of the city. He crossed off three facilities. "3 down, no deaths yet. They'll probably start noticing soon and retaliate."
  9. The most unusual thing I can remember is seeing the funeral department at school wheeling a casket into what I later found out was the culinary department's wing of the building.. And then the next day the bookstore was serving pretty healthy helpings of chicken and rice.

    It was a joke in our class for a WHILE.
  10. I was heading to work with a friend of mine one morning, and there was a woman in a grocery store parking lot, pouring a full can of gasoline on a car.

    Me: Circle the block. . .I wanna see how this plays out. :O
    Friend: Fuck that! We have to clock in 15, and I want a muffin!

    The muffin was burned.
  11. The weirdest thing that I've seen. Well, one day I was with my friend, eating at a restaurant outside with her parents and siblings when out of nowhere, a teenage girl cosplaying as Cardaptor Sakura just randomly catches my eye walking across a cross-walk on a nearby street. I guess there must've been an anime convention in town that I hadn't heard of or something. (although I doubt that since my town's convention center is normally filled with conventions for cars or used as places for marathons/athletic events to sell their stuff)
  12. Well, there was a guy at a con that both me and Ryker were at. He can vouch for me, this guy was... off kilter.

    He was in a wheelchair, next to Ryker (Cause Ryker had to have HIS FUCKING AIRSOFT GUN CHECKED.... kept falling apart too. Damned thing.) in a line and I was sick of waiting, so I went over to Ryker, snuggled and shit and this guy wheels up and asks for a hug.

    No big deal, right? I LOVE giving hugs. so I huge him.

    He then asks me to hug him standing up...

    That was akward.

    ...What was more akward is he found me again and asked for another hug. I hid behind my bitchy friend Katie.

    Also, I cause weird things to happen at conventions. Will elaborate in a different post
  13. the weirdest thing i have EVER seen happen was i went to classes all day in my kilt. traditional. yeah, aurora is that boring.
  14. -.-

    One of my friends wore a kilt every friday...


    He was in lacrosse and soccer..... so.... wasn't all that bad.
  15. Wouldn't really say I saw this since I did it... I walked into a Catholic Church about four months ago dressed as Darth Vader, and proceeded to yell "I FIND YOUR LACK OF FAITH DISTURBING!"
  16. ....

    If I didn't hate churches, I would wish I was there.
  17. Im the one that people are looking at, I usally don't see many crazy things save from the rare sighting of a mullet.

    This isn't so weird or unusuall its more silly:

    One of the things I've done: Ran around with my cuz's skating helmet on in the yard, yelling that it was my special helmet. And no...they don't live in a secluded area...they live right across from a eatery and a gas station.

    ...Jaws were dropped...also Seiji wants a vid of me doing this to laugh at after I told him the story.

    I've also been the one that yells out the car at people "JESUS LOVES YOU" ...What...Don't give me that look....its the best way to get a bird shot at you/piss people off now-a-days!!!!! You buncha' Jesus haters!
  18. Blair

    She made her way further into the building and found herself hiding in a small corner, peeking out from her spot from time to time

    sang this while marching in hobnail boots down the street with a couple of the lads. the sound of 6 sets of hobnails marching in step to a song sung in german tends to get some people angry even though all it is is a tanker "fight song" to boost morale
  20. ....

    One of my professors brought a vibrator and fleshlight to class....

    And shoved the fake pussy in my face.


    It smelled like honey....