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    The 41st Millennium is a savage future age where Mankind must battle for survival in a galaxy riven by bloodshed and destruction. Humanity teeters on the brink of extinction, assailed on all sides by aliens, traitors and Daemons, and only the superhuman strength of the Space Marines and the uncountable numbers of the Imperial Guard stand between the slavering alien hordes and total annihilation.

    The Imperium of Man's greatest Soldiers, the Space Marines stand as the thickest Bulwark against the oncoming tides of destruction. The Emperor's Angels of Death have stood fast, and with each battle, their numbers thin though they bolster with the deeds done by their fallen brothers. Their dead reside in the grand vaults of their chapters, each adorned with his accomplishments, and glories.

    Though they are united in duty, they stand separated in their traditions, and ways. 1,000 strong in each chapter, the great Legions of the Adeptus Astartes throw themselves headlong into the horrors that remain beyond the shadows of the worlds they protect. Among the Legions, the Order of the Deathwatch stretches furthest.

    Deathwatch Marine Kill Team

    Deathwatch, a joint coalition between the many Chapters recruits the best, and brightest of it's kind. Regardless of allegiance, and idea, the members that call it's Watch Fortress worlds home are as one in nearly every action they perform. Comprised of five man Kill Teams, these units of varying talents, and heritages exemplify the best of their Chapters. Strong, composed, intelligent, tactical, quick, and above all else... Honorable.

    Respected by the Legion at large, the Deathwatch specializes in the affairs of the Xenos agenda. Most are pulled within their ranks due to their service against a particular race of Alien, or from a broader experience with them. Others are taken in to discover the secrets behind various alien technologies in order to better combat them, while some others still have lost their brothers to Xenos warfare, and wish to dedicate their lives to their remembrance, and the honor of their Chapter.

    Though the Deathwatch honors the Chapters that supply their members, the Silver Pauldron signifies the adherence to one's Brothers. There are no Chapters within the Deathwatch. There is only the men whom you serve with. It is this family that one is introduced into that creates bonds between the various Marines, and strengths the Chapter's Union for the entire Legion.


    This Roleplay will take place on various missions dealing with Alien threats within the Imperium of man. I would like this to be a long standing thread, so if you are interested in joining please consider that this will likely be written for a year or more depending on how we all decide to move forward with this.

    I will be allowing any Loyalist chapter, as well as those that were destroyed. If you decide to play a destroyed chapter, then you will be what is known as a Blackshield. These marines have taken the Deathwatch as their chapter in order to continue service to the Imperium. Some others take it as a way to honor their chapter until they die in service.

    This will have room for four writers, as I've included myself. If you would like to participate, then please PM me as I will be deciding on who I will allow based on these criteria.

    1. Knowledge of Warhammer 40K history.
    2. Forum Reputation (AKA) are you a reliable poster, do you have a negative rep with your fellow writers.
    3. Grammar. (I won't be a complete Nazi about this, but I would like people who can portray themselves without have to constantly decipher their own posts for others.)
    4. Posting Frequency. This Roleplay will have a mandatory one week post requirement. If you fail to post, and give no explanation then you will be removed from play. If you have something come up then I would like to know as soon as possible. Life happens, but you can still keep people in the loop.

    Lastly, being members of the Deathwatch, you are newly aquanted to them. You will not be having access to relic level chapter equipment, or specific weapons. The Deathwatch equips their members to perform their duties, and that often times means the standard load outs unless special circumstances are found. Being a member of the Deathwatch means that you are better than any weapon.
    This sheet is provided for those wishing to join. Please fill this out, and PM it to me, and we will get this character worked out.

    ~Character Sheet~
    Name: Your Character's Name
    Chapter: Your Home Chapter. If it's an obscure one, please link to it.
    Role: What is your duty within the Kill Team? Assault roles generally take point, Devastators take rear guard with large caliber/heavy rate of fire weapons, Librarians are the Psykers of the group, and use the warp to alter, and or contribute to their teams abilities, and Techmarines are their technology experts, and maintain, customize equipment in the field.
    War Gear: Armor: What mark of armor do you wear? Terminator armor is not allowed at this point.
    Close Combat: What close combat weapons do you use?
    Ranged: What ranged weapons do you use?
    Utility: What miscellaneous items do you have for mission use?
    Notable Deeds: Specific events that you went above, and beyond the call of duty for your chapter against Xenos races.
    Glory: What was your first mark of Glory. This can range from storming a bunker against superior firepower, to killing a Gene Stealer in hand to hand combat.
    Hatred(s): Do you have a particular hatred for a specific Xenos, or simply all of them?
    Joining Reason: Were you asked to join the Deathwatch by the order itself, your chapter, or did you choose to join, and why?​
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  2. ~Character Sheet~

    Show Spoiler

    Name: Artoras Pangaren
    Chapter: Ultramarine
    Role: Tactical Marine. Squad Seregant.
    War Gear: Armor: Mark VIII Errant Armor.
    Close Combat: A gladius sized power blade, with a poignard sized blade to complete the pair.
    Ranged: Mark Vb Godwyn pattern Boltgun, and a Guardian Bolt Pistol.
    Utility: Artoras carries two Frag, and two Krak grenades with him as well as one Melta Bomb.
    Notable Deeds: When initiated as a full Battle Brother following the events of Maccrage, Artoras sought to challenge every Tyranid commander he encountered in mortal combat. As of now, he is renowned for killing a Hive Tyrant, two Carnifexes, and one Trygon Prime using a mixture of grenades, and simply his combat blades. On his person he has a leather pouch with soil from Macragge in it.
    Glory: During the battle for Maccrage against Hive Fleet Behemoth, Artoras and his fellow scouts were nearly annihilated while giving their lives to take down a Trygon Prime. He was the only survivor, having climbed his way up the Xeno's back detonating his supply of Krak grenades inside a cavity he carved out using his combat knife.
    Hatred(s): Tyranids
    Joining Reason: Having faced the numerous Xenos threats that linger in the fringes of the void, Artoras knows the greater danger of the Tyranids, and asked for the honor of serving in the Deathwatch both as a way to honor his fallen scout brothers, and as a way to take the fight away from his home.​
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  3. Name: Alexus Vindictus
    Chapter: The Crimson Fists.

    Role: Assult or as a tactical marine.

    War Gear: Armor: Mark VII Aquila Power Armour.

    Close Combat: Chainsword.

    Ranged: Spectris Pattern Bolt Pistol with high-capacity drum magazine.

    Utility: His left arm is fully bionic due to his notable deed, he also carries frag grenades with him.

    Notable Deeds: During a retreat from an Ork attack when they had realised that they wouldn't be able to hold the line he showed his arm while holding a grenade into a ork Warboss mouth. The death of their leader created infighting betwen the Orks and allowed Alexus and his Space Marine Brethren to fall back and get reinforcement.

    Glory: As a scout he managed to defeat a Ork Nob with nothing but his combat knife, he did sustain several wounds and scars but he wears them with pride.

    Hatred(s): His chapter is known for being skilled against Xenos in general but they are also known for being experts at fighting Orks to the point that it is what the imperium associates them with, their skill in fighting the Orks has grown from how many years they have fought them and the intence hatred they have towards the greenskins as they almost wiped the chapter out turning them into a fleet based Chapter.

    Joining Reason: Like many other Crimson Fists he was sent by his Chapter and is proud to be able to bestow his Chapters knowledge to his future Battle-Brothers.

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  4. Sidium Vardas

    Chapter: Dark Angel

    Role: Psyker

    War Gear: Armor: Artificer Armour

    Close Combat: Power Sword

    Ranged: Bolt Pistol

    Utility: Psychic Hood, Refractor Field.

    Notable Deeds: Sole Survivor of a Daemon World mission to apprehend the Fallen fugitive, Estavale Raife.

    Glory: Destruction of the Luchartun Ghost, a Chaos Dreadnought inhabiting the Space Hulk Galidroy.

    Hatred(s): Chaos

    Joining Reason: Sidium was asked to join following his long recovery from the Daemon World mission. It was a political move by the Inner Circle, designed to push the Librarian far from the memory of his brothers, who always questioned his defeat of Estevale Raife in a mission that claimed so utterly the lives of his fellow Ravenwing.
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  5. Name: Sven Thundercaller

    Chapter: Space Wolves

    Role: Long Fang (Devastator)

    War Gear: Armor: Mark VII Aquila Power Armour. It is decorated in many furs and ornately carved bones.

    Close Combat: Chainsword

    Ranged: Asgal Pattern Mark VI Heavy Bolter

    Utility: Frag and krak grenades, two of each.

    Notable Deeds: Living a long life, he has proven himself time and time again. One of the most recent events was during the defense of an ork attack. He held fast as his wolfpack fell around him. He fought until neither his pack brothers, or the orks remained living. He was the only left alive.

    Glory: As a young Blood Claw he tore thee heavy bolter from the corpse of a fellow pack member and used it to fend of a wing of orks on bikes. He was able to delay them until reinforcements could arrive.

    Hatred(s): Orks.

    Joining Reason: Left a lone wolf after orks wiped out the rest of his pack, he sought out a chance to do something great, and fight until death to restore the honor of his fallen brothers.

  6. Name: Anders Gul

    Chapter: Black Templars

    War Gear: Artificer Armour (The kind Techmarines wear)

    Close Range: Omnissian Power Axe

    Ranged: Hesh Pattern Bolter

    Utility: (Do Techmarines even have Utility?)


    Notable Deeds: During a Battle with the Necrons. Anders was told that their was a Conversion Beamer that was lost, to this day he had no idea how their was a Chapter Relic in the middle of a battle. But he had to go retrieve it, battle or not. It was his duty as a Techmarine to retrieve that rare piece of technology. However it got their, he knew the Machine Spirits must of been furious. He retrieved the Chapter Relic but was heavily wounded and almost died if it was not for his Brethren that pushed back the Xenos.

    Glory: Has proven time and time again that he is willing to risk his life to save technology and better understand it. Like a true Techmarine.

    Hatred(s): Necrons

    Reasons for Joining: He didn't stay with the Black Templars for long as he wanted to gain more knowledge on even more rare pieces of technology. The only place to do this was the Deathwatch. He knew full well that the Deathwatch was always in constant need of Techmarines.

    Finding a Techmarine picture that wasn't fully modified to hell with Servo-Arms and other augmentations was hard.

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  7. Within the Deathwatch, there isn't a criteria for a Kill-Team layout. They organize teams for specific talents, and then move them around according to what Missions match the teams skills.

    Asmodeus, you can make a Librarian if you'd like. If anyone can describe the Warp, it would be you.

    Lastly, I would like to keep this thread focused on the story itself. If you'd like to talk about Warhammer in general, then please create a thread, and consider using PM's. Hopefully this didn't make me sound like a dick, but I like to try and keep threads orderly.

    Once Asmodeus gets the time to decide on a character and post it, I will get an introductory post up for us.

    Lastly, Hattori, your character sheet is missing it's Glory feat.
  8. *lines up the character sheets all nice and OCD-like*

    That's a sexy-looking squad. I think we've pretty much copied the picture in Jumi's intro.

    Jumi, is there any particular race, galaxy sector or historical event that we should be reading up on? I'm feeling rusty. o_o
  9. Yeah, it would be nice to know what I should research ahead of time.
  10. I will just have to relearn some of the things, shouldn't take long though. I mean, we can also learn as we go, not trying to blow our minds up by trying to take it all in at once.
  11. Well, I just need to read up enough to be able to describe the kinds of places and things we will encounter.
  12. Tyranids will be huge for all of us, and then each of you should read up on Xenos specific to your hatreds.
    hTs will help add flavor for character past experiences.
  13. Just to make sure, are we going with the idea that the Space Wolves and the Dark Angels don't get along too well?
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  14. You mean Space Wolves and Dark Angels?
  15. Yeah, I made a mistake there.

    I only ask because I found this while doing some research, "Ragnar Blackmane, the young Wolf Lord of the Space Wolves Chapter, recently aided the Dark Angels' secret pursuit of the Fallen Angels upon the world of Hyades. While Ragnar knows nothing of the reasons for the Dark Angels' pursuit of these particular Renegades, his actions have begun to heal the long-standing feud between the Dark Angels and the Space Wolves."
  16. At large, Space Wolves, and Dark Angels don't get along, so yes. That'll add some nice team building as Deathwatch is the premier organization to help Marines learn to put aside differences. There's no reason the two characters need to be souls mates at first meeting though.

    I should have added, that if you wanted a good chunk of relevant information then the Siege of Macragge would be a good place to start. The hard part about doing anything with Warhammer 40K is learning the actual timeline as it's like a damn ocean. It seems to shift back and forth.

    For simplicity's sake, this will be taking place two decades after the end of Hive Fleet Behemoth's assault on Ultramar's system.
  17. Mkay. When can we expect an IC?
  18. AWESOME! The Siege of Macragge was one of the few timelines that I really got into. Possibly my favourite moment in 40K history. Much simpler than all that Kraken and Leviathan tangle.
  19. I'll try and have an IC post up by Monday at the latest.
  20. Only twenty years and they let Artoras go Deathwatch? Wow.
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