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    Weatherbrook; A small town located in northern Massachusetts. Nationally known for its famous landmarks such as Herrington Manor, Dark Pine Woods, Boggy Creek, Buckwater Beach (leading into Lake Devlin), and for having the "best pies in America".

    But it's also known world-wide due to it's dark origins.

    Back in 1776, the settlement of Weatherbrook was built by a small group from the Massachuset people. At first, the chieftain didn't want to come anywhere near the forested area, claiming he had spoken with an Algonquin shaman (during a fur trade) who told him of a terrible demon known as the Wendigo. The Wendigo was said to be a cannibalistic demon that had an insatiable appetite for human flesh. Although he and the Algonquin man had different beliefs, the shaman explained that even if the chief didn't believe in the Wendigo, it was an undeniable fact that there was still something evil in the forest.

    Despite his warnings against it, the settlement was built and the tribesmen made good use of the land. The creek and lake were both perfect for fishing and gathering drinking water and the surrounding forest provided plenty of wildlife and berries for food. But that same winter, there was a terrible storm the likes of which the Massechuset people were terribly unprepared for. Food was scarce and the lake froze over. The Natives had to survive by eating a combination of snow, leaves, and whatever animals they could find (if they were lucky). People were starving or sick, and the chief reminded the people all of how he had warned them not to come here. Fearing for his people, he set out for assistance for a nearby Settler town, putting his son in charge of the tribe in his absence. But a dark sickness had come over the chief's son. The severe starvation had changed him into something terrible... Or, something terrible had changed him.

    When the chieftain retuned with a carriage of food and medicene, he was met with a gruesome sight: the entire village had been brutally slaughtered... and eaten. Searching for what terrible creature had done such an act, the chief was shocked to discover that his son was responsible. He had even killed his mother, cut open her stomach, and partially devoured his unborn brother (stopping only because his father found him).

    Immediately, the chieftan knew that something was not right. His son had never even hunted an animal, let alone another human. But to a Wendigo, there was no distinction between man and beast. So, using a ritual he learned from the Algonquin shaman, the chief bound his son's hands and feet with rope and laid him flat against the ground. Chanting the holy words, the chief attempted to cast out the Wendigo. But nothing worked. Finally, he was forced to kill his own son, using a rifle he received from the settlers long ago to make the execution as quick and painless as possible. But, since he did not exercise the demon... The Wendigo's spirit remained.

    The chieftain used his time remaining on this Earth to warn those who dared to pass within a hundred miles of the area to stay away, fearing that the Wendigo was still at large. He even claimed that the souls of his murdered people were returning, taking on hideous and demonic forms as a result of the Wendigo's evil. But when he died of tuberculosis ten years later, there was nothing preventing the settlers from moving in. They built houses, a church, and created the town known today as Weatherbrook.

    In the years that followed its creation, Weatherbrook was subject to all kinds of strange and supernatural events. During the famous Salem Witch Trials, the people of Weatherbrook discovered an actual coven of witches preparing to sacrifice a young girl to appease the Dark Lord. They were convinced and hung before the ritual could be completed. Shortly after, reports of strange howling and blood curling screeching echoing from the woods caused a panic, forcing the people to believe that werewolves and vampires lurked in the dark. Then came the strange lights in the sky, the large grey beings with black eyes, the ghost sightings, the lake monsters, and so much more. It seemed like every year there was a different report of strange and terrible phenomena...

    But then one day, it all stopped.

    No more sounds in the night, no more strange lights, no more sightings, and no more attacks. Things were fine for the next hundred years, all the way until this year... But quite mysteriously, it started again.

    However, since the strange events began, there have also been strange markings and riddles scattered throughout Weatherbrook by somebody called "X". By decoding X's secret code, a specific group of people managed to decipher a hidden message by the young man, saying that he was assembling a team to take on the supernatural forces at work:

    The Message (open)
    (Note: the stuff in quotes is supposed to be the description of the video outside of diologue)

    "If you're watching this, then you've managed to decipher my code. Those who managed to do so, you know exactly what I'm about to say. First off, I am "X". For the past few months I've been monitoring strange phenomena in the small town of Weatherbrook, Massachusetts. People have been reporting all kinds of weird stuff for years: being abducted by aliens, werewolf attacks, possessions, monster sightings... You get the idea. But this isn't a new thing: these events have been going on for years. This stuff dates back all the way to the 1800's, when Weatherbrook was founded by a Cult. They practiced all kinds of insane rituals to summon demons and the like, but eventually the Protestants came in and wiped them out. But ever since that day, Weaterbrook's been experiencing almost anything and everything one might imagine when they hear the words 'supernatural phenomena'. But I can't talk for long, I'm pretty sure that tonight there will be another 'visitation', so here's the bottom line: I spread this code around town to see who was intelligent enough to help me out. I've been studying the town's history for a while now, looking into the past attacks and strange events and I'm thinking that we need to do something. I think that we, the people of Weatherbrook, need to form an elite group of hunters to protect the town from these threats... I know many of you will think I'm insane. Trust me, I'm having a hard time believing it myself. But... Maybe this will convince you."

    "This... Well, it's a Mogwai. Turns out Joe Dante unintentionally made a film about real creatures... This little guy was kept in Tennorman's Pet Shop, but I found it before somebody else did. Unfortunately, I don't think it's the only one in town... But this should be enough proof that something odd is going on."

    "Banshee. Most likely the one that's been lingering around Herrington Manor. It's mostly dormant, contained in a metal box bound with chains and with a cross lain on top of it... Needless to say, I kind of took care of that one. For the time being. But this is why I need help; I can't do it on my own. So, those who want the town to be kept safe from these things, meet me outside Boggy Creek in three days. I'll be there around midnight... And, come prepared with a weapon: there's Reptillians in the water."

    So now that you have deciphered his message... Will you join him in his seemingly impossible task? If you're brave enough, go to Boggy Creek. And remember: The truth, is waiting...



    1. No GMing. We don't want any Mary-Sues or Gary-Sues

    2. Maximum of 3 Active Characters per person. Any more needs approval by a GM

    3. Characters can and WILL die, but please ASK somebody before you attempt to kill their character rather then just say "Your guy is dead."

    4. Keep it PG-13!! Romance and Lovey-Dovey stuff is fine, as well as the occasional innuendo, but take smut scenes to PM, please. Also, violence is allowed, but please don't rip out a guys entrails and hold them above his head while he slowly dies. We're not monsters (but some of us are :3)

    6. Each member of the RP will eventually become a member of the "Paranormal and Supernatural Investigation Squad" (P.S.I.S. pronounced "PSI's")

    6. You just realized there is no 5 and went back to check :3 SPOOOOOKY!

    7. Your character is allowed two "supernatural" weapons if you so choose (tech designed by aliens or something else like a magic book/scroll), but make sure that it has limits so we can keep things fair. Also, unless you're specifically trained to use it, you shouldn't really know how to use such a weapon right off the bat, so have them learn from experience.

    8. Post at least two paragraphs each time (more is fantastic though). I get how writers block can be, and trust me, nobody is safe from it.

    9. GM posts will be announced (these include plot movers, class/school events, end/start of school day, or even the death/introduction of a new character)

    10. If you've read through all of this, then in your first OOC post, include the sentence "The truth, is waiting"

    11. Please make PvP combat fair. It really sucks when somebody unleashes their ultimate power and freezes the other person's foot to the floor, then proceed to just punch the crap out of their immobile opponent. In addition, GM moves will NOT be allowed inside PvP combat unless approved/announced in a GM event.

    12. Enjoy the RP to the best of your ability!!


    Character Sheet

    Appearance: (Real Images for human appearance, feel free to use drawn/other ones in case your character has another appearance such as an Alien or a monster)

    Name: (Self Explanatory. First and Last, middle is optional).

    Age: (17-24. Some creatures are an exception, such as Ghosts or Aliens. But make sure you clear it with me first)

    Species: (Human, or something else?)

    Bio: (Not much, just about two-three paragraphs worth. Make sure to include how you became a supernatural creature if you're playing something other than a human).

    Weapons: (Baseball bats, crowbars, alien tech, spell books, claws and teeth; whatever you use to fight the monsters. Maximum of 2).

    Other: (Any additional information you might want to share. Maybe you're a pacifist, or perhaps you're skeptical about the whole supernatural creatures thing).


    My Character Sheet



    Matthew "Matt" Anderson






    Growing up with his mom, life was pretty normal for Matthew. His father went away to fight in the Afghanistan War when Matt was a baby, but never came back, so his mom had to raise him by herself. During his childhood and well into his current age, Matthew was always a big softie. When he was little, he was kind to the girls he knew and stood up for them when boys picked on them. However, his shyness and awkward nature towards girls often landed him as the "butt" of the jokes the boys made: literately. He was constantly picked on and bullied throughout his younger years and well into his high-school days.

    That situation didn't change as Matthew grew older. "Supernatural Boy" and "Monster Matty" were among a few of the names he was called for his strong belief in strange phenomena. Ever since he was little, he had been completely enthralled with the history of Weatherbrook. The alien visitations, the paranormal events; everything. But, it also terrified him. Nobody confirmed that such things had ever happened, but he was positive that they did and he was determined to prove it.

    So, two years out of high school, Matt began his search just as the paranormal events began happening again. It was just the chance he was looking for. Armed with only his flashlight and a baseball bat, Matt wandered off into the woods in search of some mysterious lights rumoured to appear at midnight. Sure enough, the lights came and soon after, he saw the long, slender figures of three alien life forms. They wandered around for a while, seemingly studying the forest, but eventually the group found a small pig roaming around. Watching them closely, Matt witnessed the aliens tear the pig apart with an array of tools all powered by a strange orange energy. They dissected the pig, analyzed its brutalized corpse, and then left like nothing had happened. When the lights receded and the ship disappeared into the sky, Matt was left horrified by what he had witnessed. He wanted to find these beings... But he never imagined that they would be so brutal. That's when he realized the gravity of the situation; if the alien visitors were so brutal in simply studying a pig's body, then any of the other creatures that existed could be insanely brutal.

    From that point on, Matt worked on preparing for the end. He collected books on cryptology, studied every theory, myth and legend involving the supernatural and analyzed every movie on the subject. Matt gathered anything and everything he required for a potential attack from any kind of supernatural creature. Some called him paranoid, but he was just prepared. Adopting the nickname of "X", Matt worked on containing and neutralizing the threats he could find, but he knew it was too dangerous to go at it alone. So, he created the 'P.S.I.S code', an ARPG experience which he spread across Weatherbrook in secret. A combination of riddles, questions, and secret messages were created to help conceal his identity and his true intent from anyone who sought to destroy his town and his world. Once deciphered, the clues would lead straight to a website with a live streamed video set for a specific day. X would make his first in-person appearance... And it was going to be one for the record books.


    While Matthew doesn't completely understand what these weapons do in the grand scheme of things, he does know some of the more basic actions.

    • "The Power Glove"

    View attachment 81444

    After finding an alien contact living within Weatherbrook, Matthew managed to get his hands on this valuable piece of tech. It had two primary modes, both of which his contact showed him how to access: Pulse Burst (settings 1 and 2), and Gravity Beam. The Pulse Burst (on setting 1) is the actual 'weapon' setting and fires off a short blast of high-powered alien energy from a repulser attached to the palm of the glove. Matt realized that the longer he held down the repulser, the more powerful the blast would be. On setting 2, the same process occurs, but the weapon now only stuns anything it hits, shocking them with what is essentially a bio-EMP.

    While using the Gravity Beam, the glove becomes a useful tool. Mostly it acts like a grappling hook, using a plasma beam to latch onto anything with a flat surface (but leaving small burns behind on anything that isn't metal). The gravity beam can also be used to pull/push objects away from the user. Again, the beam comes from the repulser pad on the glove's palm. This mode is non-lethal and isn't normally used for attacking, but the heat generated by the beam can cause serious burns if it touches organic matter.

    • "It's not a Probe, alright!"

    View attachment 81443

    After acquiring the "Power Glove" as he called it, Matthew struck out for the forest to apprehend the aliens once more, knowing that they would return. This time, he brought his recently found Mogwai as bait, knowing they couldn't possibly resist studying a creature like it. So he waited until they arrived and when they did, he set the glove for stun and zapped them both. Knowing he had at least twenty minutes before they regained consciousness, Matt quickly got to work examining the ship and their bodies. He found that they hadn't abducted any human beings (yet) and that they came from the Nebula Rectuli solar system. Taking photos of their maps, equipment, weapons and even the dissected body of a rat they had been studying, Matt was just about to leave when he saw one of the aliens carrying a small silver device. Intrigued by it, Matt reached down to examine the device just as the alien began to move. Unsure about what to do, Matt was about to run when he accidentally hit a switch on the item, creating a large orange flash. The aliens stood there, perplexed about something, before they spoke to him in plain English. They asked where they were and why they were out in the woods. That's when Matt realized the device had mind-wiping capabilities. He informed the aliens that they were just about to leave. Agreeing with the boy, the aliens went peacefully into the night, totally unaware that he not only erased their memories, but also stole one of their tools.

    To this day he isn't completely sure about all of its settings, but his alien contact explained it was a scientific 'probe' that the aliens used for almost anything. So far, he's discovered these settings:

    • Scanning for Life (light at the end flashes when something is close, the speed of the flashes depend on the threat level. Used the users DNA to determine what is a 'threat'.)

    • Memory Wipe (erases the last two hours from the target's memory, but only if the target is looking at the flash when it occurs.

    • Magnet (doesn't need much of an explanation, but can also help find hidden metal structures)

    • Compass (Tells the user which is North, south, east, and west by changing colours from Orange (N), Red (S), Green (E) and Blue (W).)

    • Detect/Sabotage Electrical Equipment (Helps locate any hidden technology and, if the user chooses so, can emit a sonic pulse at a high frequency to destroy the equipment from the inside).


    Matthew found a Mogwai in his travels and rather then isolating and containing it like he had done with some of the other creatures, but instead, he kept it as a pet of sorts. He now calls it "Nibbles" and keeps the creature with him at all times, obeying the rules so it doesn't become a Gremlin.

    He also hates it when people refer to the alien science device as a "probe", even though it is clearly a probe. Matt just doesn't like the idea of referencing something that, in the past, was jammed into rear-ends. (His model was never used for that purpose)

    The truth, is out there...
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  2. [​IMG]

    Name: Richard Conswell

    Age: 20

    Species: Human

    Bio: Richard was once a scientist who worked for a company called "BioCorp", a laboratory that specializes in genetics. He was the top of he field and one of the best out of his coworkers, he has even received several awards from his work. But when he and his friends heard that the towns abnormalities started to become more and more frequent the decided that something must be done once and for all.

    Thus began Project Hunter, an operation where the scientists began the creation of monsters of their own to track down and kill any monsters they can. After all, what better to fight a beast than another one. At first their experiment was going great, but a freak accident caused all their specimens to get loose and run rampant. Now their "pet monsters" roam free, their location unknown to all.

    Richard was the only Survivor when the creatures got loose. And now devotes his life in hopes of containing the more dangerous of the monsters, while letting the more "human friendly" one do what they were created to do. But he is just one man and has very few weapons to defend him self from the other monsters, let alone the hunters.

    Weapons: Richard is in possession of two weapons. The first is a blessed longsword with a cross tied to the hilt. He uses this to hold off the undead as he knows that much of the, are vulnerable to the power of the church. Although he him self is not a religious man this method seems to work just fine. The second weapon is a revolver. Although neither of these are enough to even scratch the monsters he created, it is enough to scare off the smaller ones.


    Name: Sun Flare (the Red one)

    Age: Unkown

    Species: Raptoid

    Bio: Sun Flare is the largest of the Raptoids and is one of the monsters Created by Richard Conswell. He isn't particularly aggressive to humans but if anyone dares to threaten is territory and family or steal any of his food you can almost guarantee they are not going to get away alive. Sun Flare is a Fire Raptoid and as such is able to breath fire. he is also incredibly strong.

    Fire Raptoids tend to travel in packs and prefer to hunt down other monsters than humans, like all Raptoids they are most active at night. The are also the largest and the smartest species of Raptoid. Fire Raptoids also use their fire breath as a tool as well as a weapon to not only fight off danger but cook their kill as it is easier to digest.

    Sun Flare may not target humans deliberately like the more Malicious Death Spike, but that doesn't mean one should be careless around him or other Fire Raptoids. To best protect your self do not look them directly in the eyes as they see that as a territorial challenge. You should also remain calm, like all animals Raptoids can tell when a human is stressed... If you are calm then it may start to cool down too. Finally back away and leave the area slowly and calmly, A fire Raptoid will only want to hurt you as you want to hurt it.

    Weapons: Aside from its talons, teeth, and claws. Fire Raptoids are fire breathers, and have a spear like barb at the end of their tails.

    Other: All Raptoids have a super strong sense of smell, vision, and hearing. But Fire Raptoids have the best around.

    Name: Death Spike (The green one, only has poisonous quills all over the back of its head, neck, arms, back, and tail)

    Age: Unkown

    Species: Raptoid

    Bio: Needless to say, Death Spike is the most Dangerous of the Raptoids and for good reason. He is a breed of Raptoid know as Poison Raptoids. As the name suggests the use venom and poison to kill their target, and unlike Fire Raptoids they do not hesitate to kill humans as well as other monsters. This includes their own kind as well. Death Spike and Sun Flare have never got along and odds are they never will.

    Like Fire Raptoids, Poison Raptoids hunt in packs. They use their deadly quills to intoxicate their prey making it harder for them to fight back or run away. Poison Raptoids are not afraid to target humans, but only if they are desperate for food will that attack out of hunger. Territorial and protection reasons on the other hand wil result in them attacking on sight. If one wants to allude a Poison Raptoid there is only one thing one can do... Hide and prey it dose not find you, or some how get them to fight each other.

    Death Spike is a bit Different than other Poison Raptoids though. He seems to have no Rhyme or reason to kill humans and dose it when ever he pleases. A truly relentless monster to say the least, Death Spike prefers to eat his prey while it is still alive like Raptors do. Do not engage Death spike unless you know your victory is absolute.

    Weapons: like all Raptoids Poison Raptoids have teeth, claws, and Talons. But they are the only ones who don't have barbed tails and rather have poisonous quills. They are also the only breed of Raptoid to have venomous fangs. They also can breath poisonous but flammable gas.

    Other: Poison Raptoids can Camouflage their bodies and drop their body temperatures to match their environment. Reason being is that this breed of Raptoid was designed for assassinations.
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  3. So is BioCorp a Weatherbrook-based company or is it from somewhere else and the monsters happened to escape into Weatherbrook?

    Also, there's not many 'undead' just yet, but the sword could definitely come in handy against other creatures.
  4. BioCorp's location is top secret. So probably some where out side of Weatherbrook. Also I forgot to add a weapon for poison Raptoids... I just edited it though. As for the sword... Noted.
  5. Oh I see, alright. Maybe we can introduce them as a sort of SCP-organization trying to recapture the creatures for their own purposes/protecting the town.
  6. The truth, is waiting

    Name: Mina "Mint" Vale

    Age: 18

    Species: Human

    Bio: Mina is the youngest of 3 children. Her Parents, Daniel and Fiona, were always away working and traveling. As a result she mostly relied on her two older brothers, Marcus And Morgan, for support and care. She was always pretty quiet and subdued throughout her childhood. She mostly spent her time with her video games and books. She was never an outgoing kid and so had few friends through her childhood. The few friends she had came from her participation in kendo that runs in the family. Her classmates gave her the nickname 'Mint' after her love of peppermint gum and cool attitude.

    Mina had always been interested in the supernatural. She liked to research magic, monsters, and mysteries. So, when her brothers decided to move away from their parents in the big city to the sleepy town of Weatherbrook, she decided to come along, hoping for some paranormal happenings. She began searching for the supernatural history of the town. Her studies found evidence of a coven of witches that used to be based in an abandoned church. Taking her bokken with her for safety, she ventured in to the depths of the church. She found mountains of dusty spell books and what looked like old potion ingredients. She felt like a kid in a candy store and quickly began reading. One of the bookshelves looked a lot cleaner then the others. Taking one of the books off the shelf, it moved aside in the most cliche way possible to reveal a passage way. Following the path, Mina found what looked like a small shrine to a mysterious deity. However, before she could investigate further, she heard voices further down the path. Scared, she ran away before getting a good look at whoever was there. Thus her studies of the cult activities in Weatherbrook became official.

    • Bokken
    Essentially a wooden katana used for training, Mina was given this by her father for her 15th birthday.
    • "Overly-Cute Pendant"
    When Mina wears this pendant, she has the ability to shoot balls of pink light, blue energy blasts, and yellow force-fields out of her hands. These powers are controlled by her emotions and can be tricky to control.
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  7. Nice, just make sure that you watch the magic to make sure it doesn't get too GM (same goes for me, using the alien tech)
  8. Got it, sir!
  9. The truth, is waiting. c: This sounds really cool, so I'll toss in my awkward werewolf.


    The Intelligent Wolf Who Does Alarmingly Stupid Things

    Logan Marshall Green 11.jpg wolf3.jpg
    Brown hair | Green eyes | 5'8" | Chaotic Good

    Name: Dalton Thomas Hendry

    Age: 19

    Species: Werewolf

    Bio: Both of Dalton's parents were werewolves, making him a pureblood. He was born the youngest of seven siblings, and was raised in a tightly knit family pack, but he still went to public school the same as a human kid. His parents died before he was old enough to remember, but the eldest of the seven, Richard, was quick to step up to lead the pack and take care of his younger siblings. Thus, most of Dalton's early childhood was spent getting into absolutely incredible amounts of trouble, but he was more than intelligent enough to do well in school even with his penchant for mischief. He even put in the extra work to graduate high school early. His free time from six to sixteen was spent learning aikido and doing gymnastics, both the martial art and the flexibility learned in the sport becoming skills he maintains, due to their usefulness.

    After graduating high school at the tender age of sixteen, Dalton quickly moved onto college, enrolling in a decent university with the major of Forensic Psychology. It wasn't long before he decided college was not what he wanted and dropped out. He set out to travel, instead, making his way back and forth across the US until he made what was supposed to be a short stop in Weatherbrook.

    That was not to be the case.

    He stumbled across one of X's clues, and not being one to resist a challenge or a mystery in any shape or form, he pursued it. Discovering the supernatural occurrences going on in the town (he had a particularly uncomfortable encounter with several fairies, and not the sweet Disney kind) and learning X was aiming to stop them, he was quick to decide he was going to be helping. Not all monsters were bad, after all, and he was going to prove that.

    • Werewolf Form- As a pureblood werewolf, Dalton has relatively complete control over his shifting, with the occasional accident if he gets too excited. He shifts completely into a look-a-like of an actual wolf, with his shifted form being larger than a natural one but smaller than most werewolves. It reflects his short height while in human form. The excellent senses of his wolf form carry over to his human one, giving him a better sense of smell and hearing, as well as an easier time when trying to see in the dark.
    • Marital Arts- He's trained in martial arts combat as well as general fighting practices, and his flexibility assists with the effectiveness of both. This makes him a good fighter, even in situations where he cannot shift, but he is no combat master.
    Other: Deathly afraid of needles. Openly pansexual. Has a strong love for certain writers of poetry, love enough that he has a verse from the poem "Invictus" by Henley tattooed on his right side, over his ribs. He also has a problematic attraction to danger, which would be the reason he got involved in this mess anyways.


    The Creature of the Night Who Hunts His Own Demons

    Tyler Connolly 1.jpg
    Black hair | Brown eyes | 6'4" | Lawful Neutral

    Name: Daniel James Hartshire

    Age: 94 in actuality, though he appears to be twenty three

    Species: Vampire

    Bio: Born and raised in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada, in the year 1921, Daniel was the only child of a German immigrant mother and a French-Canadian father. He was raised speaking German, French, and English interchangeably, and mostly lived a quiet life working with his father in the town's general store. Then something happened that would change the course of his life forever.


    Canada declared war on Germany and Italy on September 10th, 1939, and a sense of patriotism and duty to his country had Daniel enlisting with the Army as a medic as soon as he possibly could. He spent much of the war in Britain, training with the rest of his battalion, and first saw action at the Battle of Normandy. He made it through that hell mostly unscathed, only to be critically injured a few months later by a grenade. He survived, but lost the ability to walk and spent the rest of the war in and out of hospitals, eventually forced to move to the United States in search of help for his condition. It all seemed hopeless, until he was approached in 1945 by a man named Pavel who offered to do the impossible: help him walk again. Daniel was quick to accept the offer. He didn't really care what the catch or consequences may be. Pavel bit him, and he woke up several days after a vampire but a breathing, walking one. The virus he'd been infected with erased the damage the grenade did to him, erased all the scars from the war.

    Thirty years he spent with Pavel's coven. Thirty years he spent, living a life of vampiric luxury. Thirty years went by before he even began to question the killing they were doing, as they went so far beyond what they needed to sustain themselves. Thirty years before he turned against the leader of the coven, Minerva, thirty years before he fractured their previously unified group into two opposing sides. He spent the eight years after that running from the people he'd called family just as much as he was running from his deeds and his feelings, until he finally stopped in 1982. That was when he began hunting other supernatural creatures. The bad ones. The ones who hurt people, who killed people, like he had. Since then, he's traveled, living off of blood plasma and the very occasional willing donor, trying to repent.

    • Double Barrel Shotgun- He has a variety of hunting equipment in the trunk of his car, but his favorite weapon by far would be his double barrel shotgun. He's custom made a variety of ammo for it, from silver to rock salt, all helpful in his line of work. However, he only has a limited supply of each kind.
    • Blood of the Vampire- As a vampire, Daniel possesses superhuman strength and speed and enhanced senses, as well as regeneration capabilities and a built in set of fangs. However, standing in direct sunlight weakens his abilities. He's also vulnerable to silver, necessitating the use of gloves in his work.

    Other: Terrified of clowns. Strongly dislikes spiders. Not a fan of therapists. Genuinely likes killing, although he hates himself for that. Has had night terrors since he was a child and his experiences in WWII only worsened them, so he avoids sleeping as much as possible. Both of his arms are tattooed, the feat accomplished through a painful process involving silver and custom ink. The tattoos on his right arm are brightly colored and have a theme of faith and rebirth; the left arm is in grayscale and has a theme of sex and violence.

    Notes on Daniel's breed of vampire:
    They are not undead, not in the conventional sense. Slower heartbeat and lower core body temperature (around 70 degrees Fahrenheit), but they are alive and more resistant to cold but less able to stand heat. Silver burns and eliminates the vampire's regeneration ability, though will only cause complete combustion when stuck into the heart or head. They're more durable than humans, but not immune to damage. Severe injury will kill them, and they can bleed out. Sunlight is weakening and painful, but causes neither combustion or sparkling. They also cannot digest solid food, and eating it results in sickness similar to food poisoning.
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  10. Looks good, and as of now: all submissions except for those from the Interest Check are closed.
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  11. Great. Looking forward to when this starts up, Even if it will be a while
  12. I've decided to make 3 characters right off the bat, a human, a human with special abilities, and some sort of paranormal thingy =P


    Adam Maverick



    Adam comes from a long line of creature/monster hunters and paranormal investigators. He was born into it and hasn't known any other life. Both his parents were in the same line of work and when Adam was born they tried to stop hunting and live a normal life for their son but it wasn't easy. They couldn't just ignore a case when it came up so they took turns having one of them watch Adam while the other worked a case. Sometimes they would leave Adam with a sitter or family member while they worked together. When Hunter was 5 and his dad was off on a case a demon with a grudge attacked Adam and his mom, catching them off guard. Adam's dad arrived back just in time to save Adam but it was too late for his mom.

    After that Adam's dad left him in the care of his uncle while his dad tried to find the demon who killed his mom. He would visit Hunter occasionally but tried to stay away to keep him safe. But it didn't keep him any safe. adam and his uncle were dogged by anyone/thing paranormal who knew Adam's dad. When Adam was 12 he ran away from his uncle to go find his dad. His dad was furious until he realized Adam was in more danger being away from him than with him. After that Adam was raised by his father in the life of hunting the paranormal. A year ago his father was killed and then Adam discovered that he has a half sister who his father hid from him for his sister's protection. Like his father did with him, Adam is attempting to keep her safe and out of the way of the paranormal.

    Weatherbrook is a place of legend for all in Adam line of work so when he caught wind of things happening there he had to check it out.

    An arsenal of weapons individualized to kill each supernatural creature known to him. Nothing to fancy but it gets the job done.




    Kaylee Troublefeild


    A Human Empath

    Kaylee was born to and raised by a single mom, her parents having never been married. Amee Troublefeild and Jakob Maverick met when there was a strange series of disappearances in Amee's hometown and Jakob came to investigate. Growing up Kaylee was always asking about her dad. She met him for the first time when she was 12. Ever since then her dad had visited her once a year and called a few times in between. He told her to call if anything strange ever happened. Growing up Kaylee talked about seeing monsters and seeing scary people and was plagued with vivid nightmares. When she was young it was thought that she just had a strong imagination but when she reached age 12 her mom and teachers began to become concerned. She was put in therapy but when her eriatic behavior and 'visions' persisted Kaylee was institutionalized in a teen psychiatric ward at age 13. Because of his line of work Kaylee's dad did not think this was a coincidence. He discovered that Kaylee could actaully see and recognize paranormal beings even when they are disguised. That's when he told her that the monsters she saw were real and that his job was to hunt them.

    On her sixteenth birthday when he was visiting her, her dad was killed and her mom dissapeared. She discovered she had a half brother when he came to investigate their dad's death. At this point Kaylee had perfected the act of being normal and so was released into her brothers custody. She had no where to go so Adam decided to let her stay with him. He taught her a few things about hunting so she could defend herself but he generally tries to keep her out of his cases. He strictly forbade her to come to Weatherbrook but she followed him anyway. She doesn't like to be away from him and she is trying to find out more about why she can do what she can do.

    Herself, any of the weapons her brother has (although she's not very good at using them) or any other objects she has on hand

    Kaylee is an empath and can sense all things paranormal. Her abilities are slowly increasing even as she's trying to discover the depth of them. She is also immune to certain powers of the paranormal ( ex. she can't be turned by a bite, can't be possessed, can't be mimicked by a shifter etc.) although, at the moment she does not know this.

    Kaylee is more open to being friendly towards certain paranormal creatures as long as they aren't hurting herself or others and she will only attack when she is being threatened or she is defending herself or her brother.



    Appears 20


    (Not much, just about two-three paragraphs worth. Make sure to include how you became a supernatural creature if you're playing something other than a human).

    Posession, Telekenetic abilities, super strength, apperation: Just your run-of-the-mill demon powers.

    (Any additional information you might want to share. Maybe you're a pacifist, or perhaps you're skeptical about the whole supernatural creatures thing).


    The Truth is Waiting​
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  13. Would it be alright if I added a second character to my post?
  14. Aha, nobody read the rules! GOT YOU!
  15. You're allowed to have 3 so sure, just let me know when the sheet is added
  16. omg This is a lot of characters. And me and Rebelrock are about to add three more--though one of them isn't in the PSI--..crap. This might get hard to keep track of. Maybe we should actually cut back on characters...

    ANYWAY, HEY ALL, @mr_pibbs neglected to tell you about your new co-GM. Be a doll and and a pal and introduce me will youuuu? :p
  17. Right! Everyone, please give a warm welcome to your new GM!


    Kidding, it's @Ravenbelle...

    *slow clap*
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  18. So far we have

    Five Guys:
    • Matthew,
    • Richard,
    • Dalton,
    • Adam
    • Daniel
    • and Jerry

    Five Girls:
    • Mina "Mint"
    • Kaylee
    • Valentina
    • Rosemarie
    • and Annabelle

    Can we manage all this?

    The PSI will apparently be mostly female. 5 girls to 4 guys

    @ILovePandas are you sure you can handle 3 characters in all this? maybe you shouldn't finish editing Valentina? (not pressuring you, just wondering. I don't wanna be bossy or pushy)

    Just trying to keep organized.
    @mr_pibbs what do you say?
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  19. You forgot Sun Flare and Death Spike... Although they aren't exactly human though.
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  20. UPUPUP! Don't forget Nibbles. That makes the team evenly rounded :3

    And I say we keep characters who are in the P.S.I.S group be the main focus of the RP. If you have a character outside of that, then either put them in or consult with me to create a plot for them to do until they either join or meet up with the P.S.I.S.
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