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  1. Prologue:​

    Solaris flickered in the distance. A puff, a second, and then the small yellow dot faded into the blackness.The last star in the universe had died and light with the physical world ceased to exist. Reality plunged into nothingness yet time tread on through countless years. An eternity passed, then a flash. A radiant spark then another. More joined and soon the sky was filled with brilliant, snapping arcs. They danced and grew to encompass all things before vanishing in a thunderous clap. A behemoth painted grey blinked into existence. A ship of humans, time travelers, and the first of their kind.


    You are a crewman of the U.E.N Nomad and have been carefully selected for this assignment due to the skills which you possess. Your destination is Mars where the men, women, and machines which came before you have established a rudimentary colony and begun the terraforming process of the planet. Your cargo is nothing special, equipment and comfort items mostly. What is of note, however, is the method by which you will be arriving. Currently spaceflight from Earth to Mars is 50 days round trip, but recently a method of reducing that travel time to mere seconds has been realized. A Baron gate, named after the scientist who had invented them, will warp the space between our two planets allowing you to travel near instantaneously. Robotics and unmanned craft have been transported successfully using this method but you will be the first humans to do so. You will board the Nomad on May 29th at 1300 where the craft will be launched from Earth's atmosphere to Baron 1 located in High Earth Orbit. Baron 1 will then open the path which will lead you out of Baron 2 in Mars' orbit. Exciting times lay ahead.


    We will play a group of humans. The last from their universe but able to travel through alternate realities. This will be a soft-science RP where anything could exist. Ghosts, magic, science, and everything else in between. However, at the end of the day this is a Sci-fi RP about a crew looking to return to their own reality. We come from a world set in the near future of our own. Like I said this will be soft science so we will be playing the rules of time and space recklessly and impossibly.


    1. My word is law

    2. No Metagaming

    3. I want survival and exploration to be the emphasis here. However, if we end up in a scenario where we need to fight our way out please keep things realistic. Meaning: no god-modding and unless your character has some kind of weapons training or military experience they probably won't fair so well in a fight. You are allowed to 'Auto-hit', but not other characters. Please be considerate and responsible.

    4. Only one character per player starting off. As our characters visit other worlds and realities you may bring on additional characters if you've proven a dedicated player. Aliens, historical figures from other realities, an alternate you. You name it.

    5. One post per week, if you can't make the deadline notify me. I myself am in the military and other obligations will sometimes get in the way, so I understand.

    6. I'm looking for adept to advanced writing so bear that in mind as you make your posts. Quality over quantity.

    Character Sheet:​




    Race: (All humans to start)

    Nationality: (If Applicable)

    Appearance: (Text only)

    Biography: (This is where I gauge your writing)

    Role: (What's your job on the ship?)
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  2. @Wolfsbane706 @DinoFeather @KatherinWinter @LVL1337N00B @Mippu

    Here's the OOC. I still need to make my character but I'll probably end up playing the captain. I'd also like to hear what kind of realities / worlds you would be interested in visiting. I'll pick the first one, but in the future when we change settings I want to know what you guys are interested in.
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  3. I already have a couple of ideas. It will be a bit for me to get my character up. I'm not great at describing people.
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  4. This is very much a WIP, but I'm going to toss up what I have thus far and do some work on it later on. Also, do you only want text as a descriptor, or will you accept a link on a word in the physical description as well? I wasn't sure if you just didn't want pictures cluttering the thread or if you didn't want them at all.

    CS Posted below! c:
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  5. @DinoFeather

    What you have for appearance is good and I want all sheets to have a written appearance, but if you want to supplement your text with pictures that's fine. I Just prefer text because it's more telling of what you consider important about your character then a straight out photo.
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  6. Name: Griffin Green
    Age: 25
    Sex: male
    Race: human
    Nationality: American
    Appearance: Griffin stands 6'6. He has short jet black and deep emerald green eyes. He is fairly muscular. He is handsome in a lumberjack kind of way. He has a five o'clock shadow more often then not. He tends to dress in jeans and t-shirt.
    Biography: Griffin's father was VERY abusive when he was growing up. His education is spotty at best making it hard for Griffin to really interact with the world. He moved out on his own as he was old enough. He was lucky enough to find an old mechanic that took him under his wing and taught Griffin everything he knew. Griffin was a natural with his hand and learned everything there was to know quickly.
    Role: Mechanic
  7. Name: Aaron Reed

    Age: 32

    Sex: male

    Race: Human

    Nationality: American

    Appearance: Touches of grey pepper his short near-black hair and a meticulously cared for mustache sits beneath a broad, hooked nose. His eyes are a plain brown with heavy set lids, giving him a perpetually tired look. His body is well exercised and at 5'11 he seldom towers above anyone.


    The youngest of three children, he often reminisces about holidays spent back in Sacramento, California with his family. A family man then and always pictures of his mother, father, sisters litter his wallet. He was fortunate to have an encouraging family to support his dreams, but teaching was his first dream before space. He loved working and talking with people and always wanted to be a role model to someone. Sometimes he thinks to himself that he'll actually become a teacher once he's too old for life as an astronaut.

    To pay for college he joined the army and while there he harbored hopes of being sent to foreign lands. Fort Worth, Texas was as foreign as he ever got and after an unremarkable four years his contract expired. He walked away with a new appreciation for the freedom allotted in a civilian life. Having been an infantryman, he seldom credits the military for teaching him much of practical use but acknowledges that his time in service taught him how to both lead and follow.

    With his newfound freedom and financial support from the US Government he began his pursuit for a higher education. A natural love of chemistry and a fascination with how things were built lead him to pursue a degree in Chemical Engineering. While he was working on his Masters at Yale he met his wife Katherine and no later than a year after they graduated were they married. She was a genius of a woman with soft, auburn hair and brilliant, blue eyes. Funny and charming she was perfect, he wasn't but she loved him anyway. In times of stress or uncertainty Aaron likes to run his fingers over his wedding ring, his wife ever-present in his mind. They had discussed starting a family of their own upon his return.

    Role: Operator
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  8. @KatherinWinter

    Could you please expand on your characters biography? As of now it doesn't meet the writing standards I'm looking for. I don't expect everything to be fleshed out, but what you have now feels half-hearted. Also, your character would need a solid education for consideration as an astronaut.
  9. Name: Eva Yamashita

    Age: 32

    Sex: Female

    Race: Human

    Nationality: Japanese-American

    Appearance: Standing 175 cm with a generally slender frame, she has somewhat toned muscles under the pale skin. Her round eyes are brown and her layered pixie-cut hair is black. She often has a stern expression and alert posture.

    Biography: Being the daughter of two doctors gave Eva a fairly comfortable life. She may have finished school under pressure to be the top of the class all the time, but it went well with her dreams to become an astronaut. By the time she graduated college, she was the university's pride but had only a handful of friends to celebrate it with. She went on to complete her masters degree in aerospace engineering while doing odd jobs at the side, later using her savings to complete flying lessons. With her qualifications, she became a flight instructor where she met the man who was to be her husband. They had a son but had a divorce after a few years, with their relationship not working well. On top of it all, her ex-husband won custody of the child she can now only meet for a week every month. She feels she has nothing left to live for bu her ambition

    Role: First Officer/Navigator (whichever works best)
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  10. I'm sorry. I am not going to give away everything just to satisfy some writing expectation.
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  11. Name: Dr. Gideon Thorne

    Age: 31

    Sex: Male

    Race: Human

    Nationality: American

    Appearance: Tall and thin, Gideon does not present an intimidating figure and he doesn't intend to; he will insist that his intellect is daunting enough to compensate for his lack of physical prowess. He is fair complected with thick, dark hair and long, sharp features. Perhaps his most intriguing trait is his eyes, which are a pale greenish yellow. Otherwise, he does not consider himself physically remarkable. When his eyes aren't affixed to a book, he wears black, thick-rimmed glasses. He also prefers a modified, fitted variant of lab coat, also in black.

    Biography: Graduating at the age of twenty, Summa Cum Laude, from the esteemed Markell University, Gideon was a shoe in for an assistantship while pursuing his Master's and Doctorate. Upon receiving his PhD, he was immediately offered a university appointment to continue planetary geophysical research. His primary emphasis was on martian geophysical analysis, designed to aid in the terraforming of the red planet. Being on Earth, his research had to be conducted via remote data collection and supplemented with much theorizing, which was intriguing, but there was only so much to be done off-planet.

    As such, Gideon's focus shifted to interplanetary travel to Mars, seeking new opportunities to pursue research. Fortunately, honours and potentially ground-breaking theoretical research gained him an assignment on the Mars colony, scheduled to travel aboard the U.E.N Nomad.

    Being an only child whose parents died early in his life, Gideon has few attachments to individuals and greatly anticipates his travel to Mars. In fact, he holds a deeper attachment to his research than he does to people and is content to devote his life to such.

    The first impression Gideon gives is one of ill-humour, followed by a sharp tongue and a seeming dislike for everyone he meets. At a glance he is analytical, cold, and unabashedly pedantic. He rarely blunts his words and he has little patience for those who do, as he prefers people to be straightforward and succinct. If asked, he would openly admit that he much prefers data to people, as data is "easier to interpret."

    Once someone has spent enough time around him, it becomes apparent that he is, all things considered, a well-meaning individual. He won't readily admit it but he does like people. It's just sometimes difficult to see that his heart in the right place when he's ushering people out of his space for talking too loudly or for touching his lab equipment. Many of his associates at Markell often referred to him as "Thorny," a term of tolerant endearment largely in response to his rather petulant demeanor.

    On top of his PhD in geophysical sciences, Gideon possesses knowledge of atmospheric systems, tech systems management, and basic first aid, required for his time spent in the field. It should be noted that, despite his love of hands-on study, he feels most secure in a laboratory environment.

    Role: Geophysicist and Environmental Analyst

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  12. I may be interested in this. I'll see who I can come up with after I finish cooking/eating supper! Love the idea. :)
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  13. @DinoFeather

    Accepted. CS looks fantastic. After another CS or two is accepted we can officially kick things off.
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  14. Name:
    Dr. Beatrice de Santis

    Age: 39

    Sex: Female

    Race: Human

    Nationality: Italian

    Appearance: Standing shortly at only 5'5 and weighing a slight 125lbs, Beatrice is an individual who does not need much space and is often overlooked. If it wasn't for the wrinkles that frame her light-brown eyes and pursed lips, she could very well be mistaken for a woman in her early twenties or younger. She may have been beautiful once, but the wear and tear of exhaustion and stress has left her looking much older than her biological age.

    Biography: Born to immigrants, Beatrice grew up in a household that demanded hard-work and nothing less. Despite the constant need to always be getting things done, the woman grew up as a happy child. She would help her family within the garden and around the house and when her afternoons were free, Beatrice was free to play with the neighborhood kids, as long as she was back in the house before dark.

    It was at the age of 13, that her family discovered the grave news that her father had developed cancer. Terminal cancer. While she couldn't wrap her head around the situation, having never felt loss, she understood that this diagnosis would change the fabric of her family forever. Within the span of a six months, Beatrice and her mother had to witness the decline of the family's patriarch and after his death, the mother and daughter soon became at odds. Beatrice was rebellious, a constant torment for her mother.

    She was 16 when she discovered that she was pregnant. The baby was a healthy boy that Beatrice named Sebastian, after her father, and while she wanted to raise the boy as her own, she knew that it would be better for the child if he was placed in foster care and so he was. It was from that day on that Beatrice decided that she needed to get her life together.

    The young girl focused heavily on her studies, her rebellious behavior seeming to escape in the night. The relationship with her mother also changed, growing from toxic to respect. At the age of 19, Beatrice graduated from high-school with the honor of being Salutatorian. After graduating, she set her sights to college and initially studied to become a teacher until she decided that the profession wasn't for her. Instead she began to take classes involving biology, chemistry, and the human body and entered into the university's pre-med program. By the time Beatrice was 31, she had graduated with a PhD and license. She was officially a doctor.

    Role: Beatrice is currently en route to become a Doctor within the Mars Colony.

    @Yreka I'll change whatever I need to! Just let me know. :)
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  15. @Lannister Accepted. A role as the ships medic works. At the moment our ship is transporting goods to the Martin colony and really won't be in space long enough to warrant having a full time doctor aboard the ship (A day at the most). However, i'm sure the Martin colony is in sore need of medical professionals so this could be a kind of one way trip for your character who is being relocated to Mars.

    Once the story really kicks off having a doctor with us is going to be invaluable.
  16. Just curious-- about how many players are you wanting? I know someone that might be interested, but I know it says we're in closed signups, so I'm not sure if we're still accepting.
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  17. Okay! That works excellently for me. :)

  18. Name:
    Victoria "Tor" Mcleod

    Age: 29

    Sex: Female

    Race: Human

    Nationality: Scottish

    Appearance: 5"9 with a lean athletic build. She has untidy deep red shoulder length hair that is held out of her eyes with a bandana. She has green eyes, a crooked nose that has been broken and set multiple times and a lopsided smile. When it comes to clothing Victoria pretty much lives in her field gear and when she does wear civvies her clothes are always functional. On her shoulders she has tattoos of her unit insignia and the rampant Scottish Unicorn. Her left hand has a large scar on both the back and palm side after she was stabbed through the hand in a training exercise.

    Biography: Victoria was born and raised in the highlands of Scotland and her childhood was spent exploring the mountains and fells that surrounded her village. As she grew from a small child into a young woman this exploration morphed from childish fun into a source of comfort and solace from the stresses and pressures of her school life. By the time she was sixteen Victoria knew she was done with formal education and that she wanted a life of adventure and took stock of all the options available to her before enlisting in the army.

    Over the next twelve years Victoria was deployed multiple times to trouble spots around the world, working her way up to the rank of Staff Sergeant. The final promotion was a mixed blessing, while Victoria relished the recognition and prestige she detested the more managerial role of the job. When it came time to reenlist Victoria found that she couldn't face carrying in her current position and walked away from the only career she'd ever known. As is the case with many former soldiers she was courted by multiple organizations looking to acquire her skills and experience. She consistently tuned these offers down until Aquarius Explorations offered her a job as a security agent for their research team on Mars. Instantly seeing the potential for adventure inherent in the job Victoria seized at the opportunity and spent the next year and half being condition for life on Mars.

    To help pay for the cost of colonizing mars the Space X sold passage on their ship to and from Mars to various private business and research companies. Passage on the U.E.N Nomads maiden voyage was sought after by many of these companies for reasons of prestige and Space X opened a raffle to determine which company would be allowed to purchase a space on the Nomad, a raffle which AE won. Partially down to luck Victoria was selected by AE to be deployed on the Nomad to act as a guard for the supplies they were sending and then to join the security team on Mars.

    Role: Independent security contractor.
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  19. @DinoFeather

    Possibly one or two more. A few other people had expressed interest so I closed the signups, but spots are filled on a first come first serve basis. Your friend is free to submit a CS.


    Accepted. Yeah sorry I should update the first post. The colony itself is a multinational and no single world government has a claim, though Europe, America, Russia, China, and India are the big contributors. The U.E.N Nomad and the Baron gates are property of SpaceX.
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