War of the elements

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  1. During the recent discovery of soul energy a war was started called the war of elements. This war is a four way battle between the forest elves, the fire orcs, the water fairies and the wind humans. They are fighting for the soul energy because the high council won't pick a n element to give it to, thus starting a war.

    Pick a race and fight to the death! Or
    steal the soul energy ( almost imposable ).
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  2. "Yes sergeant? You called for me?" Seated upon a chair within his war tent, the mighty orc warrior named Ogrul looked to his "Second in command" Clog, for the camp he was leading, "Yes, please sit down." He gestured with his hand that the smaller orc take a seat opposite him. Clog eagerly accepted. The fire built between them reflected off the heavy armor Ogrul wore, made of steel and ornately designed with spiked shoulder plates and the crest of his clan emblazoned on the chest, a mighty war hammer that looked similar to the one he kept at his side, a massive weapon with a long handle and a hefty head placed upon it, with a red gem occupying the middle. "If you don't mind me asking sir, why does it appear your ready for battle?" Clog looked to him, a curious gleam to his eyes. Ogrul stroked the long black beard coming from his chin, and his mouth twisted into a grin, crinkling the red tribal tattoo that surround his narrow eyes, "You can never be too prepared." He moved his hand from his beard and clapped them together. "But on a more important note, what of those blasted elves we've been chasing? Any news of their camp?" He'd been referring to the band of elves that had ransacked his village days ago and had plundered there resources and escaped before they had time to react. He'd been in charge of leading the counter offensive, "No not yet sir. We have scouts searching the areas, but none have returned." "Well send more! We need to find these thieves!" "We don't have anymore that know the ways of the fire though sir" "Well then send the ones who know the ways of the sword!" "Yes sir." Clog hurriedly exited the tent to carry out his orders, leaving Ogrul alone in his tent.
  3. While killing all the enemy elves he went back to the camp of fire orcs to only see Ogrul in his tent. "Hi Ogrul its me Zoku the scar squad leader.
  4. Once he'd finally begun to relax, slumping over in his chair and gazing longingly at the fire, an unfamiliar orc rushed into his tent, causing him to jump for his hammer briefly, grasping his hand around the shaft and leaning forward to brace for an attack, expecting the figure to be one of the thieves that struck on that night not so long ago. It took him a moment before he relaxed back into his seat upon seeing it was another orc, And who might this be? His thoughts intervened, quickly finding remedy upon his introduction Ah yes! How could I forget one of my squad leaders? He shrugged it off, as he seemed to forget most people, even the squad leaders of the three squads he controlled over, "Hello Zoku. I trust your squad is doing well. Is there a reason you disturb me in my relaxation? Tis' nearly night, and I was about to disrobe and relax. Imagine what would've happened if you'd barged in a few minutes later to see me buck naked!" He let out a mighty roar of a laugh that echoed through the camp. "I'd imagine I'd need to find a new leader for the scar squad." He added when the echoes of his laugh had faded away.
  5. Well uh I'm very sorry but our second camp has fallen! Also the enemy is on its way here wright now!
  6. "That's a broad statement lad" He rose from his seat, a towering force of an orc, who had to lean over so his head wouldn't hit the roof of the tall tent he resided in "And it raises many a question." He calmly reached for his massive war hammer, holding it in two hands in front of him rather than over his shoulder as he would've preferred, since it was hard enough to stand in the tent, led alone with a large hammer on his back. "Please, let us continue in a more open environment." He didn't wait for a reply as he headed out the flap of the tent into the camp, finally able to fully stretch his back into his full height. He swung his hammer over his shoulder, gripping it with one massive hand. Many of the orcs who'd been sitting around fires, or moving supplies, stopped and stared at their goliath of a leader. "For example, Zoku, which enemy? We have quite a number of them now. And who gave you that information? The scouts have yet to return from their survey of the land." he turned around, his eyes narrowing as he looked down to the squad leader, awaiting an answer.
  7. The forest elves are attacking us! I was spying on the enemy that's how I know.
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  8. "A squad leader who's faster than our scouts." He marvelled at the possibility of it, "Perhaps I should reassign you..." He thought for a moment, then shook his head, "Ah, more important matters are upon us." He turned to the orcs that were around the camp, "Alright men! Listen up!" His voice boomed through the camp, and it didn't take long before every eye was upon him, "We've received warning of an attack from Zoku here," He patted the orc on the back beside him before addressing the crowd again, "An attack is upon us! Prepare some defenses! Warriors, suit up! Mages, I want you on the back lines! Anyone else, help build defensive structures! I want walls, I want towers, I want anything that you think will give us the advantage!" The crowd looked up to him expectantly, "That's all for now. I'll have more information shortly." He turned back to Zoku, "Follow me." He went to take a seat by a nearby fire, using a log as a chair, "What do you know of this attack? Where are they rallying? What direction will they come from? What do their forces consist of?" He shot off the volley of questions one after another.
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    Pirina was on her back, her head hanging off of the end of her bed as she dozed. Her knees were in the air, one crossed over the other at the knee, and one foot firmly planted on the bed. Her arms were sprawled out over the sheets. Every so often she would snore, somewhat loudly. Nobody bothered to check up on her and tell her to knock it off, mainly out of fear. After all, she was the princess of the Water Fairies. Her mother was queen, the ruler of them all, and could have anyone executed at the drop of a hat. No one that valued their life would dare make her or anyone in her family upset in any way.
    Her family's most trusted servant peeked into her room and noticed she was asleep. He thought about leaving her alone, but figured this news was urgent enough to wake her with.
    "My lady," he said, softly at first. He cleared his throat and knocked on the wood frame of the doorway, being careful not to take a single step inside her room. "My lady," he repeated louder than before.
    Pirina stirred, mumbling, "Hmm? Who? What?"
    She turned over on her stomach and opened her eyes. They met with the servant, who greeted her with a smile.
    "Arlid!" she sang out, still in her dreamlike state, She stretched her arms out wide towards him. She would never admit it, but she had a soft spot for this man. He was her caregiver when she was young, and he was always very kind to her. "What is it?"
    "It's the orcs," Arlid began, standing up straight at her doorway. "I'm afraid they're after the Elves again too, though I'm not sure why. I figured you'd like to know."
    Pirina swung herself up into a sitting position. Her feet were now on the ground. She put a finger to her chin and tapped it gently, humming to herself. "Orcs, hmm? At it again? When will they ever quit." She dismissed the servant, waiting for him to leave before she got up to look out her window. She was in a tall tower, overlooking a good part of the land, but no where could she see an orc tribe, or any elves for that matter. "Well, maybe we'll just go see what's happening for ourselves, shall we?" she crooned to herself, smiling at the mischievous reflection in the window.
  10. The enemy consists of archers, mages, warriors, clerics and barbarians. They are coming from the south.
  11. "They really are sending all they have at us eh?" He grinned, "It will just make our victory all the more glorious!" He rose from the log and began making his way through the camp, calling at people here and there to perform various actions and spread the news, "Make sure our defenses are impenetrable! You! spread the word, they're attacking from the south! Get these swords sharpened! Where are the mages? How long does it take to grab a book and some robes?" As he walked hurriedly through the camp, interrupting some with his loud footsteps that shook the earth around him, a brilliant idea came to mind. He switched direction and went to the mage quarters, "Listen up mages!" He addressed them, noticing that most of them were there, "We have fire right? And what is fire good at doing? Burning things! I want you to go into the forest and start burning down trees! Take away there element and let them know that we orcs will not stand by as they plunder or villages! This is orc territory and we will let them know it! Burn the trees far enough from camp so not even there best bows can reach our troops from the cover they provide!" He rallied the mages, and they all hurriedly headed off into the forest to carry out his commands, "Well, that should take away any surprise attacks. If they want to engage us they'll need to do so in the open." He thought to himself, then began to head to the southern part of camp to see how the fortifications were coming along. "I need to find one of the squads to send out to weaken there offensive before they get here. Hey, I need a squad leader here!" He roared out across the camp, loud enough to be heard even over the loud chatter of battle preparations.
  12. It was a quiet night this night. At least it would have been, if the terrifying shouts of the orcs hadn't filled the sky. Ares placed an arrow at the edge of his bow and waited for a second. He knew he had to be cautious in his actions, for he was a lone human. From his vantage point on the hill, he could see the very visible elves trying to sneakily make their way towards the well-fortified orc camp. He could see that it would be a difficult task to infiltrate the camp, and an even more difficult to mission to assassinate Ogrul, the camp's leader. Why me? Of all the humans who could have been chosen to carry out the assassination, Ares wondered why it was him who was given the task. Others were better suited, and they had volunteers. He could see the numerous orcs flooding out of the tents and into formation from inside the camp, as well as the glow of fire. Had Ogrul been planning to decimate the elven troops with fire? This would prove to be disastrous for the elves, for not only would the flames spread towards them, the element of the forest would be rendered obsolete. He had to hand it to that Ogrul. He seemed to be a much better tactician than the ruthless brainless brute he had been made out to be by his father.
  13. Marlok stood behind the Human, he smiled. He liked dealing with humans, and with the battle coming so quickly the water fairy was more anxious then usual. Marlok left the water fairies and dealt with things on his own. He hated his own people, because of their queen mostly. He always blamed himself for always having something to say and never taking things seriously. You really are something special eh? He took a quick look at the human again, he slowly took his hands off his blade. He thought of that one lady, What was her name again? He sighed, he didn't care enough to remember. He was an exile, sort of. The fairies wanted him dead, but never managed to be able to kill him, he was too fast. He chuckled, probably loud enough for Ares to hear. He sprinted off, and stealthy through the area and toward the battlefield, he was there quicker then any elf would move. He was just looking to slay some orcs before the fun ended.
  14. Far off in the distance, Pirina thought she could make out just a hint of smoke in the distance. Probably someone having a campfire or something. Though why they would want to, Pirina had no clue. Pirina did not like the outdoors. It was smelly, dirty, and boring. She much preferred to stay inside toying around with her servants all day. They were more amusing than some dumb trees.
    She squinted her eyes, as if that would make her see any further. Of course it didn't help. She looked around for a telescope or binoculars or something she could use. A small purple telescope was on the dresser near the window, which Pirina picked up and held to her eye. She aimed her telescope at the faraway fog. No, this wasn't any ordinary smoke. It was dark, much darker than a regular campfire should be. The smoke grew heavier and heavier. Pirina grinded her teeth together, pointing her telescope in multiple directions, trying to find the source. She couldn't see anything.
    "Are they trying to burn down the forest?" she asked herself. "MY forest?!" She slammed the telescope down on the dresser with a pleasing thud. This would not do at all. If she could see the smoke, even just barely, from here, who knows how fast it would take to spread to her tower? Somebody should have to stop this madness.
    "Mother!!" she called out, her screech echoing throughout the castle. Annoyed by the lack of response, Pirina stormed out of her room and into the hall, heading for her mother's quarters.
    When she got there, she found her mother lounging on her bed, reading a book. "Mother," she straightened her back and clasped her hands behind her, smiling lovingly at the older woman on the bed. "You haven't checked outside recently, have you?"
    Her mother put the book down, its open pages flat against the bed, and glared at Pirina, who had ruined her leisure time. She stared at Pirina for a few moments, looking at her like she was being foolish. "Sweetie," she said in her usual condescending tone towards Pirina, "can't you see I'm not in the mood?"
    A flash of annoyance came and went on Pirina's face, now replaced by her innocent smile. "But mother," she gestured towards the window with her head. "I think this concerns you."
    Her mother scoffed, deciding to amuse her daughter by getting up and going over to the window. By now the smoke was everywhere, coating the forest like a blanket. Flames could be seen here and there, weaving their way throughout the forest. She wailed, "WHO IS DOING THIS TO MY LAND!?"
    Pirina jumped at the sound of her mother's boisterious voice. She put her hands on her ears, trying to hide a grin. She always enjoyed seeing her mother in distress, it never got old.
    Her mother pointed at the door. "GET OUT! GUARDS!" she hollered at Pirina. Her daugher scurried out of the room, giggling.
  15. Ares span around upon hearing the sound of somebody chuckling behind him. Nobody was there. Am I going insane? Maybe it's the nerves getting to me... He turned back to face the camp, drawing his bow and pulling back on the arrow, he held his aim in position for a while. He could only think of what the other humans would say when they discovered his affair with the beautiful water fairy. He thought long and hard about her, hoping that she was safe and sound. He shook his head, he should be placing all his attention to the upcoming battle, not his secret lover. Narrowing his eyes, he could see Ogrul standing stationary by the camp, and closing a single eye to increase the focus, he released his grip on the arrow. Like a feather, the arrow gracefully danced through the air, however, it moved with the velocity of the eastern winds. Ares had also chosen this position because the winds were blowing towards the orc camp, something which Ogrul perhaps had not taken into account when he conceived of the fire attack plan. Although the elvish forests would be devastated, the fire would eventually return on itself if the orc's didn't put it out in time. The arrow continued to slice through the air until it descended from the air and made its way towards Ogrul. If his shot was accurate, it would definitely pierce through Ogrul's heart. Ares could only hope.
  16. Supervising over the battle preparations, Ogrul looked with a gleam in his eyes as a dense smoke began to fill the air. He couldn't help but to laugh, fire always fascinating him being a fire orc. "That's it! Blood squad leader uh...." He snapped his free hand a couple of times trying to remember his name, "Xugar! Get here right now if you like your position!" Within moments the smaller orc was beside him, clad in a breastplate and gauntlets. Beside him a spiked flail was pointed to the ground, a lethal weapon that required the utmost respect when using, since the user could easily harm them self performing an attack, "Yes sir, what do you want." "Well you took your bloody time didn't you! Gather your men for an attack. Weaken their forces before they arrive here. Though...." His eyes scanned through the burning wreckage surrounding their camp, watching as a few of their fastest orcs rushed to and fro to put out the fires that were near their camp, using the water from a nearby river that ran next to their camp. The result of his orders had already created a 50 meter boundary barren of trees around there camp. He was pleased at the efficiency the mages worked at, "I feel the enemy is nearer than we expect. Hurry on lad!" He spotted a flash of movement from the trees, and quicker than any man bearing such heavy apparel and weapon should move, his hand shot up in front of him. It only took moments before he heard the *Clang* of an arrowhead touch his breastplate, but the arrow traveled no further. He closed his hands in a lethal grip, and felt the wood of the arrow shaft grind against his gauntlets. He pulled the arrow from his breastplate, noticing it'd left a small indent. By then Xugar had just only reacted to the arrow, needlessly throwing himself in front of the projectile that had long since passed. Ogrul put a heavy hand on his shoulder, "That's why I'm the leader boy." He recalled there being some upset back in his village when he was named leader of the counter offensive, though none dared challenge it for doing so would mean certain death against the giant. He glared to where the arrow had come from, his narrow eyes quickly picking up on the assassin. He grinned at the figure, then with no effort whatsoever, broke the arrow in two, sending a small barely audible crack to the area around him, "Such a small arrow expected to fell such a grand warrior." He threw the shattered remains of the arrow to the ground, then hurriedly turned to his squad leader, already walking away from the open area to a safer location. "If you see any mages on your way, tell your men to tell them to hurry up. I want a 200 meter radius before the attack comes." And with that the squad leader set off to gather his troops together.
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  17. Ares quickly ducked to the ground. He couldn't believe what he had just seen. Ogrul's reactions were much quicker than anyone could have expected and without effort, he snapped the arrow in half like a twig. And then, for the beast to turn towards him and glare at him? He couldn't believe that he had been spotted so easily. It was no matter, it wasn't here that he had intended to complete his mission. Understanding that it would be futile to continue to shower Ogrul with arrows, he remained pressed to the grass. He saw Ogrul disappear from sight, probably taking cover after becoming aware of his attempted assassination. Feeling safe, he leapt to his feet and lifted his rucksack, before strapping the bow to his back and drawing his longsword. Bolting towards the orcish camp, he ensured to dash forwards obscured from vision by the shadows of the trees, until he reached the gates of the camp. He smirked, as he realised this was the easy part. All he had to do was breach the ten foot high gate, and then the path to Ogrul lay open.
  18. Marlok grinned, he always loved the anxiousness he got before he fought. His scimitars came out so smoothly, he openly showed his face so they could see his face as he walked briskly walked out of the bush and into a group of five orcs. "Hello gents, may I ask to spar? And by spar I mean for you to die." He paused, and had a rather blank look on his face, Project one... Work on 'One Liner'. The orcs picked up their weapons and one threw an axe straight at the fairy's face. He jerked his whole body to the side and it sailed past him, and he caught an orcs ax with his scimitar as the orc charged forward. He easily swatted the incoming sword of another orc and spun around and sliced open his throat. He saw the next attack coming from the ax-wielding orc and side stepped and dug his blade into the chest and pushed the orc down. He was already moving to the next orc who hesitated only slightly... too much. His throat opened in mere seconds. This is too- He felt something hot and dropped to the ground as a fireball soared over his head, he looked to the orc mage and smiled. "That's what I'm talking about." He heard foot steps and saw a rather large orc running at him, he took a knife out of his belt and with a quick throw caught him up through the nose. He stood up and saw the mage chanting and saw more fire forming. Marlok took the charge and ran straight at the mage, and before he got close the spell went off. The fairy ran straight at it and he swung his sword vertically and as the blade connected made a loud steaming sound as he the fire turned into steam. He took three long strides and cut the mage deep across the stomach and chest. He dropped, Marlok looked around. "Not a bad start, my friends."
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  19. Pirina watched a number of the guards enter her mother's room. The last guard to enter turned around to close the door behind him. Pirina and him locked eyes for a moment. She smiled up at him as he shut the door.
    She waited in the middle of the hallway for a moment, looking right and then left to see if anyone was still around. Carefully, she walked up to the door and angled her slender body against it, putting her ear to the wood to hear what her mother was saying.
    "I want them, whoever it is that is getting those flames so close to our castle, to be vanquished. How dare they light up my forest?!"
    Pirina smirked. The forest wasn't even her mother's to begin with. Technically, it belonged to the elves.
    She pressed her head harder against the door, but could no longer hear her mother's booming voice. It was too muffled to make out. She heard deeper noises, which she figured was the guards responding to her commands, and quickly slided away from the door.
    The door opened and Pirina hid herself between the wall and the door, so she could not be seen as the guards marched out and headed down the right hallway.
    She waited a moment, deciding on her next course of action. Pirina wanted to cause some mischief. She followed the guards out of the hallway and into the main room, making sure she wasn't noticed.
    There were more of the guards already in the main room, awaiting orders from the ones who met with the queen. They all got into formation and headed outside. Pirina couldn't let this opportunity go to waste. She waited until the very end and slipped behind the last of the guards.
    They marched out of the city's barricaded walls and into the forest, catching the attention of the fairies who were not already wondering about the smoke. Pirina followed a safe distance behind. She wondered whether or not she should go back, but figured it was already too late for that. She went into the forest with the guards, still unnoticed.
  20. "Alright men, gather your weapons we're going on the offensive!" Xugar shouted to the clambering orcs who rushed around his tent, one of three that housed each of the squads. Within moments Xugar had his loyal squad of twenty orc warriors lined in front of him, ranging from thin swordsmen, to large Ax wielders, from Archers to Mages, "Listen up men, we're just going to weaken their offensive, alright? It should be easy, we've burnt most of their cover." He walked up and down the row of warriors like a drill sergeant, "But that doesn't mean you should get cocky! Remember, we are only trying to weaken them! This is not the battle. There is no shame in retreating if you find yourself in a tough situation! I want all of you to come back in one piece, no matter the cost." "Uh, sir, if I may ask" An orc stepped forwards from the line with his hand raised. He wore the fiery red robes of a mage, "Is this another one of Ogrul's orders?" Xugar sighed and rolled his eyes, "Yes, it is. He is our leader and we will follow him until death. This isn't about internal dispute any more. This is about the honor of the orcs!" The row of warriors roared in agreement, "Let's move out men!" Xugar watched as the soldiers rushed out of the tent towards the wall that had been constructed in the south. He brought up the rear behind all of the warriors. Moments passed and they were crossing through the narrow heavily guarded opening in the wall. "Alright, get em men!" He let out the commands, and the warriors dispersed into the burnt remains of the forest to murder elves.
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